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I would first want this one to be like a gothic, blah blah blah, but then I decided to have fun with it :-D

The Guild of Theives. A legend alone. It started as a band of the finest theives across the world. From France came the gentleman theif, Lupin the 1st (heh, I questioned putting Sly Cooper here.) Italy hailed Al Capone's right hand man, Tommy Gun (i'm making this up as I go along.) From america to china, not a single country went without a theif.

The guild pulled every job imaginable, from Fort Knox to Her majesties gems, the guild was known in every bank or dimond shop across the world.

After the fifties, the guild slowly faded, members disbanning to either go clean, or go solo. The guild was remembered for fifty years, as a code of honor, instead of a group. Finally, at the turn of the century, one man attemps to recreate the guild.

Corny? I sadly didn't put too much time into this, but I still have a good feeling.

Name (Lupin the third is open along with Jigen and Goemon, please don't put Sly Cooper, he's a racoon. Not to offend him/it)
Reputation (ie the gentleman theif, the mad hatter, the Ragin Cajin, ect. optional)
Speacialty: (Lockpicks, paranodics, hacking, con artist, swindeling, stealth, whatever max is 2, but they have to do good together, like hacker/lockpic, or stradigist/hacker, I'm very leniant so try a combo and ill probably accept. If you want two totally opposites, do something with it in the bio)
Weapon(s): (swords, guns, anything)
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Name: Meteora Kien
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Reputation: Rajin Cajin
Specialty: Hacking, Stealth
Weapons: Twin blades called the Chaos Blades
Appearence: Image
Bio: He got into theivery one day, by stealing some batteries from a store for his gameboy, and he loved the feel of it, so he kept on doing it. After that he got into Hacking, and such so Stealth came with it.
Quote: "DTA, Dont trust anybody cept yourself, and your best of friends."

IF you want me to change anything let me know.[/color][/size][/i]
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That's great. I never thought of stealth and hacking, but, yeah. They do compliment each other quite nicely.

Name: Ace Sterling
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Reputation: Hot foot
Speacialty: Acrobatics/stealth
Weapon(s): Martial arts, cane (short quarter staff with a large hook on the end.

Apperance: Short brown hair, covered by a dark blue french cap w/visor. Black blindfold with eye holes and brown eyes. dark blue T. neck sweater and light brown pants. blue boots and gloves. (if you can guess what I'm getting at, pm me.)

Bio: Came from a long line of theives and con artists. When his father went to jail, his uncle trained him to be a theif. He used to hear stories of the theives guild, and never sat right with their dying out.

Quote: If you were to take the theif out of me, there would be nothing left.
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Name: Julgina Katameii Luyaki Yues Zyilr Ikiralyuer is her full name, goes by Jordan

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Reputation: Rising Theif

Speacialty: Con artist, stratigest

Weapon(s): Twin guns that fire two bullets at a time

Apperance: Immmmmaggggeeeee

Bio: Got into her con artist days by selling her milk at school when she was eight. Ever since, she's been ripping people off but is very good at it. She completed college at an early age and couldn't get much of a job, so she went into theivery.

Quote: "All sales are final."

PS: The pic is of Meryl, for those of you that watch Trigun. Couldn't get a much better image for myself, but it works just fine. :D
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[color=green][b]Name: Rozalina Rasputin ((no relation to that wacko priest from Russia who just wouldn't die. :eek: ))

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Reputation: All Luck, Only A Bit 'O' Real Skill ((or so most believe))

Speacialty: Fast Talking and Lying

Weapon (s): A pistol and two daggers hidden up her sleeves

Apperance: Go [url=http://window.terratron.com/~sosman/anime/tenchi/kiyone/images/kiyone9.full.jpeg]here[/url]

Bio: Rozalina hails from the cold northern country of Russia. She's the type of person who looks like they're all luck. It appears as if they have no skill at all, like all their successes are flukes. Her earlier attempts at theivery were, how shall we say..."unsuccessful". But through the years, due to a strong will ((or maybe just the fact that she was too stupid to give up)), she became very succesful indeed. But because of her earlier failures, most people consider them lucky flukes instead of real success.

