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I've decided to start a different Hogwarts RPG, since I get jealous when I read about the one already there that I'm not in. :)

Of course, this one will be different. It's set some ten years in the future of the current Hogwarts kids. (I'm assuming that Voldemort will eventually get beaten so that there is a future.) So Harry Potter, for example, will now be around 25 instead of around 15. And Voldemort will be in the recent past.

There are a few options for people you can be. You may pick an existing character from the books -- of course, they will now be ten years older. Or, you can make someone up, which you will have to do if you want to be a student.

After you've picked your character, pick something for them to be. They can be a student (pick your year, I will pick your house though). Or they can be part of the Hogwarts staff, i.e. a teacher and/or head of a house. You may be a teacher and the head of a house, of course. (For a random example, Malfoy could be Divination teacher and Head of Slytherin.)

Here's a list of possible classes you can teach: Arithmancy, Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Divination, Herbology, History of Magic, Muggle Studies, Potions, Study of Ancient Runes, and Transfiguration.

Dumbledore will remain the Headmaster of Hogwarts, even though he's rather old. If you would like to play him, post your signup, but PM me a sample of a previous RPG that's at least three paragraphs long and I'll let you know if you can be him.

I'd like a few bad guys to keep this interesting, so if you want to be bad, pick "Evil" for the "Good/Evil" category. Both students and staff can be evil (er ? except for Dumbledore. People like Harry Potter also probably will not turn evil, even though ten years have passed). The role of the "bad guys" will depend on who signs up to be them, so I'll wait a little on that. Or, you guys could make it up yourselves -- that'd be handy, hehe. Don't worry, not all evil students will be automatically placed in Slytherin.

Screening may or may not occur, depending on how many people sign up. I do reserve the right to cut people, though. (I'll probably look at your guys' past RPG's, if you have them.) Please post with good grammar and spelling if at all possible ... which it should be ...




[i]Age:[/i] (Remember, if you're an existing character, your age in the books plus ten years. Yes, I know they grow from year to year ? Go with the latest book.)
[i]Wand:[/i] (Completely optional.)
[i]Position: [/i] (What class you teach and possibly what House you head)
[i]Personality: [/i]
[i]Biography: [/i] (Give a general idea of what you've been doing after you graduated. Both existing and new characters must do this.)
[i]Appearance: [/i]


[i]Name: [/i]
[i]Age: [/i] (First-years are usually 10 years old.)
[i]Year: [/i]
[i]Gender: [/i]
[i]House Preference: [/i] (Preference being the key word. I will still assign you your houses, but I'll take your preferences into account.)
[i]Wand: [/i] (Completely optional.)
[i]Pet:[/i] (If you have one. Restricted to one per student.)
[i]Personality: [/i]
[i]Biography: [/i] (Important if you're not a first-year, just tell us how school's been treating you.)
[i]Appearance: [/i]

I'll post a signup and a list of players later. Thanks!
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Name: Tursi Monou

Age: 17

Year: 7

Gender: female

House Preference: ravenclaw

Good/Evil: undecided

Wand: oak, 11 inches, dragonheart string

Pet: crup named scrumpy (a crup is a wizard dog that looks like a jack russel but it has a forked tail)

Personality: Tursi is most of the time a happy-go-lucky person, but when shes threaten, you don't wanna be the one on the other side of her wand. Shes been wanting to be a quidditch beater for most of her time at hogwarts but hasn't ever had the time to try out.

Biography: Tursi has been going to this school for a long time, from the time her mom was a teacher there till she went there her self. Once she was in her second year, she started to work on an animagus form, which she completed later her 3rd year. Her animagus form is that of a red hawk. in her free time she is usually reading and drawing, or climbing a tree somewhere on campus. Most teachers and students know her for her close bond to animals, almost like she could understand them.

