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Sign Up Element (An anime made by me)

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Kiran was coming home to his dojo with food from the market when he saw somone getting ready to attack it. He quickly sprung into battle with an enemy who called himself the fire of the elements. After Kiran beet him he said the other elements would beat him then died. The master explained to him that the elements were a group of 20 some element masters who had recently gone evil. Kiiran took his sword and set out to defeat them. Upon defeating the water of the element he teamed up with a girl named Tiala. Now the have set out to defeat the remaining elements. (apparently some were beat by the other greatest warriors who eventually fell, leaving only these to kids left). You can be Kiran, Tiala, or 1 of 3 other random warriors who will join them. You can make those guys. Or you can be one of these elemaets, Wind, Wood, Shodow, Ice, or the leader, death.

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Wood controls wood. trees, tables, chairs, bamboo, and huge wooden cages used to imprison the enemy in episode forty something!

age: 15
appearance: You decide
bio: Tiala was a young gunman who decided she would go after the Elements who destoyed her village. After helping Kiran beet the water element she joined him against the elements.
weapons: Two guns. Any swords she pics up randomely.
attacks: um... shoot, slash, power shot (uses energy)
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name:Meteo Dragoon
Apearance:Tall (6'3) somewhat muscular and seems to always carry his katana on the side of his baggy pants.
bio:Meteo is a wanderer that broke the main rule of his Dojo which was to not master the ultimate technique until the Master allows it... Meteo was tired of waiting so he learned it and left.
weapon:Katana and any other weapon that he picks up along the way...
attacks:slash, slice and dice, skewer, and aerial slash(Uses energy to slash more times than seen).
(O.k. I just try to keep Meteo in his early 20's so he wouldn't be considered a kid.)
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Tiala[/size][/color]

[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Age:[/B] 15[/size][/color]

[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Appearance:[/B] uh..ill find a picture[/size][/color]

[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Bio:[/B] Tiala is a young gunman who decided she would go after the Elements who destroyed her village. After helping Kiran beat the water element she joined him against the other elements.[/size][/color]

[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]weapons:[/B] Two guns. Any swords she pics up randomely.[/size][/color]

[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Attacks:[/B] Power Shot(uses energy), Rapid Shot, Energy Boom(forms energy in hand and sends it to enemy), and uses her karate.[/size][/color]

[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]OOC:[/B] hey Tical, im changed the attacks. if that's all right. and does Tiala have any elements? oh yea..can Tiala have elemental attacks?[/size][/color]
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Apperance: she wears a pair of baggy short that I supose come down to her knees but I'm gonna call them shorts anyway:P and a shirt she has brown hair and blue eyes

Bio:She is one of the youngest kendo master ever thus she ueses a sword she call Zai whith is extermaly big and heavy ahe also is a master of the bow Not much is know about her past(in other words I'm fellin lazy)

Weapons:Zai and her bow and arrows

Atacks:(um are these suppose to be magical?)Zai Blade Smash , Sarkura's petals whip, Arrow Fury, criatirl damage, kendo and other martail arts
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Cool RPG, even nicer first pick on elements looks like my good karma is paying off. mind if i sign up as a element?

Name: Meku

age: 17

Apearance: Tall, green eyes with blue hair (hair looks like Saito's from RK), Has blue trench coat with a white shirt, with blue jean

bio: Meku was raised in crule condishons and was train by his father (first Ice element guy) So that he may carrie on there familys power. But this had caues him to lose all emotions, his face always has a evil an cold look to it

weapon: Ice, Katana

attacks: Cool Down (Creats mist/fog a lower temperture in the room)

Ice Blade ( Covers his sword ice and it make it stronger)

Ice Canon ( Ice takes over his arm and becomes a canon that fires ice)

Shards of Ice (put ice into a dagger form and throws them)

Armor of Ice ( His body is covered in eye that forms into a strong armor that stiil allows him quick movement)

Cold Hands ( focues ice power into his hands and can fire it causeing what ever it hits to become frozen)
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name: V'sh'thou G'th'Xanther III
age: eleventy (almost twelved!)

Apearance: [URL]http://live.quizilla.com/user_images/G/guardianangelzero/1052789113_gna5edited.jpg [/URL] (see attacks)

bio: V'sh'thou is servitor to his lineage. Since when has shadow had a lineage? No, he is instead slave to his Path of Morality. His morality is that in the macabre, reflecting his intrinsic nihilistic values. He never takes much seriously, reality is but an illusion, just another passing shadow in the darkness, this creates a sense of extreme danger and mystery within V'sh'thou. Because his body and mind travels through the realm of all that is shadow he is not bound to this world , or his own psyche. He laungishes in a variety of personalities, good luck meeting the same V'sh'thou as you had yesterday. Somehow the memories remain, but the approach changes forever.

Element: he is the master of Shadow

weapon: A big freaking sword. This is, strangely the only non-ethereal part about V'sh'thou, evoking a strange response from the crowds as they see a sword floating through the shadows. He weilds it with the grace of coiling smoke.

Tenebrous tendrils- V'sh'thou can manipulate shadow at a whim, with enough effort he can use the shaddows as whips or tendrils, restraining, even choking victims.

Lithe like Smoke- Being that of shadow and nearly ethereal, V'sh'thou cannot be effected by traditional weapons. When near or around a shadow, he can utilize it's energy to dissipate his form slightly, allowing weapons to pass through him without any physical harm to him.

Moonlit Visage- V'sh'thou can wrap shadows deceptively around him, bending his image into a near perfect replica of whomever he wishes to become. He must be standing in a shadow, and changing his voice to match the persona is a different matter...

Never Trust the Darkness- If V'sh'thou has direct line of sight to anyone standing within a shadow , or if it happens to be night-time, any poorly lit area, he can turn the ground into a thick abyss. Slowly the person will sink into the darkness like quicksand. If totally sucked into the abyss, V'sh'thou can choose to evoke that person's power as he/she is now trapped within another realm.
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Hey sorry to kinda drop the bomb but this might not be continuing.
If you look at Tical where his member status is then you'll see...he's banned.Maybe one of you guys can start it or something...
*shrugs*Sorry...I just had to tell yas.
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