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Art my first attempt at a wallpaper o.O

Guest Ooder

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i made this on adobe photoshop. My first wallpaper. Tell me what you think. Suggestions or tips please!! :D

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Seriously awesome. Almost a perfect 1o, because you used the filters so well.

There's just something that bothers me about some of the character edges getting filtered, too--I can't decide if that goes with the background or if it looks out of place. Hmmm...

Regardless, love it, hope to see more.
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[color=navy][i] Amazing skill was put into this wallpaper. I like the choice of colors used.
I agree with GinnyLyn about the characters edges getting filtertd..personaly I think it would look better without that effect.
The only thing that bothers me about it is the shoulder of Samus's Varia suit. MetaRidley looks pretty damn cool like that.
All in all, a great wallpaper. You don't mind if I use it on my PC, do you?
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