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Act One

Scene One

Midnight. A run down shack was surrounded by cops.

Officer: Put down your weapons and come out with your hands up!

???: No, not this early!
???: Your not giving up, are you?

Many people waited in the house, their faces conceiled in shadow.

???: What can we do?

One of them peeked out the window. He thrust his head back inside as a barrage of bullets lined the sill. "WOW! We didn't do anything that bad, did we?" The sound of guns clicking rang through the air. "If it's a fire fight they want, that's what they'll get."

[i] Who are these people? You may ask yourself. And what are they talking about? You may also ask. If you wish to know, sit back and grab yourself a cold one. [/i]

Noon. A black sudan rolled down the street and parked at an old quick stop food mart. The driver got out and yawned. His eyes were bloodshot and his blue hat was tipped to one side, revealing tuffts of brown hair.

[i] My name is Ace Sterling, a man who has commited his life to one goal. I was searching for the people to be in my project. These people were the world's greatest theives, which can only lead to the theives guild. I remember listening to stories about Tommy Gun, Lupin, and the others, but I couldn't see the guild dying. I had been searching for three months and not a single person joined me. Lupin the third, who I just had met the night before, had rejected me say ing he was happy solo. My goal was becoming a joke, I even had an e-mail sign up.

I was desprate, to a point that I was currently chasing the e-mail. If the guild never revived, I don't know what I'd do. [/i]

Ace entered the mart, passing a teenage girl who gave him a skeptical look. He exited back out and sat in the parking lot, pulling a fresh whisky from his pocket and took a few sips.

[i] That was the best drik I had ever tasted. In an old boomrag town in Idaho, saying I was about three days away from my next destination wasn't much. It was like a never ending road trip. [/i]

I wan't to start this slow and get a chance to meet you all. Your posts don't have to connect to mine.
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Guest Skyechild91
Ace watched as a young girl, about 14, ran out of the store, with the manager hot on her tail. She luanched herself up over a car, and pulled something out of her pocket. She turned and started shooting at the manager. Ace saw she had a sharp face, clear green/blue eyes, and short cearulean hair with long bangs. She wore shorts, a long sleeve shirt, knee boots, and a black bandanna that held all but her bangs back from her face.She cesed fire and ran. Out of her hand hung a exspensive necklace, and on her wrist, a cell phone. Ace watched her dissapeare around the corner, into an alley way. The manager and some cops (who had just arrived) ran afte her. He heard one cop yell," NO WAY! She just dissapeared!"
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A person covered in shadows stood on the roof of the building that was across the street of the Luv Art Messuem. Then person gave a grin as he steped out from the shdows to revele himself, he was tall and lanky looking, with balck hair, he wore a blue shirt with black pants, he also had a black trench coat, he then took of his glasses and plosihed he then fixed his black taxi hat. He was Zen The VII

" Hmm the world famous Mona Lisea, is it the place it would look nice aboce the fireplace" Zen said as he grabed his Theifs Tool and took out his bynoclurs (sp?) and looked up and zoomed in on the power plant the was a few miles away " Well if the wire job i gave the joint was write the power should go out in just a few seconds" and then all lights in Paris went out " GO" Zen said as he jumped down to the street and made a mad dash to the Luv as the timmer on his wirst watch clocked down " Just 10 mintues till they get it back up" Zen thought as jumped up and began to climb up the Luv's wall " lets see it was the 10 floor*" he said this as he came to the 10thleval, He then used the Tool to bash and break the window, he jumped in and pulled out a flash light and looked at his watch
" Man only 4 mintues left, gotta find that thing" Zen said as he heard footsteps of Sucirty gards comeing in his dirtion. he joged along looking for the painting he found and tooken down from the wall, and tacked a Ace of Spad playing card with a emarald green 7 in the middle of it an ran off, The power then came of in a big flash of light. 4 gards came to the seen to see the card.

