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RPG Cybonia: 2099


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The Val`Shabiona got up. He looked at the clock, it was 10:00. He sighed and got up. Being the Val`Shabiona was nothing like it looked when he first found out about it. Of course, he could always make it so that the Shabionas did everything...but...if so, then he'd loose the power he loved, he craved. And they'd make him give back the [strike]hoes [/strike]women he loved. He got dressed and called a servant.

Servant: Yes Mister Masierbo?


Servant: Sorry sir....You clled me sir?

Masierbo: Yes, you are to cancle all of my metings today. I'm 'sick'.

Servant: But you don't look sick sir...


The servant wimpered, and slowly came to him. He knew what was in store. The older, more iwser servants had told him. [u]beware Masierbo's temper[/u], they told him. [u]You must be sure not to correct him or call him by his name....[/u] they told him. But he didn't know how true the servants were.

He finally got to the Val`Shabiona. He wimpered again, knowing what was coming. The Val`Shabiona smacked him. Right across the cheek, and hard, too. This had been the second time the servant had been corrected. If a servant was corrected 6 times, he was killed. It was law. The servant rubbed his cheek again, and a hand was brought across the other cheek, for taking so long to get there. He only needed to be corrected 3 more times. The Val`Shabiona loved the 6th correction, because then the servant really feared him. It was fun.
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Goven is lying awake in bed listening to the "pitter patter" of the rain outside his window and watching the moon. He hears the voices of his father arguing with someone and his mother crying.

Father: No you can't! You can't take her away.

Voice: She has no choice. If the Val' Shabiona wants her she must come!

Mother:'crying' But he needs a mother.

Voice: He is old enough to deal without you.

'mother sobs'

Voice: You will come now, or the boy will die!

Mother and Father: NO!

Voice: You will come NOW!

Goven's eyes open. He looks at the clock, 6:56. He gets up, gets a shower, and gets dressed.

Father: Good Morning!

Goven: Morning dad. I had that dream again.

Father: They will go away.

Goven: WHEN!

Father: Time heals all wounds.

Goven: Don't tell me you don't dream about her either..I hear you at night..Talking to her in your sleep. 'Goven disgusted' I'm going to work!
Goven leaves the house and walks to the castle one mile away.

Guard: ID.

Goven: 311826

Guard: Go ahead Goven.

He enters the castle and walks up the spiral staircase into a small room with a few swords and some body armor. He walks over and takes a chest protector and a sword off of the rack and removes himself from the room. He walks back down the staircase and up two new flights of steps and relives a guard in front of a door made of gold that says
[FONT=times new roman]Val' Shibiona[/FONT]
on the plate by the door.
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Shrai'i Kell Megelani raised her hands over her head, evaluated by the steward of His house. Naked, of course, that's how all slaves started out. The better to see any faults. She knew she had none. The geneticists had made sure of that. At his request, she turned slowly, letting every curve show itself.

He nodded, handed over the required payment and took her bound hands, leading her off the stand. He led her down the street, allowing the people to stare at his master's most recent purchase. Shrai'i. Her type were coveted for their perfect forms, and hard to come by. He had gotten lucky today.[/i]

Steward: Name.

Shrai'i: Shrai'i Kell Megelani.

Steward: ....that will do.[/COLOR]
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it doesn't look like we're supposed to come in in any order or anything, and it looks like my form's been accepted, so I'm going to go ahead and post.
The sound of roaring engines and the smell of gasoline filled the air. A dark blue jet soared into the air, and the sounds of engines were almost completely drownded out by the sound of obnoxiosly loud music. "Don't ride with suicide! Yeeehaa!" The blue jet flew high and swerved in and out of the clouds. A man with dark blue hair and sunglasses piloted the jet above the clouds, much to the dissaproval of the man sitting in the seat behind him. "Ryden Silverfire! You are to remain on course! Drop altitude immediatley!"

Ryden's response was turning the music up louder and laughing. The jet took a dive and skimmed along the surface of the clouds.

"Drop altitude or land! Those are your only choices!"

"Allright already! Keep your shirt on!"

The jet plumeted towards the ground as the man let out a high pitched scream.
About an hour later, the jet landed. Ryden climbed out as somebody came to greet him down.
"Ryden! How'd it go?"

