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RPG Street Life: Turmoil on Main street


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[i] Up on the hill lives families in huge homes with designer curtins and clothes. Family pets get to live indoors and life is perfect. But down on mainstreet, there arent any homes, no families, and all that is there are stores and restraunts... South of mainstreet lies a park thats always empty and deserted... Except for the kids who prefer living on the streets. But living on the streets is how they have lived for a long time. Street life is the only way of life they know. Now its threatened by concerned people, a new gang in town, and surprisingly a mob that want the park for their own transfers in the dead of night. Now its time for these kids, that havent fought very hard to keep their little life going, to fight and defend what life they have...[/i]

By the way... the attachment is an ms paint picture of the main streets and things around it. So we dont get lsot and so we know where everything is

The sky was dark and the street lights were just starting to illuminate. There was no one around and it was pointless to be around here at night. The entire area was full of little stores and restraunts. They all were closed by now. The library was the only thing that is open all day and night.

Adrianne slowly walked through a nearby Alley. It was called Park Alley because people would noticed shadowy figures useing it to get to the park in the evening and night. It was actually a street but it was not named for it was never used.

Adrianne glances around and then hears footsteps behind her. She began taking all the info she could about the alley. She had used it many times in over the past several years so she already knew much about it. Like the fact it is in between the old Chinese Restraunt and the used book store. The ladders on the sides of the buildings were old and rusty. They had not been used in many years and the rain had finally proven that it can take out some of the strongest metals.

A rusty bolt kept it together about four feet up and at eight feet was the next bolt. It gave enough room of ladder to hurt if dropped on someone's head. Adrianne realized her idea was flawed. The ground went the other direction and with her luck she would end up dropping it on her own head. She she stuffed both hands into her pocket. In the one she had a nicely crafted knife and that was her next plan.

By the time she made it into the park the following footsteps had vanished so she kept on into the park. She still had her guard up as she remebered no moment out here at night.. was safe.


OOC:The black... is just unused area on the attachment... the white alley is to the old unused park and the rest are a bunch of stores and junk.. the yellow is just mixed things...red and blue are restraunts and stores. AS the key says.. the old factory and warehosue are no longer in service and a small brick wall (black) has been built around it to keep people out...

;) but that dont mean us now does it

oh and the flower garden.. is only open in the morning
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[i]D-Bear sat in the park hunched over a small silver tin futering away at something on the space next to him on the park bench. He pulled out a lighter and started to burn away, after a few minutes of this, he cleared up the small mess he made and stuff his tin into his pocket. He sat back and placed the long, fat, white stick of joy into his mouth and sparked up. He puffed away staring at the pond glitering infront of him. A dirty blue plastic bag sat underneath his stretched and relaxed legs. He bent down and stretched into it pulling out a can of beer. As he heaved at the ring pull, the can hissed before he guzzled what looked like, half of it down his thoat. In a continues loop he drank then puffed and drank then puffed until both resources had ran out. He peered into the blue bag and a large grin emmited on D-Bear's face. As he bent over he heard a noise. He jumped to his feet and looked about.

A shadowy figure was over at the park's misty entrance. He leant forward screwing up his eyes trying to se who it was. Let's just say he was in no shape to see long distances nevermind fight if it had to come to it. He looked down at the watch he stole from the pawn shop, that was strapped to his left wrist. He stared at it as it became blurry then hot towards his face. He looked back over to the figure who was gaining on him, as much as he could make out.[/i]


??: D-Bear?! It's me!

D-Bear: That's o-o-ok then.

[i]As he proceeded to sit down he landed smack on the floor...[/i]

D-Bear: Adrianne?! W-W-What's this bench doing m-m-movin' away from me?!

Adrianne: How much beer you had D? And what else?

D-Bear: J-J-Just a couple....*mumbles* [size=1]million...and a few joints...hehehe[/size]

Adrianne: I heard that...hah, you better whatch out incase anyone tries to hurt any of the young 'uns.