" Cureses we missed him again!" one of them said as they heard a noise comeing at them as Zen ran by with the painting under his arm and 4 german sheperds on his tail

" Nice Doggies!" Zen said as he dove out the hole he made on his way in and fell into his car and drove off into the night laughing like a mad man " Better Luck Next Time!!!" Zen yelled at the cops as he drove off

OOC: Does the Luv even had levels i thought i read it some were, plaseae correct me if i made that mistake
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Ace couldn't help but chuckle at the maneger and the police. He capped the whisky and walked a few blocks from the alleyway. He stopped at an old fire escape and started climbing. When he got to the roof, the theif was already there.

Ace: Hey, there! Messy, but you got some skill.

???: Who the hell are you?
She had already tooken out her gun and trained it on ace.

Ace: Whoah, down girl! I'm a nobody. Can you put that thing away?

The theif didn't budge, but instead set the hammar back on her gun. Ace pushed up his sleves. "Look, nothing up my sleeves. But if you want to get out of stealing quick stop stuff, I'm the black sudan out front." He started to step back to the tip of the ledge. "Later." He took another step off the roof and plumeted down to the ground.

[i] If I were in my right mind, I wouldn't have wasted my time. But, I was getting kind of annoyed with no go's [/i]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Alex sat on her black Suzuki Hayabusa 1300. She heard running footsteps and thought she'd visit those steps. She revved up her bike and rode off nearer to the sound of pounding feet.

She soon got close and cut the guy off. It seems as though, he stole money from her family. He looked to her and took out his gun. When he looked up, a katana was right in his face.[/i]

"Don't try it. Did you steal money from the Donacelli family?"[/color]
"Yeah. What's it to you? You part of the Donacelli mafia or somethin?"
[color=ff66cc]"Funny you should mention that. I [i]am[/i] the Donacelli mob boss. Name's Alexandra Angel Donacelli. [i]Nobody[/i] takes money from me or my family."[/color]
"You mean [i]you're[/i] the mob boss? Wait, Alexandra Angel Donacelli.......oh ****. You mean to tell me, I took money from the Angel?"

[color=ff66cc][i]Alex sat on her bike laughing. She looked to him as he dropped the money at her feet. He fell to his knees and clasped his hands.

Behind the guy were two cars filled with people from the Donacelli mafia house. They came out and saw Alex and they greeted her in the italian way. The bodyguard/head of the mob came out and greeted Alex.[/i][/color]

"Ragazzina...er, Signorina Alexandra. Why are you here? It is much too dangerous for you!"
[color=ff66cc]"Raphael, don't you know I live for danger? I take risks, I don't look back, unless something is blowing up. I am the Danger that is."

[i]Alex smiled and revved her bike up again and sailed through the streets of L.A. Being the head boss of the Donacelli mafia of L.A. had its ups and downs, especially when you're the daughter of the greatest mafia leader there ever was, after Al Capone. Hah! It's hard when Al Capone's your descendant![/size][/color][/i]
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A slim shape hunched over the serenely glowing screen of a laptop computer. She ran a hand through her short, painfully straight black hair. No light reflected off the dark clothes she was wearing. By day, she was Rei Ijyun, a nobody. By night, she wished to be something different, like a Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde persona, but even at night, even in her hariest hacks, she was only Rei Ijyun, the nobody.
Being "nobody" was her art. "Nobody" sneaked quarters from her parents' wallets when their backs were turned. "Nobody" snuck candy bars, Yugioh cards, and TicTacs from the convenience store to sell them contraband to the other students at school.
And "nobody" was hacking into a bank account now.