Ryden jumped down and grinned.
"The instructor fainted a few minutes ago. Fuel me up, drag him out and I'm gone!"

"Get comfy. This beauty's got a date with the tune up crew."

Ryden sighed and started to walk away. 'Aw man, now I got to wait around here forever. He looked around the airfield. The cement runways boardered a large field of grass, and then acres of trees. He sighed and walked inside. 'The skies are friendly, the wind is right...' He sat in a chair in the hanger that overlooked the runway. 'and I gotta wait for repairs.'
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OCC:I have no idea if Raiha is mine.....are you....@.@

[COLOR=darkblue][I]Ken stold there,in his office.He had been looking in the clear light blue sky of his area,and whatch as clouds passed by.His mind was at peace in the state,and it was soon broken in the ring of a call.He signed,and walked to it.He soon picked it up.[/I]


[I]The phone beeped,and he soon signed agine.He had been getting thosephone calls alot.Maybe this was a sign.After the people started to hated the Val`Shabionas ways,the Shabiona where given the same treatment.He looked at his windaw agine,and whached as the clouds in the sky passed by his point of view.[/I][/COLOR]
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Shambotada got his clothes on, and sat down. He had a free day, and he wanted a way to spend it. You can only have fun sex so many hours a day...and abuse is only semi-fun. A knock sounded on the door. Shambotada pushed a button on the night stand and the door slid open. A steward walked in, along with a naked slave. He instantly could tell she was genetically inhanced. It stands out. He then noticed that she ha eye replacements. No emotion through them. He was told of another failure..but he didn't notice it off hand. He'd find out. It hit him a second later. She couldn't cry. He dismissed the slave he slapped and the steward after gettnig the papers from her. He looked at them. He was right, she couldn't cry. He was gonna make sure she couldn't. And it was procedure anyway. He had to know how far he could bend them without breaking them. He put the papers in the drawer with the others, grinning all the time.
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She knew she was in trouble, from the way the other servants looked at her. Fresh meat to pick on...only that wasn't safe. Their master would be angry if he found bruises not inflicted by him. She knew she would be called soon. It was only a matter of time. They never grew tired of her, no matter how lame they were. She had been told these things, they had been wired into her body, and there was no way to get out of it. Instead, she dealt with it and put on the clothes the girl handed her. Lingere, and little else. She was slightly annoyed but nobody could tell.

It was impossible to tell what she was thinking. Partially why she was so quickly purchased. She sat down on the bench in the hall. And waited. Nobody had pointed her to a room, so she wouldn't go anywhere.

No point in escaping.[/i][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=CCCCFF][i]Lina walked down the streets of Cybonia. Her long, shimmering black hair flowing with ease and grace as the wind hit it. A guard of the Val'Shabionna was walking the opposite way of her and saw her. He knew right away that she was the perfect "toy" for the Val'Shabionna. He walked up to Lina and ordered her to come with him. She followed, knowing when a guard of the Val'Shabionna asks to come, you must follow. Lina was taken to the inspector of the house. When the guard left, the inspector instructed her to remove her clothing. Lina was hesitant at first, but soon removed them. The inspector looked at her front. He stepped out of his chair and went up to Lina. He circled around her. When he got behind her, he slapped Lina's butt, to see if it was any good. He went to the front and reached his hands out to touch her breasts. When he did, she flinched slightly. He let down his hands and went back to his desk. He filled out every detail about her. He then looked to her with wondering eyes.[/size][/color][/i]

[size=1]"Do not put your clothes back on yet. What is your name, your full name?"[/size]
[size=1][color=CCCCFF]"My name? My name is Lina Yuri Lee. I am a full korean female. I am not a patriot nor a freedom warrior. I am 16 years old. I have no mother and father and no siblings. I am an only child. I do not hate nor like the Val'Shabionna. Therefore, do not ask me why."[/size][/color]
[size=1]"Good. You will got to the Val'Shabionna. Come with me."[/size]

