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RPG Digimon: The Fallen


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OOC: Here we go. Arika, make sure you choose a Digimon partner before you post.
(David is at his computer. A red jewel is connected to it via a custom-made cable built by his brother, Eric. When David types something, the jewel glows and a responce appears on the screen)
{OOC: For the rest of this post, David is typing what he says, and what follows "Responce:" is what is displayed on the screen}
David: Has the message been sent?
Responce: Do you doubt that I sent it?
David: I don't doubt that you sent it, but I like to be sure of things.
Responce: Yes, I sent it.
David: And it told the new people to come here?
Responce: Yes.
David: And it gave them directions?
Responce: Yes.
David: Good. Any word from Alexa?
Responce: You would know if there was.
David: Do you know where she is?
Responce: The one she is connected to knows, but I can't find her.
David: Where is she?
Responce: My connection is not with her.
David: Where is she?
Responce: I can't determine your location.
David: But you were told. And if you don't tell me, I'll have to ask the one who told you, and inform him of your unwillingness to help me. And you should know what that would do.
Responce: She is with the fifth right now. She will be sent through to your location later.
David: Fine with me. (He detatches the jewel and turns the computer off)
OOC: This is where your characters(and Digimon) come in. They've recieved the message and are on the way to David's house. And just to make sure it's clear, they already have their Digimon partners.
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Nisha tapped her pacer against her paper in boredom.There were only a few minutes left of school and she was in Social Studies.After a few more torturing minutes the bell rang and she quickly packed her things away and left the classroom.Nisha headed to her locker and put some books away before taking out a small device in a small compartment.Nisha clipped it to the waistband of her pants before slamming the locker and locking it.She sighed and walked out of the school and started her walk home.

Nisha opened the door to her house and ran upstairs to her room.automatically she dumped her bag on the floor and jumped into her comuter chair and logged on.A small window poopped up saying she'd gotten a new message.Nisha clicked it open hoping it was something exciting and read it.Nisha gasped.It talked about Digimon and an evil digimon named Milleniummon and that they needed help to defeat him because they'd already tried to defeat him before.Nisha immediately knew it wasn't a joke and grabbed her backpack and started to pack supplies and anything that would help including her D-Terminal.Nisha put her fingers into her mouth and whistled loudly.There was a groan from downstairs in the lounge room so she ran down stairs and saw Flamon waking up from a nap on the sofa.

"Hey Flamon.We've got trouble.Come upstairs."Nisha said.

Flamon immediately jumped up at the word trouble and ran upstairs with Nisha and read the message.He gasped as well.Nisha and Flamon looked at each other and Nisha picked up her laptop and placed it in her backpack.

They both ran downstairs and Nisha quickly wrote a note about saying what had happened.Her parents knew about Flamon and digimon so it was ok and she told them they could email her on the computer or through the D-Terminal.Then they both ran out the door and to where the message said to go.
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Guest Skyechild91
Catt was reading her new book. Icemon was curled up at her feet. Icemon looked like a small blue wolf with silver stripes. It blinked its large blue eyes at her. She looked up at her friend and smiled. She heard a beep from her computer and she set down her book. When she had opened the message she was shocked. It said that an evil digimon named Milleniumon was loose. She put her notebook in her backpack and some other stuff. Last, she hooked her Digivice to her belt. She pulled on her denim jaket and slipped into her tennis shoes on the way down the stairs. Icemon ran down the stairs and she put him in her back pack. She raced past her mom out the door and yelled," Ill be at the library!" She pelted down the street towards the house in the message...
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OOC: Icemon looks like a white Gotsumon.
(David picks up a communicator{made by Eric} and uses it to call Brian)
David: David here.
Brian: Was the message sent?
David: Yes. He also told me that Alexa is with the fifth and wil be sent through to me after that. I had to force it out of him, though. That guy is a pain in the *** to deal with. Anyways, I'm expecting the ones we sen the message to to arrive shortly. Is there anything new they should know?
Brian: Nope. Nothing.
David: Make sure someone tells me if there is. David out. (He turns the communicator off)
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Guest Skyechild91
Catt stood outsisde the house. She knocked three times. Her breathe fogged up the air. The door was answered by a boy about her age. She said," Umm.. Im looking for David?" The boy said," Thats me. You must be Catt." He let her in and they went to his room. She saw his digimon, Terriermon, on the bed. She set down her backpack and Icemon tumbled out. She looked around his room. David said," Sit anywhere." She sat ont he floor, her legs beneath her. She rummaged through her back pack and took out her notebook and pencil.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Angel sat in her chair, tapping her pencil, while listening to music as NeoGuilmon layed curled on the bed sleeping.