Appearance:5'8" with thick shoulderlength dark brown hair, chocolate eyes and one hell of a temper.
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Name: Daphne Malfoy
Age: 15
Year: fifth
Gender: Female
House Preference: anything other than Slytherin (just to be a black sheep)
Good/Evil: Good
Wand: 12 1/2 inches, mahogany,
Pet: a monkey named Aggaememnon
Personality: She's a fun-loving, out-going girl who would do anything to get away from her family's reputation.
Biography: Daphne is constantly taunted by any and all Slytherins who know the name Malfoy, but she's learned to look past it and is one of the best in her year. She's also the ___________ keeper, much to the distaste of her father. She also has Muggle born boyfriend.
Appearance: 5'5, pale skin, blonde hair with black streaks dyed in, and grey eyes.
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Things I've forgotten to put in the first post so far: :)

Please limit yourself to one pet. (I added it to the signup after you, tursi, so don't worry.)

You may play Quidditch, but I don't think it's practical to have real inter-house games in the RPG. That is, we can mention them "Slytherin won 150-20", but not have the actual scenes. If people wanted Quidditch scenes, I was thinking of having a Quidditch "club" (sort of like, not-varsity), which would be open to any students. Then it could be non-serious and we could write some Quidditch scenes.
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Name: Oliver DeMastin

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Wand: Dragon Heartstring, Ash, 7 inches

Position: Magical Creatures Teacher and Gryffindor Head

Good/Evil: Good

Personality: Very gentle person but when angry better not be in his path...

Biography: After graduating Oliver went into studying Magical Creatures into nature then passed his exam at the Minister of Magic and passed then Dumbldore saw that he has potention so he give the job that was Hagrid's.

Appearance: Black hair with blue eyes and he's medium height, loves wearing blue robes.

I'll have soo many lessons for all of you so be prepared....
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Name: Matthew Dumbledore

Age: 16

Year: 5th

Gender: Male

House Preference: RavenClaw

Good/Evil: Good

Wand: Phoenix Feather Redwood. 10 inches. [img]http://www.marymount.k12.ny.us/marynet/stwbwk02/IXebus02/banga02/wand4.gif[/img]

Pet: A Phoenix named Fox. (short for Fawkes)

Personality: Matt is one of the kindest guys around. One time his girlfriend had to give him permission to kiss her. He's very sociable with everyone. And very funny.

Biography: School has been great and Matt has lots of friends there. His parents are both Magical and his Grandfather is Prof. Dumbledore. (if that's ok)

Out of School-
Matt has bright pure Blonde hair that shines in the sun. He wears a bright orange T-Shirt that says "Whassup!" near the top. He has Black, long shorts with a silver stripe down the right side. He has a silver necklace with a black lines on it that he never takes off and in the middle is a small silver nail like thingy. He also has a Fitted Visor which is grey but black on the front and it says "Hoops". He also has bright blue eyes. He's 5"7 and only 96 lbs. Which makes him very fast. He also has a year round tan.

In School-
Everything but instead he has Robes.[/size][/b]
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Name: Mystery Leonhart

Age: 16

Year: 6th

Gender: Female

House Preference: Ravenclaw

Good/Evil: Doesnt care

Wand: 14 inch, with a dragon scale,and unicorn fur

Pet: A tiny black cat, with bright blue eyes

Personality: Very quite, doesnt seem to care much about everyone else, more focused on studying to become a great witch. Has never had any friends, has no siblings.

Biography: Has been getting top marks on all the years she was at school. Was a prefect her 5th year (Is that okay?) Never socialised with students. And most likely will become head girl her 7th year (once agian if that is okay)

Appearance: Has black hair up to her shoulders with layers. her hair falls in her eyes alot. has bright green eyes. usually wears a white t-shirt, with black jeans. about 5 ft 9, and rather skinny. Very beutiful. Wears a necklace with a lion on it (Think Squalls sleeping Lion heart necklace.)
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[b]Name:[/b] Joey Aclan

[b]Age:[/b] 10

[b]Year:[/b] This'll be his 1st

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]House Preference:[/b] Gryffindor

[b]Good/Evil:[/b] Good

[b]Wand:[/b] Hydra Heartstring

[b]Pet:[/b] Mushy his pet frog. [img]http://www.fhnbinc.org/images/frog.gif[/img]

[b]Personality:[/b] Joey is shy, quiet, and caring. Friendship means everything to him.