[size=1][color=CCCCFF][i]Lina was given a silky, see-through, white robe to wear. The inspector and Lina walked down the great halls of the Val'Shabionna's home. When they got to the door, the inspector knocked and a beckon was heard. The two went in and the inspector gave the paperwork to the Val'Shabionna. He left and Lina and the Val'Shabionna were alone in the room.[/size][/color][/i]
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Time to have some fun (well, a cleaner type of fun. (wink))

Ryden suddenly woke up. He had dozed off listening to the jets landing and taking off. He looked around and found that his jet was done, with a nice new coat of paint over it. He grinned and was about to climb in when a rookie pilot tried to land. The jet came in to hard and was forced to pull up. Whoever was piloting the jet was a complete dunce, as the jet soared right into the radio tower and started to catch fire. "no no no no!" Ryden yelled as he ran for the tower. He got to the top just in time to see the idiot pilot eject the seat, right into the roof. Ryden got to the seat and tried to unbuckle the pilot, but was knocked back by the parachute's deployment. He finaly got the pilot out of the seat and rushed downstairs. "What were you thinking? Did you just not like the idea of a hidden air field?!" He got out of the tower and looked up top. Plumes of smoke were bellowing out and pilots were scurrying to their crafts. The pilot said something, but the helmet muffled it. Ryden knocked the helmet off to reveal a girl with messy brown hair. She smiled sheepishly at Ryden. "I guess I still need practice." Ryden wanted to say something back, but instead grabbed her arm and continued running to his jet.

They took off and flew high above the clouds. "You stupid rookie! All of my files, records, I'm ruined!"
"Well, at least nobody was hurt!"
"Not right now, but they will be! Hopefully that fire wasn't big enough to get the full attention of the big VS, but the pimple police will be on our back 24/7!!!"
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Hey Arika, not trying to be mean, but can you please changer the text color? Very hard to read...*hilighting everything just to read it gets annoying after a while*
[color=red]Shambotado finished what he 'had' to do with Shrai'i, when another ring was at the door. He dismissed Shrai'i as another servant came in. He brought a girl with nothing but a see-through blouse on. He didn't remmeber purchacing her. Odd...... but who cared? He was looking through the papers when an expolsion shot out. He raised his head. A jet. Damn rookie pilots. they need have someone else with them when they land...
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Goven waits outside of the Val' Shabiona's room. Eyeing up all of the "women" that entered his room.

Goven 'to passing guard: Dude you're missin out. You should never have moved posts.

Guard: Shut up. You know I didn't want to switch.

Goven: HeHeHe

Guard walks away. Goven is distracted by the beautiful women approching, but to his suprise she dosen't stop to enter the Val' Shabiona's room. She walks past the door walks about ten steps, and stops. She turns back and gives Goven a little smile. At about 11:30 the door opens and the Val' Shabiona exits followed by a lovely women with just a see through blouse. Goven escorts both of them down to the dining room to have lunch.

Val' Shabiona: Take her down to the dorms.

Goven: Yes sir. Let's go.

Goven takes the women down to the basement where she removes the blouse and walks to the showers.
Goven taking the opportunity follows instantly seeing all of the female servants washing. Not wanting to leave he walked back up to the dining room to wait until the Val' Shabiona was done eating.
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She sat down on her pallet, leaning against the wall, arms crossed. The other girls were still showering. It wasn't like this was an hour long event. Get in, get wet, get out, get dry, get lost. She rolled her eyes and closed them. Her optical implants finaly shut down, and she was able to see nothing through them. Bliss. After seeing infrared and amfm, and everything else....this was complete ecstasy.

The other girls came in. She groaned. Dormitory wasn't the right word. Communal living quarters was more like it. At least there were waist height partitions. She couldn't stand the way girls stared at her perfect figure. At least it wasn't with lust. But jealousy wasn't much of an improvement.[/i][/COLOR]
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Shambotado finished quickly, hoping to sneak out. Security was too tight. The Shabionas were afraid of what could happen in he got loose. He shook his head and slipped out.