A beeping came from the computer and Angel clicked on the mailbox. A message came from someone named David. She started to read the email. It said that Milleniummon was loose again and that he needed help. She grinned and read more. It talked about Alexa and how she tried to defeat Milleniummon and finding HyperRosemon. She grinned even more and was about to sign off, when another mail came through, this time from someone inside the digital realm.

It had the sign of help that Alexa and Angel used online, if they needed help in anything. She gasped and then signed off quickly, not before printing it out to take to David's.

NeoGuilmon heard Angel's rummaging and grabbed a backpack and put the stuff in. After Angel got her stuff, she grabbed a bottle of water and left the room. Her parents were never home, therefore, she took the house keys.

NeoGuilmon followed quickly behind as they left the house. Before leaving, Angel put on his leash. In her neighborhood, no one cared. They thought of NeoGuilmon as the neighborhood watch dog.

Angel ran to David's house and knocked on the door. Before entering, she shoved a piece of paper into his face. Seeming kind of rude, she said it was urgent. He nodded and let her in and closed the door. He wondered what it was about.[/i][/color]

"What's this?"
[color=ff66cc]"That is the sign that Alexa and I always used when we needed help. And this came from the digital world. And isn't Alexa in the Digital World, trying to fight Milleniummon or something of other? Then, this has got to mean that she needs help. You do know what and who I am talking about right? Well, you should since you are the one who sent the message."[/size][/color]
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OOC: David and Angel have never met. Also, David didn't meet Alexa until after she abandoned the real world to search for HyperRosemon. Her family believes her to be dead(This is all in the story this RPG is based on, so you can see for yourself when I finally get it posted(which could take a while; I have a slow beta-reader)). Please edit your post to reflect that. The stuff about what hapened to Alexa is fine, as she told David and the others about Angel(She didn't know about NeoGuilmon, though)
David: Obviously you got the message. It was hell getting a more detailed one sent to you, though. He doesn't like it when I want him to do something. Actually, he doesn't like me, period. I have to threaten to inform the fifth of his unwillingness to cooperate before he'll even think about doing what I ask him to.
Angel: Who's 'he'?
David: Later. I don't want to have to explain this more than once. There's one other who got the message. When she arrives, I'll explain what's going on.
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Nisha arrived at the door of the house and panted before knocking on the door.A boy answered the door.

"Uh...Excuse me.I'm looking for David...He sent me this message."Nisha said opening the message on her D-Terminal.

"Yeah...That would be me.Come in.So you're Nisha."
"Yah....Sorry if I'm late or anything...It's a pretty far run."

He let her in and Flamon followed her.

"Sit wherever you like.We're all here now."David said addressing Nisha,Catt and Angel.

Nisha shrugged and sat cross-legged on the ground with Flamon sitting next to her and listened as David started to speak.
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David: Since you're all here, you obviously got the message, so you know that this Digimon called Millenniummon has been causing trouble, and that he's been defeated twice before. The first time, he wasn't destroyed, just sealed away. He was freed, and my twin brother Eric and I alng with two others, Brian and Mike, joined Alexa, who first fought him. After quite a bit of trouble, we managed to destroy him. We thought he was gone for good.
Catt: That was all in the message.
David: I know that.
Catt: Do you have anything new to tell us?
David: Yes. i jst said that we thought Millenniummon was gone for good, but it was recently discovered that he's still around. We don't know how. And it's worse this time before, he did everything himself. This time, there areothers working with him. we do not yet know who these others are. Brian and Mike are trying to figure that out. Eric's trying to learn their plan. As for Alexa, she and her partner should be here shortly. She left after the second fight with Millenniummon. She'd been in the digital world for three years, and she doesn't think she can live the kind of life we do anymore.
Angel: She's not coming back?
David: I don't think so.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]OOC:[/B] who doesn't know about NeGuilmon? Angel or Alexa?

Angel sat in an even deeper anger. Knowing that Alexa didn't want to come back to her family made her feel even more rejected. NeoGuilmon handed Angel her CD player and head phones. She put on her headphones and turned on her music. David and the others looked to her.

