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Braidless Baka

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The world is in ruins.

A long time ago, the specific time forgotten, the world was thrown into chaos.

Everything the human race had built, every glory they had constructed, everything was pulled down. The place was in turmoil... nothing could save them from what they had done to themselves.
[i]War is a pointless exercise.[/i]

The religious turned to God. The atheists turned to revenge. But both pursuits proved to be fruitless. Mother Nature was silent. And Father Time was dead.

We were on the brink of a war. Desperate to prove who was stronger. To settle our dispute. Nobody even remembers what it was, it was so long ago now. Isn't it funny how a few years can seem like so long in the fumbling darkness?

Then dark clouds came from the east. Clouds that darkened the sky, and erased the light. We can no longer see what we are. Or tell ourselves apart from animals. The clouds were sent by... something else. Something I can never hope to describe. I have never seen them, nor do I know anyone who has. I've heard them, a booming voice from the sky. They sound... wrong. They blasted the warring nations apart forcibly. Light like I've never seen before. Now Earth is scarred, a scar that will take more than time to heal. They have single handedly destroyed the human race. But it's, something we were close to doing ourselves. So, I'm not impressed.

Right now, there are two factions of us. Those who abide by the law, which has become corrupt and decayed. But as decayed as it is, it's something to cling to. Something to place our hope in. And there are those of us who strive to create our own law, because what we have just isn't good enough. We fight. We fight against each other like nothing should. Neither of us is right, and neither is wrong. I can see that now. But nobody else knows. Nobody else can possibly understand what I mean. All they see is black and white. "I'm right, they're wrong." They don't know. [i]They don't know anything.[/i]

We [i]have[/i] to do something. We have to change things. Humans can't live like this. Everything needs light, and like a plant, we're all wilting fast. They're evil things. They claim they came to bring about our salvation. I think they came to draw from us what they could, then leave us. To die.

I want to take the fight right back to them. Right back and to slam my point home. Even if I die in the process, at least they'll understand my meaning. That humans don't lay down and wait to die.

[i]But I can't do this alone.[/i]


[b]Name:[/b] (It can be normal, made up, whatever. Just if there are Japanese names floating about I just want you to link them to your nationality or appearance.)
[b]Age:[/b] (I'm not setting any limits, but I'd appreciate at least one or two older characters in here.)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (The usual, what do you look like, what do you wear, etc.)
[b]Biography:[/b] (What was your life like before they came? Were you in school? Have a good job? Maybe what your family is doing now.)
[b]Opinion:[/b] (What do you think of the "invasion"? Are they our saviours? Rescuing us from our own destruction? Or have they tried to enslave us? Do you follow the system and the law like a religion? Or do you just follow it numbly?)
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Name: Michael Shard

Age: 32

Appearance: Long, dark blonde hair almost always tied back, Dark brown leather pants and black leather boots, a white shirt with a white vest undernieth, several leather bracelets on his right wrist and a simple silver watch on the other, silver rings on the fingers, most notably the large thumb ring with a black onyx center. A silver cross adorns his neck along with a brown leather choker. All this is topped off with a a long black duster.

Biography: He was a priest in New Orleans with a small congregation and a faithful duty in God. A pacifist by nature when the darkness came he was the first to emplore to God for forgiveness. But now all this has changed and with the arrival of the invaders sparks a new light in Michael, a light of defiance.

Opinion: Set on making his own law, Michael trys to avoid the authorities at all costs, believing these 'aliens' to be the evil the earth has been waiting for, and now a holy war is about to begin...those who choose to enter the light will be saved.
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Name: Thomas James Gray (yes I'm playing a guy)

Age: 26

Appearance: average height with a dark brown skin colour, brown eyes and black hair always worn in dred-locks which are tied back with a green piece of material. Wears faded grey jeans and a dark green t-shirt with 'Insanity' printed on it in white letters. Wears a black leather jerkin with wolf head design on the back and has green fingerless gloves which are studded with black studds.

Biography: Thomas was origionally a teacher in a local school before this whole mess bagan with the darkening skies. At first he turned to God and forgiveness but after a strange attack on his family which whipped out three generations, including his newly born daughter. Naturally Thomas set out on revenge, determind to sort out this mess and give these voices a piece of his own mind.

Thomas turned to a crime sindacate that was set on braking the threat through terrorist ways, but he disbanded after a disagreement with the boss of the group. Now Thomas roams the streets, trying to find ways to stop the control of the aliens, from small things like smashing windows to big things like slipping virius into computer systems.