Rei: Just a little longer... *screen pops up* Yes! *opens another folder on the computer, copies some text, and pastes it into the command option* There! Now I gotta log off before I get caught with my hand in the cookie jar... *types and clicks a few times* What's this? *reads* A Thieves' Guild? For people who live to take that which isn't theirs... Well, I can't say I don't do too much of that these days... Name: Rei (not Ray, you idiots) Age: Teenager (not too specific) Reputation? I don't have one. If I did, though, it would be "Newbie Thief" or something like that. I don't do much...
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Guest Skyechild91
The girl looked after Ace. She thought, Hey. Maybe this guy could help me. She ran to the other side of the rooftop and crouched down. She saw Ace leaning on his car. She looked behind her and stuffed the valuables in her pocket. She front flipped of the building and ran to Ace. " Im Kethri. Im known as Keth," she said, offering Ace her hand. Ace took it. " Im Ace. I watched those cops chasin' you. Your pretty good," he commented. She gave him a grin. " Aint I? Im only 14, but my 'rents where always drunk and i never went to school. I started when I was 10. Had to." She took out a small throwing dagger and twirled it back and forth between her forefinger and middle finger. She twirled it one more time and it dissapeared. "Well, you will help me, right?"
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"Alright!" said the (uh) girl, as she saw a group of tourists come in front of her booth.
"Welcome!" she cried, holding up her arms, "I have all rarities in the world that you can't even find on eBay!"
A skinny man picked up the fake statue of a tiger, examining it closely. "Ooo...looks good! How much?"
Jordan grinned. "It usually goes for 100, but tell ya what...I'll give it to ya for 75! Sound good?"
The man's face brightened. "Really? Thanks!"
He handed her a check, then went off whistling, holding the bag with the statue in it close to his chest.
"Hehe," laughed the girl under her breath, "That thing's not even worth five bucks."
..."Welcome welcome! I carry all the rarities in the world!"
Short, yes. Describes how she can really rip-off people.
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Dallas ran out of the army's weaponry depot, screaming his head off as the army chased him. He had finally gotten a hold of some cannons. He almost got outside, when some Guards blocked his way.

[COLOR=blue]"Uh oh....wait, I got a magic trick for you guys!"[/COLOR]

He pulled out one of his cannons and aimed it towards the ground.

[COLOR=blue]"Now you see me....."[/COLOR] he shot the cannon andhe went flying up into the air. Then he started screaming as he started to land far away from the base. [COLOR=blue]"NOW YOU DON'T!!!!!"[/COLOR]


He awoke now on the sidewalk in a gloomy city. His arm had broken on impact, so he couldn't carry all of his cannons. Luckily a few of them broke his fall. He managed to his feet and looked at his surroundings.

[COLOR=blue]"I haven't been around here since I was a kid. Much has changed since then. Maybe someone can help me find a place to stay..."[/COLOR]

There wasn't anyone around. He walked out into the street and tried to find someone but noone came by. Then he heard the sound of a bike riding down the street.

[COLOR=blue]"Excuse m-"[/COLOR] BAMM!!! He goes flying back to the sidewalk where he landed. That bike hit him straight on. The person riding it stopped immediately and rushed to the reinjured victim.....
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]The next day, Alex sat in her large comforter and went to the National Mafia link. She typed a few hacks and soon got into the secret HQ of all head leaders of thieves and such.

She looked it over and found a link going to a guild. She clicked it and a message popped up saying:[/i]

"Welcome to the Thieves Guild where your talents are wanted. Find this guy--->*a picture pops up of Ace Sterling* Ace Sterling and he'll "evaluate you. So, meet him in Idaho...or he'll come to you! So, come to the Thieves Guild and journey the unknown. Good Bye!"

[i]Alex sat in her desk and called for Raphael.[/i]

"Raphael, get my jet ready in 3 hours as well as finding out about a man named Ace Sterling. I am going to Idaho. I also need you to find his whereabouts. I might be gone for a while, so take care of everything in the house."[/color]
"Si, Signorina."

[color=ff66cc][i]With that, Raphael left the room and found someone to ready her jet as well as getting someone to find out about Ace Sterling.

