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RPG Delta Rebellion


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[size=1][color=333366][b]You must not post in this thread unless you're one of the following members:

Allen Wires/Joshua Wires (me)- Alpha Delta Beta
Leanna Smith/Yuriko Matsura (sweetreyes)- Sigma Fi Omega
Matt Hunter/Marcus Belial (doukeshi03)- Alpha Delta Beta
Stuart Thraves/Kieran Vashti (Braidless Baka)- Alpha Delta Beta
Park Linford/Elec Ryu (Taki Ebina)- Sigma Fi Omega
Alexei Green/Lalo Gray (Geist)- Alpha Delta Beta
Felecia Nove/Aymelek Nitika (erinzyger)- Sigma Fi Omega
Rydia Salayes/Star Mariotta (terra)- Gemini
Silpha/Silth (Mina)- Alpha Delta Beta
Zack Reid/Zohan Kiyute (Wondershot)- Sigma Fi Omega
Chell Karma/Tortodog X (Walnut)- Sigma Fi Omega
Stephen Ellerby/BashFlare (§corpio)- Gemini
Alexander Charles Schafer/Xander (Heaven's Cloud)- Giga Omega Ki
Rokas Rakauskas/Lyzdaika (rokas)- Giga Omega Ki
Kenneth Andrew Howell/Silvanus/Callipso (DeathKnight)- Giga Omega Ki
Iji Etaanaru/Musou (Mei)- Loner

The leaders of the teams are:

[u]Alpha Delta Beta[/u]: Me

[u]Sigma Fi Omega[/u]: sweetreyes

[u]Giga Omega Ki[/u]: DeathKnight



/1. The posts in this RPG better have no less than three paragraphs. I have a certain few of you who I have my eye on.

/2. Do [u]not[/u] make a major change in the story line unless talking with me first.


Welcome to the world of Delta, a simulated world that was once a online computer game.

In it's many and far vicinities, teams and loners go on quests, but some literally live in Delta. It's been governed by Callipso, a wealthy and powerful creator of the world.

Callipso, along with three other experts, created this game in 2204. It was a record hit when it hit stores, and thousands of people were logging in and going on different types of journeys.

Callipso himself was rumored to have a character of his own, but no one has ever seen him. If they have, they never knew. Many want to meet the master, but no one has, not yet...

[u]The Problem:[/u]

A giant message screen appears in the sky of the world Delta. All players are alerted to pay attention, for this was a very important message.

Master Callipso has disappeared. We presume he was kidnapped, and is still in the World Delta. We have no clue where he is, or who took him. Be on alert, Delta players. No one is permitted to log out until Callipso is found. If you see or hear anything suspicious, go to the Message Boards Sector and report it immediatly. Thank you.

The message screen disappeared and the players across the data face were stunned. Each player was suspicious of every other player, and feelings were tense.

Now, a year later, the kidnappers of Callipso are still out there, and the players are still in the Delta. Suspicians have arisen around the team Sigma Fi Omega, but they have not been captured. Now, we begin....


Clash! Clash! The sound of metal rang throughout the Prairie sector. Joshua Wires thrusted forward, his scythe holding the sharpened sword of his opponent away from his neck. With a quick movement, Joshua jumped up, making his opponent fall into the dust, and flipped to face him.

"Is that all you have?" he said calmly, while the enemy gave him a cold look, then smiled weirdly. Suddenly, from behind, he heard a large crash of metal. Jumping a little, he turned around to see that Lalo Gray had saved him.

"You should be more careful," Lalo said, with a smile on his face. All of a sudden, he heard his former opponent get up. Quickly as he had jumped earlier, he swooshed down and tripped the armored man as he was getting ready to attack. Joshua and Lalo stood back as the two warriors began to glow a fuzzy white, and suddenly a blue hologram of a jewel appeared. In blue numbers below them, each gained 500 Kiyo's and then it said 190 experience points. Lalo smiled, then watched as the two players were transported back to their beginning lodge.

"Hopefully they weren't far from here to begin with," said Lalo with a slight worry in his voice.

"There isn't a lodge around here for gigi-miles, so I think we just set them back a week or so," Joshua replied solemnly. He turned around and began to walk, making sure he dodged the small creature that ran from some bushes.

"We better get back to the others," said Lalo catching up to him, "they should be stocked up now." Nodding in agreement, Joshua stopped and so did Lalo. Three green orbs flew around them, and they began to transport to another place. [to: Prairie Sector Shop]*


Standing in the shadows of the small hill, the blonde haired man sighed and chuckled.

"Fighting for money and experience, what was I thinking?" he said quietly as the warriors disappeared. Four figures appeared in grey orbs behind him.

"Are you ready to move, Silvanus?" said a deep, masculane voice. The blonde nodded, then stepped back into the shadows. With a snap of his fingers, they all disappeared.


OOC: *When you use the transport option, please specify, like I did, where your characters went. And all the teams have different colors, so please choose them now.[/b][/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1][B][COLOR=TEAL]Elec walked around the clearing kicking bits of wood and rocks out of his way in frustation. His companion, Zohan, tilted his head and looked at him quizicly.