Opinion: Hates the Aliens for the attack on his family and has sworn revenge and intends to make sure that they will never be able to hurt anyone else ever again. Even if it entails making his own rules.
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[b]Name:[/b] Robert DeRooz

[b]Age:[/b] 57

[b]Appearance:[/b] Robert stands at about six feet and weighs about 180lbs. His hair is mostly grey, but still has some dark brown in it. His eyes are pale hazel, and his features hard. Wrinkles cover his face like water in the ocean, making him seem far older than he is. Robert usually wears a faded denim jacket with a white shirt underneath it, and black jeans. Black boots cover his feet.

[b]Biography:[/b] Before the attack, Robert was a psycologist. He was very rich and carefully manipulated his patients into coming back day after day. He was married, but not exactly happy. The opinion he had formed of his wife was that he hoped she died first.
Incidently, that happended. Only not the way he thought it would. She was impaled by a random piece of shrapnel from a falling building while she fled from their three story, 9000sq foot home. Robert sat back and watched the world burn, without much interest. He wished they would take his life too, but no such luck would grace his existance. He was doomed to wander in this dark, doomed world.
He left his house, for it was never his home, and began his long trek eastward. Robert never looked back. He walked across the fridged landscapes, cooled from the dark clouds masking the sun. He stopped temporarily, in the care of strangers nice enough to share their supplies with him. Sometimes they tried to recruit him. Sometimes not. More often than not they tried to kill him, and steal the supplies he did not have. All he had left his house with was a hunting knife (which was already stained with much blood), and a small flashlight (a very important comodity in this desolate, dark world).
And so he nears the Eastern Seaboard, unsure of what comes next.

[b]Opinion:[/b] Robert isn't quite sure what to think of the strange force that decimated the world. He doesn't like them, but he doens't quite hate them either.
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This is a two person unit.

[b]Name[/b]: Black (Kay)

[b]Age[/b]: approx. 28

[b]Apperence[/b]: 6'-tall with dark brown hair and green/brown eyes. Long-legged and thin, but well muscled (sp?) Wears a black jumpsuit with black boots and gloves. Small computer on left wrist, katana on his back, knife in right boot, and a pistol holstered under his left shoulder. Wears a black, motorcycle-style helmet with black visor in combat, and a white, hooded cloak when out of combat.

[b]Bio[/b]: Growing up on the streets made Kay a natural fighter, and numerous run-ins with the law left him in a military training camp at a young age. His lack dicipline for following orders and his fighting skills earned him a place in a spec ops unit, where he was codenamed "Black" for his cold attitude and favorite color. He quickly got the hang of guns and became an expert sniper. Growing tired of being used he deserted the unit and became a mercenary. He is very loyal to his friend Amy.

[b]Opinion[/b]: Undecided. Chooses to view the invaders before making any quick decision.

Now the second member of my unit.

[b]Name[/b]: Blue (Amy)

[b]Age[/b]: (Dangerous question) ;)

[b]Apperence[/b]: 5' 10" with shoulder length, light brown hair, and ice-blue eyes. Also thin and well muscled. Wears the same outfit/weapons as Kay does.

[b]Bio[/b]: Amy came from a rich family that believed everyone should have a military background. She was forced into a military academy by her parents. An attempt to escape landed her in trouble, followed by a short stay in a prison cell, where she met Kay. Through various channels Kay's superiors got Amy transfered to their unit and assigned her to work as a spotter with Kay. She agreed to remain with him when he left the army and became a hired gun. She is also very loyal to Kay.

[b]Opinion[/b]: Shares the same view as Kay. She judges a situation as it comes.
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I'm going to leave the sign-ups open until about the weekend. Then I get the chance to start this thing properly ^_^


[b]Name:[/b] Jason Hertz
[b]Age:[/b] 19
[b]Appearance:[/b] Average height, with a mop of orange hair and curious, green eyes. Can usually be seen to wear simply jeans, a large t-shirt, and a plain black jacket. Can always be found in possession of a penknife and a pocket torch.
[b]Biography:[/b] Jason was all geared up to head through school and study computing. However, when the "vistors" came, he tried to continue through the schooling system, but it had changed. Just like everything else. He dropped out of school last year and has been drifting, looking for ways to earn money (or take it) for about a year now.
[b]Opinion:[/b] He doesn't like them and he doesn't like what they're putting humanity through. He doesn't believe that humans should be controlled so harshly because they "saved" us. And he [i]really[/i] wants to know what they gain by taking away the light. In fact, he's pretty much dead set on getting it back, and would die for that cause.
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[b]Name:[/b] Corbin White

[b]Age:[/b] 20

[b]Biography[/b] Corbin has been a member of the Tempest Gang since the day he was born. 4 years later, a rival gang killed Harry, his father. The gang leader was a good friend of Harry, so he sent a Rand to protect the teenage widow and her child. But Corbin wouldn?t allow the Rand to stay and he told him that he could protect his mommy by himself. The man laughed and praised the kid for his courage. Later, when Corbin was older, the Rand that was supposed to protect him, taught him how to survive in their dark city. Now, Corbin is a Rand himself and he has been sent to thank these strange beings for getting rid of the light, and the major authorities of the world. Also, if the invaders are weaker than they appear to be, he is to try to take them alive so that the Tempest gang will be able to take over using their weapons.