[i]D-Bear hauled himself to his feet and plonked himself on the bench and Adrianne sat down too. He slouched down to a comfy position and grabbed his blue bag.[/i]

D-Bear: W-W-Wanna beer?
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AkaSukiwalked in the park with her German Shepherd Maike. She eyed the hunched over , obviously Intoxitcated , D-Bear. She stops and looks at him and shakes her head . " Hey D-Bear. Stop drinking Something might happen and we dont want to lose the "village" idiot." She smirks as Maike runs over to Adrianna and D-bear. She follows. "So how have you two been lately? "
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Evita walked into the park, humming quietly to herself and swinging her bat at the grass. Up ahead were D-Bear, AkaSuki, and Adrianne. She didn't much feel like talking and looked for a way around. Finding none, she turned and tried walking away when someone called her name. Sighing, she shouldered her bat and stopped.
"Top of the world, God speaking, to whom may I direct you?"
OOC: I said she was random, not sane.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Alex walked through the streets, nonchallantly. She heard voices in the old park and decided to see what was up. She walked to the park and saw that Maike was jumping up and down. He caught a wiff of Alex and turned around and ran to her. The others turned to see who it was.

A red-tailed hawk landed on Alex's shoulder. The others knew immediatley who it was. Adrianne walked over to Alex and greeted her.[/i][/color]

"Long time no see, Alex. How've ya been?"
[color=ff66cc]"I've been good. Hey Maike. Just found a new pet. Rich b!ch number 1 had 2 dogs, but they weren't "fun" and so she ran them out. Now, where did they go? Oh, there they are. I named them Ace and King. Ace, King, here."[/color]
"Hahaha! Let me guess, King is the doberman and Ace is the rottweiler."
[color=ff66cc]"Yup. Come on you two. Let's go to mister Drunk Bear and Akasuki."

[i]Alex, Adrianne, the three dogs, and Veritas, the hawk, all went over to Akasukia and D-Bear. They greeted each other once again.[/i][/size][/color]
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Michaal was roaming down the street with his hoodie up and his hands in his pockets. The cold, bitter weather sucked in this city. He walked and walked. he found that that he was at the city park. He looked over and saw a large, tall kid with many other gathered around him. Talking. It was D-Bear. He looked down and coutniued to walk into a small alley were he made a home. He looked around and walked back out to see three thugs in his face with knives pointed at him. This wasn't good...
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Adrianne stoped in mid convo... Everyone knew this was the moment to get abselutely quiet. When she got a serious look on her face she meant buisness. SHe closed her eyes and listened for a bit. She walked quietly towards the alley and sidled along the building to looked around the corner.

Adrianne saw three figures with knifes standing in front of someone that looked a tad familiar. Adrianne looked around. This time they were in the right place. The three thugs were in the msot perfect place for her to drop the ladder on them. But doing it was a small problem.

"Dang all i gotta do is knock that bolt loose and bam... Shoot...hmm" Adrianne thought about just running up to it and kicking it but figured it was not something she could pull of tonight.

She glanced around and saw a rock... pretty good sized... She knew she could throw but actually hitting her mark was another story. She had once chance of course... and she knew d-bear couldnt do it. Arianne sighed and picked up the the rock. She glanced at it and chucked it at the old hardly put together ladder.

It flew right into the opposite side of the ladder that adrianne wanted but it still knocked the bolt loose enough for the part of the ladder to bend and fall. The thugs faces were startled and adrianne leaped out and pulled the person out of the way.

THe ladder hit the three guys and they all fell over. They all stood up the two had to back away and lean agaisnt the wall because of how the bars hit. The third just stood like a rock.

"Well that didnt go as planned..." Adrianne sighed "must not be my night..." Adrianne flipped her hair and stared at Michaal for a second..."do you wanna take care of this idiot or shall i?"
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[i]D-Bear staggered his way over to the alley. He started to fall to one side but was saved and held up by the alley wall. As he lent against the wall with his jelly legs crossed over. He pulled out a small bottle, but this time it was no intoxicant it was just plain water. This seemed to sober him up, but he had helluva sobering up to do. He poured the water down his thoat and threw the glass bottle over to Michaal. Still grinning like a Cheshire Cat his blood shot eyes rolled as he spluttered away. As he pointed to Michaal he spat leaning forward and pointing his tree ranch like finger.[/i]

D-Bear: N-N-Now yoooou use that well, right? 'C-C-Cause a don't use weapons....These are my weapons!

[i]He lifted up his two club like fists but in the process nearly falling over.[/i]

D-Bear: N-N-Now i'll help yoooou...after i'm in a better.....better.....erm....better condiolion or whatever you call it.

[i]He began to walk forward to the 3 thugs. Everyone just looked at him, not knowing what to o nor say. He pushed his chest out and lifted his head. He truely did look scary. Then as he raised his mace-like fist he bawled at the top of his voice.[/i]

D-Bear: What's this a-a-a-all about? Right...tell you what i want?! YOOOOOU REALLY WANnA KNOW?!?

