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Sign Up InuYasha, Rise of the darkness


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it's been two years after the death of Naraku, and all seems peaceful. but deep in the darkness, a new evil is growing, more powerful than anything they have faced before. Now, InuYasha and the others need to reunite in order to face this new evil and prevent the destruction of the world as they know it.

now, the signups


Race: human/half-human (or half-demon, whatever)/demon

Power or weapon:

Age: Remember, everyone willbe at least two years older that it says.





If you need information on the characters, go here, [url]http://web.utk.edu/~bborchar/characters.html[/url], or here, [url]http://theotaku.com/inuyasha/characters.shtml[/url], or here, [url]http://www.anzwers.org/free/hearth/iy/cg/guide00.htm[/url], this works too, [url]http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=InuYasha+character+personalities&btnG=Google+Search[/url], basically any InuYasha fansite will have character info.

oh, and one more thing,

Characters still open are as follows:
Kagome's mom
Kagome's friends (if you know their names [I]please[/I] tell me.
Raaven (good half of Raven, it is what keeps her from murdering anyone with clever tricks)
Hadji (That Badger-thing that is Miroku's friend)
and multiple others whose names stupid little me can't remember.

You can also make up your own character

Ken-Ichi is also now open to be played, But if you decide you want to play ken-Ichi, YOU [U]MUST[/U] PM ME. There is some very Important information that cannot yet be revealed to the players of this RPG.
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Name: kyp kiro
Power/weapon: healing, sword
Age: 14
Gender: male
Personality: plays around some times but can be seriouse
Bio: Kyp trained all of his life to perfect his skills. He knows how to use any weapon but would rather use swords. He can cast some spells but chosses not to only if needed. He knows how to make medicens from plants. He found a sword blade with no handle and absorbed it. He can shoot small blades from his hands but normaly doesn't. He is not afraid to risk his life and is not afraid to die.
Appearance: blue eyes, platinum gold hair, black pants, blue shirt, brown boots, brown cloak
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Name: Kagome Higurashi
Race: human
Power/weapon: Bow and Arrow, mystical powers
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: She can get pretty jealous when it comes to Inu-yasha but she can be nice and serious
Bio: She is the re-incarnation of Kikyou and exhibits the same spiritual powers that she did. She lives in present-day Tokyo, but travels through the bone-eaters well back to the Sengoku Jidai. She and Inu-Yasha have been working together to collect the Shikon fragments.
Appearance: right here [url]http://web.utk.edu/~bborchar/kagome.html[/url]
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Name: Suzuki
Race: Demon
Power/Weapon: Sword, stars, and claws
Gender: Female
Personality: She's kind hearted, but when even 1 shikon shard is imbeded into her, she turns crazy.
Bio.: She's a cat demon that is in love with Miroku, and doesn't like to fight unless she has to.But under the niceness, she can be a stronge ruthless a** kicking witch. She also has a 'sit boy' necliss, but never hit the ground before, also in fights, she always wins.
Appearance: Long white hair in ponytails, blue eyes, short skirt, ripped up top, sandles, and bandiged(sp?) hands.
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Name: Obiwaban
Race: Demon
Power: Energy Needly Baragge
Age: 12
Gender: male
Personality: Very smart but not very strong. His needle blast is powerful but takes a lot out of him. He is usaully quiet...
Bio: A Fire Demon that rarely talks. He only battles when he needs to or is instructed to and is wanted in 2 countries of Feudal Japan. He has 2 shards of the shikon jewel.
appearance: Wears a blue shirt and white pants plus wooden sandals and usually is seen reading a book. He always has on a blue headband.
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Name// Hanabishi Recca
Race//Human or Half Human
Power Weapon: Ensui,Summons 7 Fire Dragons with Ensui
Age// 16
Gender// Male
Personality// Recca is a nice guy and always stays calm in whatever the situations
Bio//Born in the Age of the ninja he was givin an ensui that had special powers with an elemental power it was fire. He was sent into the future for that the Hokage Ninja Clan would not die. All his life he trained to be a ninja using fire because his father is a fire work maker.
Appearance//Recca wears a blue pants and a blue shirt with a white collar. He wears a orange cap and his eyes are blue