[b]Opinion[/b] Whatever they are, Corbin feels grateful to the invaders, and a little curious about what they look like. If he can?t gain control, then he knows he?ll have to kill every last one of them.
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[B]Name:[/B] Lyn Cain
[B]Age:[/B] 23
[B]Appearance:[/B] A slender girl (but not disgustingly so), she has long, thick tawny colored hair and a matching set of eyes. Her skin is naturally on the tanner side, but the lack of light is causing it to gradually lighten. Usually found in jeans, a long sleeved shirt under a short sleeved one, and some type of hat. The top of her left ear is pierced.
[B]Biography:[/B] Lyn had been living with her brother, trying her best to ignore the conflicts around her and continue living as they always had, urging her said brother to do the same. Strangely enough, she was studying to be a lawyer. Except one day, her passionate older brother went out and didn't come back.
[B]Opinion:[/B] At first, she was impartial to the invaders, out of a concern for herself and for her brother's well-being. But after the loss of light, and then her brother's disappearance, Lyn's view towards the visitors rapidly changed to one of hatred. She'd do anything to return the land to what it once was and she won't stop fighting until there's not a breath left in her body.
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Name: Kaiki

Age: About 21.

Appearance: Her eyes are black with only the faintest ice blue edging the outer iris. Her hair an almost black chestnut color, straight and smooth, falling to just at her knees when left down. About 5'9'', she wears a form-fitting choker halter top, with a black gem embedded in black silver just at the hollow of her neck in the choker. Meshy/net like material fits her arms like sleeves, though the aren't connected to the halter top, ending at her wrists. From there, black fingerless gloves over her hands, a dark silver ring on the ring finger of her left hand. Her midriff shows off her abnormally olive-chocolate skin, a dark silver bellybutton stud barely visable. (beginning to notice a color trend?) Seamless black pants cling to her lower body from her lower hips before being swallowed up in boots that rise to mid-calf. They too are black, brought together with straps and dark silver buckles. Both her ears are pierced, twice on the lobes
with a shinny black bead and a small dark silver loop, and once on the top of her left ear with an oddly shaped deep red piercing (kind of in the shape of a deformed star). Over it all she wears a long black trenchcoat type garb, though the back flows more like a cape. All of these are made of materials that appear to resemble something from earth, but upon closer inspection they are definetly not earthling made. She has two guns in a black shoulder holster, though she doesn't usually carry them. A long curved broadsword lays across her back, the metal a black silver - not an alloy of earth. She also carries a long dagger against her right thigh, two daggers along each boot, six throwing knives along her waist, and a few other toys in the inner pockets of her coat.

Biography: Before the Arrival, before the end of the light, when the war of chaos had just begun to reach the beginning of it's peak, the United States military issused drug testing to the most elite men of their divisions in an attempt to create the perfect or at least semi-perfect warriors. These drugs did things ranging from allowing them to go without sleep for days and weeks at a time, enhancing speed, enhancing strength, enhancing various senses,boosting the immune system and healing rate (since many had started using more biological weapons), increasing the capacity that we use in our brains, and even going into more extreme things such as trying to create x-ray vision. Most of the humans these drugs were tried on died soon after from various side effects, or were mentally lost so that they had to be taken out. A handful of soldiers from the Marines and Navy Seals actually survived, though they were still unstable, and were sent out into battle. They were forced to seperate themselves from any family they had and were urged to be sterilized for fear of what affects their genes would have upon an unborn child (though it was thought that the drugs themselves disabled them from ever having children). One Navy Seal, his identity only known by his codename, Lunar, had a brief affair with a Japanese noblewoman who had been fleeing captivity. Thus Kaiki was concieved.