[i]In true anime style he perked himself higher than he ever has and yelped[/i]

[b][size=3]PEACE AND LOVE![/size][/b]

[i]He burst into laughter but it was soon stopped as one of the thugs lunged at him with his knife. The stupid idoit changed in a millisecond to a feriousous beast...the influence of the drugs and alcohol almost dissapeard...if not drove him more to the edge. As soon as this happened simutaneouly everyone else has arrived, the pets included. He slammed the guy up the wall by the throat as both Michaal and Adrianne both pounced on their pray. Everyone was ready to dish out their dealings...[/i]
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Out of the shadows after say 4 minutes into the fight a tall guy walked out... He glanced at the thugs and laughed they all ran behind him at a snap of his finger. Adrianne and the rest picked themselves up and dusted off.

"So you a gang or something?" The man said

Adrianne stepped forward, "A gang... i er..um" She glanced behind her as D-Bear stagger up next to her.

"Yes we...aaarrree" He growled

"then who is your leader..? Every hang has got to have a leader..." The man laughed at D-Bear's state

Adrianne stepped closer to the tall man, "We dont need a leader... we all work together... now take your lazy carcass outta here!"

"Ooo hooo! We got a fiesty one here boys..." The man laughs again

"You better watch it... i can do more than dropp a ladder on your head..." Adrianne barked

"Big talk for such a tiny girl... Step back cutie before you get hurt" The man just stared at her

"I dont back down....if your smart you will leave"
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Nami heard the loud yelling of the thugs. It reminded her of a fight she saw last week as she laid low on the cold, concret roof of the currently-closed Chinese restaurant (gah...that's the one word I CAN'T spell...).
The loud bangs made by massive fists shook the building the young girl layed on. She held onto the raised up edge the best she could, her fingers turning white.
After a few more minutes of, "Let's see...yelling, screaming, loud bangings, punches, kicks, and the building shaking," Nami could tell the fight was over. The three thugs lay moaning on the blacktop, badly hurt by the way they grunted. Feeling satisfied with the way the fight concluded, Nami stood up and walked to her escape route.
"Who's there?" came the voice of Adrianne. The sound of a gun being cocked met the girl's ears.
"Eep," she muttered to herself, running to the other edge of the roof. Looking down, all that was between Nami and freedom was an old rusted ladder and a medium sized ally way.
Carefully, she made her way onto the ladder and cautiously stepped down each step (what do you call a ladder's thingies?).
"Kid, if your going to make an escape take my advice and make it a little faster."
There was the odd gang of various age groups, most of them in their late teens. Nami suddenly felt very out of place. Jumping down the the last bit of the ladder, she held up her arms.
"Surrender," she said, then flopped her arms to her side. The knife in her pocket seemed close, yet far away. And how could she take on a gang that included a 6 foot something bear who was drunk, a martial arts master, and some girl with two insane dogs and some stupid bird?
Nami took the chance. She slipped out her knife and hid it behind her hand, then quickly flipped out the blade. She stood, ready to attack, when the drunk burst out laughing.
"K-k-kid, we'rrrrre not gonnaa h-h-hurt ya!" He staggered from side to side, grinning.
"Uh-huh. Yeah. I've met people like you before. And I've learned to never trust what you say."
Self centered? Yup. :D Sorry if it seems that way, but I don't think it likely for some twelve-year-old to just walk up casually to a group of teenagers, so yeah.
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Clyde had heard screaming and yelling has he ran to the allyway. He would of gotten their faster if he didnt have his chain draped around his shoulders and wrapped around his arms. He stopped at the corner watching several familiar looking people slowly gang up on a young girl. He heard the tallest one, who he rembered was called D-Bear, say,

D-Bear: K-k-kid, we'rrrrre not gonnaa h-h-hurt ya.

Young girl: Uh-huh. Yeah. I've met people like you before. And I've learned to never trust what you say.

Clyde moved closer but his chain clicked together, giving him away. Everyone turned to see him. Clyde raised his hands up.

Clyde: Calm down. Im one of you.

They slowly lowered their weapons and turned back to the girl.
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"Yo girl... we dont hurt others unless provoked... and even then it has to be by strangers who traspass on OUR turf... and by the looks of ya... your ok... everyone back down...sheeesh...i can tell she aint with the group we just kicked..." Adrianne put her own knife in her pocked and everyone put their weapons down or away.

"Dont be afraid you can put your knife down as well... but seeing how you are nervous... we will leave ya alone.. Comong guys lets go back to the old Oak."

