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RPG Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


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[size=1][color=royalblue]I have been literally up to my eyes in work over the weekend as a rush attempt to do up my Uncle house in underway. All right you have made it into the RPG but if I see your post quality slipping then you may be asked to leave.

Shikaku will return shortly and I will then return control of the RPG to him, unless he wishes otherwise. I'm also going to have a second character that will be a first year. I'll post the sign up after the intro. Until then here's the start. Enjoy or else !!

Also you will notice I have not sorted Shikaku I'll leave that to him OK.

[I]The hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was beginning to fill with Students many young faces beamed up at the Teacher's table at the top of the room. There was quiet murmuring, excited chatting among the first years at the back of the hall and loud laughing coming from the Fourth Year Gryffindor table. Professor Dumbledore waved his hand through the air and all was silent. He stood up and began his yearly speech.[/I]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: As per usual I have a very long and very boring speech for all of you before we all get to sit down to dinner.

[I]Another chortle was heard from across the room at the Ravenclaw table among a group of girls, which tied down after a gaze from Dumbledore reached them. The first years at the back looked confused as though this wasn't a regular occurrence. Dumbledore again began to speak[/I]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: First and foremost I'd like to introduce some new member of staff to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the first is our new Defence against the Dark Arts Teacher, Dragomir Narcissus and the second is our new Transfiguration Teacher Professor Lucas Vallon.

[I]Both of these individuals stood up and took a bow. The hall erupted in cheers and Dumbledore once again waved s hand for silence. He walked down to the Sorting Hat and called for the first years to be brought forward. Pulling a piece of parchment he slowly began to call names of first years to come forward.[/I]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: Woods, Sakura, come forward please and place the Sorting Hat on your head.

[I]A young girl with brown hair walked forward from the crowd, she looked very nervous as she placed the hat on her head. The Hat had to rest but a moment on her head before shouting [b]Gryffindor[/b], the Gryffindor table erupted in joy as their newest member took her place at the table, she was smiling ecstatically as she shook hands with the others at her table. Professor Dumbledore, called for silence as he read off the next name[/I]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: Teff, Abob

[I]A young boy walked forward, his jet-black hair clearly visible. Abob placed the Hat on his head and after a little conversation the Hat screamed [b]Slytherin[/b], Abob looked pleased as he sat down to with his fellow Slytherin and they grinned with each other as they surveyed their newest acolyte, Dumbledore continued.[/I]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: Ningningpin, Austin

[I]Another 11 year old walked out toward the Sorting Hat. Austin placed it on his head and the Sorting Hat bellowed [b]Hufflepuff[/b], Professor Flitwick looked pleased as his newest student took his place at the house table. The sorting continued as Professor Dumbledore continued reading from the parchment.[/I]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: Detorn, Frank

[I]The boy walked forward looking slightly apprehensive and placed the hat on his head, it thought for a few moments as to where to put the boy, he possessed qualities that merited entrances to several houses. After a few more moments it yelled [b]Gryffindor[/b], the second of the evening. Professor Dumbledore read the next name on the list.[/i]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: Tristan, Shizumi

[I]The girl peeped out from among her first year cohorts and strode proudly towards the front of the room, she waved at her brother as she saw him and sat on the stool and placed the Sorting Hat on his head. The Hat thought for a moment and then bellowed [b]Ravenclaw[/b], he brother whistled delightedly as she joined him at the table. Dumbledore read off the next name.[/i]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: Adarta, Meridian

[I]A girl with curly red hair walked forward nervously and came towards the front of the room, Dumbledore smiled at her and she placed the hat upon her head. The Hat once again began to think as it thought about where to put the young girl. It so deliberated and roared [B]Hufflepuff[/b], Meridian looked relieved as she joined the other at her table and began to talk quietly.[/I]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: Lee, Alexia

[I]A third young girl paced forward, she placed the hat on her head without delay and momentarily the hat placed her into [b]Ravenclaw[/b], she stood up confidently and walked over to the table and began to chat with the other residents.[/I]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: Bennington, Shaynuh

[I]Shay walked forward from the crowd visibly anxious, the hat sat on her head for about 1/2 a second before roaring [b]Hufflepuff[/b], Shay looked pleased and walked over to the Hufflepuff table and began to talk. Professor Dumbledore read on.[/I]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: Kim, Danbee

