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Emporess Sealenea looked worriedly out her window as the cloud in the distance grew dark and creeped closer. There hadn't been a storm in Kuriyama for thousands of years. Not since the first evil that had been wiped out by the Chival five. She winced as dark silver lightning shot from the ominous cloud and at random spots on the ground. She put her hand to her forehead and used her other one to steady her self against the window. Strong evil vibes surged from the cloud and she senced ever one of them.

[i] After all this time...has he come back? [/i]

A gaurd pounded urgently at the door of her room requesting entrance.

"enter" she choked out.

"My Lady Sealenea, a messanger has sent news that..that Lord Obsidian has been sighted in the far east!" he almost shouted in a hurry.

Sealenea frowned as she looked back at the cloud. [i] so he is back.... [/i]

"Ren" she said adressing the gaurd by name. "I have a quest for you. But you must go alone. I do not want the castle alerted or alarmed."

Ren nodded "My wish is your command."

"I want you to search the land for the decendants of the Chival Five."

"But-my lady, How would I-"

"With this..." Sealenea pulled from the palm of her hand a Medalion with four points on each side. It was attached to a long chain made of a heavey metal. "Visit the four sectors. If you are near them it will glow. Only the needle that points you in thier direction will not. It will stay as dull as it is now."

She handed him the needle and sighed. "Please hurry. Hurry before he grows too strong..."

Ren bowed and hurried away. Sealenea fell to the floor and began to sob. "not again"


Alrighty so you get the point right? Heres my charachter.

[B]Emporess Sealenea[/B]

Age: 4018

gender: female

Description: Sealena wears her har in a long braid. Her bangs are purle as the rest of her hair is white. Although she is old She looks as if she is only 18. She wears a normal purple dress with a sort of robeish, darker purple cover. She wears a silver tiara.

Bio-- She was alive during the Era of Obsidian. A time when Lord Obsidian took over her fathers land and killed him. Her being his oly daughter she was forced into early thronehood. Obsidian took advantage of this and wedded her. He tried several times to bed with her but she was found barren and could have no child. This angered Obsidian so he sold her off as a slave. She became freinds with her master and finnaly found happiness. He was a book seller and as she read the books she found out that Obsidians take over ha been profisised(sp?) and that Five Men of the land were gifted with the five elements of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Storm to save the land from Obsidians power. With the Kind merchants help she brought them together and gain her rightful place at the throne again.

fill out your signup like mine.


I need some one for:


and some one to play Ren and Obsidian.

eigther the person who plays obsidian can play his minions or someone can signup as minions.

Oh yea rules:

(1) You will NOT controll other charachters repetatively.

(2) Your post must be at least a paragraph long.
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Name: Koji Starfe
Age: 23
gender: male
Bio: From an ansestral time, the Starfe name was highly respected and very noble. Koji's father had become very rich and powerful from his many inheritence. Koji, who was barely tooken notice of, developed a taste for kickboxing matches at an early age. The first time he saw a tournament, he knew immediatley that that was what he wanted to be.

He spent most of his life in training, until his own form of martial arts was perfected as much as he could alone. At 19 years of age, he won his fith consecutive tournament and went missing. It was said that he left to seek his fortune. That rumor was deemed false, as four years later he was sighted in the town, now wanted for breaking out of jail. His reasons for being tried in the first place are unknown. It is said that he is now hiding deep in the forest of Aduin.

Description: On his last sighting, Koji had short black hair and a red bandanna. He wore a whire shortsleeved shirt, a black jacket, and a pair of dark blue jeans. he had black shoes and fingerless gloves.
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[b]Name:[/b] gene hilind
[b]Age:[/b] 18
[b]Bio:[/b] Gene is a experenced thief. He travels looking for a challenge to test his skills and knoledge. Knows how to escape traps and unlock any type of lock. He knows many types of spells from his travels and is willing to teach any one who wants to know them aslong as he can trust them. He is loyal to any friends he has and is willing to help those in need. He will work with any one no matter who they are or what they are as long as he thinks they have good intentions.
[b]Description:[/b] blue eyes, black hair, blue shirt, black pants, gloves, cloak, brown boots
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Name: Astral Valentine
Age: 50
Gender: Male

Bio: A wise man who is surprisingly strong, fast, and energetic for a man his age. He has spent most of his life living in the mountains, training himself. Astral is a master of the martial arts. He also trains and teaches those who seek his help and wisdom.