The Old Oak was a dead oak tree almost in the center of the park right next to the pond like lake. It was large and had lots of room to hang around. Adrianne always hid her stuff there and most of the group knew to leave it alone or they might end up missing some fingers.

"Yyya...lets g goo get sssome thing tooouu eat" D-Bear mummbles "You get anything today adrianne?"

"You betcha! You know how easy it is for me! But remember i got a little bit of this and that... this is no night to be pickey" Adrianne's face was always straight. Shen ever smiled to mean it... some called her cold hearted and she never argued the point.

They all walked over to the old oak and she stuffed her arm deep in a burrow in the trunk. She digs around and pulls out a leather backpack. She dumped its contents onto the bench. There was a few bags of assorted chips some bottles of gatoraid and a few packs of Cigaretts. Adrianne takes one of the packs and shoves it in her pocket.

Among the junk food was a loaf of bread and some cheese and stuff to make some good sandwichs. Adriane sat on the bend next to the pile of food and glanced around. "This was all i could get before the camera, the clerck, and the other customers saw...so be happy i got this much..."
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AkaSuki Lies on the ground staring up at the stars. Adrianne offers her some food. "No thanks. I'm not hungry." Maike sniffs the food. Akasuki wipes her side off. She looks at her hand which had blood on it. "Aww crap. It's open again" Maike Licks the Intoxicated D-Bear. Maike stares at Michael . Akasuki blinks just as she stands up. " You guys.... could you Watch Maike for me? I have to take care of something." She hands Adrianne Maike's Black leash." Dont let Maike near sugar..." *eyes D-Bear* "And him....
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Adrianne laughs slightly and nods, "Fine... alright.. Mind if i give some turky to Maike?"

She thinks fo a bit, "Fine alright ill be back"

Adrianne gave the dog some turkey and lit a cigarette. She was soon finished with it. Adrianne climbs the tree and lays on her branch. It was always hers she slept on it...when she slept that is. She took out her knife and started carveing on a piece of wood she took off the tree. She made sure the dog stayed away from sugar and the beer guzzler.

The slight sound of cop cars went by the area and soon they dissapered, "I wonder who got in trouble hehe.. Hope its those thugs... then we wont see them again.." The park became quiet like it always was and adrianne stares at the dark star filled sky.
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Jack climbed from some of the taller braches of the tree down to the level Adrianne was on. He sat down without making a sound, something he was rather good at. That and hiding.

[b]Jack-[/b] "How much longer are you willing to scavange for food while ducking the threats that become more and more numerous?" She jumped a bit at his first words then calmed back down to her branch and shut her eyes.

[b]Adrianne-[/b] "Jack, how many times have you asked me that? I'm going to say the same thing over and over every night you ask me. 'As long as I have to'." She smiled with closed eyes. "I thought you were out." Jack nodded.

[b]Jack-[/b] "People usually think that. I can be as quiet as the grave when I want to be." He smiled and chuckled quietly. He shifted on the branch he was on, making it creak slightly.

[b]Adrianne-[/b] "Watch yourself, Jack. Don't go breaking our tree." He stood up on the branch and did a little bow.

[b]Jack-[/b] "I wouldn't dream of it my dear." He climbed down the tree hoping to grab a bit of cheese before it was all gone.
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Maike Growls at Jack. " Who's Dog is that Adrianne? Looks like a purebred to me" Jack said looking at the curious dog. "It's Akasuki's... Just dont give it sugar or let it near D-bear....." Maike Barks at Jack this time wagging his bushy tail. D-Bear stirrs from his intoxication." What the heck happend? All I remember is coming here."
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Clyde had left the from the allyway and walked back to the old abanoned warehouse he called home. He quickly climbed over the brickwall and entered the warehouse. As he walked into the next room he started to hear several voices.

????: You mean to tell me that you were beaten up by a bunch of kids! You guys are worthless!

Clyde removed his chain and sneaked behind some boxes and listened in some more.

????: Forget it. Those kids are brave to mess with us. Kill them the next time you see them.

Clyde had heard enough and quickly sneaked out off the room. As he picked up his chain, it clicked together, making a sound.

????:Who's there!?

Clyde grabbed his chain and ran out of the warehouse and climbed over the brick wall, stopping the catching his breath.

Clyde: I should find them, and warn them.
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Adrianne sat up in the tree and thought to herself [i] Jack...heh.. what an odd one... i dont scavange i steal...there is a difference. [/i] "Hmm i hear heavy breathing... wonder what it is" She whispers to herself and looks around.