[b]Biography:[/b] Joey is the youngest of 4 brothers and 2 sisters. He lives in a small house and has always wanted to be the greatest wizard ever. He was inspired by the well known wizard, Harry Potter, and Ron Weasly. It is finally his first year. Joey really wants to go into Gryffindor considering Harry and Ron went there...

[b]Appearance:[/b] [img]http://www.reinhartgraphics.com/darkkid.jpg[/img]
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I want to leave signups open for a while longer and see if anyone else would like to join in. Also, you may now have a second character if you want (I'd prefer a few more staff members if possible ..?).
Also, we don't have a Dumbledore yet, if anyone would like to play him please PM me. I can play him or he can be a NPC if necessary.

My signup:

Staff Member --
Name: Ginny Weasley
Age: 24
Gender: F
Position: Charms teacher
Good/Evil: Good
Personality: Very smart and practical, knows how to get things done. Also athletic.
Biography: In her time at Hogwarts, Ginny eventually found she had a special knack with charms, and really enjoyed them. She continued to study under Professor Flitwick as his sort-of apprentice at Hogwarts. Unfortunately, Flitwick eventually passed ... Ginny was his natural successor. She'll be a new teacher and is still a little nervous about it ... but definitely excited as well.
Appearance: [url]http://www.angelfire.com/art2/alohomora/Ginny_by_candlelight.jpg[/url]
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[size=1][color=skyblue]Name: Kitty Nazumi

Age: 16

Year: 5th

Gender: Female

House Preferance: Ravenclaw

Good/Evil: Good

Wand: Dragon Heartstring, Redwood, 9 inches

Pet: A cat named Skipper (male)

Personality: Quiet, distant, and can be quiet rude. To friends she can be nice, but still she's very quiet.

Biography: She's an only child who's parents are both magical. Her grades are above average, but aren't perfect. She hates almost all the teachers because they try to get her to acheive her best, but she just doesn't want to. She dislikes almost every other student, too. There are many rumors about her, but not many are confirmed. And she's a chaser on her castle's Quidditch team.

Appearance: Long brown hair with golden highlights at the tips which is normally in a ponytail, green eyes, slightly tanned skin, 5'6", and 85 lbs. She wears a light blue shirt that says "You wanna die? Okay, come over here...", blue jeans with a dragon crawling up the side, and sneakers. In school, she wears her robes over this.

I'll fix it if anything's wrong with it.[/size][/color]
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Name: jim redding
Age: 15
Year: 5th
Gender: male
House Preference: griffendor
Good/Evil: good
Wand: a good one.
Pet: a light brown owl
Personality: Pretty quiet most of the time
Biography: comes from a famlily of powerfull wizards, who is known for being great aruors, and he wants to become one himself. his family is well known.
Appearance: light brown hair, black robes blue jeans
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Name: Professor Zhou (No one really knows his first name.)
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Wand: Redwood, 11 inches, Dragon Heartstring
Position: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Good/Evil: Unknown ;)
Personality: Professor is rarely warm around any one, but he is kind to people he respects. He is a gentleman, which is odd, considering his past (see below). He doesn't trust many people, and he is fairly strict. He doesn't approve of any misconduct during his classes. He also makes it fairly well know that he dislikes the Malfoy family, often calling Lucius Malfoy a 'Viper' and a 'Baka', though no one really knows what that means, except his Japanese students.
Biography: He has been traveling the world, studing the dark arts and how to face them. It has been rumored, as well, that he has been hiring himself out as an assassin to pay for his travels. These rumors, however, remain unconfirmed. He graduated from an Oriental wizardry school, and he was top of his class. He has, at times, been hinted to have been involved with the Dark Arts and Dark Wizards, but these rumors, too, remain unconfirmed.
Appearance: He is very tall and lean. He rarely wears his hat, saying that this 'European Tradition' looks foolish. His hair is messy and brown, and he has spikey bangs. His eyes are a smokey blue. His face is slightly angular, yet still handsome, as he has a reputation as a ladykiller, though he is very respectful of all people.
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Name: Aioni Lee
Age: 17
House Preference: Ravenclaw
Good/Evil: Good
Pet: Loki, a black panther

Personality: Smart, outgoing, very bubbly, kinda a flirt, and nice to all, but passive aggressive to those who tick her off.