Description: Brown hair with a few streaks of gray that flows to his shoulders, brown eyes. Wears a brown vest, pants and boots.
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name: mizumaru
age: 20
bio: being a master on the "art-of-liquid" and a very skilled assasin since he was 12, he is very friendly but he is very carefull on what he is going to do or say because he is very observant.
his eyes are very warm but when he gets serious his eyes' warmth dies out and becomes very dark and cold.
description: wearing a black-blue shadow suit with metal shin, wrist, knee and forearm guards (basically a ordinary ninja)


what is art of liquid?
well it is when an individual is capabble of adap
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Name: Elyssa Juval
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Bio: She was orphaned early on, raised by her aunt and uncle in the forest. She is an excellent tracker, and while she is stong, she is unskilled in the art of fighting (though she carries a spiraled staff that she uses to whack anything in her way). Her guardians instilled a strong sense of justice in her, so while she is a very gentle soul, she stands up for what she believes in. She is eager to please, and a moderator in the fights her guardians have.

Description: Tall, with very long black hair that´s always tied back, often dressed in long flowy dresses that belonged to her mother. She always wears her long white scarf.

Oh yeah, and she´s wind (that´s what´s left, right?)

(I´m fairly new at this, so if any of this is wrong or should be altered, please let me know! And if I´m doing this wrong, please accept my advance apologies!) [/COLOR]
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( Sorry about any typos and spelling errors but my computer won't load Word so I can't spell check this.)
Name: Calis Crydee
Age: 26
gender: male
Bio: He has been a mercanary for most of his life and is known as one of the better ones. Several betrayals in his past have resulted in him being both very loyal and honurable and also a very hard person to earn the trust of. Over the couse of his life he has learned to fight with many differnt weapons and some ice magic. Obsidian saved Calis' life when he was attacked by an overwellming number of bandits and has pledged himself to Obsidion's service until he can repay the favor, What he doesn't know is that it was a setup to secure his skills.
Description: He stands at roughly 5'6 and weighs 141 pounds has blue eyes and light brown hair. Calis wears a black tunic and pants. He has a buckler straped to each of his forearms and for weapons he carries a sturdy oak quarter staff that is capped with iron on both ends as well as a rapier and scimitar straped to his back in a X shape.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc]i'd like to play as Ren! but i might not be able to post today. Here is the beginning of my sign up.

[B]Name:[/B] Ren

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Gender:[/B] female

[B]Bio:[/B] Ren is sent by the empress to return with the Chival Five. She has been with the Empress ever since she was a young'n. She is a skilled swords master, archer, horse rider, fighter, and sorceress. She uses her double edged broad sword to fight. Her horse is an albino mustang. She also has a panther that follows her places.

She is a devoted guard to the Empress. She will do anything to save her kingdom and her.

[B]Description:[/B] see attachment[/size][/color]
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Well...Ren is actually a boy...But I guess for you we can make him a girl ^.^

He..uh, I mean SHE, is the emporess' top guard/worior person and the one who's sent on the mission to find the chival five. that's about all I can think of for now. I'm on a sugar high. *holds up cookie dough* this stuff rocks!!!
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I would love to be a minion, if that's quite alright with all of you. Here's what I've come up with as far as a character goes:

[B]Name:[/B] Aoen
[B]Age:[/B] 21-ish
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Bio:[/B] Aoen has known nothing but death and betrayal in her life time, and after having her hopes and dreams crushed so many times, she's a very bitter, cynical woman. Details about her past are unknown, and she's not about to tell her life story. The only thing that is for sure is that she met Obsidian a few years prior to present time and he offered her the chance for revenge on a world that had been nothing but cruel to her. She's been working for him ever since.
[B]Description:[/B] Long ebony hair that reaches down her back, the ends curling slightly. She has two locks in the front that sort of frame her face, one longer than the other. Crimson colored eyes. Her skin is very tan, and she has a blood-red tear drop tattoo below her right eye. In a sort of Final Fantasy fashion, her wardrobe is a little on the strange side. And of course, she being female, it reveals more than it conceals, starting with the black, one-piece, sleeveless shirt/shorts thing. A blood-red corset covers that, laced up with a really small chain. The bottom of the shorts part of it also acts sort of like a garter belt, and connects her fishnet stockings to it by more chains. Wrapped around both her hips is a sort of make-shift belt of chains, and chains are also wrapped thickly around her neck. Fingerless gloves, leather boots (also chained up), and a black trench coat finish up the outfit.
[B]Miscellaneous:[/B] As far as weapons go, she either uses A) the chains that are basically wrapped around her body (like whips! Wahoo!), B) a dagger that she has stuck in the chains around her hips, or C) her [I]hair!![/I] No, just kidding. She'd use her feminine charm and her lack of appropriate clothing to draw the poor victim in. What a sleezy whore. :smirk:
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Ok...taps fingers on desk. Since your probably screaming for me to start this, then if no one signs up for obsidian then I'll play him as well. So, I'll give it untill tomarrow and then PM you guys when it start. Thanks guys for signing up!! so far so good!!!

Edit: ok so it's been two days now. I'll play obsidian. So I'll start this in a minute C'ya there!!
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