The night was truely quiet and wierd. Itsn 0ormaly always filled with wind or something. But tnoight was as silent as the stars themselves. Adrianne leaped out of her branch and landed behind the bench.

"Someone's coming.. be on your guard...Oh and jack What was with the 'my dear' thing? I mena i dont mind its just ... well i didnt expect that... Oh and D-Bear we kidna took out a small group of thugs and i got food...boy you are going to have such a hangover in the morning..."
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AkaSuki Jumps in front of Clyde ." Hey there..... I have a question for you" Clyde graps his Chain and mutters " I thought You guys didnt want to talk to me ..."

The men who were talking hear voices
???: Be quiet.. We have unwelcome Visitors... Go take care of 'em." The group of men move out and head out the doors to kill Akasuki and Clyde
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Michael was still standing with intoxicated D-Bear who held the leash and his eyes were squenchy. "Hey, yo. i gotsta thank ya."
Michale said to D-Bear.

"Don't think nothin of it, dawg. If i had known who you were i wouldn't have helped." D-Bear answeered in a suprisingly clear tone. The weed must have been wearing off.

"So, i'm that recongnizable, huh?" michale said to him.

"Hell yeah..." D-Bear said to him. "Wanna hit this?" He said, holding out an unlit blunt.

"Nah thnaks. It blurs my concentration....." Michale answered.
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Adrianne took the dogs leash and unhooked the dog. She pucked up a stick and offered it tothe dog. Adrianne tossed the stick and it went flying. The dog bolted and went after it. Adrianne let out a true smile for a second...

"Is that possible?" Jack said "SHE SMILES!!"

Adrianne's face went straight again, "You are seeing things..."

"I doubt that" Jack quietly says to himself..."I doubt it"
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Maike grasps the stick in his mouth. He trots back but then stops in front of Michael. He drops the Stick at Michael's feet. He sits and wags his tail

Mean WHile Akasuki carries Clyde as she runs from the group of men who were chasing them "Let me down you wench!" Clyde yells " No not until We're back on my friends' and I turf"
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Adrianne blinks "hey mutt your sapposed to bring the stick back to me... im the one who threw it!" Adrianne laughed not meaning to be insulting by calling him mutt. Adrianne picked up the stick and threw it again.

The two figures appeared in the area and adrianne turned with knife drawn. "What..the..oh.. Gosh dont do that! Your acting as if a ghost is after ya"

"Close enough..."Akasuki says quickly..."anywas found him by the wall near the old factory and wearhouse....so on so forth"

"Ah... you dude... i never said you werent welcome... you could have came with us...so what you doing?"
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Clyde: I came here to warn you.

Adrianne: Warn us? About what?

Clyde: The gang members you took out earlier have taken refuge in the old warehouse. Now theyre are probably following me and the wench.

Akasuki: HEY! The name's Akasuki, you jerk! Is that how you speak to someone who saved your life?!

Clyde: You're right.....Sorry.

Akasuki: No problem.

Clyde: Anyways, you should keep your guard up.

Adrianne: Thanks for the warning. Anything else?

Clyde: Ill have to stay here. Those guys back there have taken over my home.

Adrianne: Its alright. Like I said you're welcome here.
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Adrianne pointed to the bench which still had food all over it, "Help yourself... Chips gatoraid and sandwhich stuff..."

Adrianne looked around and then quickly climbed back up to her branch. She layed back and stared up at the sky. She closed her eyes and fell asleep. her ears still worked as she kept up her guard although asleep. She needed rest... it was indeed past midnight. She didnt sleep long but when she woke up everyone else seemed to be either super quiet or sleep somewhere as well. The dog was the only one awake enough to keep guard.

"Heh...typical... Ah... by the look of the eastern horizon it should be morning in a few hours.. that gives me time to take a silent walk." Adrianne leaped from her branch.

She walked off into the darkness. She was in the far back corner of the park where no one really went. She sat down in the hald dead grass She sat indian style and watched the water. It was motionless and carried the reflection of many stars. She watched a shooting star fly by with out even lifting her head. The reflection on the water did it well enough.

She sighed and layed flat out in the grass. All she could hear was her own breathing and figured it jack was awake he could be standing over her before she even saw him. She didnt care nothing at this moment really mattered. She enjoyed the slighly calm night in silence.

She sighed and stood up, walking over to the lake edge she flipped her hair and then layed down on her stomach. THe one foot drop off was under her head and she looked down to see the edge of the water. She put her fingertips in the water creating tiny little ripples that fanned out and grew bigger and bigger. She swirled her fingers around for a while and then sat up.

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