Biography: She's comes from a long line of magic, must carry on family tradition( but is happy about it).

Appearance: Long black hair, with red highlights, tan, heavy black eyeliner, Asian, pretty face, good build, about 5'4" and usally wears a long flowy black skirt and a tight black tank top. Always wear a vial of purple and white smoke in a tiny bottle around her neck( swirls, mixes, and seperates).
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For some of you who have only one-line biographies, [i]please[/i] add a little more detail. Particularly if you've already been at Hogwarts for a few years. You could say how you generally do in your classes, any hobbies you might have, what kind of friends you have, just anything interesting about your life. Thanks.
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A few comments here.
First, does Professor Zhou work?
Second, it's spelled [i]Fawkes[/i]. I'm guessing you haven't read the books, Scorpio?
Third, all wands are different. None are better or worse, Perfect Cell.
Fourth, A black panther, Emme888?
And last, I must agree with terra. You should increase your bio's some.
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Alright.....fine here are some corrections.....

Since a pet panther is a bad idea here.

Pet: a cockerspaniel doggie...all black, named...hee hee... Merlin!

Increase of Bio:

hobbies: reading into anicent spell books,and mixing new potions

Excelled in Potions and Charms, is secertly dating someone from a different house...but who? hehehehe!
Big supporter of all Hogwart's sports, and academics.

Is on the dean's list, or honor roll( or whatever, if they even have one)

[B]And never wears at hat, or the typical robes, no one ever cares though[/B]
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details, details details, some more details on my character.

clases she likes: DADA and Care of magical creatures.
classes she does good in: astronomy.
classes she doesn't like: history of magic and divinations.
classes she does bad in: arithmicy
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Name: Zi Zhou
Age: 11
Year: 1st
Gender: Female
House Preference: Either Gryffindor of Ravenclaw.
Good/Evil: Probably Good...
Wand: Ash, 8in., Dragon Heartstring
Pet: Instead of an Owl, she has a Raven named Yami
Personality: Zi is very shy at most times, but is very friendly once she gets to know you. She is very respectful to her teachers and her friends, at least to some teachers faces (if she doesn't like them). She also sticks up for her friends at all times.
Biography: Zi is, obiviosly, or maybe not, Professor Zhou's daughter. He has been teaching her magic since she could hold a wand, which was important for a major reason.
Zi is mute. Professor Zhou has taught her to cast spells without saying the name of the spell. She has been to St. Mungo's at least 5 times to see if her muteness can be remedied, but it is incurable. But Professor Zhou never, [i]ever[/i] favors her in class, telling her that she has to get the grades on her own. Zi isn't, actually, Professor Zhou's biological daughter, but is adopted. Professor Zhou made sure to tell her that, and she doesn't really mind. She works incredibly hard to make up for he disability. She carries around a magic tablet the she can transfer her thoughts to through her wand. Also, Professor Zhou has trained her in some, if not most, martial arts.
Appearance: Zi is slim, and stands about 5' 2-3". She has natural violet hair (or so we think) and has smokey blue eyes. She, too, prefers not to wear her hat. She wears her hair in a pony-tail, more often than not, and prides herself on how beautiful it is (which it is), though she tries to be modest. When not wearing her robes, she usually wears jeans and blue, black, or purple shirts.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Professor Zhou keeps his wand in a sword sheath. He states that Dumbledoor convinced him to leave his sword in his quarters, at least while teaching. Oh, and he's not afraid to say Voldemort, and, like Dumbledoor, often tries to convince others to say it.
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Many thanks to those of you who have edited or added to your biographies.

