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these are a couple of my favorite ending themes.
1st- Heart of Sword from Rurouni Kenshin
2nd- Fukai Mori from Inuyasha and the most recent ending theme Dearest or something like that.
Man i don't know what it is about them but both of them have a really good beat, like Fukai Mori and Dearest are more of what you would call soothing songs and Heart of Sword is more of a one where you can dance to it and just listen to. I couldn't come up with any other good reasons why i like them though.haha.
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Guest Rubber_Soul
I adore the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack! My favorite Non-Bebop songs are:
Genesis of the Next -(End of Cyborg 009 theme song)
Duvet -(Beginning theme of Serial Experiments Lain)
Fly Me to the Moon -(Ending theme for Neon Genesis Evangelion)
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[color=indigo]?::sigh::?we?ve had this topic soooo many times, but I guess it has been a little while since we allowed one to remain open, so I will let it continue as long as members do a better job [b]explaining[/b] why they like the music of a particular anime.

As most of you know, it is my opinion that the sound track from Cowboy Bebop, written by Yoko Kano, is possibly the best music ever written for a TV show. The music fits the show perfectly, combining a nostalgic jazzy sound with modern rhythms which parallels the shows dual old west/space age thriller theme. [/color]
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Heaven's Cloud took the words right out of my mouth (though, he explained it better than I probably would've).

The Cowboy Bebop soundtrack is definitely my favorite anime soundtrack. The music just fits in well with every aspect of the series and, I have to say, Jazz works very very well in chase scenes. It really builds a sense of urgency and I always thought that was pretty cool.
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another ost that's awesome is flcl particularly the ending theme song, 'ride on shooting star' by the pillows.

it's a short song of guitars and drum plays lasting about 2.5mins, but it's got a hip guitar rifts that you won't forget. most of the songs were performed by the pillows, btw.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Inuyasha_Pro [/i]
[B]What is your favorite anime music and what anime is it from? I like the Inuyasha songs. I don't know what they're called. [/B][/QUOTE]

[size=1]I also really like the InuYasha music. It is really different from what I would normally listen to, but somehow... well, I don't know. There are actually 10 different opening and ending songs for IY and they are all satisfying J-Pop. The names are:

[u]Opening Themes[/u]
"Change the World" by V6
"I Am" by Hitomi
"Owari Nai Yume" by Aikawa Nanese
"Grip!" by Every Little Thing

[u]Ending Themes[/u]
"My Will" by Dream
"Fukai Mori" by Do as Infinity
"Dearest" by Ayumi Hamasaki
"Every Heart" by BoA
"Shinjitsu no Uta" by Do as Infinity
"Itazurana Kiss" by Day After Tomorrow

I like how the opening themes are upbeat and catchy to get you excited for the show while the ending themes are slow and "pretty" which wind down all the action.

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[size=1] Cowboy Bebop has some [b]great[/b] music. I love the jazz and blues included in many of the songs, which are orchestral, and good ones at that. ^_^ Yoko Kanno is probably one of my favorite modern artists, and I absolutely adore Cowboy Bebop's music. I got the special edition Cowboy Bebop CD, which includes four CDs that have songs from all the single CDs and songs that were never released. I practically worship it. I'm going to say that Cowboy Bebop is probably the only anime that has orchestral peices that match what's going on in the show perfectly.

I also think Gravitation has great music, especially the ending theme. Fukai Mori [Inuyasha's ending theme] by Do as Destiny is also a song I am fond of. [/size]
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[color=crimson]Another Yoko Kanno fan here!:D I LOVE the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack. NY Rush, Rain, The Real Folk Blues, and a bunch of others are just plain great.:)

I'm also quite fond of the Trigun, Inu-Yasha, and FLCL soundtracks. From Trigun, I like Rakuen, Sound Life, Scattered Rain, and Never Could Have Been Worse. I like most of the endings from Inu-Yasha, especially Fukai Mori and also some background music. And in FLCL, I like the ending song, Ride on Shooting Star.;)

And from Excel Saga, I like the opening song.[/color]
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[color=crimson]I like the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack very much, I was gonna buy it, but I discovered I was about a buc short, and I haven't seen it in a store since. The music has a lot of variety to it: blues, rock, funk, country, you name it.
My personal faves are:
Call Me, Call Me
Want It All Back
Real Folk Blues
and Blue
I also enjoy some other songs from other animes. Tangerine Dream(don't know the Japanese name) from Inu Yasha, Dearest from Inu Yasha, Heart of Sword from Rurouni Kenshin, Yasashii Yoake and Obsession from .hack//SIGN, etc.
The songs all have great tunes, good lyrics, and a great show it goes with. ^_~

~Lumi ^_^[/color]
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Yeah, we had this topic a little while back, but I dont feel like lookin for it. So here's my favorite tracks.

"Voice" - Yu-Gi-Oh! SECOND opening(dont get it twisted. There was a season before this. It only had 27 eps, but still.)