"What is the purpose of that, Elec? Accept maybe damaging your font" He said in that annoying tone of his.

"The purpose is," Elec said through gritted teeth, "to get rid of my frustration and if you don't keep you mouth shut I might take some out on you!" While saying this Elec felt this wasn't like him, he was normal calm and collected, but not now.

All this buisness with Callipso being kidnapped and the fact that the people were beggining to think that Sigma Fi Omega had done it, just because their methods were un-orthodox didn't make them evil, and it certainly didn't make them kidnappers. Still fuming Elec drew his sword from his back and looked around for any beasts, he and Zohan hadn't met a player in the last few hours.

He spotted a beast near a bush which was a few feet away from the clearing where he and Zohan were. He crept soundlessly toward the beast and was going round a tree stump to get a good attack, but it spotted him. It took snap reflexes in order to avoid becoming a pan-cake. Elec twisted his sword so the runes were in the light and they began to glow and fill the blade with power. With one single blow he decapitated the beast and watched it disappear as the experiance score came up, it was only 124, but then again, it wasn't as good as a player.

He replaced his sword and walked back to the clearing toward the forest edge, he turned to Zohan.

"Are you coming? I'm going back to base" He said and began walking again, he heard Zohan stand up behind him as the two headed back to the Cyber Sector, where Sigma Fi Omega was based. They reached the edge and in a flash of light they were suddenly surrounded by a different kind of forest. Elec ajusted his sword and continued walking.
OOC: Lan, is it okay if our team colour be Teal?[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
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[color=teal]Zohan nodded to Elec.
"You can go ahead, I'll just be waiting here." Elec stared at him for a moment, then nodded and wandered down deeper into the woods. Using his top-notch agility, Zohan did a quick somersault and landed on a tree branch with perfect balance, barely making a sound. He sighed and reclined on the branch, deep in thought.

He wondered about how he had gotten himself into this, why people had always suspected the worst of him. Why he had to go through so much difficulty because no one seemed to care. He snorted, if there is one thing that living in this world had taught him, is that people are hard, if not impossible, to trust. Why him? Why did these people suspect Sigma Fi Omega as the culprits to this heinous crime? He sighed, just his luck to join the one group everyone suspected of everything...

"So, catching some sleep, are we?" The shock of hearing that voice nearly knocked Zohan out of the tree, he regained his balance and looked down at the ground, then snorted in disgust, it was Yuriko.
"Oh, it's you, I'm just resting, go away." He sighed, Yuriko, refusing to hear any of this, climbed up in the tree with him.
"You know, you'll never get far in this world if you can't learn to trust people." Yuriko sighed.
"I'll never get far if I'm too naive to think clearly." Zohan retorted, Yuriko laughed.
"No, I'm serious." Zohan said, getting annoyed. Yuriko shook her head.
"No, it's not that. I'll see you later." She said smiling. Zohan shook his head once she had left, and returned to his thoughts...
Why me?...[/color]
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[color=indigo][i]A shimmering slant of light danced off the tip of Xander's immense axe. Pirouetting across the forehead of his opponent, the light slowly immersed the trembling adversary's left eye.[/i]

"Now let me get this straight,"[i] Xander sneered,[/i] "you think that I, Xander, proud member of Giga Omega Ki, had something to do with Callipso's disappearance?"[i]

Xander's foe visibly trembled. The young Giga Omega Ki member was known for his poisonous tongue and rapier wit, but he was notorious for the his skillful use of the giant axe that was pointed directly at his fellow player.[/i]

"No, Xander, you got it all wrong. My cap..., my captain told me, he told m-me t-to find you an-and ask you if y-ou h-heard anything new abo-about Callipso"[i]

Xander grinned a wolf-like grin. The player was nervous, and Xander's grin was not at all comforting. The light reflecting from Xander's axe had ebbed, but the player still seemed to be squinting.

"Is that all? No, I haven't heard a thing from or about Callipso for several days now."[i]

Xander turned to leave, much to the relief of the other player. With his back turned to his foe Xander raised his axe slightly, again causing reflected light to flood the other player?s eyes. A moment later a startled player was confused and disoriented, wondering why he was now standing in front of a starting gate. Xander watched his experience meter move up sixty points.[/i][/color]
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[size=1][b][color="333366"] Marcus leant against the counter of the Prairie Sector Shop, a bored look etched across his features. A gloved hand rested on the hilt of a rapier, belted at his side as he glanced about the shelves that lined the store. He'd been in the Prairie Sector for three days now and hadn't met an opponent worth more than 100 points, thus resulting in a drastically reduced purse. He sighed and made a small noise of disgust, scratching his fingers against the wooden surface of the counter.

"Can I help you?" He looked up at the sound of the voice and smiled to the female shopkeeper standing infront of him, her perky expression amusing him slightly.

"Why yes," His voice was smooth and cultured, "I'd appreciate one of those pouches you have there and three healing potions, if at all possible." He gestured in the direction of his desired purchases and watched the asisstant hurry to gather his request.

A small flash of green light distracted his attention from the counter as he turned his head to glance out of the window. He smirked as the door opened, revealing Joshua and Lalo as they entered the store.

