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[size=1][color=ff66cc]I'm very bored and I believe that I don't think this will go off really good, but you know what? Who cares? I'm bored and I want to do something.

Long ago, in the ancient years, there were people who could communicate and merge with spirits. They connect the dead and the living together. They can see the spirits as well. These people were called Shamans.

Shamans merge with a spirit, not just any spirit, but a spirit that thinks you are worthy of it. They can talk to them as well. When used in a fight, shamans call upon the spirit they hold and they come forth and help their shaman.

Every 500 years a great event is held. A tournament, by name of Shaman King. This determines whether you are trully worthy to gain the Great Spirit.

It's been 500 years after Yoh Asakura had obtained the Great Spirit. Now it is the descendants of the great shamans to come forth and fight for the Great Spirit.



[B]Age:[/B] 13-whatever age you want...nothing too extreme




[B]Spirit:[/B] make up your own, or have a spirit from the previous owner, so if you were part of the Tao descendant, Bason. or just whoever whatever..you just need an ascendant and a spirit.


Having Trouble? Here's a peek at mine.

[B]Name:[/B] Hikomi Asakura

[B]Age:[/B] 15

[B]Gender:[/B] female

[B]Appearance:[/B] see attachment

[B]Bio:[/B] Hikomi was a young Shaman and her grand father, Yoh Asakura, and her father, Kino Asakura, trained her to become one with her spirit. She has learned to fight without a spirit as well as with a spirit. What's strange about Hikomi and her spirit is that her spirit emerges out of her and fights. In double battles, Hikomi and Atsukida battle side by side.

During her years of training the only friends that were close to Hikomi were Morty's great grand son, the Tao twins, both boys, and her spirit. She knew that if she wanted to get to the Shaman King competition she would need many allies as well as intense training. She and Atsukida will stop at nothing to show everyone what she's like.

[B]Personality:[/B] Hikomi Asakura is a girl that'll accept anyone anyway. She doesn't judge people by the way she looks. She believes that everyone does something for a reason, as her grandfather has taught her. But something you should know is, don't mess with her. You do not want to upset this girl. She is a timed bomb waiting to go off. She never starts a fight, she ends it. Her grandfather taught her that although people say things about her, she shouldn't mind, but if someone says something about her family, friends, or anything she believes in, she should stand up for herself and those that she believes in.

So, never underestimate Hikomi Asakura. She just might beat you to a bloody pulp, even without her spirit.

[B]Spirit:[/B] Hikomi holds the spirit of Atsukida, the best sword fighter after Amidamaru and the world's greatest ninja/samurai.

en when we get at least either 3-5 more people, i'll look over the sign ups and determine whether or not you're good. and if you want to join after i begin the RPG, PM me with your sign up, you can try to join as many times as you want if i reject you.[/size][/color]
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Name:Lance Rutanori

Age: 18


Appearance:bright yellow eyes,black hair (it's brushed to the side to hide one eye), white Chinese style shirt, dark blue pants, black sandals

Bio: His whole family is dead so he just wanders around. He also bears an ancient curse that causes his anger,and his ghost, to go out of control.

Spirit: Kaijin

Personality: Lance is usually pretty laid back,but if you get him mad you'd better start running. He's a very advanced swordsman, and is also pretty good in hand to hand combat.
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mmm, i'll play a boy this time just for the heck of it. This'll be fun...

Name: Derick Tsunami

Age: 17

Gender: male

Appearance: chill' for a while and I'll find ya a pic. ^.^

Bio: Although a shaman he's just tring to hide out as a normal teen. He and his spirit train in secret and haven't met another shaman yet.

Spirit: Donavann Katsuka-
um, I'll explain who he is as we go along.

Personality: obnoxious, clumbsy, perverted, but can be sensitive and caring when he needs to be. love's girls.(what else needs to be said about that?)
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Name: Seth (I really like the name Seth...dunno why...)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall, lanky kid; wears black denim jeans, black cowboy boots, and a black shirt.

Bio: Seth was born in America, and immersed himself in the teachings of the great shamen as a substitue for friends. Hearing of the new Shamen Tournament, he's decided to compete, caring more about recognition than merging with the Great Spirit.

Spirit: Seth controls the spirit of Black Travis, a skilled Western desperado.