[I]Another young girl walked forward from the now lessening group of first years, she skipped forward contentedly excited and pushed the hat onto her head. It called out [b]Gryffindor[/b] and she strode to be her new companions[/I]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: Benson, Laura

[I]Laura, a girl with short, messy black hair walked forward and placed the hat on her head, after a little chat with the hat, it crowed [b]Gryffindor[/b] and she walked over and sat beside Danbee who started talking with her immediately. Dumbledore read on.[/I]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: Shindrek, Matthew

[I]A boy with oddly spiked red hair walked forward and sat on the stool, the hat was placed on his head and it screamed [b]Slytherin[/b] after a moment. The Slytherins again grinned together as they scrutinised their newest member.[/I]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: Snickerbib, Ryan

[I]A girl with blonde hair and green eyes walked forward, she placed the hat on her head and again the hat began to quietly talk with her. After a moment the hat announced that she would enter the [B]Gryffindor[/b] house. She walked over to the table and waited.[/I]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: Jopplin, James

[I]James, a young boy with black hair walked forward excitedly as he awaited sorting, he pulled the hat down over his hair and within half a second it screeched [b]Gryffindor[/b] and he was done, he joined the newest members of the house.[/I]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: Geibel, Matthew

[I]Another boy with blond hair crept out from the now small number of first years waiting to be sorted, he placed the hat on his head and after a short time the hat shouted [b]Hufflepuff[/b]. Matt looked slightly indifferent and walked over to his new place made at the Hufflepuff table.[/I]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: Collins, Alexi

[I]Alexi was now one of the last few waiting and she flinched when her name was called, she walked very slowly towards the front and when the hat was put on her head, it said that she would be perfect material for [b]Hufflepuff[/b]. She looked very relieved and sat at the Hufflepuff table.[/I]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: Maximus, Wolf

[I]A boy one of the last 5 walked out from the group, he was clearly of a wolfish demeanour and Professor Narcissus commented on this to Professor Vallon in regard to his parents. Wolf placed the hat over his hair and after a brief debate with it he was to be placed in the [B]Ravenclaw[/b], Wolf looked thoroughly pleased and sat at his house table.[/I]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: Acronis, Tylan

[I]Tylan was one of the last of the now very small group he walked or rather strode forward and placed the hat on his head. The Sorting Hat was once again torn between where to place him and in the end decided that [b]Slytherin[/b] would be the best.[/I]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: Jones, Lorissa

[I]A young girl of the trio walked forward leaving only two behind, she placed the hat on her head and was sorted into the [b]Hufflepuff[/b], leaving the front of the hall she walked over to the Hufflepuff table and awaited the final two sortings.[/I]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: Mifflin, Katherine

[I]The last of the girls walked forward and was soon seated upon the stool with the Sorting Hat over her head. Katie waited patiently and after a moment she was placed in the [b]Slytherin[/b] House, she walked over and took her place awaiting the last sorting[/I]

[b]Dumbledore[/b]: Prozen, Johann (Yeah, you think of a good German name at 2:15 A.M.)

[I]The last first year walked forward, his light brown hair and blue eyes clearly visible, he walked forward and put the hat over his head, Professor Narcissus looked carefully at the boy and Professor Vallon looked quite interested too. The boy and the hat exchanged comments and after a moment he was sorted into [b]Gryffindor[/b].[/i]

[B]Dumbledore[/b]: Ahh that's that, now for the long and boring speech, [i]tuck in, and enjoy !!![/i]

[I]Food materialised over the plates, and the talking began as a hall of young and old warlocks, witches and wizards began to tell of their adventures over the summer.[/I][/size][/color]
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Sakura had sat down happily and not as nervous as before.All the older Gryffindor's cheered and she just smiled and thanked them.Then she waited quietly as the Sorting Hat continued its ritual.Soon others were sorted and the tables cheered loudly to their new members.Soon it was finished and some new people she had met on the train were with her in Gryffindor.

Professor Dumbledore announced that it was finished and immediately all the plates infront of them filled with food.Sakura grinned and grabbed some food.She ate it slowly not rushing herself.Soon she was done and she waited talking to some other members of Gryffindor.