"It's about time you arrived. What's the matter, trouble with the natives?" His smile was playful as he jibed his friends, turning to lean his elbows against the counter, resting his back against the wooden edge.

"Where are the others?" Joshua frowned as he looked around for his team. Marcus shrugged and returned his attention to his Kiyos,

"Damned if I know."[/color][/b][/size]
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[size=1][color=333366][b][i]"Great,"[/i] Joshua sighed. He didn't have time for this. He turned around, glaring outside into the empty prairie. Suddenly, a pink haired girl flipped into the air and released a bunch of small, white orbs from her hands. They landed on the ground, then the spot where they had landed exploded and collapsed.

Two men, who were apparently chasing her, skidded to a stop. Three others didn't stop soon enough and fell into the hole. The girl gained 400 Kiyo's and 110 Experience Points.

"Silth!" yelled Lalo, starting to run to help. Joshua grabbed him by the metal collar and pulled him back.

"They can handle themselves," he said, smirking. Lalo was confused, but relaxed. Suddenly, the two men fell into the hole and someone gained Kiyo's and experience. A boyish laugh was heard, and then Kieran faded into soliditity (o.O)

"Good job!" said Silth, excitedly, giving him a high five. Joshua, Lalo, and Marcus walked up to them.

"Good job," said Lalo merrily. Joshua smiled, then crossed his arms.

"We need to get to the Mainland Sector, and since they don't allow direct transportation, we have to go to the Jungle Sector and head from there. Green orbs surrounded them as they were instantly teleported. [to: Jungle Sector][/b][/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=333366][b]You really should've pmed me or asked this in the Recruitment Thread. And, it isn't too late, for we have one more character we need, but I'd doubt you'd get in. You haven't rped here before, and I would need a sample for you to get in.

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[color=red]I'll make the team color red. ;P
Bodies littered the area around him. Their lack of skill was amusing at best, but not thrilling in the least- somewhat boring, really. They had seeked his staff- rare items werent so rare these days, but this was a prize from an event he himself had thought up.

He glanced at one of the players who had a little health left, trying to sneak away- Silvanus cold gaze fell upon him like a blizzard, seizing him instantly. He tried to break into a run, but Silvanus lept above him, staff raised.

[b]Silvanus[/b]: You reap what you sow.

Blunting the player across the head with his staff, he fell like the rest- simulated blood staining the ground. Scars from his magery dotted the landscape and would last for a few game days at the least. He watched his expierence meter rise slightly- but the real treasure was the amount of kiyos that entered his pockets.

[b]Silvanus[/b]: Its no good to send your team treasurer full of money out to player kill. This staff was just too pretty to pass up.. The lack of common sense amongst people now is overwhelming me, haha.

He sat and watched the sky contentadly- it seemed overwhelmingly real. It was supposed to, but it still suprised him how well he and the others had done.. and now..

[b]Silvanus[/b]: mmm..[/color]
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[color=teal][b]Aymelek blew one last note on her flute as Elec walked through the door of the base. She smiled at him and said, "Ah, Elec! Good to see you are back."

"How can you be so happy, Nitika?" he asked with a frown. She just smiled at him and replied, "Elec, as soon as the real kidnappers of Callipso are caught, everyone will know that it isn't us. Besides, we know that it's not us, right?"

"Whatever, Nitika..." he began to walk off towards the main room. Aymelek put a hand on his shoulder and said, "Elec, we've all known eachother for about a year now. It's okay to call me Aymelek."

He simply shrugged her hand off of his shoulder and continued on his way. The orange haired girl put her hands on her hips and shook her head as she watched him walk away. [i]He is too antisocial...[/i] Suddenly, another person entered the base door.

"Hey Aymelek." greeted Theon.

"Theon! Pleasure to see you!" Aymelek waved at her team mate. She picked up her bow and arrows set and said, "If anyone's looking for me, I'm doing target practice. Okay?"

Theon nodded and said, "Good luck."

"Don't I always have it?" Nitika replied. She jogged out the door and to the target range. This was her favorite place to be. Outside and away from reality. Here she could do what she did best and zone out. Nobody there to criticize her. She took an arrow from her case and put it to the bow. She closed her eyes and tried to find the farthest bullseye by experience. She pulled back on the string and waited for a moment. Then she let it fly. She heard the thud of an arrowhead against a canvas-covered target. She opened one eye and then the other. She smiled at what she saw. An arrow stuck to a red bullseye in the center of the target. She took another arrow and secured it to the string.
EDIT: Thanks doukeshi! :sweat: Walnut put herself down as Sigma Fi Omega. Changed my post a bit. C-ya on the other side![/color][/b]
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OOC: Logan, thanks for the helpful players list. Do you think you could split them into their teams to help even more? :D
Scorpio, I'm picking our team color to be green, hope that's okay.
Star leaned against the only tree in the field, twirling her daggers idly, tossing them easily from hand to hand as they spun. When she had the time to just look around her in Delta, like this, she couldn't help but be impressed at what Callipso had thought up. The grass swayed lightly in the breeze, tree leaves rustled gently above her, the sun's rays leapt down and she could practically feel their warmth ... It was just like the real world.

Assuming, of course, that the real world was still the same. She hadn't seen it in a year.

