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Writing A poem about a - - holes.


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I think I screwed up the last two verse...But anyway. A poem done out of pure boredom.

[QUOTE]It pains my heart
So much to see,
All of the assholes
Surrounding me.

I can't get away,
The fighing won't stop,
Their heated debates
Go round the clock.

I just can't believe
What we live in today,
Never again will a smile
brighten up my day.

I used to think like this,
That assholes were bad,
But then I realised;
I'm following the fad.

I thought to myself
That all was not right,
But it was never different;
...I just wasted a night.[/QUOTE]

As you can tell, I'm obviously no professional poet, so comments and critiscism are extremely welcomed, especially the latter.
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=o very nice.
Didnt know the spwite master with the OMG BRILLANTUH banner could write poems so I was scared man! never gimme such a shock again man! Thats not groovy dude!
Ehm yah ehm.... cough
It was almost as brilliant as your banner lol
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