Meanwhile, back in Alex's room, she was packing all her things into a small duffel bag. She got her katana, sais, desert eagle, money, cell phone, laptop, clothes, towels, make-up(eye liner, eye shadow, lip gloss, and chapstick), a mirror, her watch, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, finger gloves, and her whistle.

After she was done packing, Raphael knocked on her door and came in. He gave her papers about Ace Sterling and walked her to the jet. Before she got on, she thanked Raphael and gave him a pin. It was a special pin that whenever Raphael would tap the top it would tell Alex that something was wrong or if Alex thought something was wrong or she was in danger she would tap the end of her whistle.

-In Idaho-
Alex was in her jet as she sailed through Washington, and Oregon. She soon came to Idaho. As she landed, she saw two figures in the dark. One looked like Ace Sterling and another was of a girl.

She got out of the jet as soon as it landed and stopped the two.[/i]

"Exscuse me. Are you Ace Sterling?"[/color]
"Yes. I am. Who may I ask are...wait just a minute. Aren't you Al Capone's great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter, as well as Nikoli Donacelli's daughter, Alexandra Donacelli, aka Alex, Angel, and as well as Lady Kaitou?"
[color=ff66cc]"It seems you did your homework. How do you know so much about me?"[/color]
"I know many things. First, what is it that you want with me?"

[color=ff66cc][B]OOC:[/B] the attachment below is my character, Alexandra.[/size][/color]
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Zen sat in the coffe shop in Frace, he was at one of the tables with a newspaper, reading the headline. " Mystries Black Out an Mona Lisa Stolen!!", Zen chuckled to himself and thought. " now theres on for my scrapbook", he then walked out and left the money on the table, he got in his car and drove off, when he got to his apprament he turned on his laptop and checked his e mail and found that he got something from a guy named Ace Sterling.

" Ah just more spam " Zen said as he moved to delete it but he saw the name Thiefs guild and remember how his grandfather told about that group once .
" Well maybe i'll check this out, its in Idaho, well i did stash the painting in the familt vault some i might as well go, i all ready pick this place dry" Zen said as he graped his stuff and check out and went down to the airport, only to remeber about the surecity, so he found a plane that was going to Idaho, ran out to the runway with his suitcase and when no won was looking he jumped into the cargo hold
" Ah nothing like a free flight" Zen said as the plane took off and laned 20 hours later at Idaho, he jumped out of the cargo hold and walked off to the place were Ace told him to meet him, " Oh man this is going to a long walk" Zen said as it began to rain
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[i] After three months, a sharpshooter and a Fem fatal come to find me. I thought someone had slipped me a mickey, or that I ate the wrong type of mushrooms. Maybe i'd wake up with a splitting headache somewhere with a bottle of maddog tucked under my shoulder. But hey, I wasn't in any rush to wake up. [/i]

Ace felt stupid putting his slick black sudan next to the jet, trying to compare them.

Alex: I got your e-mail. It sounds interesting.

Ace looked almost dissapointed. "Interesting? You may as well get heading home."

Alex: What are you getting at?
Ace: This isn't some club, or a common intrest. You would have to leave everything in your past behind. The mofia, a home, all will be pleasent memories. Are you sure you can do that?

[i] She had a lot to loose. It was as obvious as how valuable she would be on the team. She may have been leaning back. I couldn't tell if I just pushed her out the door or tugged her in. [/i]
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Guest Skyechild91
Keth looked upset. " She doesnt have to leave her perfect little life. Im just as good and hav nothing to lose," she muttured. She slipped behind into the shadows and said nothing to where Alex could hear her. She felt left out. All these great theives and she was some teen street theif with no reputation to count on. She turnedher head and stopped looking at the two. She didnt wnat them to see her hate for rich folk.
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"You're WHAT! "Thalia screamed. "You PROPOSED! But what about Mom? Dad, how could you just forget her? Besides, that Elsie lady's a b****, and her daughter's such a snob. And not to mention that-"
"Young lady, that's quite enough out of you. Now you listen here- we are all going for a little weekend outing. We're going over to Idaho. There's a restaurant there that's first class, and they supposedly have one of the best gourmet cooks in the country. And it's right next door to the jewelry store where her ring is. Only the best for my ladies." her father added as a side note. "So go get packing, because we're leaving tomorrow morning."
Thalia grumbled all the way up to her room, when what her dad said gave her an idea. "A jewelry store, eh? Only the best? Hmmm, sorry Dad, but I just got plans for tomorrow. And they don't include dinner..."