A noise to her left alerted her, and she glanced over and raised an eyebrow. Someone was charging at her across the field, in complete open view. It had to be someone who was somehow [i]still[/i] at level 1, even though they'd all been in Delta for at least a year now. Star wasn't quite sure how anybody could manage that ... but apparently some people did.

She stood and called to the novice, "You've got to be kidding me. Just stop right there."

The novice looked puzzled and a little scared, but kept coming.

"Seriously, kid," Star continued, "don't you think it's a little ridiculous to charge me in plain view? I mean, if I used projectile weapons, you'd be dead by now."

The novice was obviously not paying attention, as he was still hurtling forward.

Star sighed. "Don't say I didn't tell you," she said, not bothering to move from her relaxed position as he reached her, pulling back with a huge sword. He swung forward in a completely predictable movement, which Star easily ducked. Her eyes flashed with the thrill of the fight, even a pathetic one such as this. She nimbly leapt behind him, plunging her dagger into his stomach as she passed, feeling the satisfying pressure of her blade against his simulated flesh.

The player slumped to the ground, blood dripping out realistically around him, and Star sighed. "That must be the thousandth time you've died," she hypothesized to his dead body. "I can only hope you'll take my advice when you rejuvenate."

She glanced at her meters -- 150 kiyos and 97 experience points. "Pathetic. Figures," she said aloud.

Another rustle to her left made Star turn sharply towards it, but this time she merely smiled in greeting. "Hey, BashFlare," she said. "You're a little late, I got attacked waiting for you!"[/color]

As I'm not sure of the rules of the world, I assume people rejuvenate ... tell me if it's not so, and I'll fix it.
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[b][size=1][color=crimson]OOC: Yay! Green's my favourite color terra! :D Good Choice![/color]

[color=green]BashFlare looked oddly. "Really? I got attacked heading towards you.."

BashFlare then stood beside Star, leaning against the tree. "Some stupid novice came running from like 3 miles away in the clearing. I sware, some people are so stupid." Star just laughed. "What!?" ask BashFlare. He was confused but couldn't help laughing himself. "*laugh* I don't know why I'm lauhing! *laugh". The laughs just got louder and louder.

"shh..." Star said quietly placing her hand over Flare's mouth. (Flare for short) Flare stopped laughing and Star removed her hand. "I see something." Star said, still whispering. "Please, don't say Dead People." Flare remarked with a smirk, but he could tell Star was serious since she hadn't laughed.

Off in the distance, they could see a shadow of some sort of Gorilla. It came from the bushes and there stood a 7 foot tall (while crouching) Large, Dark Blue, Gorilla beast. Covered with Spikes and it looked mad.

"This is where we fight! :naughty:" said Flare as he quickly pulled out his yellow broad sword. Star did the same and they both charged forward not ready for what was going to happen next....

The beast spread out it's arms quickly and all the spikes flew off charging at Star.

Flare looked over and Star just got hit with the first spike while trying to dodge the other ones. "Star!!!" yelled Flare as he jumped in front of her getting hit by spikes. He grabbed her and threw her on the ground covering her. The spikes stopped. Star got up and the beast was gone. She pulled a potion out of her pouch and opened Flare's mouth, pouring it in.[/b][/size][/color]
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[b][size=1][color="333366"]Oh erinzyger, Tortodog isn't on your team, that's a typing error on the sign up sheet...isn't it?
Marcus blinked as his vision cleared from the teleportation spell, the sounds and smells of the jungle zone assaulting his senses. He wrinkled his nose and sniffed the air. Coughing at the acrid odour he looked around his person for the culprit. Looking down he made a face and lifted his boot. A thick brown substance coated the bottom half of his shoe. He placed his foot down and stood away from the mess, turning his eyes skyward with a sigh.

"Just what I need."

Kieran looked over to him, curious as to the commotion and choked as he saw the disgusted look and the pile of "mud" now indented with Marcus' footprint. Kieran turned away, his hand clasped over his mouth as he shook with barely surpressed laughter. Marcus narrowed his eyes and glared at the boy before glaring in turn at Joshua.

"You did that on purpose!" He folded his arms across his chest and huffed, "I hate the jungle, it's all clammy and hot and..." he looked down at his foot again, "...disgusting." Joshua just cast him a withering glance and headed forward, the rest of AlphaDelta' in tow.

"Stop being such a drama queen."

Marcus made an expressed noise of indignance at Joshua's words before shaking his head and following, muttering choice words incoherently under his breath.[/b][/size][/color]
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[color=red]Still, no one had figured out Silvanus identity- was he greatful? Had it really already been a year?

Should he keep hideing it? Even from his teammates?

A low growl eminated from just below him..

His eyes drifted downwards to the Dragon that had spawned in the valley below- its gaze already locked upon him. Silvanus stood silently- both of them were measureing the other up, looking for any weakness they could see. Thunderclouds began to roll in from the nearby sea zone, lightning arching wrathfully across the sky- rain quickly followed, but not a drop touched Silvanus..