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Hope this is okay

Name: Himura
Race: Half human
Weapon: Twin short swords
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Always cold, serious, and otherwise emotionless
Bio: Exiled from his village at an early age for being a demon, he left to the forest to live out his days. Himura found it nessicary to train his swords to ward off all travelers from venturing into his part of the forest.
Description: Himura has long black hair that is parted down the middle and tied in back. Ragged black shirt and rusting broken chestplate. Torn black pants and boots. Large black dragon like wings on back.
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Okay, so apparently we don't have to be people from the show. If that's the case, here's my sign up:

Name: Kitty
Race: Demon
Weapons/Powers: A katana, the ability to comunicate with felines, and can summon 5 wind dragons
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Distant, rarely talkes to anyone(quiet), vicious, and rarely shows a soft side
Bio: At a young age, she killed her family since they tried to make her move into a human village. She is now a wandering demon, not really caring about anyone but herself. She forged her sword herself and has never cleaned it, making the blood on it poisonous. She decided to live in a small forest near a lake, and kills anyone who ventures into it.
Description: Long blue hair in a ponytail, green eyes with slit pupils, and is about 5'6". She looks like a human except for cat ears & tail, and blue feathery wings.
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ok, if people haven't taken certain people by now, they're probably not going to, and besides i dont think people can wait much longer, so we'll just get this thing started, but this is still open to anyone who still wants to sign up.

ok, since exmercanary seems to think that he can be the main character and only post twice, InuYasha is now open. Sango is also open, I will be Kaira from now on. (if you would like her info, please PM me)
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Name: Inuyasha
Race: half human/ half demon
Power/weapon: tetsiga, iron reaver soul stealer
age: about 50
gender: male
Personality: cocky, egocentric, kind sometimes, and rash
Bio: The half demon/half human brother of sessomaru who has a crush on Kagome but is to proud to admit it. He seeks the jewel shards so that he can become a full demon. But what he does not know is that the tetsiga controls his transformation.
Appearence: sharp fangs, long white hair with cat ears on top, wears what I iam going to say is a red baggy cloak
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Name: Rin
Race: Human
Power/weapon: Kodachi (a short katana, easier to manuver than a longer sword, and more effective defensively.)
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Personality: Rin is kind, perceptive, energetic and unusually intelligent for her age. She is outspoken at times, but can also be quite reserved. Sesshomaru has taught her that silence is often beneficial.
Bio: Rin first met Sesshomaru after Inuyasha had injured him with the Tetsusaiga's wind scar. She offered him food, but seemed to be mute. Later, when she was killed by Kouga's wolves, he used the Tenseiga to revive her. Rin has followed him ever since.

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Guest MultiDimention
_Name: Miroku

_Age: 20

_Race: Human

_Gender: Male

_Personality: Miroku has a sly personality. He has a personal interest for stealing and/or cheating people out of their belongings. He also has a great temptation for girls. Any age will do for Miroku, but he tends to like the women, not the girls. Perhaps he just doesn?t want them to be led down the wrong path when they?re young. **Sarcastically** Aw that?s so sweet!

_Biography: Miroku is a traveling monk. He likes girls and taking free hospitality. He carries a staff with him everywhere and is extremely lethal for a human. He has one goal in life: to destroy the demon Naraku (don?t we all want to?). Why does he want so badly to destroy him? Naraku is the one who cursed his family many years ago by cutting a hole in one of his ancestor?s right hand. Thus forth every generation has had a hole in their right hand, but it?s not just a hole, it?s a Kazaana, an air-rip, a black hole. While this hole is a good weapon and a blessing in some ways to Miroku, it is also deadly. You see, the hole gradually gets bigger until one day it sucks in it?s bearer. Miroku met Kagome, Sango and Kilala (Kirara in the magna version), Chippo, and Inu Yasha on his journey. He has a way of making good friends.

_Enemies: Naraku is who he has been after all of his life b/c Naraku was the one who cursed his family with the air rip in every generation's hand.

_Weapons: Kazaana (air-rip), and an extremely powerful staff.

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