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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B][I]300 years have passed since the Great War, now the Maximals rule over the planet Cybertron. Of all the relics from Cybertronian history, the most guarded is an ancient Golden Disk which shows the location of a key energon source. A Predacon rogue named Megatron has stolen the disk for the information it contains and escaped onboard a transwarp ship. His plan, find the source of energon to wage a new war against the Maximals and allow the Predacons to conquer Cybertron and the galaxy.

Because no other ship was in the area the Maximals dispatched the explorer ship Axalon under the command of Optimus to intercept Megatron and recover the disk. Their pursuit however took them through transwarp space into another part of the galaxy and another time period where after suffering heavy damage both ships crash onto the surface of an unknown alien planet.

Upon arrival it appears that the Predacons have failed to reach their destination of Earth but find that this alien planet is ripe with energon. In fact too much of it. Energon in such quantities is harmful to their robotic forms. They therefore have no alternative but to fuse their mechanical superstructure with animal DNA which exists on the planet to shield themselves from the damaging energon effects.[/I]
As you may have guessed this RPG is based on the TV Show know as 'Beast Wars: Transformers'. In which the decendents of the Autobots (Maximals) and Decepticons (Predacons) are at war with each other. After traveling back in time they must collect enought Energon in order to repair their craft and return to the future.
[U][I]Maximal Characters[/I][/U]
[URL=http://www.transfandom.com/sos/bw/media/images/profiles/s1/primal.gif]Optimus Primal[/URL] - Taken by me
[URL=http://www.transfandom.com/sos/bw/media/images/profiles/s1/rhinox.gif]Rhinox[/URL] - Taken by ssjBrolli
[URL=http://www.transfandom.com/sos/bw/media/images/profiles/s1/cheetor.gif]Cheetor[/URL] - Taken by Ohkami
[URL=http://www.transfandom.com/sos/bw/media/images/profiles/s1/rattrap.gif]Rattrap[/URL] - Taken by Lady Katana
[URL=http://www.transfandom.com/sos/bw/media/images/profiles/s1/airrazor.gif]Airazor[/URL] - Taken by Arika
[URL=http://www.transfandom.com/sos/bw/media/images/profiles/s1/dinobot.gif]Dinobot[/URL] - Taken by Ayokano
[U][I]Predacon Characters[/I][/U]
[URL=http://www.transfandom.com/sos/bw/media/images/profiles/s1/megatron.gif]Megatron[/URL] - Taken by Solo Tremaine
[URL=http://www.transfandom.com/sos/bw/media/images/profiles/s1/terrasaur.gif]Terrorsaur[/URL] - Taken by Leh
[URL=http://www.transfandom.com/sos/bw/media/images/profiles/s1/waspinator.gif]Waspinator[/URL] - Taken by Lrb
[URL=http://www.transfandom.com/sos/bw/media/images/profiles/s1/barach.gif]BlackArachnia[/URL] - Taken by Ruby
[URL=http://www.transfandom.com/sos/bw/media/images/profiles/s1/inferno.gif]Inferno[/URL] - Taken by Hack Helba
Any character without the 'Taken by' tag is still avalible for you to apply for, unless it has a 'Reserved for' tag.
[U]Sign Ups[/U]
The sign up should include:

Name: Character Name
Allegiance: [URL=http://www.snapbag.com/~flux/tf/tshirt/bw_max.jpg]Maximal[/URL] or [URL=http://www.snapbag.com/~flux/tf/tshirt/bw_pred.jpg]Predacon[/URL]
Function: What part does your character play
Alternate Form: Beast Mode
Armament: What weapons do you have?
Biography: Bio of your character

N/B: For help on the sign up, go to [URL=http://www.transfandom.com/sos/bw/profiles/index.html]Sparks of Steel[/URL] and click on your character. To those who have already signed up, you don't need to change your info.
[U][I]My Character[/I][/U]


[U]Name:[/U] Optimus Primal

[U]Allegiance:[/U] Maximal

[U]Function:[/U] Maximal Captain / Commander

[U]Alternate Form:[/U] Gorilla

[U]Armament:[/U] Twin wrist mounted blasters, Twin ninja style swords and Shoulder mounted rocket launchers

[U]Biography:[/U] Selected by the High Council to lead a research team on a reconnaissance mission, Optimus Primal is a direct descendant of the original Optimus Prime and it shows. He cares not for war, he only wants peace. However, the threat of his mortal enemy, Megatron, and the Predacons has forced him into battle on a distant planet. Stranded there, it is up to him to lead his army of Maximals to victory over the forces of evil. Optimus is kind and compassionate just like his predecessor. He will never leave a teammate behind and his heroism in battle has made him a legend in his own time.