Her mother died shortly after childbirth, apparently from internal wounds where the baby had broken through her uterus. Her father disappeared within the shadows of the agency. They, being the US special operations heads, didn't know how it happened, but they knew that they wanted the child. Taking her in, they tested her and found that some of the traits from her father's drug treatments had been genetically tranferred into her, without the rather nasty side-effects of mental instability, insanity, and uncontrollable physical breakouts. Extraordinary sense perception, heightened agility and speed, vision that allowed her to see perfectly at night, though rendered her world to black and white in the light of day, increased mental ablitity, and an incredable immune and self healing system, were the traits she took from Lunar.

She was given the name Kaiki by a symapthetic solider who witnessed the childbirth. The word is Japanese for Total Eclipse. Within the agency she was known as Eclipse. Fitting, as it resembled her father's codename. She was trained in all aspects, quickly becoming the US forces' top assassin and soldier, able to do what most could not, and being totally loyal and dependant to those in power. Unfortunately, when they arrived and the darkness came, the US forces were no longer the predominate power. The alien forces were quick to recruit her, and she followed willingly as she had been trained to do... A top soldier was sent to destroy her when the US found out their flaw in her 'training'. He found her and fought her, managing to score a good hit to her side that left a crescent shaped scar, but in the end she killed him and returned to the alien forces. Working for them, taking out those who oppose their reign, she also is their eyes and ears in places where only humans are allowed, as many don't know the idenitiy of The Eclipse that works as an extension of the new religion, law, and gods.

Opinion: She does not know how to do anything but follow, so she does so without question and without thought.
She suposedly had her humanity taken from her at birth, and so does not feel anything about what she is doing or who she
works for. However, with all that is happening, on her time without mission, without purpose, she walks amongst those of
earth (since she considers herself an un-human), watching them. Strange thoughts are beginning to manifest in her mind...
questions that she didn't know existed before are becoming more and more insistent in dreams that she never knew that she
could have... What was this really about? What was her true purpose? ....was she on the right side?
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Am I too late?

Name: Morgan December

Age: Unknown (appears to be anywhere between 19 and 24)

Appearance: A slim, delicate-looking android about 5' 3" tall, Morgan is pale, with long, wavy hair of a rich mahogany color, and large, dark eyes. She appears strangely ageless, and wears a slightly ragged, medieval-style scarlet dress, made of satin and gold-embroidered brocade.

Biography: Little is known about Morgan's past. Her memory seems fragmented. It is thought that she might have escaped from a government laboratory in one of the early alien attacks. Others believe that she is a prototype of a new robotic weapon that a rebel group is developing to combat the invaders.

Opinion: Morgan often speaks in very mysterious terms, and so it is difficult to know her opinions. However, she seems to feel that the invaders must be destroyed at all costs. Although she is an android, she appears to be capable of complex independent thought. Much is unknown about her, from the origins of her name to the reason she wears that old-fashioned red dress.

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Wow, some pretty indepth stuff here ^_^;;

Well, I was going to let this one die, but seeing as how there's been so much interest, I will strive to carry it through. My only points are directed at Dagger and Pandemonium.

Pandemonium: Your character is actually on the side of the aliens, correct?

Dagger: Do we actually know she's an android? Because I was wanting to play the whole role of "humanity's a little bit weak". Sure, keep the android thing in, by all means. Just does she even know it?

I'm hoping to start this within the week ^_^;;
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Ah, good question.

No, she doesn't know it at first, although it's obvious to both her and others that there's something slightly strange or wrong about her. Although she's an android, her physical strength isn't that much greater than that of the average human. If she were going to be useful against the invaders, it would be because of the information (if there is any) locked within her mind (motherboard, whatever), not because of her fighting prowess or any kind of superhuman ability.

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*nod, nod* Yes, she is on the side of the aliens. Almost as soon as the darkness came, the human forces lost track of her and the aliens picked her up. They proved to be the more dominating, so she followed them. It's almost like she's been 'programed' to follow the strongest, because the US thought that it would always be them. Brainwashing of sorts.

So yeah, she's been on their side for a while. She does what they tell her without question, getting information or taking out verious targets. But lately it seems that she's been having more independant thoughts and she's starting to wonder why she simply should listen to anyone without proving it to herself first. So she's still with them, but she's starting to waver because she's not sure if she's doing the right thing. It's very small right now, but those thoughts of humanity may start to grow in time and override her 'brainwashing'. ^_^

Thanks a lot! I can't wait to get started!
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*sighs* Okay guys, I have a big apology to make... I [i]am not[/i] gonna get this started. When I started it I had a lot of time on my hands, that time has been reduced pretty drastically, given the fact I have a lot of homework and schoolwork (and work work) now... so I'm gonna hafta just drop this. If anyone else wants to take it up that's not a problem, feel free.

Again, my many apologies.
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