A small mental note rang in his head.. He had no time for this- he had planned an outing with his team and the deadline was in a few minutes. Slowly he raised his eyes and hand skyward, scanning quietly for a few precious seconds. The lightning flashed once more- in quick sucession, Silvanus clenched his fist. His hair rose briefly as the lightning slammed downwards, arching through his body.

[b]Silvanus[/b]: Orb of the rageing sky, I plead to you- direct your brethern to this unsightly being that wishes to cause harm to this Mage!

He raised his free hand to his hip, opening the palm. It was aimed twards the dragons general direction- now the "magic" would do the rest. His eyes flashed yellow briefly as his mana bar took a big hit to it- he was going to sleep well tonight.

Electricity ripped into his palm and organized into a foot wide orb, sparking and sizzleing about with rage. He threw his palm out, launching the orb downwards. It cascaded with extreme speed, ripping a large oak tree in half, before slamming straight into the dragon. The clouds above the dragon ripped apart as a dozen lightning bolts tore downwards in one direction.

The monsters screams echoed across the landscape before it fell into a dead heap, charred flesh sizzleing for a few seconds. Silvanus breathed heavily- somehow being late didnt seem so bad now. He'd just have to wait for another time when he and the dragon could properly duel..

But it was an important meeting- he had to stop makeing a habit of going off alone. It was too suspicious.. However it would be good to see all of his friends again in their hidden Jungle abode, near the waterfall.

[b]Silvanus[/b]: Ahh.. The waterfall.

He had specifically created that hidden, sweet oasis in the game just for the best explorers to find.. rarely did the team get outside vistors, and he was definately fine with that. The beautiful flowers that he painstakingly programmed to smell beautiful, look beautiful, the creatures- to be beautiful. It would forever remain his little Garden of Eden.

[b]Silvanus[/b]: There arent enough explorers in this game.. oh the things they could find. Easter eggs here and there, bosses hidden everywhere. No one's even found the Tower of the Bane in a year.. Even if thats the most difficult zone, I wish someone would. Maybe I should go with my team to seek what treasurers still lay there.. But I still have things to do.

Calipso's plan was still undergoing final preprations- not that anyone but himself knew what that plan was. The character of Silvanus was powerful enough to meet his needs, especially with the staff he had given himself- but a few things remained to be done.

[b]Silvanus[/b]: It's time. To the Jungle Zone, Oasis of Artillos.

Snapping his fingers in the special way he did, he disappeared.. [to: Jungle Zone]


Appearing in the treetops, he glanced down to a small team of individuals.

'[i]Thats odd. Not too many teams run around in the jungle. No matter.. I still need to make the run to the headquarters.

Maybe today someone will be smart enough to explore as deep as they can go into the jungle.[/i]'

He smirked before leaping silently into the air, his destination being his friends and his paradise..

[b]Silvanus[/b]: ... I've got to rush.[/color]
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A gothic looking, purple-haired girl sat on the grass near the target range. She didn't speak or say anything she just loooked off into the distance. As she sat there she heard the sound of the arrows hit the targets. She immediately snapped out of the trance like state she was in and walked over to her teammate.

She looked behind the orange haire figure and saw how her aim was very exact as she landed the two arrows in the bullseye. She clapped her hands and Nitika turned around.

"Someone got you mad again huh Nitika?"

Nitika lowered the bow and put it by her side.

"You know you always show up when these times happen, where have you been anyways?"

"Well seeing that you just answered my question with a question I'll overlook that," Yuriko, the purple-haired girl started and then took a break for a quick breath and continued to answer NItika's question. "But to answer your question I'm doing the same, just trying to get away. I mean I can't wait to get outta here. It's been a year and we are the ones assumed to have Callipso, I mean when is this bullsh-, excuse me, mess gonna end."

Yuriko stopped for a moment and sat back down on the ground.

"But I am sorry to have stopped your pratice please continue, but I'm still awaiting my answer."

Nitika knew that Yuriko would wait forever and she would never ask the same question twice. So she turned her back and continued the target practice.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=teal][b]Aymelek let another arrow fly, "If you really want to know-" Another arrow. "-I've been trying to talk-" Yet another arrow. "-to Elec-" And another arrow. "-but he keeps on pushing me away." She punctuated her reply with an arrow to the closest target.

"I see." Yuriko said with a small half-smile. Aymelek set down her weapon and sat down next to her. She leaned back and said, "I don't get him...But really, I don't get any of this. We're all peeved about these accusations and it's putting us all on edge. Hmph, need somethin' to do...Wanna go find a fight? I don't care if it's beast or player. I need the experience points, not to mention the entertainment."

"If you really want to." the purple haired girl answered. Aymelek grinned, did a backwards sommersault, and jumped up. "Okay then! Let's get going!"

Aymelek went around collecting her arrows and putting them back in their case while Yuriko waited patiently. They set off, but it didn't take long for them to find what they were looking for. Two members from another team spotted them and began whispering to eachother, occasionally pointing and snickering. The orange haired girl glared at them. Now one of them whispered something to the other and they both burst out laughing. That was it! The usually happy Aymelek turned around and yelled, "Hey, you two! What's so funny over there? Got a problem with us walking here?"

"You're from Sigma Fi Omega, aren't you? I can tell by the idiotic looks on your faces!" the first man yelled.

