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Millions of years ago, the human race was far superior to what it is now. Technologically, I mean. We had developed ways to fly without massive amounts of pollution. Vehicles that ran on water and air. Space travel as a luxury. Other planet inhabitation was a normal thing. We had colonies on the moon. Mars. Even some moons of Jupiter. Plans were being drawn up for space travel engines that broke the light barrier. We were so close to achieving a perfect world where everything is in harmony with everything.

But they messed up... No one would admit it. They called it a random accident. But the fact is, they messed up. During one of the first tests to construct a Matter Reversal Machine (a fools idea of an immortality machine), an explosion occurred. It was not random, like they claimed. Someone infected the core with the wrong kind of Unitonium Isotope. A feedback loop started that went all the way to the SlipStream reactor. The reactor exploded, taking seven eighths of the population with it.
Radioactive material flew into the atmosphere and spread all across the world through the jet streams, disintegrating the inhabitants of the world. No one was able to atone for the death, for they were dead aswell.

But some survived. They retreated to an underground facility that was safe from the death above. There they sat, almost a million people crammed into a space that was supposed to be for but two hundred and fifty thousand. Disease ran rampant, leaving only the strong and resilient. The survivors began working on ways to extract air from the surface without bringing the radioactivity with it. After several failed attempts, a process was conceived. And once again, the human race flourished.
Scientists created ways to gain surpluses of food from singular plants through genetic splicing and advanced pollination techniques. Meat was eliminated from their diet through force, not choice. False light was made using phosphorus materials inside of bulbs and such. For almost ten thousand years the humans lived in their underground sanctuary, sure that they could outlast the radioactivity above.

After the first hundred years of losing their main supply source of food and raw materials, the outworld colonies began to decline. First there were several scout missions to earth, to see what had occured. Some returned with the gruesome report, others merely burned up attempting to enter the radioactive atmosphere. They survived, amazingly, about as long as the underground city did. Finally, starvation and malnutrition over took them, and just like their earthen bretheren, they died.

The inability to monitor the world above led to their destruction. Three thousand years, almost to the day, a meteor struck the earth wiping all life from it and destroying the radioactivity aswell. The sanctuary, now call Nerion, began to crumble. The escape routes sealed themselves with molten rock. The ceilings cracked and bowed.

The humans guessed that something terrible happened above and therefore they had to stop it from happening again. They built a machine. It controlled the enviroments of the planet while making sure nothing ever destroyed into it again. And when evolution was on the right track once again, cryogenically frozen human beings would be launched to the surface to begin another age.

---| Present Day |---
The control system has been warding off imminent threats for millions of years. Diseases. Objects from the heavens. And even destroying people to help aid in the survival of this world.

But it's failing.

Over the last hundred years or so, it's been breaking down, while remaining unknown to the current age humans. The hole in the O-Zone. AIDS and other diseases. Crime. Pollution. The overall condition of this world...

Deep in the Sahara desert, an excavation team has unknowingly unearthed one of the entrances to the long buried human city, Nerion. They have said nothing to no one, and plan on going down themselves first.
You are that team. Go, and discover your past.
--|---Sign Ups ---|--

[b]Age:[/b] (Older than twenty five please)


[b]Specialty:[/b] Mass Excavation (Large Items), Minute Excavation (Small Items), Security (Weaponry Expert), Survival Specialist, Exploration Expert, Linguist

[b]Bio:[/b] (Make it good, but not the longest thing you've ever written. Just basically tell why you chose to join the team and a little of your past life experiences.)
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[COLOR=royalblue]Name: Shrai'i Kell Megelani

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Specialty: Linguist; speaks German, English, Chinese, Latin, French, and Spanish.

Description: see attatchment.

Bio: She was informed of the job through her superior, who has great faith in her abilities. Mostly because she can adapt to almost any situation and come out on top. This will prove to be no different for her. At least that's what she tells herself to feel better. She isn't afraid of dark places, but in crowds, she gets very claustrophobic.

If you think you can tango with her, prepare for a nightmare or two. But in all actuality, she's very professional.[/COLOR]
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[color=firebrick][I]Name: James Mennym

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Specialty: Exploration Expert

Description: James has carmel colored skin,brown eyes,black hair,black sunglasses,wears brown baggy pants,white shirt,and work boots

Bio: James has always been one for adventure,treasure,and guns.Of course his idol was Indianna Jones and he was raised of those movies.When he turned 18 you can already guess what he wanted to do with his life.He now goes on treasure hunts and digs as an exploration expert for his employers.James found out about the job thorugh his last dig.[/I][/color]
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[b]Name:[/b] Samantha "Sam" Kaine

[b]Age:[/b] 25

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Specialty:[/b] Security

[b]Bio:[/b] Sam was raised around Men only. She never knew her parents and a Gay couple took her in and raised her. She doesnt care about their choises but wished something more of herself. She then took up learning all she could about weapons and soon became a very good marksmen. She then took up the job of security for an excavation crew.

