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Sign Up Street Life: Turmoil on Main Street (SignUp)


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[i] Up on the hill lives families in huge homes with designer curtins and clothes. Family pets get to live indoors and life is perfect. But down on mainstreet, there arent any homes, no families, and all that is there are stores and restraunts... South of mainstreet lies a park thats always empty and deserted... Except for the kids who prefer living on the streets. But living on the streets is how they have lived for a long time. Street life is the only way of life they know. Now its threatened by concerned people, a new gang in town, and surprisingly a mob that want the park for their own transfers in the dead of night. Now its time for these kids, that havent fought very hard to keep their little life going, to fight and defend what life they have...[/i]

[b]You need to sign up with this:


Gender: (Male or female...duh)





Talent or Skill: (NO super human junk like flying or seeing through walls *begins thinking superman*)

Self Defense Weapon: (ONLY ONE if its an object.. .two if one of them is your fists or someting)

Reason You have a street life: (dont get to dramatic here...)

here is mine

Name: Adrianne

Gender: Female


Hair: Straight, Blonde with blue tips

Eyes: Bright crystal blue

Height: 5'7''

Talent or Skill: Can steal things like a knife through melted butter, Con artist on the street...

Self Defense Weapon: Her Mind, Knife

Reason She has a street life: Her family lives up on those huge hills in those huge houses... She lives on the street because her mother is verbally abusive, Her brother is physically abusive, and so is her father ... So she left

Personality: She prefers being alone because thats the way shes always had it... She never shows her soft side... which is why there is msytery about her even having one. She will do what she has to, to get what she wants.


long sign up thing.. sorry..
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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]Wow this seems interesting.

Name: David

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Hair: Black hair with red streaks through it.

Eye's: Red

Height: 5'9

Talent or skill: Thinks quickly in rough situations.

Self defence weapon: wooden staff

Reason He has a street life: He was abandoned by one of the people on the hill in the big houses and perfect lives. So now he lives on the streets.

Personality: Nice and loving, always welcoming people, he has had a problem though with his rage.


Hope its ok.[/color][/size][/i]
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Name: Evita Monroe
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hair: reddish brown and in cornrows
Eyes: hazel
Height: 5'8
Talent or Skill: lock picking
Self Defense Weapon: baseball bat
Reason You have a street life: Evita preferred a place where life was real, not like some TV show. The streets seemed to be the only place she's find that.
Personality: random, prone to fits of violence and/or anger, but other than that, a kind, all-around nice person.
As always, PM me if anything's wrong.
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Name: Michael Sikal

NickNames: Mike the Muscle. Karate Kid. Edge.

Age: 16

Height/Weight: 5'10"/134 ibs

Hair: Auburn and straight, a bit long.

Eye's: Maple

Talent or Skill: Street Fighting blended with martial arts.

Self Defense weapon: Prefers a steel pipe or his hands.

Reason for the streets: He was an orphan taken in by a Jeet Kune Do teacher who was struggling to support the two of them. One day, he was taken down in a drive by. Michael was only 12. He now heeds the fighting advice he was given and fights furiously for the honor of his mentor.

Personality: As sad as his story is, Michael is actually a pretty goofy kid. He was given the nickname, "The Muscle", cuz of his fighting prowess, but rather not be known as that name. He roames the streets, looking and hoping to some how take out the gang that took away his only parent.
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*looks around* ...
Name: Nami

Gender: Female

Age: 12 (is that too young? just tell if so)

Hair: Straight, short, light brown with light blue streak

Eyes: Icy blue

Height: 5'1''

Talent or Skill: Good at throwing knives

Self Defense Weapon: Retractable knife (looks like a keychain)

Reason: Orphaned at a young age, then ran away from the orphange when she was eight. Wouldn't mind living at one of the homes on the hill, but prefers street life.

Personality: Ahtough she's young, that doesn't mean Nami's sweet. She is strong for a girl but prefers to use her knife. Even with her past, she has funny moments and likes to be a goof. She's smart though, and won't be taken lightly.
That good? Is it? Is it? IS IT?
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All very good! No problems... i was a member to another message board and set up this exact rpg... one of the people to join had their age of 12 or 13... Its good...

Nothing wrong...so far im going to wait maybe just one more day to see if anyone else signs up. But it'll start soon.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Alexandra, aka Alex

[B]Gender:[/B] female

[B]Age:[/B] 15

[B]Hair:[/B] attachment

[B]Eyes:[/B] attachment

[B]Height:[/B] 5'

[B]Talent or Skill:[/B] martial arts, street fighting, great with any weapon

[B]Self Defense Weapon:[/B]
ok what about a desert eagle, .50 caliber..silver
her fists and her "ways"

[B]Reason You have a street life:[/B] Alex ran away from her home when she was 8 years old. She was sick and tired of the abuse and drugs and alcohol.