"Yea! I'm surprised that such idiots were able to capture Callipso!" the other man added. Ayemelek's grip on her bow tightened, "You will regret the day that you ever accused Aymelek Nitika of any such crime! You with me, Yuriko?"

"Of course," her teammate replied with a smile. The two advanced on the other two players and began their attack.[/color][/b]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]Elec was still a little annoyed by all of the Callipso buisness 'Maybe when he does show up again' He thought savagely 'I'll track him down and send him back to the start of his own game'. He stood up and started pacing around the room, only stopping in-front of the mirror looking at his refelction, but it wasn't his refelction, it hadn't been his for a year now.

He remebered logging on for the first time and choosing what his charater would look like, all the attributes and everything. But back then he had been able to sign-out, not anymore. He was starting to forget what he once looked like, he sometimes wondered if his family realised he might not becoming back for a long time or, if the worst happened, ever.

He punched the wall in frustration and kicked the mirrior over to the other side of the room, but it didn't break, nothing ever did here. He was walking over to a window and he saw that two other players were taunting Nitika and Yuriko. And he felt something snap in the back of his head and he drew his sword and ran full pelt out of the base and stood between Nitika and Yuriko looking daggers (Looking very angry :P) at the two players.

He stared them down and said in a falsely calm tone, "When you insult one member of Sigma Fi Omega, you insult us all" And he drew his blade into battle stance.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=teal]"He's right, you don't just deal with one of us, you deal with all of us!" Zohan announced from a treetop, the two players looked up in surprise as Zohan descended from a treetop.
"Dude, what the hell is this?! We're way outnumbered!" One of the players yelled in shock.

Before he had another chance to speak, Zohan rushed forward and whacked him in the face with his bokuto, sending him reeling backwards into Elec, who quickly impaled him with his blade, the battle had begun. The second one was a bit higher leveled, and the team had to work a little harder. Elec tried to slash him, but he just spun out of the way, and dodging a plethora of arrows from Ayemelek. Zohan rushed forward and tried to hit the guy, but he jumped out of the way.
"Another Ninja, huh?" Zohan said to no one, and then walked right up to the guy. Suddenly he used a hidden technique, and the guy was surrounded by images of Zohan, they all dashed forward and struck at once, but when they did, the real Zohan emerged from behind them and dealt a major blow to the back of the neck. Yuriko finished him with a powerful blow to the chest, and the two players' corpses evaporated, returning to the start gate.

"So that's...147 exp. each and...200 Kiyos." Zohan calculated, they divided up the loot and went their separate ways. Elec went over to talk to Zohan.
"So, where are you gonna go?" He asked, Zohan just stared straight ahead, then made a descision.
"The mountains, take a short break." He said as he snapped his fingers. Transporting himself to the mountains.

Zohan sat down on one of the snowcapped peaks, he was freezing, but he enjoyed coming there often to be alone. He sat back and thought about how all this could have happened. What was going on, and what was Callipso doing? Didn't he realize that there could be lives at stake here? He sighed, releasing a steam-like breath, he had been logged on for years now, and everyone called him Zohan, he wondered how he would ever mak up for the time he had lost in the real world, and when this madness was ever going to end...[/color]
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[COLOR=navy]"Well, it is kinda sick." Silth said as she trudged behind her group. "And this is supposed to be the most dangerous sector."

"Not really." Joshua said. "If you keep a good watch, you'll be alright."
He talked absently, glaring at the path in front of him.
"Good watch." Silth muttered.
"Not exactly your strong point, is it?" Keiran drawled. "Perhaps you didn't dream as much..."
"I'm working on it." Silth answered, not at all phazed. She was used to others commenting on her habit of prolonged daydreaming.
"I bet....woah!" Keiran stopped just short of running into Marcus, who stopped short of Lalo in front of him.

Joshua held up the line as he was standing absolutely still.
Silth looked upwards and strained to hear. Every leaf on every tree seemed to be rustling in response. To what?
Silth's braids bounced softly as a sharp breeze hit them from every side.
"Someone's here."
Her hand went directly to her bow as the other reached for a keen arrow. She knew the tohers were ready with their own weapons.
"Any idea what it could be?" asked someone.
"It's very fast." Joshua commented.

"Just my luck." muttered Marcus. "First all this crap and now something else. If that thing is not worth more than a hundred times my age in points, I'm warping outta here."
"There seemes to be more than one." Silth said pointedly. "Soo, there should be more than enough."[/COLOR]
Pleeeese tell me if I did anything wrong. I was so confused while posting this.
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[color=red][b][i][font=comic sans ms]
A small rabit munched on a sticking out piece of grass. It hoped a small hop towards another patch of grass, but he froze milimeters from the ground. Lyzdaika snapped his fingers and the rabit flew towards him.

Rabbit was skinned and burned quite nicely on fire, spreading the aroma around him. Lyzdaika knew he wasn't the only one enjoying the smell. In numerous shadows something was moving.