Quote: "Don't underestimate me, you-Hey! Look what I got here! Your wallet!"[/color][/b]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Alexandra aka Alex

[B]Age:[/B] 15

[B]Gender:[/B] female

[B]Reputation:[/B] Angel-all thieves call her this/Lady Kaitou-thieves that respect her call her this.

[B]Specialty:[/B] seduction and combat

[B]Weapon(s):[/B] desert eagle- .50 caliber, [URL=http://store2.yimg.com/I/tigerstrike-martial-arts_1749_4080265]sais[/URL], and [URL=http://www.mwart.com/images/p/Samurai_3000_Collection_Samurai_300_UC1258_489.jpg]katana[/URL]

[B]Appearance:[/B] i guess i'll post something.

[B]Bio:[/B] Alex is korean/italian. Her mother was an ex-con who married a descendant of Al Capone. Her father wanted a son, but got a girl. He had hopes for someone to follow in his footsteps after he died.

Alex was taught everything about the italian business. Her father taught her the main things, her uncles taught her the conning, hacking, lying, fast talking, and such.

After she was about 5, her mother died of cancer and she was left with her father. Her father couldn't take care of her, for the reasons that people were trying to kill him. Her father sent her to her godfather and godmother's. There, she further learned about the way of a thief.

When she turned 8, she started learning the ways of a ninja thief. Within two years, she learned everything there was to know to become a ninja thief.

Alex rides a jet black with silver lining Suzuki Hayabusa 1300. She also knows how to make a guy spill the whole dirty secret about a certian treasure or certain secret hiding place. She knows how to seduce a man. She'll sleep with you...but you need to give her a little bling bling and a little FYI. If she's satisfied, then she'll do it.

[B]Quote:[/B] "I'm a thief, not a girl." and "3 rules when it comes to a thief. 1) Trust No One. 2) Honor among thieves? Please. And 3) Remember my face. You'll be seeing it again, tiger."[/size][/color]
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The ways of a theif, combinded with the ways of a ninja, with a con artist in the mix. A little much... hmm... I'll have to get back to you on that, Arika. (meaning I'll probably forget it in an hour and then remember that this is supposed to be fun and not so strict...)
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Name: Zen The VII

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Reputation: Lucky 7, Other thiefs call him this caues even if has a whole department of cops on his tail, or if he trips off every alram, he allways walks away with the goods. and after every theft he leaves his calling card, Spaid with a emeral green 7 in the middle

Speacialty: Lockpick, Stealth

Weapon(s): Zen carries a Thiefs tool ( yes i know, Sly Copper, i couldnt help myself) along with 4 daggers with the for card suits crests on the hilts, and a custom seven shoot revoler

Apperance: Zen is tall and lanky looking, with balck hair, he weres a blue shirt with black pants, and a black trench coat, he weres round sunglass/glass and has a black taxi hat.

Bio: Zen comes from a long line of thives, his father tought him every thing he new bout seatling, an how to Disgues your self as other people. Then his father was killed on a botched job becaues he friend had betrayed him, but this made Zen's family a laughing stock and so he has gone out to pull big heist after big hesit.

Quote: " Hey if yah trip and alarm, it just makes the heist more fun"
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Name: Thalia Ventas (goes by "Trixie")
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Reputation: Walking Explosion
Specialties: Explosives, lockpicking
Weapon: Explosives, of course!
Bio: Born in Spain, she moved to America with her father when her mother left them (she was seven). Ever since then, her father has been totally strict, restricting her activities to school. To rebel against her dad, who happens to be a cop, she took up theivery. She´s also a complete pyromaniac, and she´s very perceptive, and notices little details (this she learned from her mother, a neat freak). This allows her to sneak in, take what she wants, and not be notices until the "KABOOM!" announcing her, by which time she´s usually gone.
Description: On the short side, she has very tan skin and dark, reddish brown hair to her shoulders. At home, she´s always in her school uniform, but on a job, she wears a black mini-skort and a tank top, and tall black boots.
Quote: "Of course I can use a lockpick, but it´s so much more fun with a big KABOOM!"