Shambotado went down to the animal stables. he walked up to a Mustang horse, one of the last of it's kind. Too much cross breeding...a pure bred horse was valuable. It was beautifle, too. Cross Breds are usually ugly. He hads a passion for animals, all of them. More possibly than he loved some of the slaves he had. He smiled, rubbing the horse's nostrils. He then walked over to a Flacon. He put a glove on and picked him up, stroking his back and head. He taped the beak to get his attention, then tossed his hand up. The falcon flew around the stable, scaring the horses. Shambotado grined. Animals were the only ones who understood him. Nobody else did, nobody else could. He smiled and the falcon came back. It landed on Shambotado's shoulder.

Shambotado: Here you go.

Shambotado walked out into the field and the Flacon flew off.

Shambotado: Animals....*leans against the door* so graceful......come here Falco.

Shambotado grined. Falco flew over and landed on his gloved hand. He was walking into the stable again and walked into Goven. Falco screeched, and flew off. Goven instinctivly covered his head, remembering another time Falco flew up. This time, Falco flew back down and landed on his overly large cage. Shambotado grinned. Goven uncovered his head and gave a quick salute.

Goven: Sir, i have been ordered to protect you, sir.

Shambotado: Use sir once per sentance. Got that?

Goven: Sir, yes sir- sorry sir.

Shambotado: Careful. First time, warning, second time, slap, third time, beating, forth time, rations, fith time, beating and rations, sixth time, death. Remember that.

Goven: Yes sir. I will escort you to where ever you want to go sir.

Shambotado: It's ok Gaurd, your releived for the time being. Where this, though..

Shambotado reached into his pocket and pulled out a pad. He pressed a button and it beeped. It then glowed for a second, then stopped. He placed it into Goven's hand.

Shambotado: When i need you, if i do, i'll page you. It will glow then beep and vibrate till i stop it or you come to me. Ok?

Goven: Yes sir!

Shambotado: Dissmissed.

After Goven left, Shambotado put Falco back into his cage, which was big enough to hold about 20 birds. Falcons are territorial, o he needed a big cage. And it gave him space to fly. Shambotado put a mouse into the cage, and it ran along the edge of the cage. IT was no use. Falco dived and grabbed it. It landed on one of many perches, and start to eat the still alive mouse.
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Goven, being dismissed for the moment could think of only one place to go right now. The slaves dorms (communal living quarters for short). As he was walking back into the castle his stomach had reminded him that he did not eat breakfest. So instead of turnig right to go down stairs he went left to the mess hall. While walking quickly so he could eat as fast as possible he was glancing out the windows down on to the grounds. He saw the Val' Shabiona walking flanked by two pure dobermans. Goven knew how much he loved aimals, as he to loved them. After eatng, he wandered down to the basement, but only to be dissapointd by the emptyness of it. Now remembering that it was recess for the slaves, one thing they cherished. For it was the only time spent outside by themselves. As he was about to leave he notced one of the slaves sitting on her bed.

Goven: Hugh Hugh. Excuse me.

Slave: Who's there? *She turns to look at the man who's voice she herd* Oh it's you. Does he want me?

Goven: No. I came down here...uhh..Patrolling the halls since I am on break.

Slave: Oh.

Goven: You would be happy to go and amuse him?

Slave: It's better than being in here with all of the girls staring at me.

Goven: Why would they stare? You're perfect.

Slave: Exactly! I mean look at me.

Goven: I am. Well what is your name?

Slave: Shrai'i Kell Megelani.

Goven just stares with a little half-smile

Shrai'i: What?

Goven: Nothing. Do you want to go do something. I know this little spot by the river

Shrai'i: What if he needs you?

Goven shows her the device in his pocket and then they leave the dorms to go out side.
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Shambotado walked the dobermans back to the area they stay in, and then got out the horses. He walked them around then field a few times, then took them back. He had to go back in, or he'd get caught.

Shambotado walked towards the building, avoiding the cameras. He knew where everyone was, but nobody else did. He could avoid them at will. Most consisted of then ones at the main doors and around the yard. Easy to dodge, if you moved fast enough. Shambotado walked in, and closed the door softly. He turned the corner, and went up the stairs. He was now clear, he was in the building. He casually walked up to the second floor, and went into the room. He activated the pager for Goven.

Goven: *feeling the pager vibrate* damn..the Val`Shabiona wants me..i'll escort you back if you want.

Shrai'i: No thanks, i'll be fine. Better hurry.