The next night, her shadowy figure ran across the restaurant roof. "Too perfect!" she whispered. "And Dad just think's I went to bathroom!" She jumped down the fire escape of the jewelry store, and crept to the back exit. "A little wire in the keyhole, and... Presto!" The door silently opened, and Thalia ran to the case, and retrieved the objective. "Now, just to leave these goons a little farewell present. She placed her explosives, ran out the door and around the back, and pressed the detonator.


"Oh, I just love it when it all goes to plan!" Thalia giggled as she raced back over the roof to the restaurant, when she was distracted by another person running right towards her.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Alex stood there in front of Ace, thinking about her life. Being the mafia leader was great, but not her style. She was an independant girl from the beginning. Everyone knew that...even her father. It wasn't her fault for being that way, but being without anyone who was actually connected to you, except for Uncle Raphael, who wasn't really an uncle, but a close friend of her Dad's, was all she had.

She stood there thinking and thinking. She thought it'd be best for Raphael to take over. Besides, he's the one who actually does all the work. She's the one who gives out the orders. She sighed and got out her cell phone.[/i]

"Call Raphael."[/color]
*ring ring* *ring ring*"Ragazzina. How is everything?"
[color=ff66cc]"Raphael...I've decided that...I don't want to be with the mafia anymore. It's really not...well...me."[/color]
"I understand. I've actually felt that this was too much for you. You always never listened to your father when he told you to do such things. But, ragazzina..who will overtake your place? You have no younger brothers or sisters...or even a distant cousin."
[color=ff66cc]"Uncle Raphael, that is where you come in. I want you to be the head boss! Papa would be glad to have you as leader...as I am right now."[/color]
"Thank you, Alexandra. If there is anything...and I mean anything, that you wish for...don't hesitate to contact me. I am always here for you."
[color=ff66cc]"Thank you. Well, I guess it is time for me to go on my own now. Good luck."

[i]After getting off the phone with Raphael, Alex turned to Ace and spoke her words.[/i]

"Alright. I'm in. I've left the past. But, my resources are still with me. The jet...stays with me...as well as my bike and my precious ones."[/color]
"Precious one?"
[color=ff66cc]"Ace, meet Veritas, my hawk, and Demon, my doberman. They go with me wherever I go. They help out occasionaly."

[i]Ace nodded and...[/size][/color][/i]
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...streached out his hand to shake her's. "Great..."

[i] I couldn't think of a single thing to say. The feeling was insurmountable. As if in one hand shake, all of the hell this brought seemed like water under the golden gate bridge. Keth, Alex, it was the starting of a legend. [/i]

Act One

Scene Two
The twisting Road Ahead

The black sudan pulled onto the freeway as the jet soared above. Keth, who was in the passenger side of the sudan, crossed her arms and looked out the window. "I don't see why we couldn't leave this hunk of junk behind."

"Unless you feel like hitch hicking, you may want to- hmm?" Something beeped in the back seat and Ace started craining his neck to see. The sudan swerved in and out of traffic.

Keth: Hey! Keep your eyes on the road!
Ace: I got e-mail. Take the wheel.

Before Keth could say anything, Ace streached over his seat and leaned into the back, forcing Keth to lean over and grab the wheel.

Keth: Are you nuts?!
Ace: Zen, eh? We need to head somewhere around the airport...
Alex: What's going on down there?
Keth: You moron!
Ace: Another one? Hello... Rei... where are you? Send. What about the mail?
Keth: Do you really think this is the time for that?