Angel got up and said that she was going to go punch something. The others looked on at her as if she was some kind of punk.

As she headed out the door, Angel hated the fact that Alexa was never coming back. She sat near the brick wall near David's house and then slammed her hands against the pavement. Then she got up and slammed her left fist into the brick wall. Blood trickled down her hands. She looked to it and did not flinch, nor did a tear fall from her eye.[/i]

"What is going on with my life, NeoGuilmon? Why is everyone leaving me? First, baby Nicolas, then Ms. Monako, and now...Alexa. Grr. I'm not like the others. I'm not a goth who has problems. I don't wear black make-up and black clothes. I don't feel like the "darkness" is with me. I only feel angered and like an outsider. Grr. Look. My knuckles are bleeding and I can't feel a thing. Well, actually, even when Alexa was here I couldn't feel a thing."[/color]
[color=red]"Yeah. Remember that time when you got shot in the leg? You didn't even flinch or fall to the ground. I thought that you would fall to the ground and start screaming, but you didn't. You stood there and took the pain."[/color]
[color=ff66cc]"Yeah, well...nothing matters now. Come on, we've got to get back to the house. They might start something without us."

[i]NeoGuilmon nodded and walked with Angel as they walked back to the house. Once they walked in, Terriermon looked to the bleeding hand.[/i][/color]

"David! She's bleeding!"
"What? What did you do?"
[color=ff66cc]"Don't touch me. I'm not in the mood to talk. Oh, but I will say this...I slammed my fist...against a brick wall...as hard as I can."

[i]Angel sat down away from the people with her angered face. The others sort of stayed away from her. NeoGuilmon is somewhat the personality of Angel. He is like Angel only that he is not angry as her, but he will protect her and her friends, if she had any, at all costs.[/size][/color][/i]
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OOC: Alexa doesn't know about NeoGuilmon(She left before he arrived).
David: I think you misunderstand. You will see her again. Like I said, she'll be here shortly. She's just lived in the digital world for a long time, and she doesn't think she can change back to how she was before. Anyways, we have work to do. What we're up against is like nothing you can imagine. Millenniummon is as nasty as they come. When we first fought him, he kicked our butts without even trying. We found a way to beat him, which you'll learn soon. this time, not only are there others working with him, but we have reason to believe that he is stronger then before. This will not be easy. (A girl in her late teens walks into the room. She has a muscular build, and almost no body fat. Her clothes are extremely dirty, but in otherwise good condition) I've been expecting you. Where's HyperRosemon?
Girl: She's upstairs in your room.
David: That's fine. Everyone, this is Alexa.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Angel turned and looked to Alexa. Not believing her eyes.[/i]

"What? Who said that?"
[color=ff66cc]"You don't even tell me that you're in the digital world and you don't even tell me that you have a digimon and you don't even tell me anything. So what happened to the communication, huh?"[/color]
"Oh. Hey Angel. I'm back...for now. I couldn't contact you...somehow. Sorry. But be glad I'm here...for the short period of time. Anyways, who's everyone here?"

[color=ff66cc][i]David got up next to Alexa and everyone introduced themselves.[/i][/color]

"Hi, my name's Catt. Pleased to meet you. My digimon is Icemon."
"Name's Nisha. This here's Flamon."

[color=ff66cc][i]David pointed to Angel and told Alexa something.[/i][/color]

"Obviously you know Angel. Not nearly as much maybe. And just so you know, she slammed her fist against a brick wall."

[color=ff66cc][i]Alexa nodded and sat next to Angel. She looked her over and then looked to NeoGuilmon.[/i][/color]

"Hmm. Don't worry about it David. My little sister can take anything. She's the younger twin, you know. Everything about is almost alike, except that I'm not the one who always goes after the bad guys first. My little sister is so enthusiastic and emotional. Trust me, don't get in her way. But uhm...who's the digimon with you, Angel?"
[color=ff66cc]"That's NeoGuilmon. And you know what else? I would love to smack you right about now, but I have no reason to. NeoGuilmon this is my twin sister, the one I told you about. But I guess she's changed...a lot."[/color]
[color=red]"Not really. She still has some sort of personality you talked about. She still cares for you."[/color]