"Come here girl," He cut off a piece of meat and threw it towards the bushes, few moments later, a large, black cat strolled out suspiciously. She eyed Lyzdaika, before eating the cooked piece of meat he threw. "Good girl. Come here. Want another? Come here girl." He held out the rest of meat in his hand. The cat slowly made her way towards him. "That's a good girl, come on." He made a sudden movement, too sudden, the cat jumped back a bit. Suspiciously she made her way towards him again, ready to strike, if needed. Finaly she reached him, cat looked around for any tricks that might be hidden, in the end sh made up her mind and bit the meat in his hand.

[/color][color=orange]Congradulations, you succesfuly befriended the "Shadow Panther"[/color][color=red] -appeared above the cats head. A new screen showing the advantages of having "Shadow Panther" as a friend, materialized. Lyzdaika scanned the notes quickly. Most of the stuff he already knew. He had bin looking for a shadow panther for a long time, then all those days feeding her...

Youngsters went into the game for the trill of kill, while he prefered other adventures like tameing a magical creature. There were just so many wais to gain experience points, he pittied youngsters for not using them.

"Well girl, we have a meating to go to. Lets get to a place with less of these trees." He turned away, the panther followed him.

[center]* * *[/center]

They came in to a small clearing. Lyzdaika noticed a pile of ashes lying in the middle. It looked fresh. There must be someone around.

Suddenly a ninja jumped down from a tree behind them. He ha his sword drawn and aimed to kill the Shadow Panther. Only she was faster than he was, panther rolled out from under the blade and the sword got stuck in the ground. The big cat backed away to Lyzdeika's side, she was hissing, her teeth were showing it was obvious that the cat was ready to attack. But she wasn't.

"You would make a big mistake if you tried to attack us again ." Lyzdeika said, "so what would you say if I made you a deal?"


"You give me that gem from your sword handle and some gold from that jingly bag of your's and I will give you a Roc's egg in return." As he said that he pulled out an oversized egg that could have never fitted in the bag it was just in. "I have a pair of these, so I realy don't mind loosing one."

"Yeah, right. That's not a Rock's egg. There's no way you could have got it." He pulled out his sword from the ground. "So, how about I simply chop you and your kitty here and then take whatever you got. Cauze nobody messes with Louye..."

Louye made a step to attack, but he wasn't quick enough. Shadow Panther jumped and hit him in the legs. As he fell, Lyzdeika made a quick spell, vines grew out of ground and tied Louye down. Lyzdeika walked over and ignoring the curses and shouts coming from now helpless Louye, and took his sword and bag with gold.

"I guess that's it." Lyzdeika selected a handfull of gold coins and ripped of the red gem from the handle of the sword. Some accuracy points dissapeared with it. He dropped what he didn't need to the ground."Oh... and here's your egg," He placed the giant egg on the ground. "Sorry can't stay and chit chat, gotta a go to a meating." With that he and his cat teleported [to:jungle zone].
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Just for my sake, I put together a list of people in my team ^_^ These are the characters we're working with.

Joshua Wires
Marcus Belial
Kieran Vashti
Lalo Gray

[size=1][b][color=333366]"I don't like fast things..." murmured Kieran. "Especially when they're worth lots of points. That usually means they're harder to kill." Warily, he glanced about, the rings on his staff jangling slightly as he did so.
"Good call Kie," grumbled Joshua. Joshua turned his gaze to the rest of his team. "Fighting or running guys?"
"Fighting," declared Marcus curtly. Despite his earlier comment he [i]was[/i] in dire need of some experience points.
So was Kieran, he was perhaps the lowest leveled player in the team. But the thought of fighting some huge beast was a scary prospect. But, he wasn't really a player made for fighting which was the main reason he'd spent a year not gathering many points. But, having said that, he was decent with the odd healing spell, he had that much going for him.
Something rustled to his right. Sharply he turned towards the sound. "This is very bad..."
"Quit whining Kieran," snapped Silth, stringing and arrow.[/color][/size][/b]
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Lalo stepped away from his teammates so that he would be able to use his mace and chain without worry of injuring any of them. The group waited for two more rustles and then they all converged their attacks on the sound. It was too late, however. The mysterious foe was already moving through another part of the brush. As Lalo pulled back his mace, something struck him in the back of his armor, almost knocking him over and causing his health to decrease by a small amount. He readied his mace for another throw and eyed the rustling trees.
"Whoever they are, they like to play around. They could have killed me but they held back. What do you think they're up to?"
"I'm not sure." Joshua replied.
"Keep your guard up, everyone."
Lalo took another shot with his weapon, but it missed and crushed into a tree trunk.
"I'm sorry, Joshua. It looks like I'm not going to be very helpful unless you can try to slow them down."
Silth grinned and readied another arrow.
"Leave that to me..."
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[COLOR=teal] ooc: hey all sorry for not posting....I've got some time tonight but wont be able to really until after I get back. Anyone in Sigma Fi Omega can play my character ^_^


Tortodog X sat on top of the base, with a face that did not hide her complete boredom. She liked being with her team, and often enjoyed their company, but right now everything seemed to become a grueling prospect of day to day life. She had logged in over a year ago now with the simple hope of gaining a few more experience points...and had ended up stuck in the Delta world.

