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Art Two Sketches


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Just got back from a summer camp, and I had no computer there so these sketches are done in pencil shading. Probably the first you've seen from me, other than the charcoal pictures a few months ago.

Badar from Gedden

Nahal from Gedden
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*stares in disbelief* How did you get so good?! o_O;;; Anyway, those are very, VERY good drawings. I'll probably never be able to draw anything that acuratly without tracing, so you've got a LOT of talent. Keep it up. Here's my rating for your art:

First pic: 10/10

Second pic: 10/10

Very good! Bravo, bravo! Keep 'em comin'!

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Thnx for the comments guys. And Klanime, I know what yer talkin about, cause one of my friends said the same thing. We came to the conclusion that it might be his croth area. He should have some more space for his "package" to breathe, a w/the lack of space there, it looks kinda womanish.
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