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Sign Up Record of Lodoss War: Legends Begin Anew


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[i][color=crimson][b]Lodoss, the accursed island. Born in battle and baptized in fire, it has seen wars ravage its kingdoms for thousands of years. Now, a new evil permeates the mist shrouding the island, and it is up to a party of seven to ultimately spare the island from certain doom....[/i][/b][/color]

[color=royal blue][i]It is many years hence that Parn fought and destroyed the Goddess of Destruction and her servant, Emperor Beld. The isle of Marmo seemingly no longer threatens the shores of Lodoss, which had come upon an uneasy, yet reliable, peace between the nations and races of Lodoss. However, in the mountain ranges, two ageless women have foreseen the coming of a new evil, but also a new good. The child born of a former hero would become an even truer hero than his father, but the closest one to him would become the one he must destroy in order to save his home......[/i]


[b]Human:[/b]Traditionally greedy, the humans tend to begin wars over land disputes or gold. They are hardy and strong, however, though they lack the patience, longevity, and understanding of elves all too often. Humans, however, have no feeling of ultimate superiority and in fact look up to the other races of Lodoss. Humans are exceptional in many areas of combat, though often they lack in druid knowledge.

[b]High-Elf:[/b]Mainly skilled in magic for their lack of resilience, these elves are sometimes exceptional in combat. However, their extensive knowledge and longevity make them perfect for druid fields. Often, however, elven mages can turn the tide in a losing battle. The problem with elves, however, is that they often believe they are far better than humans and dwarves, though indeed this vanity is often their downfall.

[b]Wood-Elf:[/b]The more peaceful, druid-like Wood-Elves embrace nature and the magic embedded within it. More attuned to physical combat when the need arises, they do sometimes call upon nature for help in most situations. Much tougher than their cousin High-elves, these elves do not study magic as deeply, though they do know a good deal. However, like their cousins, they have an extreme case of vanity.

[b]Dwarves:[/b]The toughest race of Lodoss. Traditionally carrying large axes or extremely large sword, these hardy dwarves will only fight in hand-to-hand combat. Magic, to them, is somewhat of a curse, though they do employ many ancient and reliable magiks for protection or security in dwarven cities. Skilled at smithing and even in the arts, dwarves have one gaping flaw, however: temper. Though their longevity suggests patience, they lack it and the ability to control their red-hot tempers.


[b]Knight/Valkyrie:[/b]Specializing in swords, axes, and daggers, these tough fighters wear strong metal armor for protection, though they sometimes fight without it. Agile and strong, they often baffle their opponents by moving at high speeds while wearing full platemail. Their special ability lies in their profiency to use a sword to perform magic, often calling out an elemental strike or using their swords as a focus-point.

[b]Mage/Siren:[/b]Skilled with rods, staves, and daggers, these are usually the focus points for the many spells cast by the class. However, they can fight hand-to-hand should the need arise, and their chainmail or leather armor often backs them up. They cast only magical spells, avoiding nature-reliant spells.

[b]Thief:[/b]Daggers, knives, and throwing weapons are this class' specialty. Fighting from the shadows and stealing whatever they can, they often rely on their own stealth to get out of sticky situations. Leather armor and a lack of magic decorates this class.

[b]Druid/Druidess:[/b]Expert in both fighting and nature-magic, these fighters often wear leather armor with a cloak attached. They aren't too tough or strong, but their quickness and ability to call to nature for help are invaluable.

[b]Barbarian/Amazon:[/b]Decorated in any kind of armor they can find, these warriors carry any kind of sharp or heavy weapons they can find, though it's usually a huge axe or sword. Lacking any judgement, they often rush into battle without thinking, though their strength and resilience often let them win. They have no magic ability whatsoever, but their unique "Berserk" ability makes up for it.

[b]Sorcerer/Sorceress:[/b]Carrying only staves and rods, these powerful mages call on all aspects of magic to further their causes. Deadly in battle, they must stand far from the place of battle, however, or they risk getting slain, as the only protection they wear is usually a robe of some sort.

