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RPG:the silence


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Bahamut flaps it's wings. A new dawn has awoke. Osiris streches his arms. He went straight towards Bahamut.

Osiris: Bahamut, It's time.

Bahamut understands. Osiris climbs on top of Bahamut. They soar above the clouds, enjoying the warm sun.

Osiris: Here...

Bahamut sets them on a rock overlooking the beach.

Osiris: With this binoculars I can spot women in bikinis!!!

What will happen.....
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Deep in the slums of a big town, there is an arena, there 2 people are competing for $100,000.

"Your going down boy", said Porunski

Kenjiro just smirks at the threat!
Porunski reveals his axe in front of him, and Kenjiro reveals his much revered golden Katana.

Porunski charges at Kenjiro, Kenjiro shouts out "Bolt charge", electricity surges through his sword and into him.
Porunski lifts his sword above his head and swings at Kenjiro, he side steps and swiftly slices off his head!
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siren scrambles up a tree looking for fruit...

faerin: err... siren??? there's no fruit in that tree...

siren:well you don't know till you look...

farein: errr... siren??? that's a pine tree...

siren: errr...oops???


sorry guys... i got the dreaded WB... (wighter's block)
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[COLOR=green][i]Sky looks back at the rocks to see a large dragon-type creature and a guy standing there, holding something against his face.

"What in the world?"

He looks at the sandy beach to see a group of young girls hanging out in the last remaining rays of the sun. He looks up again to eye the guy on the rocks, then looks back and forth at the guy and the girls and makes his conclusion.

"Heh, Pervert..."

Sky heads towards the Oasis of the West, towards the big city, or what's left of it. His shadow, Bane becomes hidden in the darkness.[/i][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=green]Sky: Hold on...

Siren: Huh?

Sky: Who are you?

Siren: Siren...I'm just a wanderer.

Sky: Oh...same here, most people are nowadays.

Siren: I know...where are you headed?

Sky: Anywhere...*Looks up at palm tree* Huh?

Farein: *Jumps out of tree* Siren, who's he?

Siren: I didn't get your name?

Sky: Sky...nice companion.

Bane: *Pops out of the ground and his ruby red eyes shine in the moonlght.*

Siren: *Gasp* Is that yours?

Sky: Yup...it's getting late...and since I don't really know you, I don't wanna ask, but I'll do it anyway.

Siren: What?

Sky: Maybe we should set up camp...

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*Zero on Dark*
As they fly over what look like a camp site.
Their shadow cast over the camp site.
Zero told Dark to land 10 yards away from the camp site.
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[COLOR=green][i]Sky, Siren, Bane, and Farein are sitting around eating dried goods[/i]

Siren: This really bites...but I guess it's better than starving to death.

Sky: You got that right...what were you doing up on those trees anyway?

Siren: I was...umm, starving.

Sky: Figures...there's barley enough food to go around anymore.

[i]A gust of light wind passes by them. Nearly putting out their campfire.[/i]

Sky: What was that??[/COLOR]
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That is great Dark now come on. Let see who was at that site over there.
*the two walk on for a few minutes*
Dark you better stay in the bashes. I don't want to scare them off.
*walk out of the bash*
Don't run away I'm not here to hurt you.
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Sky: Well, nice to meet you...what brings you to a desolate area like this?

Zero: I'm trying to get across this stupid divide they call the Oasis or whatever. I don't even know why everyones starving all of a sudden.

Siren: So I guess you're too young to remember...

Zero: What?

Sky: Well, we're tired right now...can story time wait until morning?

Zero: I guess so...

Siren: Dried beef?

Zero: Yeesh...no thanks...I'm not starving yet...

[i]Zero pitches up his tent and they all sleep right away around the campfire[/i]
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*as the sun rise Zero was the first one up*
Sky and Siren: Why are you up so early?
Zero: To train. I'm used to training early in the morning. I'm sorry if I woke you.
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Suddenly, a large group of drones(small metal scorpion) appeared from the ground.

Osiris: I sense danger. Bahamut, Mega Flare on those little devils:devil:

Bahamut: (no sweat)

Bahamut soared through the sky and launches Mega Flare. The whole area lit with fiery red light. All the drones melted and made the 'kids' woke up.

Sky: Who's the wise guy?

Siren: My beauty sleep...

Zero: I smell burnt things.....

Osiris: You'll be fine. I'm here.

Sky, Siren and Zero went back to sleep. Osiris stayed awake all night to protect them. Somehow he must protect Siren, why.....
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Osiris: You can't sleep, huh? My name is Osiris. Bahamut is scouting the area. Your name is Zero. Nice to meet you.

Zero: :eek: How you know?

Osiris: I've a hunch. I want you to promise me to protect Siren. I cannot reveal my true identity to her.

Zero: Why don't you join us. Disguise yourself as my relative.

Osiris: Indeed I shall....

In no time, it's morning. Everybody is about to wake up....
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