[color=ff66cc][i]Angel scoffed and got up. She clenched her fists as she paced the room. David stared at her and began to speak.[/i][/color][/size]
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David: Look, we don't have time for this. Are they all there, Alexa?
Alexa: All five of them. It took some doing to get yours to come.
David: Be glad he doesn't know you called him that.
Catt: All five of who?
David: You'll find out. We're going to go meet them. Oh, and try not to say anything to the red one. He's very easy to piss off. I assume the portal's stil open?
Alexa: Yes.
David: Good. Everyone, follow me.
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Guest Skyechild91
Catt got up to follow David. Icemon jumped and landed in her arms. She was nervous. She new Nisha, and not very well. She put her jean hat on, and walked with the others to where David was taking them. She saw a portal and her mouth formed a small O of suprise. She almost dropped Icemon.
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David: Normally a portal is opened from a computer, but we can't do that. Where we're going is impossible to open a standard portal to. The five I mentioned earlier have prevented it. The fifth opened this portal himself. Only he or one of the other four can do so, and it is impossible to enter where we're hoing from that world unless you have the permission of one of the five. You'll learn who they are there. You'll also learn what we know about what's going on.
Catt: Why can't you tell us now?
David: Because this isn't a secure area. Where we're going is the only place we can be sure we aren't heard or seen by Millenniummon and those he's working with. Since we don't have any idea who he's working with, we don't know who to trust. You've all been determined to not be with them, but we can't do that with everyone. We just have to be careful about what we say when we aren't where we're about to go. Now that that's said, let's go.
Alexa: I'll go first. HyperRosemon's on the other side, and she'll want to know you're about to come through.
(Alexa steps into the portal)
David: Who's next?
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Guest Skyechild91
Catt took a deep breathe. She picks up Icemon and says," Ill go." She braces herself and steps through. She looks around her and waits for hte others.
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Angel: My turn.
(She and NeoGuilmon walk through)
Nisha: Guess I go now.
(She and Flamon walk through)
David: Let's go, Terriermon. (He and Terriermon walk through, and appear by the others. Alexa is standing by a Digimon that looks like Rosemon{see attachment} but with the red and green reversed and the black part red) Welcome to the Center.
(Alexa indicates the Digimon standing next to her)
Alexa: Everyone, this is my partner, HyperRosemon.
David: The five are waiting. Follow me.
OOC: Attached is a picture of Rosemon. Use it as a referance with my description of HyperRosemon.
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Guest Skyechild91
Catt took a deep breathe and followed David and Alexa. She looke around. The digi world wasnt that different from Earth, but it was a little strange. She started to drop behind. She tripped, but no one seemed to notice. She rubbed her ankle. Icemon stayed with her. It said," Are you okay, Catt?" She mummbled," Im so clumsy. I cant walk in a straight line for more than a foot." She managed to stand. When she looked around, the others were gone...
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Angel had her headphones on while she walked through to the Digital World. She looked around and thought that it didn't look that much great.

She looked up and saw Gigadramon and Megadramon flying overhead. She smiled and looked ahead. She saw HyperRosemon, Alexa and David. They neared an area that showed 5 other figures. Angel got closer to Alexa and David. They stopped and introduced each other.[/i][/color]

"When everyone gets here, we'll introduce each other, Alexa."[/size]
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Nisha: Where's Catt?
David: What? (He looks around) Oh. She must have fallen behind. Stay here. (He walks back for a few seconds, then vanishes. About half a minute later, he reappears with Catt and Icemon) Just as I thought. We passed through the barrier before Catt and Icemon did.
Nisha: Barrier?
David: If you don't have the permission of one of the five to enter this area, you can not pass through the barrier. One can not see or hear what is on the other side, and nothing can enter without one of the five knowing and allowing it. This is the only place that we know is secure.
Catt: What's this "five" you keep mentioning?
David: Have your Digimon partners told you of the four Sovereign that maintain this world? (They all nod) Well, there's actually five. The fifth is Huanglongmon, and not many know of his existence. When in unsecure areas, we refer to them as the five, and each individual one by a number. Zhuqiaomon is the first, Azulongmon is the second, Baihumon is the third, Ebonwumon is the fourth, and Huanglongmon is the fifth, and by far the most powerful, although no Digimon can stand up to any one of them.
Nisha: Then why are we needed?
David: Because the Sovereign must devote most of their power to maintaining this world. We're here to do what they can't, for if they did, they would not be maintaining this world, and it would collapse.
Catt: All right. So we have to do this. Shouldn't be too hard.
David: Wrong. This is the most dangerous and difficult thing you'll ever do. Alexa almost died when we went up against Millenniummon before. Now he's got backup and a plan of some sort. And he's looking for a way to become stronger, which is the worst of it, as he's already strong enough. He has three forms, each stronger than the last, with the final one being more powerful then even one of the origional four Sovereign. Only Huanglongmon is more powerful, but he must devote most of that power to maintaining this world. And I know you're wondering how he got to be so powerful. It's because several years ago, there were only four Sovereing, and they were not able to fully maintain this world on their own. They needed a fifth, one with greater power then any of them. Their first choice was a MetalGreymon whom they made much more powerful by using energy spheres called Digi-Cores. Huanglonmon was created when they tried a second time. The MetalGreymn failed. He used his power to destroy rather than to maintain. He is Millenniummon.
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Nisha was surprised at all the information David had told them.So they had tried to make another Sovereign but he was evil and he changed into Milleniummon.Nisha was kind of sad because of what had happened and that MetalGreymon had betrayed the other Sovereigns' trust.