[b]Personality:[/b] She lived a layed back life but is quite a tough person. She wont hesitate to deck someone if they get on her nerves. But it takes a lot to get on her nerves because she was living with 2 guys who argued all the time. It takes a large amount of skill to get on her bad side... Sam is very quiet and secretive.

[b]Discription:[/b] Although raised by a couple fasion freaks... Sam wears bland clothing. Her boots are old and faded. Her jeans are dull army green. She has short short blonde hair and blue eyes. She has medium tan skin. Over all she doesnt stand out much and prefers it that way.
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[font=gothic][color=indigo]Name: Kattarin Alekseyevic

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Specialty:Survival Specialist

Bio: Kattarin is one of those incredibly rare Australian-born, Russian bred type people. She grew up in the centre of the desert continent, and being Russian, burned horribly. Never one to take things like that lightly, Kattarin decided that she'd spend her life in the desert, just to show the damn thing exactly what it had coming to it. She ended up spending most of her life with the local tribe of Aboriginals, and learnt just about everything she needed to know. And a lot of things she didn't need to know... Anyway, she ended up involved in this because...she...well....she got deported. Forcibly. There was a little trouble when she and a few friends took a trip to Sydney....A couple of racists....It got ugly. They objected as much to her accent as anything else though... Anyway, Kattarin thought it would be best to leave the country. She ended up in another desert, perfectly happy, and with only a little blood on her knuckles.[/font][/color]
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So far everyone is in. There can also be more than one of each specialty, with the following exceptions:
and Survival[/list]
Kain, as long as you do what I asked you to with your sign up you're still in.
[b]Name:[/b] Robert Palavar

[b]Age:[/b] 37

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Specialty:[/b] Minute Excavation

[b]Bio:[/b] Robert had been interested in archaeology for as long as he could remember. His passion for unearthing the buried remains of civilizations and ancient creatures drove him to ignore is obvious talent as a mathematician and pursue a less lucrative career as a 'digger'.
He was the man that raised funding for the team and picked the location of the dig (it was completely random). For almost three months there had been nothing but a few terrible sandstorms. Then the sonar device picked up some kind of shaft under about twenty feet of sand and four or five of solid rock. And so the excavation begins.
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[COLOR=green]Interesting plot line...

[b]Name:[/b]Abob Ttef

[b]Age:[/b] 65

[b]gender:[/b] Male

[b]Specialty:[/b] Excavation assistant/ Jack of all trades

[b]Biography:[/b] Abob was born in lower Egypt, into a small tribe of nomads. He has lived in the desert all his life and, although he has never attended school, he is very smart. He has taught himself to read, write and speak a dozen local languages as well as English. He had been working with excavation teams since he was a teenager, and enjoys the relatively high pay it offers compared to other local jobs. He has long advised against excavations in this area, citing local legends describing powerful creatures that live beneath the sand. When an archeological team decided to excavate there anyway he figured he may as well go along, to keep an eye on them. He plans on this being his last dig before retirement...[/COLOR]
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Name: Saria Imani Lopez

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Specailty: Minute Excavation

Description: Tall slender, young lady who looks to be about 20 years old. Has long black hair, which she always keeps up, due to job, and no real figure to keep her standing out. She has dark brown eyes, and light brown-skin. Has a pretty face, when cleaned up. But gets no true magnatisim from the opposite sex.

Bio: Growing up in small towns in the Spanish countryside. Saria has always had a heart for the outdoors. She was the oldest of 3 girls and was seen as the brighest and most adventurous of the three, which explained the rugged nature tha she soon took on.
As a young girl she was a tough as many of the other boys around her and had a knack for hands on experience. She would build things with her dad and also loved digging around the countyside, looking for bones or treasure.
As she matured, she still kept her rugged nature but also began to expand her studies to ancient civilations and became greatly interested in archealogy. She studied ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. In college she would follow her professors on many of their digs to small excavation sites and also learned how to work with a few explosives, which aren;t used that much on the small jobs she did do. She was a stickler for care and detail and so showed that with her work on the digs. She carefully unearthed a few mummys as well as bones of servants, peasants and a few vases, or other ancient trinkets that where uncovered on the digs.
Her nature to this day is the same and her looks show it. Many men don't talk to her because of her personality and looks and have not chased them. She waits to find the perfect one and hopes that it may be soon. She mostly stays quiet abut will occassionaly converse with those whom she work with or know.

OOC: Thatsk KOTR for telling me that so I can change it....Well hear it goes.
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[I]I read your intro/prologue above and it sounded fabulous. So I hope it's not too late to try and get in this?[/I]

[B]Name:[/B] Megan Caulfield

[B]Age:[/B] 28

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Specialty:[/B] Minute Excavation, a bit of a Linguist

[B]Bio:[/B] Having always enjoyed studying cultures - especially the oldest of cultures, like Rome and the rest of the Mediterranean - Archaeology was logically the next step for Megan. Previously, she had been doing some work in Pompei while trying to master Italian (which she found to be a little more different from French than she had thought), when a friend/co-worker of hers tipped her off on the Sahara dig. Interested in the opportunity and looking for a change, Meg decided to check it out.
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