Personality: Seth is rather laid back, and keeps to himself. In groups, he acts confident and sarcastic.
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[b]Name:[/b]Kayley Asachi



[b]Appearance:[/b]See attachment[Drawn by someone from OB]

[b]Bio:[/b]Kayley is a Shaman but whenever she's around normal people she's an average teenager that loves to hang around with her friends.Her parents let her train with her spirit Dragoon in a quiet room with no one around to distract her or be hurt by her training.Her older brother teaches her physical fighting whenever they both have time and Kayley's very good with a sword so for a present he gave her a blade made of unbreakable and always sharp,crystal and the hilt is made of silver with places for her hands to hold in the correct positions for different moves.Now Kayley carries it with her everywhere along with her staff made of polished oak with metal caps on both ends.

[b]Spirit:[u]Dragoon:[/u][/b]Large blue dragon creature.He uses his sharp claws,teeth and magic to help Kayley in trouble.

[b]Personality:[/b]Kayley is a fun and caring person and never judges a book by its cover.If she ever sees a friend or family getting hurt then she will fight whoever or whatever it is.Kayley absolutely treasures her friends and family and would never use them for anything.[/color]
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Name: Jiang Rin
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Brown hair tied back in a ponytail, green eyes, about 5'8", wears blue nylon shirt with a chinese dragon on the front, also wears blue or green cargo pants, and sometimes wears a battle sash for fun.
Bio: Rin is Chinese, and was trained since early childhood as a [i]dao-shi[/i], or taoist shaman. His style of training is unconventional, since, rather than summon a spirit to integrate with his own body, he sends the spirit into a corpse, and has the corpse fight for him. This is a bit more macabre, since the corpse is usually quite old and has to be preserved, but taoists are usually beyond such things.
Spirit/Corpse: Jiang Wei, a skilled warrior from the Han era who fought in the Shu Han army until his death. He was a skilled stategist and spear fighter, but he died around the end of the Han era, when the Jin army invaded his castle, and he died in the battle from a strange heart disease. He is one of Rin's oldest ancestors, and he has now been reborn into his old body to help Rin.
Personality: Rin hates being violent, so he uses Wei's body to fight for him instead. This says much about his personality. He hates having ot fight in hand to hand, and would also prefer someone to fight from long range (spear). Also, he is a skilled leader and tactitian, since he has to command Wei in live combat. Otherwise, he is easygoing and peaceful, and likes spending time in the woods and cooking, some of the traits of the taoists.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc]Those who are in..and I'm still waiting for others...this might take a while.

Ohkami- Kayley Asachi
Wondershot- Jiang Rin
Kaiinu- Lance Rutanori

all others who signed up...maybe you should put a little more effort into those bios and personalities. i chose kaiinu because although he had a small propotion about himself..he put a little twist into it. his insanesness. but perhaps in the near future...details people details.[/size][/color]
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Name: Ryuma Akari

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: I'm gonna try to put a pic on here.


Bio: Ryuma was born in China, and she was greatly interested in the supernatural from the start. Upon becoming a shamaness, she entered the Shaman Fight with allfire eagerness.

Spirit: Ryuma's got Lisela, the spirit of a priestess from Ancient Egypt

Personality: Ryuma is a very tough girl, and a real smart aleck. But she loves all her friends, and she'd do anything for them...even give her life.
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Name: Mana Kurashima

Age: 17

Appearance: Mana has green hair with silver streaks and purple eyes. She wears a black halter top with a green glow-in-the-dark O-ring on the collar, green flares with buckles on the bottom cuffs, a green headband with a silver ankh pin, black shoes, green arm warmers with silver ankh pins on them, a black leather belt with a silver buckle, silver ankh earrings, silver knife earrings, a silver ankh necklace, black leather bondage straps, and green straps with silver ankh pins that wrap around her arms.

Bio: Mana is a shaman from England. She prefers magic to physical attacks, but is skilled at both. Her parents have been training her to be a shaman since she was very young, and she's become rather strong. Mana heard about the tournament and decided to join to sharpen her skills.

Personality: Mana hates it when people aren't honest with her, and she hates when they don't say anything when something bugs him. She is normally cheerful, but if she ever gets angry, you do not want to be around her. She tries to keep the bad things that happened to her in the past out of her mind. She likes to express herself through poetry and music. Mana is rather logical and sensible and has a strong conscience. She has a hard time letting things go, and can be quite serious. Most of the time, however, she's just your normal, goofy teenage girl.