Keth Grabbed Ace's belt and pulled him back into his seat, punching him in the side of the head. A radio on the dash board buzzed with Alex.

Alex: What the hell are you doing down there?
Ace: It's just Keth...
Keth: ME?!!!
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Zen sat cross leged on the ground under the wing of an airplane, while he watched the rain, he had his right arm out with his tumb up with his briefcase in his lap. in his left hand he held a carbord sign with the words " Thiefs Guild" on it

" Man whats taken this guy i sent him that email, Acho!" Zen said as he snezed, " great a cold, just what i need, Acho!" Zen said as he then looked up and saw a black sudan pulling up he grabed his Theifs Tool and briefcase an stood up as the car stop and the window rolled down " Ace Sterling, i presum"

" Yeah, and you would be Zen The VII right?"

" That would be me, now you mind if i get in the car?. its cold out here" Zen said as the rear door swung open and Zen step inside and sat next to Keth.

" Well hello there" Zen said with a grin as he leand over

" Your a thief? look more like a bum to me"

" Ow that hurt" Zen said sarcasticly as he leand back over away from Keth

" well then Zen, you in our yah out, right now"

" i'm in just can we stop at a Pharmacey? Acho! i caought a cold waiting for you people, Acho!"

" Hey dont senze on me!" Keth yelled as Ace drove off to find Rei
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Above the black sudan, Alex sat in her jet watching the car speed on the road. She put the jet into auto pilot and grabbed the radio.[/i]

"So, who's next on the list? You know, I'm feeling kind of [i]lonely[/i] up here. It's just me, Demon, and Veritas. Don't you think the Sudan won't hold [i]everyone[/i]?"[/color]
"Well, we have to get Rei, and alright. After Rei, the others will get on the jet."

[color=ff66cc][i]By the word Jet, Zen tries to look for it. He looks out the window and does not see it, so although he was sneezing, he looked out his window and looked up. Above he could a large, black jet. It wasn't like any other jets he had seen.

The jet had a narrow nose, had engines smaller than regular jets, and looked much smaller. But the jet in fact was faster, more stable, more illusive, stronger, more agile, and more balanced. It has weapons that the military doesn't even know about. It also has an invisible cloaking devise as well as a camoflauge device. It can track anyone and anything anywhere, anytime. It's also the quietest jet there is. Nothing compares to Alex's jet, which is called the Ombra Jet 001. Ombra stands for Shadow Jet 001.[/i]

"Alright. I can see that we're getting close to a pharmacy, but uhm...just keep going. I have a cold medicine for you, Zen. No need to stop. The faster we get to these people, the better."[/color][/size]
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Guest Skyechild91
Keth sighed. She looked out the window, and stared at the sidewalk as it sped by. Zen looked at her. "Huh? Whats up?" he asked. She shrugged. " Nothing. Just... never mind." She couldnt help but think about her parents. Were they worried? Nah. She saw Zen, talking to Ace. He had sharp cut features, and a sense of humor. It was getting dark, and she was tired. After shoplifting from three different stores, she deserved a nap. Her eyelids started to drop, and she leaned over sideways. Before she could stop herself, she had leaned on Zen's shoulder and was asleep.
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Zen was a bit shocked as he looked over to see Keth, he looked up and Ace.

" See what i tell yah no girl can resits the charm of a Zen" Zen said as he rumd the back of his head and laughed

" Sure Zen whatever" Acce said rolling his eyes and returnd his eyes to the road. Zen felt a sneeze comeing on but quickly burried it, he looked at Keth again, he then looked out the window as the car drove on
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Ace thought for a second, and then realized something. "You know what? I have no idea where Rei is." He said in a hushed voice, not to wake Keth.

Zen: Then where are we going?

Ace: I have no idea. I thought one of you might of known.

Alex: Nope, your pretty well screwed.