I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow morning, but don't worry -- coming back Monday :). We'll start the RPG then. Until then, feel free to continue signing up.

EDIT: A second signup for myself --

Name: Alan Nitamorin
Age: 14
Year: 4th
Gender: M
House Preference: Slytherin
Good/Evil: Evil
Wand: whatever
Pet: a sleek black (female) cat named Pearl
Personality: Alan is very intelligent, but not particularly talkative. Though he privately dislikes most of his teachers, he doesn't show it often -- instead, he's extremely polite with the occasional nasty zing disguised with his charming tone of voice. He's a bit of a mystery, really.
Biography: Alan does well in most of his classes, though he has a special talent with Potions. He isn't the type to strike you as enjoying Quidditch much, but he shows up to every game, though he never cheers or shows much emotion at them. He's dated a few girls, all of them older and in Slytherin, but his relationships never lasted longer than a couple of weeks. His friends are all Slytherins and he doesn't hide his dislike for Gryffindor, though he doesn't do anything overt towards them either.
Appearance: Alan is tall for his age, and rather thin. Though he doesn't play Quidditch, he does go running or exercise every day, and it shows. He has dark hair and eyes, and his face would almost be described as beautiful, unexpectedly delicate against his strong figure.
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Since no one else has made a Dark Wizard, or even a bad guy, I will.
Name: Professor Kamarin Konoran
Age: 57
Gender: Male
Wand: 10in., Ash, Basilisk Skin
Position: Potions, maybe Slytherin Head?
Good/Evil: Evil
Personality: Kamarin is nasty. He makes Snape seem like Dumbledor. He's even worse than Professor Umbridge (from Order of the Phoenix). He's always calm, like Professor Zhou, but he is never nice. He always looks for an excuse to publicly humiliate someone.
Biography: Little at all is known about Kamarin. He, too, is an Oriental Wizard. In fact, he was a teacher at Professor Zhou's school, the Japanese school that I'll name when I can find my Japanese-English Dictionary. He has followed Professor Zhou to Hogwarts. He especially dislikes Zi, bullying her more than any other, and anyone who associates with her in class.
Appearance: Kamarin is short, about 5'5". He, like all my characters, hates wearing a hat. He wears his hair in a top-knot. He is very pale, but doesn't look old. He has vivid green eyes. He wears his black robes at all times.

There. A bad guy at last. And I have more. Lots more characters. Let me know if you need some.
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Sign ups still open? Yes? No? I'll still post if you don't care.. Also I'm using my other character... he's pretty cool.

[b]Name:[/b] Dragomir Narcissus
[b]Age:[/b] 44
[b]Gender:[/b] M
[b]Position:[/b] Transfiguration; Head of Ravenclaw?
[b]Good/Evil:[/b] Good
[b]Wand:[/b] oak; core: strand of Veela hair (even professors need wands..)
[b]Personality:[/b] Dragomir is a good hearted pureblood. He doesn't hate or discriminate against the mixed bloods. Although he is good hearted he is still very stern, but has his funny go nuts streak.
[b]Biography:[/b] He was born in Germany and attended wizarding school there. He was a Quidditch player there and excelled at it. He even tried out for the German team after he got out of school. But that didn't work out well.
Dragomir got a job at Hogwarts after McGonnagel retired, after all, she had a stressful 7 years at Hogwarts when a certain someone started there.. Eventually, after Flitwick passed away, he was made head of the Ravenclaw House.
Dragomir was always good at Transfiguration, but he wasn't the most superb at it. But he is quite capable of teaching the subject. He is also a animagus. He can turn into a ferret.
[b]Appearance:[/b] Black eyes, and black hair. He is rather tall, about six feet six inches, he is also very pale, and some what muscular. He always wears blue, black, or deep violet robes, but never a wizards hat, he finds them unbecoming to anybody.
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