[b]Phalanx/Diana:[/b]Spear-experts, they wear extremely heavy armor and move slowly. However, they are very deadly as frontline soldiers, twirling their spears so expertly they can remove an enemy soldier's armor and life without them even seeing it. They know only the magic within the spear, such as an "Earth Spear" or a "Lightning Pike", increasing the elemental force of their weapon and using it to harm multiple opponents at a time. Their strength is often dragged down by their lack of agility.




[b]Race:[/b]Choose from above

[b]Class:[/b]Choose from above, I'd like to have ONE of each, but it's your choice

[b]Appearance:[/b]Whatcha look like?

[b]Connections to Past Heroes:[/b] (If any)

[b]Bio:[/b]What's your life story up 'til now?

[b]Equipment:[/b]Max of two main, two sub weapons, and armor

[b]Magic:[/b](Only if you're a class with listed magical ability)

This is my bio. NOTE that I am the ONLY Half-elf in the party.

[color=teal][b]Name:[/b]Artem Halfelven

[b]Age:[/b]79 (Looks about 18)

[b]Race:[/b]Half-elf. Combination of human and high-elf.


[b]Appearance:[/b]See picture

[b]Connections:[/b]Son of two warriors of the past age.

[b]Bio:[/b]Artem was born of a lovely elf and a human knight, becoming the second half-elf, the first being his brother, in Lodoss for many eons, but that is all he knows about them. His father died in an attack by dark elves, and his mother was seperated from him and his brother, Ryth, when her father called her back to her home, a place where half-elves were unwelcome. She never returned, and the baby Artem was left in the care of a human family. He was raised, knowing his father was a legendary hero and, hoping to live up to that image of his father, began to train hard as a knight alongside his brother. As sparring partners with elven agility and human strength, they became Zaxon's strongest warriors. However, their desires were ultimately different. Artem began to travel Lodoss, hoping that he could find his mother, for he knew she still lived. He didn't even know her name. Upon his return to Zaxon, he found that his brother had gone off, making his way to the cursed island of Marmo. On finding this news, Artem took up his mother's Silhouette Rapier and a longsword, Fenix, he had made using the magics of the dwarven smithy and the power of the serene water and powerful fire.


[b]Fenix:[/b]Bearing the powers of water and fire, this sword is a favorite of Artem's. It holds enormous untapped power, waiting for Artem to use the blade at an emotional extreme.....

[b]Silhouette Rapier:[/b]One of two, his mother carries the other. The blade, while extremely thin, is forged by a powerful magic, making it nearly unbreakable. Artem looks on it as a sign of the unbreakable bond between him and his mother, making it his most powerful weapon at times.

[b]Crossbow:[/b]Utilized when stealth is required for the first strike, this is Artem's least favorite weapon.

[b]Plate Armor:[/b]A relic left over from his father, and indeed his grandfather, this tough armor can resist the most painful of attacks. It has a large scar mark on the right side of the chest.


[b]Vorpal Slash:[/b] A high-speed attack used with the Silhouette Rapier, this attack is aimed at the neck, the meaning to decapitate the victim.

[b]Fire Slam:[/b]The hilt of Fenix glows brightly, at which point Artem brings it down upon the opponent's skull, engulfing them in a ten-second long flame that usually leaves painful burns on the opponent.

[b]Ice Slash:[/b]Fenix trails ice across the air, spraying the opponent with large shards of ice.[/color]
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Name: Ryden

Age: 19

Race: Wood Elf

Class: Theif

Appearence: Dark blue mid length hair. Silver eyes and pointed ears. Wears a long sleve hooded shirt, a hard lether Vest, gloves boots and pants. All completely black.
Connections: None

Bio: One of few theives in the race of Wood elves. Banished from his village for his practice of theivory and mild disrespect for the land. He has trained in silence since that day. Known to be stubborn, arrogant, and mildly cocky.


A long dagger that hangs from his belt. He has named it after his village because it seems to him that they were created for one soul perpose: Stabbing people in the back.

A very large amount of throwing stars he hides around his belt, In a black strap under his armor, and in his sleves.

Leather armor
A hard leather vest he made himself before beinb banished from his village.

