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Mr Satan is the greatest


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who else dodged two of kid buu's attacks,
who else defeated cell as reproduced in a movie
who else trained videl
who else can carry 4, count em, 4 buses
who else made the ppl of earth give their energy to goku to perform the genki dama on kidd buu.

you bet ya MR SATAN!!!!

and i'll like to see you rip three BIG phone books in half....
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how can you bad mouth mr satan?

can YOU rip 3 BIG telephone books in half?

can YOU pull 4 buses?

can YOU punch a HOLE through a bus?

did YOU win the cell games?

can YOU dodge 2 of buu's attacks, whereas ssj3 son gokou got his a$$ beat?

do YOU have a championship belt?

just look at the facts, he is the best....
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You gotta step in the mind of Mista Satan for a few seconds...

He's a wimp and a liar, yet EVERYONE loves him.... why? Cause he's good at what he does.... he makes himself look strong and powerful, he makes himself look smart, all when the camera's are rolling... he plays the people and the media.... that is a sign of a smart man....

He IS actually stronger than the average human.... but Bidel-chan is stronger.

And he just has the adorable little puppy!
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