She started to talk to Danbee and Laura.They were still eating and talking at the same time.Sakura picked up a Chocolate Frog and unwrapped it.She took the card out of it and bit the chocolate.She munched it and swallowed.She looked at the card and saw it was Professor Narcissus.She looked at the picture and then put it in her pocket.She continued to talk to the others while imagining what it would be like at Hogwarts.
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Shay looked around at all the Hufflepuffs at the table. She hadn't known what to expect here, but this certainly wasn't it. She looked back up at the staff table, wondering who taught what and how hard their classes would be. Turning back to the table, she saw her favourite dish sitting right in front of her: filet mignon (dern french named foods, don't they know I'm on vacation?! Please ignore spelling mistakes for now). After eating a bit, she turned to Lorissa and started chatting.

OOC: Short, I know, but I don't want to post too much.
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Todd grinned as the first-years joined the [b]Ravenclaw[/b] table. Ravenclaw always got the best first-years, there was no two ways about it. "So, let's see," he said to himself, leaning over the food to get a better look at them. "We've got... Shizumi Tristan, Alexia Lee, and Wolf Maximus. Not bad, huh?"
One of the other Ravenclaws beside him nodded. "It's a smaller bunch than last year though."
Todd shrugged, seating himself again as Alexia caught his gaze. "I guess so. But some years are smaller than others, right? This year will just be a small intake."
"You sure?"
"Am I ever [i]not[/i] sure?"
The other Ravenclaw laughed as Todd pushed some brown hair out of his eyes. "Sometimes I wonder if you're even [i]all there[/i] Todd."
Todd peered down the table again curiously. "What d'you think of them then?"
"Snape'll have a lot of fun with the Gryffindor first-years. But he manages that [i]every[/i] year."
"Any that're going to lose Ravenclaw house points, d'you think?"
Todd's companion shook his head while trying to wedge a chicken leg down his throat sideways. "Mmmmhmenmemmeo!"
"Umm... yeah..." Todd glanced across with a comical expression. "[i]Whatever[/i] you say..."
Around the table and the hall, general conversation continued...

[b]OOC:[/b] Forgive my "staticness" but I really couldn't think of a constructive way to push us forward O_o - Just as pointer though, I spoke to Outcast and I'm safely in [b]Ravenclaw[/b] - if any Ravenclaw first-years want to talk to/get teased by the big Ravenclaw fifth-year-who's-not-a-prefect ^_^;;
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[COLOR=blue][SIZE=1]Sorry for not posting any earlier...[/SIZE]

Danbee sat and watched the other first years around her talk about themselves and what they thought about Hogwarts so far, she occasionally commented to the others. So far she had met two of the Grynffindor first years, Laura Benson and Sakura Woods.

Sakura was a girl that had bright emerald green eyes, and the prettiest chocolate brown hair Danbee had ever seen. Sakura is very friendly and caring towards other people.

Laura, on the other hand, has brown eyes with very short, black hair, which continued to look messy though Laura sometimes tried to flatten it. Laura was also was warm and friendly, who like Danbee liked to kid around.

Danbee looked around the table naming everybody silently in her mind. [I]Frank Detorn, Ryan Snickerbib (who was a girl), James Jopplin, and Gerhard Prozen.[/I] She then turned her focus back to Laura and Sakura who were now chatting about the teachers in general. Danbee took another spoonful of vanilla pudding, as she listened to the conversation. It was soon obvious to Laura and Danbee that Sakura wasn't really listening, so they stopped talking and watched as Sakura fiddled with the card she had gotten out of the chocolate frog.

"Who did ya' get?" Danbee asked curiously, leaning over her plate to see. Sakura's head jerked in the direction of the voice.

"Oh, A Professor Narcissus or somebody..." Sakura replied absentmindedly, holding the card over for them to see.

"Really? That's one of the new Professors up there." Laura said after looking at the card, then pointed him out of the teachers sitting at the head table. Danbee looked and sure enough there he was sitting beside the other new Professor Vallen.

"So what [B]were[/B] you thinking about?" Laura and Danbee said simutanously. [/COLOR]

Hope that's O.K. I didn't really know what to write, and I was kind of in a hurry...
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Lex slowly sat down and stared around, enjoying the view of the great hall and spotting her various cousins in other houses. She was only the latetes to be joined into Ravenclaw house and she was very happy to be. She turned to Shizumi and Wolf, both of how had still yet to talk.

It was quite wierd that they had all been sorted so quickly but it was fine, "Erm...hi my names Alexia or Lex if you want. What are your names?" she asked both of them smiling worriedly.
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OOC: Sorry, first day that I saw this..