Hope thats Okay ^_^
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[color=009966][b]Name:[/b] Zelaelas


[b]Race:[/b] High Elf

[b]Class:[/b] Druidess

[b]Appearance:[/b] She has long amber hair that she usually keeps tied back, has dark blue eyes, and is pale. She wears a midnight-blue dress that goes about six inches above her knee, wears black leather armor and a black cape. (I'll try and get a pic soon.)

[b]Connections to Past Heroes:[/b] none

[b]Bio:[/b] Zelaelas used to live in the Forest of No Return, but her life was boring there. Therefore she moved to the Forest of Mirrors to live with some some relatives. In a few years she got bored there, so she moved out and started traveling to human cities and villages. She is well experienced with a sword as well with magic.

[b]Equipment:[/b] Leather armor, a long sword, and an elven dagger.

[b]Magic:[/b] Spirit of Light: A powerful attack that most High Elves know about. It can create enough light to brighten up a dark cave, or it can stun some enemies for a few minutes.

Dwarves Hand: A strange plant-looking creature pops up from the ground and grabs an enemy around the ankles, holding it in place. The spell is only temporary.

Elemental Flare: Fire shoots out and engulfs an enemy in flames. A less powerful version can be used to start fires and such.

Dragon's Wrath: Powers up her sword and increases her speed. It takes up alot of her energy as a drawback, so she only uses it as a last resort.[/color]
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[color=teal][b][u][i]Note:[/b]This character is only playable by Deedlit and I, due to reasons concerning the storyline. Eventually, full control will be turned over to Deedlit due to reasons of my own. She is not a part of the team at the present time, but soon will be. I still need four more sign-ups.[/u][/i]


[b]Age:[/b]243 (Looks about 19)



[b]Appearance:[/b]See picture

[b]Bio:[/b]Before she met Parn, she was like most elves: curious towards humans, inquisitive towards them, but believeing herself vastly superior to them. However, her opinion changed the second she met Parn. She knew not why. He was only an average swordsman, like most of the other humans, but there was something inside him, that attracted her. Perhaps it was his honor, or the fact that he defied humans in order to "save" her. She fully fell in love with him when he rescued her from Marmo's grasp, destroying the Goddess of Destruction, Kardis, and nearly getting himself killed for an [i]elf[/i]. Two years later, after another adventure in which Parn captured even more of Deedlit's heart, she bore Parn a young son. Another year passed, and another boy was born. Deedlit and Parn had moved to Zaxon to raise their half-elf children, but a raid by thieves killed Parn and left Deedlit seperated from her children by a magical call to her homeland. The boys were left in the care of a human family, who raised the boys with tales of their father, the noblest knight Lodoss had known. She only recently left her homeland of Elendar, seeking the son whose destiny lie along the same path as his father, knowing that Sethra and Goltana's prophecy was true: that one of her children would succeed Beld and Ashram, the other would succeed his father. She carries the female Silhouette Rapier, hoping for it to glow so that she can embrace her son, knowing full well he was not hers, but Fate's child.....


[b]Silhouette Rapier:[/b]A thin, sharp rapier reinforced with a powerful magic so as to make it nearly unbreakable. It is the female version of a set of two, a male and a female.

[b]Twinbee:[/b]A double-bladed dagger formed when the hilts of her two seemingly useless daggers, given to her recently by her father, are connected to form a sort of miniature double-voulge, one edge bears the powers of earth, the other carries the power of wind.

[b]Leather armor:[/b]Highly decorated protective armor, it was a gift from King Gladorel to Deedlit, his daughter. It comes with a fashianable cloak.


[b]Nature's Aid:[/b]A call to the forces of nature surrounding her, Deedlit employs the might of the trees, the swiftness of the stream, the strength of the wind, whatever force of nature happens to be on hand when Deedlit summons it.

[b]Magic Missile:[/b]A beam of white-pure energy, it often gives the opponent more than enough pause for thought to solve the meaning of life. Often used, however, for lighting dark dungeons at the same time as scaring off any unwanted guests.

[b]Torchlight:[/b]Twinbee's blade glows brightly, illuminating a space of about a hundred feet in every direction. If an opponent is attacked while Torchlight is in use, they're instantly burned to the third degree, if they survive.

