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Dragonball Z, New Z warriors (sign up)


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Okay guys, new DBZ RPG created by myself and MajinVegeta.

Different things have happened to what the series has fortold, Trunks came and warned the others about the androids, but Cell managed to absorb the future androids, and so came back to our time already in his perfect form!
Then, because of his superior strength, he manages to kill everyone except Picollo, Vegeta, and Goten.
After 5 years, the Buu's came, but Cell is more than a match for them, and they have been battling for many years, tyranising Earth, and, while preoccupied with their battles, new Z warriors have emerged, and are after the Dragonballs to wish back what ever Z warriors they can!

This is what you need:

Name: Craig
Age: 14
Height: 5'7
Race: Saiyan
Attacks: Kamehameha, Masenko, Bakuhatsuha, Ultima Cannon, Kikohama.
Bio: Son of Goten, he learned the Kamehameha from Goku, the Masenko from Gohan. He has amazing Ki, Stamina and Speed, but lacks a bit in strength. (not power level)
Description: Wears Picollo's cape, and a suit like Veggito's except everything blue on his suit is black on Craig's.

That's what you need, so sign up!
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Well here I am, The co-creater

attacks:galit gun, final flash, big bang, split form, destructo disc and ultimata flash.
Bio: son of Bra, trained by Vegeta That's why he knows his moves with amazing speed and strength combined with his amazing cunning andrew is a warrior to be reckoned with.
Description: smaller version of Vegeta with Vegeta's saiyin armour that he wear's during the cell saga.
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Name: SF-0001 prototype (shadow form, no.0001)
aka: Shadow
Age: ?
Height: 5'3''
Race: Cyborg
Attacks: Massenko, Kienzon Discs, Bakuhatsuha, Super Massenko, Makkankousappo, Final Flash.
Bio: Created by scientist, Bulma, and designed to stay on the saiyan level of 2 constantly. This android is the first in the SF-Androids line of defence. Since the BCB (battles of Cell and Buu) the other 999 androids went to defend Bulmas lab, but they were controlled by buu and sent to destroy the lab. SF-0001 prototype (shadow) protected Bulma from the stream of attacks and killed almost all of the androids, but one remained (shadow form, no. 1000) and they have been rivals for over a century. now Shadow seeks help from the Z-Fighters to help defeat SF-1000.
Description: Looks exactly like Gohan, but with Mirari Trunks' Jacket and Gohans trousers, and Gohans hair in SSJ2 but red.
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Name: Forte

Age: 16

Height: 5'1

Race: Saiyan and Android

Attacks: Kamehameha, Masenko, Final Flash, Special Beam Cannon.

Bio: He is when Vegeta cheats on Bulma and has a baby with Android 18 and Forte comes. He has incredible stregth and agility. He doesnt need to mask his power since he is part Android. He cant absorb though.

Description: Wears the same clothes as Gogeta.
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I'll join! :)


Name: Hajime

Age: 11

Height: 5 6'

Race: Half Human, half Saiya-jin

Attacks: Kame-Hame-Ha (Learnt from Master Roshi), Final Flash (Learnt from Vegeta), Distructo Disk (Duh, Krillen), Tri Beam (Duuuh Tien), Chout-Zus Kamikaze Attack (:rolleyes:)

Bio: Vegeta and Bulma had a baby just after they married, and they had Hajime. A few years later they had Trunks (But he got killed according to this timeline) Vegeta, Piccolo and Goten raised him, and he grew up his whole life, with people being killed all around him, giving him an incredible hatred for Cell and Buu. Before Trunks died, Vegeta and Bulma gave Hajime Trunks sword (Which he was still too little to use anyway) and now it is Hajimes most prized possesion. He got to the SSJ level when he saw a few of the Z Fighters get killed by Cell, and got to SSJ2 when he saw his mother die.

(Hope you all got that, coz I know I sure got mixed up! I tell ya, it's hard changing time and getting stuff in different places!!!)
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Name: Cid
Age: 18
Height: 7'3
Race: Human
Attack: Can use any weapon (guns, bombs etc) Spitting Fire(Whole body covered with Fire) Tornado Spike(spikes comes from beneath)
Bio: Grandson of Mr. Satan (the world champion, they all say) Different from his grandfather, he's taller and an expert in weaponary and espionage.
Description: Think Arnold Swazenegar (spelling wrong I think) the face always gloom because grandfather want him to be the next world champion but he doesn't.
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Name: Warlock

Age: Unknown

Height: 5'11"

Race: Part Human, part Saiyin, part Zork

Attacks: Kamehameha, Final Flash

Double Blades: Warlock's signiture attack, it's two ki blades which are formed on the wrists.

Freeze Beam: A ki beam, which paralyzes the target for a few minutes.

Ultima: Simalar to the destructo beam, but green.

D-Day Beam: Warlock's main finishing attack, it's an ultra-light ki beam fired like a kamehameha. Extremly deadly.

Bio: A mysterious warrior with an unknown age, Warlock has travelled around part of the galaxy for 3 years, and has some powerful new attacks as souvernirs(sp). He arrived back at Earth, ready to fight for it's protection.

Description: Warlock looks around 17, and is quite good looking. His hair is black, while his eyes are blue. He wears black trousers, armour, which is simalar to Vegeta in the Cell Games, and a black cape.
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[I]Forte Powers Up!!!!!!!![/I]

Forte: " Lets Get It On!!!!!!!!"

Forte: " KaaaaaaaaaaaaaMeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMeeeeeeeeeeHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

[I]Forte launches a giant Kamehameha At Cell....[/I]

Cell:" What?!!!AHHHH"

[I]Fortes Kamehameha Hits Cell with a giant impact........[/I]

Forte: " Eat that sucka!"

Cell:" But your part of me....You are part Android"

Forte:" I may be android but i am not evil i am good."
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