[U][I]Motto:[/I][/U] ?War is something I wish not to be a part of. But if you force me to fight then you force me to win!?
[U]The Catches[/U]

1. All posts must be at least three, or more, paragraphs long when the RPG begins
2. I would like good grammer and such during the RPG as well as no flaming (Or whatever you would like to call it) in-character or out of character.
3. I have the right to reject or accepted whom ever I choose.

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[b]Transformation/Beast Mode:[/b]Cheetah

[b]Primary Fuction:[/b]Jungle Patrol/Patrol

[b]Basic Information:[/b]Like a bolt of greased lightning, Cheetor strikes fast and strikes hard. Quiet and confident with incredible reflexes, he is equally efficient when battling in robot mode or in his artificially enhanced organic earth form. Cheetor constantly stalks the jungle in search of Predacon enemies, daring them to challenge him and his laser-powered quasar cannon!
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[B]Transformation/Beast Mode:[/B]Velociraptor

[B]Primary Fuction:[/B]Frontline Combat

[B]Basic Information:[/B]As if torn from the pages of earth's prehistoric past, a vicious velociraptor breathes again! But Dinobot is no ordinary 'raptor', he's a robot in disguise battling beside his heroic teammates, the Maximals! Armed with a spinning cyber-slash tail weapon and always hungry for battle, Optimus Primal considers him a natural combat expert who has clawed his way to the top one victory after another!
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[color=darkred][size=1] I know Anime_forever already signed up, but you said you might reject some people So.. I thought I might be able to play Inferno

[b]Name[/b] : Infenro


[b]Allegiance[/b] : Predacon

[b]Function[/b] : Infantry / Guard

[b]Alternate Form[/b] : Fire Ant

[b]Armament[/b] : Flame Thrower, Mandible Claw

[b]Biography[/b] : Due to faulty programming Inferno thinks he really is a fire ant and treats Megatron as his Queen. His conviction to serving the Queen and defending the "ant" colony is absolute. It is his only purpose in life and his dedication to thrashing the Maximals reflects that. As if he weren't enough trouble for the Maximals already, Inferno is also a sadomasochist. His complete resolve to serving the royalty coupled with his lack of fear towards personal injury has given Inferno the reputation of being psychotic.

[b]Burn!!! Maximal!!![/b][/size][/color]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Airrazor


[B]Allegiance:[/B] Maximal

[B]Function:[/B] Aerial Recon

[B]Alternate Form:[/B] Hawk

[B]Armament:[/B] Missile Launchers

[B]Biography:[/B] After a near fatal stasis pod accident, through the help of Rhinox and Cheetor, Airrazor is born. Airrazor is the only female of the group, and is also the Maximal's "eyes in the sky." After the sudden death of Tigatron's mate Snowstalker, a mostly off-screen relationship seemed to grow between Airrazor and the loner.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]Going well people, though we still need more Predacons. Anime_Forever, it's not just about where he got his information from it's also about how he presented it, it was a better quality than yours I'm afriad (Not flaming, this is true) and I do like my RPGs to have people of a high posting quality, sorry.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=green][size=1]Sounds like fun!...

[b]Name:[/b] Waspinator


[b]Allegiance:[/b] [url=http://www.ecybertron.com/images/bwpred.JPG]Predicon[/url]

[b]Function:[/b] Aerial Assault

[b]Alternate Form:[/b] [url=http://www.transfandom.com/sos/bw/media/images/profiles/s1/wasp/thumbs/1073.jpg]Wasp[/url]

[b]Armament:[/b] Stinger Launcher, Laser Eyes

[b]Biography:[/b] Poor Waspy just can't catch a break. His record for getting slagged is legendary. Still, for his ineffectiveness in solo missions, Waspinator has proven to work well with others. He and Terrorsaur made a great team in "Fallen Comrades", combining a little creativity and teamwork to hamper the Maximals. And again in "Tangled Web" Waspinator and Inferno have completed building a jamming station in record time. Most regard Waspinator as a dimwit, but Waspy knows exactly where he stands and it's not reassuring.