The reddish-brown haired boy sat silently at the Gryffindor table. He was happy to be in this house, but most of the friends he made were in separate houses. Those that actually befriended him anyways. Others just made fun of his American accent. He hadn't lived in Scotland long enough to acquire their accent. He didn't eat much, wasn't all that hungry, he was too excited.

After a few minutes, he decided that he needed to get over it and make new friends. He piled some food on his plate and just started talking to the person next to him. Not even knowing who it was. He thinks it was a seventh year student, maybe a fifth year, he didn't know.


Dragomir looked over the students that were in the hall. Even at his old school he had not seen this many students. He tried to make some idle talk with the greasy professor next to him. Snape, he thought the name was, but he didn't seem to keen to the idea.

So he talked with someone else. But he quickly found the teachers to be somewhat boring, and unable to understand him with his german accent.

He looked longingly out to the crowd of students, wishing he could be young like them again, and be a student once more. Those were the best days of his life.
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[color=009966]ooc: Appologies. I've been very busy with Otaku Idol and didn't have time earlier. Accursed writer's block...--;

ic: Shizumi: "Hi, Lex. I'm Shizumi. Who's that guy up there at the Staff Table?"

Lex: "Who? Oh. I think that's Snape, the Potions teacher."

Todd: "Yeah, that's him alright, but he's been after the Defence Against the Dark Arts job for years," he said as he drank from his goblet.

[i]Alex, Shizumi's older brother, nudged Todd hard in the shoulder.[/i]

Alex: "Yeah, but you gotta look out for him. He likes to take first years and practice on them. First he'll test some deadly potions on you, then he'll do all sorts of jynxs on you!"

[i]For a moment all the first years seemed a bit frightened, and more than half cast uneasy glances in Snapes direction.[/i]

Alex: "Lighten up. It's just a joke."

[i]They heaved sighs of relief. After that Shizumi elbowed him in the ribs.[/i]

Alex: "Hey! I said I was joking!"
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[COLOR=green]Abob sat down in an empty seat on the long Slytherin house table, silently eating his food.

He was pleased with his new house; it was where he had expected to end up. It would have been a terrible disappointment for him to end up anywhere else, like his sister. She had been the black sheep of the family, freeing the house elf and hanging out with muggles. The very thought of a pureblood child associating herself with muggles was bad enough, but Abob's parents had really blown their tops when they found out that she was actually dating one of them.

Abob despised his sister, and hoped he would have to spend as little time as possible around her while he was here. Yet another thing to worry about...[/COLOR]
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OOC: Names Lauren, not Laura, lol ^^

Lauren sighed happily an hopped off of the wooden stool and walked over to the Gryffindor Table, still shaking with a mixture of excitement and nervousnous. She sat down next to a girl she remebered as Danbee, next to her was a girl named Sakura.

"Hi!" Lauren greeted almost instantly, her bright eyes glowing with anticipation, "I am Lauren!"

Both of the girls greeted her just as excitedly. Soon after all of the other students had been sorted, she and Danbee and Sakura had become friends, along with the other first years.

Lauren, after eating several plates of food, relaxed a bit and looked around. The other house tables were talking animatedly. Her eyes drifted up slowly to the Teacher's Table. Professor. Narciuss. Next to her, Banbee and Sakura were talking about a Famous Witches and Wizards card. After staring at it, she said,

", A Professor Narcissus or somebody..." Sakura replied absentmindedly, holding the card over for them to see.

"Really? That's one of the new Professors up there." She pointed up to the Professor, then noticed Sakura wasn't actually listening.

OOC: Sorry 'bout the short post, it's like 2:30 AM, sleep![/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[b]OOC:[/b] Gah... I foresee some problems with two Ravenclaw Alexes... (Or Alexia O_o) Walnut, you don't mind if I refer to your character exclusively by "Lex" do you? And Deedlit... do you mind awfully if I make Alex and Todd a prankster pair? *grins*

