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Guest Skyechild91
Elemental Guardians
Im going to need seven people. Fill out this, or send me a pm about it.


This adventure is about kids who just meet up and are taken away to a different time/reality. We'll play it out. Hope you join.

Name: Trilby
Element:Water, phsycic(all can have this)
Features: Knee length black hair, in braid, green eyes, 5'6"
Weapon: Silent Staff: also known as the Staff of Death
Bio: Dark, sarcastic, and stubborn, she doesnt take no for an answer. She cares for her friends and would give life for them. She has sworn to kill all who stand in her and her partners/friends way. She will stop at nothing to retrive the talismans and return home.
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Element:Ice/Fire (physic)
Features: short red hair that comes a little below her ears and cold blue eyes, 6'2
Weapons:IceFlame Blade;A blade made of a flame that's covered in ice that dosen't mealt. With the last of their powers Rika's parents made it for her and only her for if someone other then her touches it the ice will melt and the flame will go out.
Bio: Smart,Brave, and Mysterous, she keeps to herself most of the time. She will always come into the fight when the going gets tough. She really loves her friends but she dosen't let it show but sometimes she slips and her cold blue eyes become warm...Her mother was a master of the ice element and her father the fire, so since she was little she was trained in both. She didn't consider going on the journy for the talismans intill she saw her parents murdered right in front of her, using the last of their power to keep her safe. She decided that if she had the talismans she could bring them back to life so she went with Trilby to find them...
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[size=1][color=ff66cc]Name: Hikage

Age: 15

Gender: female

Element: sun & moon, psychic

Features: see attachment

Bio: isolated, quiet, and you get in her way you pay. She stands for the good and will allow no one to bring her down. She doesn't know her mother or father because she ran away from home. Her silver eyes change colors according to her moods. She has 4 animals that follow her, Veritas the Red-Tailed Hawk, Luna the Black Panther, Ace the Doberman, and King the Rottweiler.

Her element, the Sun and Moon, is similar to Light and Dark only more advanced and powerful. It is connected with all the elements, therefore she can use each of them to her own expence(something like that.)[/size][/color]
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Name: Kudara Katsuyuki
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Element: Earth / Lighting
Features: [/color]
[color=blue]Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Brown
Height/ Weight : 5'6/120 Ibs.
Weapon: Katana [/color]
Kudara was left in a orphanage and one day he escaped. He wandered the city of Japan for about 2 and half years. There he fount a dojo that would teach him the arts of swordsman ship. To this day he uses his katana. But one day he was training with his katana. And it grew bright yellowish. He than learnt he could control lighting. Another day he was training like he always does. He tried to concentrate on the surrounding movements of the earth. He could control the earth. [ For example : Make spikes or sheilds out of rock out of the earth. ] [/color] [/size]
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[b]Name:[/b] gene kasaru
[b]Age:[/b] 15
[b]Gender:[/b] male
[b]Element:[/b] fire,lighting, psychic
[b]Features:[/b] blue eyes,black hair, 5'8"
[b]Weapons:[/b]glaive, sword
[b]Bio:[/b] Gene has alwas wanted to go on adventures. He is willing to help those in need and is loyal to what few friends he has. He will do what is needed to defend is friend and that means giveing up his life. He found out about his powers when he was able to redirect lightning and control a flam.
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[color=teal][b]Name: Sarah Minestar (Pronounced: Mihn-eh-star)

Age: 14 (Mweee! I'm the youngest!)

Gender: Female

Element: Star and Planets

Features: See Attachment

Weapon: Starlit Sword. A sword given to Sarah, made from the dying breath of her father.

Bio: Sarah is an only-child who grew up living with her father. Her mother died when she was born and so she never knew her. Her father died about 6 months ago and that is when she realized her powers. It happened in a fit of rage that destroyed her trailer home. She blamed the fire on a carelessly thrown away match and everybody believed her. Sarah is a tomboy who cannot resist a fight. She is protective of her friends and is ready to go midievil on anyone who threatens her friends. [/color][/b]
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name: V'sh'thou G'th'Xanther III
age: eleventy (almost twelved!)
Gender: does a shadow have one? Unic.