Ok, If no one is a Predicon (besides Hack Helba) Than I'll be Waspinator instead for the sake of the RPG. :D

[b]Edit: Ok I've changed to Waspinator! :D[/b]

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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]You can be Rhinox if you really, really want him. But if he's not your number one it'd help the RPG if you would choose Waspinator, okay? Other than that alls going well, remember: Spread the word to get more Predacons and the few remaining Maximals! :D[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=purple][b]Name:[/b] [URL=http://www.transfandom.com/sos/bw/profiles/s1/megatron.php]Megatron[/URL]


[b]Allegiance :[/b] Predacon
[b]Function :[/b] Predacon Commander
[b]Alternate Form :[/b] Tyrannosaurus Rex
[b]Armament :[/b] Missile Launcher, Jaw Arm, Right arm embedded laser cannon
[b]Biography:[/b] Self proclaimed tyrant and leader of a small band of Predacon outlaws. Now, stranded on a distant planet with his enemies, Megatron relies upon his raw power and cunning strategy to survive. Megatron's aristocratic nature alienates him from his crew. He thinks little of all but Tarantulus and BlackArachnia, both of who have shown their ability to match his own intelligence, scheming, and lust for power. But there is room for only one Predacon leader, and Megatron makes certain that everyone knows that he is that leader.
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Name: BlackArachnia

Allegiance: Predacon

Function: Saboteur

Alternate Form: Black Widow Spider

Armament: Leg guns, cyber-venom

Biography: This femme fatale is a combination of beauty, brains, and cyber-venom. As a strategist she is a cunning and lethal adversary. As a warrior she seldom sees defeat without inflicting great damage upon her enemies. She is loyal only to herself and the group that serves to benefit her personal interests the most. Though she holds Predacon ideals in high regards, BlackArachnia does not especially see Megatron or any other Predacon as a suitable leader.
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]^_^, Yay-ness! Another Predacon. If things keep going like this we might be starting on Sunday (Hopefully). I'll just refresh peoples memorys of those characters that still need someone to play them:
[U][I]The Maximals[/I][/U]

[U][I]The Predacons[/I][/U]
So thats only 3 either side :D, just 6 more people and we can play so, please, if you know anyone that fits those characters please pass along the word of the RPG and send them this way.

P.S. I've been having trouble getting on to OtakuBoards lately so if I don't reply for a while you know why, okay :D[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][b][u]Name[/u]: Terrorsaur
[u]Allegiance[/u]: Predacons
[u]Function[/u]: Aerial Assault
[u]Alternate Form[/u]: Pterodactyl
[u]Armament[/u]: Energy Rifle, Shoulder Cannons
[u]Biography[/u]: Megatron has failed too many times in the eyes of Terrorsaur and he's just the Predacon to draw the line! He's no strategist no matter what he tells himself. Terrorsaur is, however, direct. When he gets an idea into his head, he goes for it. Despite a couple successful coups of Megatron's throne, Terrorsaur finds leadership requires more than he's capable of and resigns himself to the battlefield. In the heat of battle Terrorsaur undergoes a remarkable change. No longer the loudmouthed Predacon, he becomes reserved up to the point of scoring a hit. Then he's instantly back to his old, loudmouthed self, congratulating his fine marksmanship.[/b][/size]

Edit: [img]http://www.transfandom.com/sos/bw/media/images/profiles/s1/terrasaur.gif[/img]
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[COLOR=orange][SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic]Name: Rinox
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: He is Optimus's advicer and master computer expert
Alternate Form: A rinoceros
weapons: 2 Gatlic Guns (and bad gas lol)
Biography: A nature loving maximal one who is fasinated with life and other things. He always seems to come up with the right plans.[/font] [/size] [/color]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]I'm afriad you can't be Silverbolt Bouncer because he (and Quickstrike) don't enter the Beast Wars until after the Vox planet killer is destroyed (Transmetal Era) and thats not going to happen until we reach that point in the RPG, then I'll open a new recruitment thread called 'Beast Wars: The Transmetal Era' and so on and so forth, but you can be either Rattrap or Tigertron :D[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=darkblue][b]Name:[/b] Rattrap


[b]Allegiance:[/b] Maximal

[b]Function:[/b] Arsenal management/Reconnaisance

[b]Alternate Form:[/b] Rat

[b]Armament:[/b] Pistol blaster, Tail sword, mini-bombs

[b]Biography:[/b] By far the most outspoken of the Maximal forces, Rattrap is an expert when it comes to anything explosive, including his mouth, which constantly gets him in trouble. He may tend to be somewhat cowardly at times, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, he can get in there and show the enemy what a rat can do when it gets cornered.[/color]
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I think you are able to participate.Just get Function and post in the RP.
Maybe Taki/Joko just missed the post.
Don't worry.I think he let you in.
Next time please don't post like this.
Just kindly PM him and tell him.
But I hope it's cleared up now.

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