(If I did any of this wrong, please accept my advance apologies and tell me what I can do to fix it. I´m still fairly new at this, but I´ll try not to slow anyone down!!) [/COLOR]
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Name: Rei Ijyun (an almagation of Rei Ayanami from Evangileon and Akira Ijyun from the CLAMP manga The Man of Many Faces... thppp :p )
Appearance: A pretty stereotypical Japanese girl: short, straight black hair, usually wears a preppy school uniform, short stature, pale skin, slanted green eyes (the only part of her that's not stereotypically Japanese). She tends to get lost in a crowd (and the teacher always forgets to call on her in class).
Age: Surprisingly young, Rei is 15 and a freshman in high school. She takes Advanced-Placement math (Pre-calculus) and several computer courses.
Specialty: Pickpocketing, shoplifting (small items that she can fit in her pockets), and some hacking (hence the computer courses)
Bio: still working on it, update later. Don't expect much, as she's only a teenager.


Bio: Rei was born on the auspicious day of the leap year. Her parents, an accountant and an engineer, noticed when she entered sixth grade that their daughter had quite the head for numbers. She was always averaging things and adding up the numbers from the nutrition charts on the cereal box, though she could never remember to turn in her homework (which resulted in her getting only mediocre grades). They signed their little prodigy up for some Advanced Placement (AP) courses and saw that she got the same grades in AP math as she did in normal math (though Language Arts and Social Studies were abominations). Since then, Rei has got an electronic planner and improved her math scores significantly by taking notes for her homework.
But Rei?s parents didn?t know about her secret life. When she was seven, Rei stole a caramel candy from the grocery store. Soon, she was stealing handfuls of candy at a time without getting caught. Rei delighted in her shoplifting talent, though she rued the day when the local convenience store put in an alarm system. The twelve-year-old Rei learned to sneak quarters out of her parents? wallets to buy contraband sodas at school, even when her parents were carrying their wallets. She rarely steals anything big, knowing that it would be missed.
Rei discovered the Guild while mucking around on the Internet. She signed up as soon as she could accumulate the credentials. Her hacking isn?t worth much, though her math skill enables her to write complex codes for killer viruses she can use to crash almost any computer.
Reputation: Umm... ?Newbie thief?? Rei doesn?t have a rep... yet.
Gender: Female (duh)
Weapon: Carries daggers, shuriken, and a water pistol. Her most powerful weapons are her small electronics: a graphing calculator (with some games on it), a little electronic address book (with locations for easy-to-steal stores), an electronic diary (where she keeps codes for viruses), and a few 3 and 1/2 inch floppy disks.
Quote: ?Who, me?? (accompanied by ?Bambi-eyes?)
Secret Weakness: Goes ga-ga for cute guys, and it seems the Guild has a lot of them...
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hmmm, theivery.........

Name: Dallas 'quickshot' Elvy
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Reputation: 'The big shot quick shot'
Specialty: Arms and specialized robberies
Weapons: Every gun he wants, he steals, a switchblade, some rope and duck tape and something under his vest....
Appearance: *see attachment*
Almost Exactly like this, but the eyes are red, his vest is closed, has a backpack filled with supplies and guns,and a cigarette in his mouth.
Bio: Not much of a sneak around thief, but more of a scar leaving bigshot. He's mostly stealin from the army, all the weapons and stuff, but he'll always leave something that they wont soon forget. Noone ever wants to shoot him, because he hides something very suspicious under his vest.
He steals guns, because he's prolly the best around with guns. Hence why they call him the bigshot quickshot. He also a wiz to namein and maintaining his guns.
He also has intelligence with special robberies. He's usually prepared to tackle any obstacle, and only got caught and shot in the ribs once on his first attempt. He heard from a close friend about an old guild comming back together, so after he goes and steals some food from a quickstop for the others, he'll be right there.
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Guest Skyechild91
Name: Kethri Doan ( commonly known as Keth)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Reputation: Street Theif
Weapon:Handgun, throwing knives
Specialty: Acrobatics, blending
Apearance: Short cerulean hair w/ long bangs, black shorts, long sleeve shirt, knee boots, bandanna, 5'4" (some people think shes a boy if she hides her bangs)
Bio: Her parents were always drunk so she took to theivery at the age of ten. She never whent to school (ok maybe now and then) She is a heck of a shooter, and is deadly with her knives. One word of advice. Stay out of her way!
Quote: 'The only good cop is a dead cop.'
'Your so hott, you need oven mits!'
I already helped you start but forgot to post this.
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