She was walking through the streets and collapsed in front of a dojo. Someone saw her and brought her in. She stayed at the dojo and trained there to become a great fighter. But while she was there, she learned that the dojo was part of a korean mafia that helped the good and not the bad, but they did do some bad things.

She in less than 5 years, she became one of the best fighters in the dojo and soon became heir to everything the leader had.

[B]Personality:[/B] a girl that won't take no for an answer. she won't give up and she won't stay down. she is always up for a good fight and people think of her as a Gangsta, but in truth, she's just a girl who fights. She's fun to be with. She's not perky, or preppy, or punky. She's...well asian. LoL. She barely smiles though.[/size][/color]
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Name: Clyde

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Hair: Black shoulder length hair

Eyes: Pale blue

Height: 6'

Talent or Skill: Thievery

Self defense weapon: A large and long chain

Reason you have a street life: His mother died giving birth to him and he had an abusive father who left him.

Personality: He keeps his feelings bottled up inside and is cold and silent. He is very violent at times.
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Name: Denny The Bear

Nickname: D-Bear

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Hair: Longish (think Wolfwood from Trigun) Brown hair, with slight blue tinge to it.

Eyes: Bright sky blue

Height: 6'6"

Talent or Skill: Strength and Brawling

Self Defense Weapon: Fists, Feet and Head - no weapons for this brute

Reason You have a street life: He was alyways larger than usual in his family. They had it rough, but they tried to pull through. His Dad was a large man, but nothing comparisent to the rate D-Bear was growing at, his Mum and Dad were both into hard drugs. They were put in the slammer, D-Bear still smokes some weed if he can get his hands on it...that's just life...

Personality: Big lovable father figure. Always looking out for everyone, young or old. When the going get's tough, he's up the front as a human barracade. Major mood swings (not in a bad way) He is the one who stands in the corner smoking while not talking at all, then the next day he is playing football rolling about in the mud like a little kid.

Appearance: Big. Built like a tank. He wears a torn Parka (Green jacket with furry hood. Camo tank top underneath and a dark blue wooly hat. He wears old washed out jeans and big boots.
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OOC: Arika, i don't want to sound liek a stickler or nothin', but i suggest you change you waepons a bit. This is supposed to be realistic. Your packign serious luggage. You would get caught by the cops. Come on now.
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Name: AkaSuki " Kailen" Scott

NickNames: Fighter, Kai,
Age: 16

Height/Weight: 5'11/150 lbs
Hair: blond/brown, Ususally is kept in a 'tail
Eye's: Hazel

Talent or Skill: Street Fighting blended with a gun
Self Defense weapon: Prefers using her German Shepherd Maike and her hands
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Gender: Male

Age: 7

Hair: Straight, black hair. Often has dirt in it.

Eyes: Brown

Height: 4' 3"

Talent or Skill: Stealth

Self Defense Weapon: A very long, tough, cord (can be used for strangling and as a rope, etc.)

Reason You have a street life: When he was four, his family deserted him in the middle of a cross-country road trip. He than walked for the nearest town. He's lived on the streets ever since

Personality: Very quiet and shy, but sometimes he'll find a person and stick with them through everything. He is talkative around only that person and can get a little jealous of other people that hang around them very long.
OOC: I hope that this isn't too young or anything
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Alright ill start it... got plenty of people here... No... that age is not to young but... i do suggest that you try to always stick with an older player... Ok

We start... and yes be realistic... no super human stuff... we may be strong to a point but we arent like imortal... we DO get hurt too ya know. Lol.. anyways here we go
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Name: Juliet (She wanted to leave her last name behind and she loved Romeo and Juliet... Enough said).

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Hair: Dark Blonde

Eyes: Striking blue

Height: 5"7

Talent or Skill: Can Listen (now by listen I mean a special kind, not very many people can truely listen and if any one comes to her with a problem they always find that they come up with a solution

Self Defense Weapon: Riding whip (found in dumpster)

Reason for street life: Divoced parents, she used to be rich so she can be tarty at times she couldn't cope so she ran away and has been living on the street for about a year.

Personality: Can be Blonde at times but always thinks of other people.
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[b]Name:[/b] Jack Andolinni

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Hair:[/b] Black

[b]Eyes:[/b] Blue

[b]Height:[/b] 6' 1"

[b]Talent or Skill:[/b] Jack can hide. He hides extremely well. No one can find him unless they know where to look ahead of time.

[b]Self Defense Weapon:[/b] A small switchblade.

[b]Reason You have a street life:[/b] He thought he could do a better job on the street than in the care of his drug abusing parents.

[b]Personality:[/b] Calm, calculating, and always willing to put in something, even if it's not welcomed.
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