She hated the way that Sigma Fi Omega had been singled out as the one's who had caused the problems, she hated they way that other players glared dangerously at her whenever she left the base. Tortodog had taken up remaining elusive and quiet for the last few months and even her treamates could not get anything out of her as to what had recently caused her change.

She watched as the rest of them attacked and finished off the two who had insulted them. She sighed and shook her head, maybe there was a slight reason as to why they had been deemed the 'kiddnappers' but that could not be helped. The others were obviously planning to leave this area again, and Tortodog did not want to be stuck on her own again. She stood up and sumersaulted off the roof and walked perposely towards them, calling, "Hey guys! Wait for me".

Elec and the others turned, perparing to fight another foe, "Oh please, just because I haven't talked in a while doesn't mean that I'm your enemy now does it?" asked Torotodog scepitally. She wasn't really in the mood to be messed around.

"Oh Tortodog, it's you" said Elec, grinning slightly.
"Who else is likely to yell 'Hey guys' at you?" asked Torotodog.
Aymelek laughed, "No one other than you Tortdog. What you doing over here?"

"I'm sick of staying around here all the time. I want to do something with you guys again. I want everything to go back to the old times. I'm sorry if I've been a stubborn pig...but I've been thinking about home lately" said Tortodog, looking slighlty sheepish.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=navy]Silth pulled back the arrow and released it. It whined through the air and Silth followed it, releasing more white spores from her hands.
Multiplying rapidly, the arrows atruck the vines draped around the trees.
The thick whiplike vines shot in every direction until they formed a web of sorts around the group.
"Creatures in the Jungle Sector are usually beasts." Silth said. "They will slow down considerably as they try to come through the vines."

Lalo grinned. "Good enough."
He swun his mace in an arc just as a blade of wind flashed by. Something seemed to have landed in the bushes far away and a strangled cry rose and died.
"Let me do this one." Keiran stepped forward, listening intently. [/COLOR]
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[b][color=333366][size=1]Marcus drew his rapier, the thin blade shining in the damp heat of the jungle. A sharp stilletto was clasped in his other hand, readied in a guard position. Grey eyes darted warily at the shadows racing deep within the foliage of the trees.

"Come out, come out wherever you are," he murmured softly, stepping in a slow circle about the rest of his team. Long strands of hair drifted about his features, his ears hearing nothing but the sounds of the jungle and his own footsteps.

"Maybe they ran away?" Kieran's small voice nervously broke the silence.

"Shh." Marcus raised his blade to silence the young mage. A low growl drifted from the dense undergrowth. A feral grin spread slowly across Marcus' features. "Maybe not." The beast ripped through the grass and vines in a ferocious leap, a blood chilling roar piercing the air. Marcus yelled in defiance and lunged forward, tackling the beast in a deadly embrace, both crashing to the ground in a cloud of dust and blood. His rapier buried itself deep within the big cat's chest, blood spattering his face and clothes. He turned his head away from the beast's gaping maw, scant inches from his own face. The cat writhed in pain, howling it's agony as it's death throes became weaker and weaker. Finally it stilled and slumped across Marcus like a large fur rug. He winced as he tried to shift the weight pinning him to the ground, pain lancing through his shoulder. "Ah, a little help?"

Kieran looked down at him, a hurt expression on his face. "That one was mine...I said it was mine." He huffed slightly and turned away, intent on finding another. Marcus clenched his teeth and rolled out from under the animal. A hand waved into his vision, he looked up and found Lalo grinning at him, his hand offered. Marcus grasped the hand and hoisted himself up.

"No worries Mac." Lalo clapped him jovialy on the back and hefted his mace back into battle. Marcus rolled his eyes and reached down to rip his blade from the dead carcass of the beast. Saluting it breifly he rushed to return to his companions.[/color][/size][/b]
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[color=teal][size=1]OOC: Sorry about not posting. I wasn't ablt to log onto my username on my puter...


[i]Theon walk out of the cabin. He took a nap during the fight.[/i]

Theon: Aw, why didn't anyone wake me?! I wanted to join in!

[i]Everyone laughed and decided to point at random people of the SigmaFi Omega. Theon laughed.[/i]

Theon: Ha ha ha, good one...

[i]He saw Tortodog frowning a little. He walked up to her, one hand on his head.[/i]

Theon: Something wrong, Tortodog?

Tortodog: Uh... yeah, actually, there is. I want to do something! I don't want to just sit here anymore!

[i]Theon grinned slightly.[/i]

Theon: And...?

[i]Tortodog looked quite surprised. Theon hadn't been there when she said she wanted to go home.[/i]

Tortodog: I also... miss home.

Theon: Well, I think I know what you mean... I'd like to go home, but it isn't going to happen anytime with us loafing around here while that one... guy...

[i]He thought to him self for a moment. Aymelak coughed.[/i]

Aymelak: Callipso...

[i]Theon looked at her. He grinned.[/i]

Theon: Heh... yeah, Callipso! We can't just loaf around while Callipso's missing! We need to do something about it or we're going to be in this place for a while...

Elec: What about... a battle plan...

Torto: Or go and look for him!

[i]They all nodded. They needed to stock up on their supplies. They needed a plan to do this as well, they all walked towards the cabin...[/i][/color][/size]
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