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The future of music...

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Maybe my title is a little misleading... it more like the future of [i]your[/i] music.

To sum it up as short as I can, so those of you who hate to read can still respond: Will you still like the same music you like now in ten years?

Basically, I used to listen to like 30 different bands and such... and I was always looking for more and trying to add to my growing collection of music. And then at one point I just said, is this really what I want?

So that's kind of what I'm asking you. The vast majority of those 30 bands and such, I liked... but I just can't picture myself liking them in the future when music isn't my first priority and such (sadly, I think it is now. Kill me). Since then, I've eliminated as much excess as possible and have it down to about ten bands I feel like I just can't give up. But then again, maybe I won't like them either... who knows.

I'm wondering if any of you have kind of had the same feeling. Do you think you'll still be a fan of the same bands and groups in the future? Or is everything you listen to absolutely essential... stuff you just absolutely couldn't bear to part with.

Stupid thread, I know.
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I think it's a good thread, personally.

I consider music my blood, in a sense. It's one of the few things I actually need to function properly. I don't think I'll ever just stop liking music to this extent, and I probably will moreso in the future.

I don't know if I'll like the same bands in the future. I think, for the most part, I will... because the bands I like don't really sing about things I'll get past in my life. Few of them are angsty kids singing about their horrible parents or how depressed they are.

I used to be very into metal years back, and now I just don't give a crap about most of it. I was into punk for a bit... but now I just listen to pretty much anything that falls under the rock category, with an emphasis on hard rock and industrial. It just wasn't doing it for me anymore.

In that sense, I think most everyone's music taste matures and they discover what really appeals to them. However, I don't think I'm ever going to stop listening to Bowie, NIN, Pixies, Cibo Matto, The Doors, (or hell even Manson, despite the subject matter), because they don't really address adolescent problems in the sense that many bands do. They're all almost timeless in a sense, because they all have songs you can relate to at any age that actually tell a story that matters in some way.

So hopefully that addresses what you wanted it to.

Edit - The other day some friends of my parents were over and they were talking about the Summer Sanitarium tour. "Blah, blah Metallica, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit..." I remarked "Three horrible bands." They just stared at me. These people are all well over 30. Metallica is one thing, as I simply don't like them now... But people this age liking those bands and actually thinking Kid Rock's "Cocky" is some musical marvel really makes no sense to me. My parents don't listen to this stuff.

So I guess some people never really do change.
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[size=1] I don't think the music taste that I have will ever really change. I've always loved the Goo Goo Dolls and whatnot, so I don't think it should change as you grow up. I mean, I see adults listening to what they liked a long time ago all the time. Perhaps, though, I'd probably start listening to classical music more often. I don't people appreciate classic as much...[/size]
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[color=#707875]I'm the same as Semji, in the sense that music is very important to me. I don't go a single day without listening to music, it's always with me wherever I go.

In terms of tastes, I find that within the last few months, my tastes have shifted very suddenly, in the sense that I've become bored with a lot of artists that I used to like...and I've been seeking a lot of new things. Anything that I haven't heard before, or that doesn't sound familiar.

I've always like electronic music. And I don't think I'll ever stop liking that. There are a few reasons for that. One is that electronic music (which is far too broad a term...but basically I mean "techno", though what I listen to generally isn't classed as such) speaks to me in a very personal way. Lyrics in certain songs are great...but lyrics are not what drive me, musically. For me, it's rhythum. It's the way the music physically affects my body.

I mean, if I listen to a deep, rhythmic tune...it makes my entire brain rattle. And not in terms of being too loud, just in terms of the vibration/beat. It's like a pleasurable sensation, basically.

And with electronic music (including all of its sub-genres), I find that there is unlimited variety. And there is a constant and consistent evolution, thanks to technology and the increasing freedom that it affords to individual artists. People can now create their own instruments, rather than relying on something that exists. And by doing so, you avoid having something that ever sounds familiar. I like that aspect to some of the more experimental groups/artists out there.

And moreover, music will become increasingly "electronic" in general. It's already been happening over the last few yeras, and it will continue to happen to varying degrees. So, I think it's sort of unavoidable that I'll continue to like "electronic music" in general.

Of course, I'll probably still enjoy classical music. I don't listen to it frequently as is, so it's not something I tend to get bored with. And I've always liked it to some extent.

My feeling is that my specific tastes will change a lot in 10 years or however long. Not through maturity so much, but more through boredom and familiarity. If I get bored of a song, it's very hard for me to go back and enjoy it with the same passion. Hearing a song that I like for the first time is one of the most incredible experiences I can have. ~_^

So yeah, that's my silly, longwinded answer. ^_^;[/color]
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Who knows what the future holds, but as of right now music is a big part of my life. I am always being told by my Dad that, "when you're 40 you won't like the same music as you do now". I usually come to the realization that change happens but for some reason I still can see myself listening to the same kind of music 20 years from now. I do know that it's very common for people to grow out of things with age, but I still think that every person is different. I always find it interesting (and odd) when I see 50+ people in mosh-pit, and the drummer of the hardcore band .hopesfall. is 36. So I think that I can see myself as that 50+ guy moshing, Lord willing.

