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Which is the most popular?


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of course dbz is the best b/c we get to meet vegeta-chan!
but i really like db alot. i think it's really funny. i laugh my @ss off watching it sometimes. especially master roshi, he's such a horny old pervert! & oolong is hilarious, he should have more lines in dbz.
i've never seen dbgt but i heard it's worse b/c akira had nothing to do with it & it was made by a whole different company. that's just what i heard, i don't even know if that part's true.
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Guest Voodookanaka
u can get DBZ eps from dragonball vortex, just search for it from yahoo.
DB - **** good
DBZ - Pretty god **** good
DBGT - Ive only seen a few eps but from what I saw tis Shiite
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