[color=purple]"So," murmured Todd, glancing between Shizumi and Alex quizically. "You two are related?"
Shizumi nodded eagerly, and Alex proceeded to blush slightly.
"Hey, you never told me you had a little sister!"
Alex shrugged. "It's not like you ever asked."
"You're embarassed of your little sister?" Todd raised an eyebrow, and then looked at Shizumi. "Don't see why. She seems nice enough."
"I'm sitting right here," declared Shizumi suddenly, not liking the way she was being talked about as though she wasn't there.
Todd smiled slightly. "Yeah right, you're so quiet I almost forgot."
There was a pause, during which the general hum of the hall filled up again. Then Wolf spoke up. "What're classes like?"
Todd shrugged slightly. "Pretty much school classes. You sit at desks, write essays or wave wands around. Herbology's a pretty practical lesson, I never knew there was so much to plants." He paused with a slight smile. "If you ever have a lesson that includes Mandrakes... be sure to cover your ears all right? They're right little buggars..."
"They are?"
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As Dragomir ate, he saw several of the students look up at him. He figured it had something to do with the cards that were so popular here. He figured it was his Quidditch history that got some people interested, because he hadn't really done much in his life, unless you counted the few years he worked as an Auror. But that was minor, and he didn't talk about it much.

He found himself getting very bored with the feast, though he was enjoying it, but he just wanted to go. He excused himself from the staff table and got up and left. He wanted to go find his office, and classroom, so he could get prepared for the classes tomorrow.


Frank had found the seventh year to be boring, so he looked over and saw the other new first years. He recognised Danbee from the train, and Lauren and Sakura as well, he wasn't all that familiar with the other ones. So he edged his way closer to those three and tried to come up with a nice conversation piece.
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Lex listened intently to the conversation and grinned at Shinzumi, "Don't worry about brothers and sister Shizumi. I'm the eldest out of my section of the Lee family and I'm going to have to put up with all of them coming to Hogwarts eventually" she smiled and carefully picked up her goblet.

"Hey Lex, wondered where you were" said a voice behind her. She looked up and saw Liam, one of her many cousins who was already at Hogwarts. "Hiya Liam, what you doing here?" she asked, bunching over a little way to let him sit down.

Liam grinned and acknowledged Alex and Todd with a small wave, "Just checking on you, little cous. So another Ravenclaw in the family. You've gotta be about the third one" said Liam, gently pulling at one of Lex's plates.

"Liam!" said Lex, tugging it away from his grip, "I'm not! You know fine well that I'm not" she said a little moodily. "Hey calm down, god I've never known first years to get so upidy at this stage" said Todd, grinning like an idiot.

"This stage?" Lex inclined her head towards Shinzumi, "What are they on about?" she asked in a slightly worried voice.

ooc: no prob, it's easier to type out ^_^
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[COLOR=teal][SIZE=1]Lauren eh? Alright I'll make sure to get that right....

[I]Danbee listened somewhat as Sakura said she was thinking about what Hogwarts would be like, so naturally their little conversation changed to that particular subject. As they were talking Danbee couldn't help but notice that a boy first year kept sliding towards them. Danbee looked him over, he had brownish-red hair and hazel eyes, suddenly she recgonized him. His name was Frank something they had meet on the train earlier, but only briefly. She remembered that he was light-hearted and laughed easily, but still could be serious. Danbee not wanting anyone to feel alone called over to him.[/I]

"Hey, Frank. What do you think of Hogwarts?" [I]Frank looked mildly surprised, but he scooted down towards them and began talking.[/I]

"Well, so far it seems pretty nice." [I]He answered somewhat shyly.[/I]

"Yep, it sure does. It's so big, I reckon I could do a quite a few pranks without getting caught, don't you think?" [I]Danbee smiled as Frank looked around, and nodded.
Soon Frank began to feel more comfortable and relaxed, because he wasn't hesitating and he quit picking at his food. Danbee got herself yet another chicken leg from the platter in front off her, just in time to see it change into a bowl of ice-cream. She looked down the table to see all sorts of desserts appearing in place of the main course. Gasps and shouts came from all the first years at each table, but it soon died down.[/I]

"Did you see that?"



[I]Danbee smiled, then looked around, her glance happened to fall upon Wolf at the Ravenclaw table. She remembered watching him walk up to the sorting hat, and as she watched him now, she wondered.[/I] Was he a werewolf too? [I]Thoughts raced through he mind as she stared at him. Suddenly Frank's laugh jerked her out of her der deep thoughts and back to reality. She turned back to Lauren, Sukara, and Frank, and began talking once more. But even as she talked, one thought stayed always in the back of her mind,[/I] What will my friends think of me, if they find out I'm one? [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Sorry for not posting earlier. I have been in Florida for the past week and a half for vacation and I couldn't get to the internet. But I am here now.