I appologize if this post is hard to understand and repetitive I'm REALLY tired.

P.S. Good ORIGINAL thread idea!
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[FONT=arial]heh, that's started happening to an extent already for me. I used to be really into rock and all that, but now I'm leaning towards more melodic music, especially involving vocals (a capella, musicals, some pop). I still do like some rock to an extent, but not as much as I used to. but hey, this whole thing right now could just be another phase, and I'll end up addicted to bagpipe music in 10 more years ^_^.......... good lord help me if I do 0_o'.[/FONT]
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[FONT=arial]ah, Les Miserables on Broadway. that'd be awesome. the person who got me into it saw it on Broadway too, and ever since he told me about it last year I've been dying to see it for myself. it was pretty neat hearing it from him, considering he's a guy not much older than me, and most guys that age aren't into liking stuff like that (or wouldn't admit it anyway, lol).[/FONT]
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hmm, well it all depends for me. there are bands that i have grown up with, have been listening to since i was like 6 y/o such as Jaguares, The Cure, Depechemode, etc. etc. basically, old bands, way before my time, that i've learned to love and can't imagine not listening to them. Then there are newer bands who i can't really vouch for. i mean, if the music stays good i'll still like them, but because they are fairly new i have no gaurantee that it will. nevertheless, i can't imagine minimizing the amount of music i listen to, i always find more, i take it everywhere i go, i hum it when the batteried die out, my life is a little musical to me :) (just less annoying)
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[size=1]I'm sort of at a vague point right now where I haven't really been listening to much music. It's very strange for me, but...yeah.

I don't really have any unique tastes--whenever people ask me what music I like, I tell them I listen to the music my parents had playing all the time when I was little.

I don't really have access to a lot of music that appeals to me. I haven't found any radio stations in the area that play songs I particularly like, and I hardly know any bands or artists to look out for...so there isn't even a lot of "I might potentially like this." It's mostly just whatever is on "The Mix" radio station. *shrugs* Once in a while there'll be a song I find I really like. Mostly not, though. I just listen to it in order to have [i]something[/i] to sing along to, even if I don't especially care for it.

So, who knows. Maybe in the future I'll actually figure out what music I like. That would be nice. I feel pretty...bland...right now.[/size]
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[color=blue]The thing that scares me the most about the future of music, which is something I was thinking about a week before this thread came up. Crazy huh? ANY-way my fear would be that rock loses it's appeal and all people start listening to is R&B, Rap, Pop ****, and all that other music that sounds the same.
There seem to be a few rock bands out there who seem to be experimenting slight, Radiohead for example.
They have truly branched out into a different side of rock.
No, I really think things will slowly change, as they have been since music began. There have been a few jumps here and there, but mostly it's been pretty gradual. Kind of like evolution when you think about it...Slow and steady.[/color]
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I agree with my good poultry friend there, almost assuradly music will change, just look back on what went before. I think one of the most obvious developments is the "fullness" of the sound, with older music where there was far les redubbing and mixing you could hear the empty frequencies where as nowadays it is a much broader and fuller sound range.

What I'm worried about, in addition to the lean towards rap, pop and other mass produced stylings,is that albums and music will become so reworked that it will lose all of it's soul, imagine if rock was to develop into something with tonings that sound like techno - Zwan even released an appology for how compressed the music on their CD was, to the point where a flimsy sterio system could "blow up" when playing the cds.

I assumed most of you know what compression is, I can explain it poorly for those of you who dont. Ever noticed TV adds are louder than the programs, thats because the sound is compressed, by tweaking the frequencies it is possible to make the sound vibrate your inner ear more forcefully without very much increase in sound levels at all, thus making it seem louder even though decible levels will be the same if only marginally louder.

Sorry bout any spelling mistakes, I've been terribly out of it all day.
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10 years? I doubt I'll still be listening to rap in 3 years. I used to be a reall big hip-hop fan, but recent trends have really turned me off to it. All of my favorite rappers have either retired or will retire soon. It's gotten to the point where if someone cashes in on his Southern accent while talking about meaningless sex and car rims one more time, I'm going to go insane and take BET down with me!
I'm tired of it. I'm thinking about heading underground, but I'm just too lazy to make the trip. 10 years from now, rap will be dead to me.

Unless, of course, someone really good and original comes out.

R&B will always be with me, though. The blues in in my blood (my father is a blues musician), and I'll always be able to appreciate a good singer. I'm especially starting to get into Neo-Soul.

I'm an on-again, off-again rock fan. Every now and then, I'll find a rock band I really like, but sooner or later I'll lose touch with all of rock's different genre and find myself listening to 80's rock again. So 10 years from now, I'll probably be rocking with one good band, and will have no idea who the rest are.
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