Nisha looked to Angel and Alexa who weren't really standing next to each other but were close.Then she looked around and saw the others and their partners.

"Flamon...isn't it sad how MetalGreymon turned against the oters and became Milleniummon?"Nisha whispered to him quietly.
"Yes it is tragic.But it was his choice.He could have chosen to stay good.But he declined.He was one of the many in the world who are power hungry.Being a Sovereign wasn't enough for him.He wanted more so the power finally devoured him and he was taken by his own greed to transform into Milleniummon."Flamon replied wisely.Nisha nodded in understanding and they watched the others.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc]"So, you're telling us what?"[/color]
"What I'm telling you is that we have to find a way to keep Milleniummon from destroying the Sovereigns and the Digital World. If the digital world collapses, then it will interfere with the Earth."
[color=ff66cc]"Yeah? And what's that got to do with everything and everyone else?"

[i]Alexa turned to her and gave her a scowling look. Angel returned the reply with a smirk. David returned to everyone else and kept talking.[/i][/color]

"Anyways, MetalGreymon turned into Milleniummon and still wants power. He will try to destroy the Digital World and obtain as much as he can. He will try to turn it into his own world. He may even try to destroy the sovereigns. He is much stronger than the other four. But Huanglongmon is much stronger, but cannot fight Milleniummon. That is where we come in. We protect the world and try to fight Milleniummon. As I have said before, Alexa fought Milleniummon. So she may know some weaknesses."[/size]
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David: Anything I've forgotten?
Alexa: Not that I know of.
David: All right, everyone. We've got work to do. Our mission is to try and find more information. In this world, there's usually a prophecy of some kind for something like this. We need to find it, as it might tell us what we need to know. Now, there are two places that it's likely to be. When Millenniummon was imprisioned, his data was split in half. The two places where we should look are the places where the data was sealed away. We went to one the last time we fought Millenniummon, so we'll try the other one this time. Eric's met up with Brian and Mike, and they're on their way now.
Catt: How do you know?
David: I'll tell you later. They'll be here shortly. Imperialdramon moves very fast. I expect them to be here in about a minute.
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Guest Skyechild91
Catt took off her digivice and flipped it open. She tapped something on it. David looked at her, confused. " What...?" Catt smiled. " I like making gadgets. I made my digvice a computer and walkie talkie. And your friends should be here in 15 seconds and counting..."
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OOC: I forgot to mention this. Since David and Eric don't talk to each other(because of their connection), "converstaions" they have will be enclosed in [brackets]. These "conversations" happen instantly and can't be overheard or prevented.
David: When they're here, we'll load up in Imperialdramon-he has a kind of cargo area-and go to the site we're looking. Of course, there's an aditional problem.
Angel: Yeah? What?
(Before David can answer, Imperialdramon arrives. A wide beam from his forhead hits everyone, and they find themselve in the area David mentioned. Imperialdramon heads toward the area where they're going. David introduces everyone)
Angel: Now, what's this problem you mentioned?
Eric: The site is located underwater. We know where it is, but not how to get to it. We know there's a way, though. It's been done before.
David: There's probably a Digimon of some sort in there as a guard. There always is. Make sure you're ready for a fight.
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