Ace: Oh well. We'll find her sooner or later.

[i] three other theives and a jet hovering like a guardian angel. Maybe I was a little cocky, but I had good reason to be. I really didn't care if it took years to find the rest of the guild. It felt good knowing that everyone here had nothing, nothing but the clothes on their backs and the twisting road ahead.[/i]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Alex got up and walked over to her dog and hawk who were sitting in their own seats. She smiled and pet Demon's head. Demons whimpered and got out of the seat bringing his dish. She smiled again and got up and got the dog food.

Veritas flew to a bag that Alex packed and tried to unzip the zipper. Alex went over and unzipped it for him and he went in and grabbed a small rat that was in there. Alex looked disgusted and then went back to the front. She went to her laptop and went to check her email. Someone sent her a message and she wondered who. She clicked it and it was from ???. ??? was a great client to the Donacelli corporation. She read the mail and it said:

"Hello again, Alexandra Donacelli. I see that you put up something about a Thieves Guild. I am interested. I will catch a plane to wherever you may be and wait for you there. I will be glad to see you soon.

Yours Truly,

She grabbed the radio again, but put it in private conversation, where only Ace could hear.[/i]

"Ace. You there?"[/color]
"Yeah. I'm here. What's up?"
[color=ff66cc]"I just got an email from someone. It's encrypted. This may take a while. But I seem to know this person. I'll radio back."[/size][/color]
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Guest Skyechild91
Keths eyes snapped open. She relized she was still leaning on Zen and said," Oh. Sorry." She leaned back over to her window and looked out the window. She didnt want him to notice that she was blushing. Lucly her dark hair had fallen over her face. She saw a dark figure on the side walk and said, urgently," Ace! Stop! I think I found Rei!"
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Make sure that your posts are about seven lines long, I don't want to get busted by the moderator.

Ace slammed on the breaks, so fast that Zen and Keth's heads rammed into the two front seats and Alex had to double back.

Ace: I doubt it. What are the odds that Rei is in Idaho?

Just to be safe, he drove into a turning area and parked. Whoever the dark figure was, they had already left. Ace got out and searched the ground. Muddy footprints followed away from the main road.

[i] I didn't think it was her, though I'd feel really stupid if I passed her up. I'd also feel really stupid tracking a bum for three miles. [/i]
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OOC: Sheesh, sorry about my absentness (word? dunno...), but I've had a hectic weekend and all. Yeah.

Jordan walked down the street, whistling, with her coat slung over her shoulder. Tucked under her other arm was a small laptop.
"Dum de dum," she said, jumping up the stairs of her apartment building in Chicago. The Windy City was a great place for business because of all the tourists.
[i]Tourists[/i] she thought to herself, laughing silently, [i]Willing to believe anything...[/i]
Jordan took out her key, turned the lock, then threw her coat onto the floor. She half closed, half slammed the door behind her, then opened up her laptop. She pressed the power button and went to her fridge for a drink. She came back with a glass of red wine and went to check her e-mail.
"Junk, junk, junk, crap, spam, spam, crap, crap, junk, sp-wha? What the hell's a Theives Guild?"
Jordan opened the e-mail, then read each line carefully, mouthing the words she thought.
"I have sent this to you for your amazing abilities as a theif," she said, reading the more personalized parts of the message, "Others like you have been sent this...you remain left...and blah blah blah."
Jordan sighed, then threw herself onto her bed. Her wine still stayed in the glass. She took a gulp.
"AH!" she said, feeling refreashed. "Maybe I shall check this dude out...uh, wha-cha-ma-call it...Ace! Yeah, that's it! Idaho? Why Idaho? Ah well...roadtrip!"
With that, Jordan opened up her closet, took out her suitcase, then pulled out two long silver objects from beneath her vest...
"Ah yes, my shiny double-blast kaboomers."
*waves arms around like a moron* Hey, you can do anything you want with me! Just don't kill me, 'kay? ;)
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