[b]Static Force:[/b]Twinbee's other blade is charged with a powerful bolt of electricity, so that when a metal surface is struck, it is made see-through so long as the blade is held to the surface. Deadly when used in water or against enemies, Deedlit must be very careful when utilizing this ability....[/color]
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[font=gothic][color=indigo]Name: Kattarin Quisanth

Age: 23

Race: Human

Class: Siren

Appearance: What do you think I look like, you creep? Try checking the attachment. She's about 5"10.

Connections to Past Heroes: There was this mobile phone call a while back....but the court said I'm not allowed to talk about it. So None.

Bio: Kattarin is somewhat young for a Siren, but then she has been training for 80% of her life, or so. Her parents were Sorcerors, or Sorceress, and were quite proud of their magic, and attempted to teach it to Kattarin. Kattarin was, of course, interested, but then she was also interested in stabbing people with small sharp objects. So she devoted as much time to that as to her magic, and synergised them. Her parents weren't really impressed. Kattarin didn't give much of a damn. She did, however, give a bit of a damn about the person she trained with.

They'd lived on the outskirts of a small village, and Kattarin had done her physical training in town, with a young thief named Quiryth. Quiryth, however, had a problem. That problem was the guild leader of the village, who decided she'd make more money as something a little less enjoyable... Quiryth decided to leave. Kattarin decided to go with her.

Equipment: Sharpshadow blades- currently ataghans. They're a pair of daggers used in conjunction with the twisted shadow ability.

Jo staff - two foot long staff, with a series of spikes coming out of one end.

Leather brigandine: Black, and normally not worn unless neccessary.

Magic: Twisted Shadow: Used with her daggers, her blades become basically insubstantial, and don't return to corpreal state until she wants them to...Such as when they're inside someone. It has the slight disadvantage of reshaping the blade each time though. Stabbing with a kris and getting back a stilleto can really piss one off.

Manticore's Envy - The spikes on the jo staff suddenly become air borne. They remain attached to the staff, however, by an etheral string, making them a veritable whip of however-many-tails.

Wyvern's Sting - Kattarin's daggers, no matter the shape they're currently in, become tainted with a vicious toxin. Rather then deliberately attacking cells, it blocks the receptors in the cells. So people die very slowly.[/font][/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Name: Shai'i Kell Megelani

Age: 29

Race: Human

Class: Silver Daggar Valkyrie

Appearance: see attatchment, and it's only for the build and armor. She's a human. With mostly short hair, but a long tail.

Connections to Past Heroes: Sorry, none that she knows of.

Bio: The daughter of a mercenary knight, she was raised on the back of a horse and on the battlefield. Her lullabies were the war songs of her father and his companions. Her toys were swords, spears, and the occasional arrow shaft. As for a mother, she as a worthless whore that vanished soon after her birth. Her father got over the loss, as it didn't really matter, and trained his daughter to be a Silver Daggar like him. [extremely powerful mercenary with knight qualities and rank] They are generally dispised, but feared for their strength. Armor that is resistant to magic, swords that are enchanted to have great power, and a speed that is unatural.

She inherited his skills, and then some. Beneath the armor, rests a cool and calm interior, feminine, but only when she takes it off. In bed, she's quite good, owing to a crash course [literally] from one of her father's friends. Of course, her father never heard of it, and never will. Aside from a code of honor that bends to the situation, she's mostly noble in character. Unless there's money invovled.

Equipment: Twin Bloodswords. Long sturdy blades that are light, but nearly unbreakable. Three prongs set in the handle sink into her palm, hence the name. One folding fan, the only sign of feminimity on her person, and a silver daggar in the spine sheath.

Magic: She contains the elemental power of Light inside her bloodswords. The fan has no attributes but diamond like hardness, and the daggar is magicked to harm creatures of darkness. i.e. werewolves.

Heart of the Sun; Swords become inpossibly bright, heightening her attack power and harming things of darkness.

Gaia's Hand; powers up her armor, rendering almost all magic attacks useless.

Silver Taint; Daggar destroys anything unholy with a simple cut along the chest, throat, or neck.[/COLOR]
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