Apearance: [url]http://live.quizilla.com/user_image...gna5edited.jpg[/url] (see attacks)

bio: V'sh'thou is servitor to his lineage. Since when has shadow had a lineage? No, he is instead slave to his Path of Morality. His morality is that in the macabre, reflecting his intrinsic nihilistic values. He never takes much seriously, reality is but an illusion, just another passing shadow in the darkness, this creates a sense of extreme danger and mystery within V'sh'thou. Because his body and mind travels through the realm of all that is shadow he is not bound to this world , or his own psyche. He laungishes in a variety of personalities, good luck meeting the same V'sh'thou as you had yesterday. Somehow the memories remain, but the approach changes forever.

Element: he is the master of Shadow

weapon: A big freaking sword. This is, strangely the only non-ethereal part about V'sh'thou, evoking a strange response from the crowds as they see a sword floating through the shadows. He weilds it with the grace of coiling smoke.

Tenebrous tendrils- V'sh'thou can manipulate shadow at a whim, with enough effort he can use the shaddows as whips or tendrils, restraining, even choking victims.

Lithe like Smoke- Being that of shadow and nearly ethereal, V'sh'thou cannot be effected by traditional weapons. When near or around a shadow, he can utilize it's energy to dissipate his form slightly, allowing weapons to pass through him without any physical harm to him.

Moonlit Visage- V'sh'thou can wrap shadows deceptively around him, bending his image into a near perfect replica of whomever he wishes to become. He must be standing in a shadow, and changing his voice to match the persona is a different matter...

Never Trust the Darkness- If V'sh'thou has direct line of sight to anyone standing within a shadow , or if it happens to be night-time, any poorly lit area, he can turn the ground into a thick abyss. Slowly the person will sink into the darkness like quicksand. If totally sucked into the abyss, V'sh'thou can choose to evoke that person's power as he/she is now trapped within another realm.

(not sure if you needed attacks, but i included them anyway)
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Guest Skyechild91
Okay, everi1. Im ready to start our adventure. We have the seven teens. They are:
Sarah Minestar=erinzyger
Gene Kasaru=T man
Kudara Katsuyuki=Aoshi Shinimori
Rika=CHichiri's Girl
V'sh'thou G'th'Xanther=Drix D'xanth

Aoshi is in the middle of making the story line, but we could start today or tommorow. PM me or post.:p
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[I]In the year 3002 they began a battle between the planet knowned as "Juperior" this planet was named after the planet jupiter that was destroyed along time ago. Seven teens are scattered around the world and meet up with each other in a city. Each teenager has special abilities to control elements. Some so powerful that they could control all elements. [/I]

A nation want to destroy the planet due to the powers of the young seven teens. They want to study them and extract their powers into stronger talismans. Although seven people on the nation called "Juunchio" has one talisman that can control two elements. There is how ever one talisman that controls all elemts. This person's name is "Aqua" the woman has hate in her heart due to the fact that she was cast out from the planet Juperior. Now she wants revenge. Each talisman may be hard for the seven teenagers of the planet Juperiour to defeat. They are also villians that follow the nation Juunchio. Some with great powers... the teenagers has to be careful when showing their poweres.

[Here is the story line hope it works.]
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Guest Skyechild91
This has been started for a long time, so case? Closed..... okay, im bored, can you tell? Hehehehe.... I am such a dork...
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[color=indigo][b][i][font=Book Antiqua] Right so most of you have noticed that this has started back up again in the Adventure Arena after I got an OK from Terra. The problem is we're missing a few characters. I'm not quite sure if Erinzyger( I can't remember what she said ont he phone...),[color=indigo]Drix D'Zanth, or Assassian are all coming back. I don't think Assassian is so just post or pm if you want to be him. There isn't much point in making a newprofile and stuff for him, just take it or leave it. I'm going to wait a few dayd more to get the direct anwsers from Erinyger and [/color][color=indigo]Drix D'Zanth so hold on if you want to be either of those two. There will also be a new character up as soon as I talk to him so just hang on. Element Guardians is already back up in the Adventure Arena so Erinzyger and [/color][color=indigo]Drix D'Zanth if you want to come back just post in their. Sane goes for Assassian if he comes back before someone else steals hi chacter(which is highly unlikely since he hasn't been on for a long time). Right so if you're taking the place of an old character just pm me. Thanks.[/color][/font][/i][/b][/color]
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