Goven: Ok.

Goven walked up the 2 flights and to the door. He came in, and Shambotado diactivated the pager. He put it back in his pocket.

Shambotado: Go get the new one, Shrai'i.

Goven: Yes Sir.

Goven had to go back to where he came from.....
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She grinned at him when he left. And she followed quickly, ignoring several hateful glances. The two went out the hall and up several flights of stairs. He opened the doors for her, and she walked in, feeling more and more like an object. He stood up from his chair and walked over to her. She did very little. Instead, she flxed her stare straight ahead, letting her gaze penetrate his. It was very easy to do this, she wouldn't blink until she thought about it.

He stepped behind her, hands on her shoulders. She didn't move, but upon closer inspection, one could see her jaw tighten. Every instinct yelled at her to throw him across the room, but she knew it would mean instant death.

Instead, she dug her fingernails into her palms and let the blood flow. He looked down at her hands. She didn't move.[/i][/COLOR]
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Shambotads glanced into her eyes. He glaced his chin gently on her shoulder.

Shambotada: Hello beautifle...welcome to my place..where resign as comissioner....but i'm gentle..and nice...people don't like me but i don't know why...want to have some fun?

Shambotada raised his head a little and placed a hand on her cheek. He turned her head and kissed her, softly. Long and soft. He ran the other hand down her stomach, then her side, then her back, down to her butt. He then ran it back up and brought it around to her side and to her stomach again. He raised it up and caught the lingerie with it, slipping it off.
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[color=royalblue][i]She didn't move, only let him touch her. Not like she had any choice. His hands removed her clothing completely, and she didn't bat an eyelid. Not that she could if she wanted to. He grimaced at her unresponsiveness, then pushed her back against the wall, lips on her neck. She didn't move, let him kiss her, didn't push back.

Her lack of emotion was aparent, not only from her body language, but from the way she wasn't even looking at him. He put his lips to her ear.[/i]

"Don't make me hurt you."

[i]She gritted her teeth.[/i]

"Just try it and see how far you get."[/color]
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Shambotada: What will you do? *snickers* huh?

Shambotada continued kissing her, then got her onto the bed. He climbed on top of her softly. He kissed her again, then ran down her body. He no longer had a shirt on, and his tattoo on his back seemed to glow in the dim light. He undid his pants and slid out. When they hit the ground, the pager was activated. The receiver started beeping. He ignored it.
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She looked over her shoulder at the wall, eyes boring a hole into his shelf. He moved down to her navel, kissing the diamond stud he found there. He fingerd it delicately.[/i]

"What's this?"

"....a gift from my creators."

[i]She spoke in a monotone, quite uncaring how he responded. Half expecting him to rip it out forcibly.[/i][/COLOR]
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"Stupid Buzzboys!" As Ryden expected, the Val Shanobia hadn't been completely alerted. A small squad of jets were deployed. "Why don't you fire at them?" The girl, who had recealed her name as Mineru, asked. "With what? It's not like this things loaded down!" The jet swerved in and out of the enemy jets and lowered close to the ground. The other jets followed him down and prepared to launch missles. Ryden eased up and did a flip to avoid the radio tower. Behind him the sound of explosions rang through the air. "Well, you can't be too much of a dunce if they did it!"

Ryden flew up over the clouds towards the city. "Mr. Ryden! Your going the wrong way!"
"Am I? Those buzzboys won't dare fly this way. That VS would kill them for disturbing him, that spoiled freak."
"I get the feeling you don't like him, do you?"
"I had doubts, but you are just plain stupid! Why do you think I palstered Freedom Flyer on the side of this thing?"
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As Goven walks up and down the hall waiting for something to do, the buzzer that was still in his pocket went off.

Goven: Well that was quick.

He opens the door to find the Val' Shabiona on top of Shrai'i. At first Shrai'i is the only one who notices that Goven has entered.

Goven: You called, sir!

Val' Shabiona: What are you doing in here??!!!

Goven: You called me.*Goven shows him the activated device.*

Val': Oh, I didn't want you, But since your here take her away. She is no fun.

Goven: Yes, Sir.

Goven walks the naked Shrai'i out of the room.

Val': Leave your caller.