[i]James Jopplin walked over to the Gryffindor table, excited and nervous at the same time. How were the fellow Gryffindors going to be? Mean? Rude? What if they didn't like him? What would he do? His whole year would be ruined! All of a sudden, James started to feel sick. His head started to get hot, and the whole room started to get blurry. He saw a teacher running towards him, but the whole picture was so blurry, he couldn't make out the person. The last thing he knew, he was on the floor, and everything went pitch black, as if he had closen his eyes to go to sleep. Then he woke up.
Madam Pomphrey: Well, good morning!:) Are you feeling better? Last night must have been a nightmare. And on your very first day at Hogwarts.

James: What happened? I can't remember a thing.

Madam Pomphrey: You blacked out! Overheating. You got a very terrible fever, and fast! We had to rush you down here as quickly as possible. But, since you had your sleep and you didn't fuss and whine at me, you are fine and you are welcome to go up to your dormitories as check your schedule. Breakfast is just ending, but if you hurry, you may be able to nab some toast and bacon.

[i]James got out a bed, cahnged into his robes, and ran to the Great Hall to try and get some leftovers, so he wouldn't go most of the day hungry.[/i][/size][/color]
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[size=1][color=royalblue]Here's my Bio for my first year student, as you will notice I've changed his name from Gerhard to Johann.

[b]Name[/b]: Johann Prozen

[b]Age[/b]: 11

[b]Sex[/b]: Male

[b]Eyes[/b]: Dark Blue

[b]Hair[/b]: Light Brown

[b]Wand[/b]: Pine, 12 1/4 inches, Dragon Heartstring Core

[b]House[/b]: Gryffindor

[b]Year[/b]: 1st

[b]Personality[/b]: Johann like all Germans is very fierce when aroused and is very loyal to his friends, he has a very capacity for knowledge, through all this though he enjoys a good joke and is quite relaxed most of the time, just don't mention WW2 or you'll get blitzed with a spell, overall just a good hearted guy up for a challange.

[b]Biography[/b]: He lived outside Berlin for as long as he can remember and still quite misses his homeland, his family are all pureblooded and he has be raised in a house where he was expected to excel at magic from a young age. Most of the other wizard boys he was friends with have gone on to Drumstrang where he would be going had it not been for his father's recent promotian to German Ambassador to the British Isles. His family have taken it in their stride and he now lives in quite an expensive area near London, where he has started to make some new friends of his own age and up bringing.

When his letter arrived in August he was rather excited but still quite hesitant, his father said that if Johann wanted to go to Drumstrang he could but that he would be away from home should anything happen. Johann decided he'd rather the challange of Hogwarts and has all his books and equipment ready, he recently heard that there will be a German professor at Hogwarts and he will be happy to learn as much as he can.

[b]Other Belongings[/B]: Kestrel named Falkner, very fast and dependable.


[i]Johann waited in line for his first classs to begin, it would be Transfiguration with Professor Vallon, suddenly he saw a student running towards the line, it seemed that everyone else was too excited to see and waited for the class. Johann saw that it was James Jopplin who had been taken ill at the feast yesterday. The door opened and Professor Vallon stood wide awake and cheery, he called all the students to enter and saw that James had just arrived and was standing next Johann much out of breath.

Johann smiled nervously and walked inside taking a seat near the front of the class along with James as there were no tables left and waited for the class to begin[/i]


[b]Professor Vallon[/b]: Good morning class, I hope you all slept well and are rested for what will be your first class of the year. Now unlike most of your other teachers these will be split between pratical and study classes during your week. I see you have transfiguration on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so you'll have practicals on Wednesday and Friday and study classes on Monday and Thursday. To start I'll give you an idea what you'll be able to do in the future with practice and effort.

[i]Professor Vallon with a pop transfigured into what appeared to be a small eagle and did a circle of the room before landing on the ground and reforming to his original form. A cheer erupted as he stood back up and he grinned joyfully[/i]

[b]Professor Vallon[/b]: Hah, I never knew how much fun teaching was. Studnets I will tell you this, there is nothing like your first flight, absolutely nothing.

[i]The Professor spend the rest of the class outlining what he intented to cover through their year and that he would have great enjoyment teaching them[/i][/size][/color]
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[b]OOC[/b]i will post later... i dont wanna screw up any thing with the class schedual and all. so if any one could just put slytherin into they're class (dont remember if they did that first year) or just an opening for me to post at lunch or something it would be very appercietve.

[b]this will be deleated after my first post.[/b]
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