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Art my ragnarok online character!


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Yuppers! I made this for my livejournal layout. I don't really know what to pick on except for that chain of her, which is positioned very weirdly and looks kinda wrong XD;;

I got my brushes in teh bg from nocturna.net. Amazing brush maker.

Now all my obligations are kinda finished, I will go cg SaiyanPrincessX (I think that's the username)'s lineart! and then draw more stupid mangas XD
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Hehe, that's an uber-kawaii little chibi gal! (Oi, so many otaku words in one sentence...) Hehe, but her iris is a little curved on the right side.. So it looks a little warped. But it's barely noticeable.. The hands.. Oh my gosh the hands are so perfect.. -_- I can't draw hands. They always come out as wristless little flat spatulas..

Is that a talisman on her head..? (not the stone kind, but a paper one) Kinda like the ancient Chinese Dao-shi zombies who had talismans on their head and would obey whatever their master says? Hehe, that reminds me of Shaman King..

Amazing coloring too!

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Well, mystikal, I've really never had the chance to comment on any of your pieces in the past, but I've seen some and I'm very impressed. You do great cg work, and I'm sure you'd be able to get a good job by doing something like that one day. ^_^

I really like this particular piece a lot, it just looks like it could be right out of an anime, heh. Easily the thing that makes you stand out as an artist is your use of shaddows and fading, because it makes everything appear as 3-dimensional, such as the kanji strip on the top of her head, which actually looks like it is folding forward. There are, of course, a few things that you can improve on, most of which are near the bottom of the image. The dress imparticular, there are a few misplaced colors in the bottom center, and the bottom right corner of it doesn't make the dress appear as a thin sheet. I've also noticed that with some of your pieces, such as this one, the feet are a little...well, stubbed. They feel like they could either be made a little longer, or a little thinner.

Other than that, great job. ^_^ I'm anxious to see more from you in the future.
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