Spirit: Sekhmet. She is the spirit of Mana's best friend (Kanuko), who was murdered at age 15. Mana looked up to Kanuko when she was little because she never let the small things bother her and she was always honest about how she felt. When Kanuko died, Mana was devastated. She managed to catch Kanuko before she decided to cross over and Kanuko decided to stay with her.

Spirit's Appearance: Sekhmet has silver hair and blue eyes. She wears long black and grey robes with black angel wings attached to the back and carries a silver staff with black wing decorations attached to it and an ankh at the top.
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Name: Matthew Saru Kazuo

Nickname: Matt

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Coming Soon...

Bio: Matt found the ways of a Shamon the hard way. He was scared into it. One day he was walking around a cementary, just passing by when he saw it. A girl and some nija thing training with an old man who had earphones on his head. He headed to the library and his Father told him that he was a Shamon. From then on Matt has trained under his father with his Spirit Guardian, Yoshudoyuki.

Matt, being somewhat of a loner is confused and hopeless in the world. Sure he's the kind of the guy that SHOULD be popular... but isn't. For one reason... he wants others to be popular. He gives his friends to lonely people. That's why he's a loner.

Spirit: Matt holds the spirit of Yoshudoyuki (yo-shoe-doh-u-key), one of the greatest assassin's in the world. Though, no one knew about him. He used a large sword and 2 Metal Nun Chucks (Nunchaku) and was trained under the great Amidamaru.

Personality: This kind, animal loving freak of a kid is ery generous and always has a smile upon his face. He never leaves anyone out of the fun and the only time you'll see him being serious is if anyone he cares about's life is at risk. A great friend and a true warrior to be reckoned with.

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[size=1][color=ff66cc]Great! I'll start this maybe later tonight! Can someone remind me? My SN for AIM is xoxehgeexox. but, wow...everyone..you're in! oh, and a side note for Vash's Angel...you're picture didn't come up. Can you make an attachment? Or post something up? That'd be great.[/size][/color]
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Wait fer me, onegai!! And *gasp* Lrb do you know of Marmalade Boy?

Name: Taka Asara (nickname: Munky or Spider)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Taka is tall with long black hair with red streaks, and dark purple eyes. She wears black knee-high boots, fishnets, a short black skirt, and a belly shirt with a fishnet top over it. To top it off, she wears black makeup, a huge spiked collar, and studded bracelets. Due to a bout with depression, she wears long elbow length gloves to cover scars from when she cut herself. The top layer of her hair is in twirly braid like things and the rest just hangs there normally. To see the twirly things, go here: [url]http://www.klown.org/photos/303.jpg[/url]

Bio: Taka has been training to be a shaman since she was a small child. She saw her guardian spirit one day and decided to draw her. The two of them started training for the tournament ever since and have gotten fairly strong.

Spirit: Ranka ( I borrowed the name from one of my friends). She was a miko before a noble accused her of treason and had her killed. She knew many skills and was trained to use anything as a weapon if necessary. She liked the way Taka portrayed her in the picture and they became partners. She wears traditional miko clothing and uses swords, spells, arrows, and basically anything to help out Taka.

Personality: Taka is a freaking tree, animal, and earth loving freak, but could care less if the whole human population went to hell, due to some terrible experiences as a child. She loves to be alone as long as she's got her CD player and a good CD, but otherwise she'd rather be with a friend. Since everyone she's come in contact with becomes frightened of her appearance, she doesn't exactly have any friends. She may look evil, but she's got a very kind heart and wouldn't hurt anyone unless it's necessary. She's a vegetarian and will go to any lengths to save anyone who even smiles at her. She treasures anyone she becomes close to and would sacrifice anything for them, except Ranka.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc]I'm starting this today! Sorry about the long wait. I was kind of busy with my schoolwork, now that I'm a freshman. Well, I'll post and all those who signed up can post. It can be related to mine or way past it. And whoever wants to sign-up can, just PM me, IM me, or email me. More likely PM, please.[/size][/color]
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Guest bahumant111088

Apperance: spiky blue hair,green eyes,black pants,red ying and yang shirt and redand black shoes


bio: lives with his sister and brother, xion never talks to them
he goes to school like normal kids and he does is work
but he cares about shamans more than anything
personality:calm,cocky,and talks to his friends , and battles stron he never gives up

spirit: name blade
a swordsman with a long sword , blonde hair, black pants, apurple shirt, and a red cloack, and one black devil wing like
cloud and blade was trained by sephiroth the one wing angel.

Xion also holds the buster sword( when he gets in afight)
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