Goven: Yes sir.

Goven and Shrai'i walk slowly around the halls, taking the long way to the basement. Sending each other small smiles and glances every once-in-a-while.

Goven: I don't mean to intrude, but what happened.

Shrai'i: I don't like him. He tried to be romantic, but threats aren't romantic.

Goven: Yes, I know.

Shrai'i: What?

Goven: No! not in that way.

Shrai'i: Oh.

Goven: Listen, I am going to a...a..a gathering tonight. Do you want to come.

Shrai'i: Do you mean..You are a freedom warior?

Goven: Yes. So do you want to go?

Shrai'i: Umm. Ok.

Goven: Good. I will come to the castle with a letter to take you to "Sevvant Beauty Contest" at 11:00.

Goven takes Shrai'i back to the basement, then finishes his patroll and goes home.
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Shambotada got up and got his clothes on. He was just turning on the Tv when a knock was at the door. He hit the button on the night stand and in walked Shabiona Ken Hentopu.

Hentopu: Sir, i understand you were out at the stables today?

Shambotada: Yes, how the **** is it your business?

Hentopu: You ain't suposed to be out there,

Shambotada: Who gives a ****?

Hentopu: You know of the people who would liek you dead..

Shambotado: **** you...and them, too.

~~15 minutes later~~

Shambotado walked out of his room, wearing street clothes. He nodded to the guard and walked down to the parking deck, 3 floors below the slave dorms. He got into a Red car with a 5 inch spoiler on the back, and a sun roof. He pulled out a key and presses a button. A laser came out and went into the key hole. The door slid foward and out of the way. He got in and pressed the same button on the key and the car started. It slowly rose up into the air, about 5 inches. The wheels turned in, with the rims pointing down. They slid in and a metal sheet slid over and covered them. He then shot off, up the ramp, shooting several feet up when he reached the ground level and it suddenly evened up. He put in a 2000 rap cd, very old school. He shot off down the street, just driving. He didn't give a **** about what they said. He didn't care.

[font=gothic][color=indigo]I have some rather stringent "advice" for you. Keep the profanities to a minimum, and DO NOT try to circumvent the filter.[/font][/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She reclined gracefully, hands folded delicately behind her head. There was no hurry to go anywhere, and it was only 9 at night. The other servants were cleaning up various jobs, then coming in to sleep. Their gossip was incredibly annoying, and she tuned it out as much as possible. Eventually, she placed the pillow over her face and moaned until she could hear nothing else. Soon after, one of them threw something at her. She reached out and caught it without looking, then hurled it back. Balled up dirty laundry. She sat upright and let her eyes open wide. They clicked inside her mind and she saw the offender...blazing like a siren in her vision.[/i]

Shrai'i: Do it again, and I'll make you eat it.

[i]As usual, she mouthed off. Shrai'i stood up and stalked over. The other girls pulled away instinctively. She glared down at the female and let her eyes contract and dialate. The other girl winced in fear, and disgust. Shrai'i brought her face close.[/i]

Shrai'i: ......unless you have a deathwish, stay the hell away from me.[/COLOR]
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Goven arrives at his house at sun down. His father was still at his job in the car factory. He takes a shower and watches VS-TV. He makes some dinner but does not eat it. At 10:00 he leaves the house and returns to the castle with a letter saying that Shrai'i is to compete in a Slave Beauty Contest that night. When he arrives to the castle, he shows the on-duty guard and he goes down to the servants rooms. When he opens the door to the dorms he finds Shrai'i on her bed lying down.

She glances at the clock on the wall.

Shrai'i: What are you doing here this early? You weren't supposed to be here for another halfhour.

Goven: I figured I would come and get you early because I knew you didn't want to say here any longer than you had to. Are you hungry?

Shari'i: Yes a little.

Goven: Good because I made some dinner for you.

Shrai'i and Goven walk back to his house and eat the prepared meal.

Shrai'i: This is good.

Goven: Thank you.

Shrai'i: Why did you do this?

Goven: Because I knew they didn't feed you that well in the castle.

Shrai'i: No they don't. Thank you.

After they were done eating they left to go to the old school outside of town, to the Freedom Wariors meeting.
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