"Shuffle" - Yu-Gi-Oh! Third opening(forever a classic)

"Wild Drive" - Yu-Gi-Oh! Fourth opening

"Warriors" - Yu-Gi-Oh! Fifth opening

"As hita Moshi Kimiga Kowaretemo" - Yu-Gi-Oh! First ending

"Ano Hi No Gogo" - Yu-Gi-Oh! Second Ending

Obviously so far, you can tell that my favorite songs comes from my favorite anime which is Yu-Gi-Oh! ^_^

"Sayonara Bye Bye" - Yu Yu Hakusho second ending

"Taiyouga Mata Kagayakutoki" - Yu Yu Hakusho third ending

"Daydream Generation" - Yu Yu Hakusho fifth ending

"Hohoemi No Bakudan" - Yu Yu Hakusho opening

"You Can Fight" - Transformers Generation 1 Japanese Opening

"Burning Overdrive" - Transformers Carobots (AKA RiD) Opening

"Love Forever: For The Sake of Protecting You" - Transformers: Beast Wars Neo Opening

"Super Voyager" - Transformers: Beast Wars II Opening

"Heart of Sword" - Rurouni Kenshin Ending

"Thesis of an Atrocious Angel" - Neon Genesis Opening

"Dearest" - InuYasha current ending(Man, I'm sorry but everytime I hear that song, it brings a tear to my eye)

"Fukai Mori" - InuYasha second ending(we all like this one. ^_^)

"My Will" - InuYasha first ending

"Rhythm Emotion" - Gundam Wing Opening

"Invoke" - Gundam Seed Opening

"See You Space Cowboy" - The extended remake of Real Folk Blues in the final ep of Cowboy Bebop

"Hikari No Will Power" - Trunks' Theme in DBZ

"Biggest Fight" - Goku's theme...I guess in DBGT(because it was in the DBGT game. *shrugs*)

"We Were Angels" - DBZ second ending theme.

"Spirit Vs Spirit" - Gohans SSJ2 Theme

Well, there ya go. I have a good bit of others, but those are just the ones I listen to the most. ^_^

Edit: For some odd reason, this sensitive board edited "As hita"(together), thus I had to seperate it. *shrugs* lol
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I loove the Bebop soundtrack (well, what I've heard on the show). I've memorized (the shorter version of) The Real Folk Blues and I sing it like 50 million times a day (yes, I am that boring). And, not to brag or anything, but I sing it pretty damn well too (I'm in choir :sweat: ). I rented Samurai X last weekend and that opening song annoyed me n' my bff to DEATH! That guy needs singing lessons. We were like "NOOO!!! NOT THE SONG AGAIN!!!" The blood was really shiny... :wow: Anyway... I like My Will, Fukai Mori and Dearest. Dearest is really sad... I was singing the Genocide Song (Trigun) at school today and it was sooo funny! My friend Sephi was like, "Amanda, SHUT UP! You're scaring people." :P I told this kid his name is Bakayarou and he has no clue! It's soo funny. He's all "I am Bakayarou!" And I'm laughing... hahaha... I like the ending song thing to Zoids (Chaotic Century). It's kewl, but the stupid announcer dude has to talk over it. >_<
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i love the *slayers try* ~opening theme GET A LONG TRY AGAIN~
plus all three of the inuyasha edning themes.and Samurai X opening theme, plus FLCL ending theme,Cardcapotors song *Ordinary girl* i can go on and on and on...ahh almost for got the endig theme to cyborg 009 i just love it ^_^
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=darkblue]I love all of The Pillows songs on FLCL. They are a great japanese group, I just ordered the FLCL soundtrack.^_^
I also love all the music from Trigun, I never turn off that CD when I'm home. My favorites are probably Blood and Thunder, Blue Funk, Sound Life, H.T., and Fools Paradise. Inuyasha music is awsome too. To much good music!!!OMG, I can't forget about The Real Folk Blues.. I almost did.>_<
But there is more that I like and I know it, but I just don't remember everything.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Like almost everyone here, I really enjoy the music from Cowboy Bebop and FLCL. I also enjoy the music from Trigun, even though I've only be able to listen to that music before the commercial break (I'm hoping to get a DVD).

Yoko Kanno is a one of the best modern artists. In an interview, she said that she came to the U.S. and really enjoyed jazz and the blues. I think she decided that that kind of music would be popular in Japan. I guess now she has an idea about how popular it is.

The Pillows, what can I say that's bad about the Pillows? Oh, nothing. The ending theme to FLCL is definately a very good one, but then again, I like a lot of ending themes. I guess I really enjoy ending themes because I rarely see them. I'm really glad that CN showed it! I love the beat!

I like Trigun music because it sounds sooo cool. It sounds a lot like mt dad's favorite 70's music.

I also want to know where I can get the Trigun and Cowboy Bebop soundtracks. It sounds pathetic, but I really want to be able to listen to cool anime music without having to download it. I would still have wait and save up money, though.
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I'll list my favs with the reasons next to it.

1- Wild Wind (By far my fav anime song. I can't even say why I like it, it's just great!)

2. Fukai Mori (That was pretty much the first anime song I ever got stuck in my head. I really like it.)

3. Change the World (I end up singing this at school alot. When I do, my friends will just stare. Some sing along with me though. ^_^;;)

I have many other favorites, but I don't feel like listing them all. Pretty much all of the YYH and InuYasha songs.
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Guest Otaku_0926gm
I'm new here. I like most all anime music. Here are my favorites:

Silent Mobius Opening theme
Soul Taker Opening Theme
Blue Seed Ending Theme
Any Inuyasha ending theme
Outlaw Star ending themes
.hack//sign opening theme
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My favorite has to be Predilection from the Gravitation Sound Story 3(I think it was three...). It's also the only one done by Ryuichi's actual seiyuu.
But then, I like all of the Nittle Grasper songs.
But getting off of Gravitation, I'd say that my favorite song from an anime would have to be 'Bad Dog, No Biscuits' from Cowboy Bebop. I know it has no words, but the music itself makes the words unneccessary, na no da.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Delaz [/i]
[B]I love anime music! damn it ive made my own cd of it! [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=hotpink][size=1]Please put more thoughts and efforts into your post. It's not saying "Do you like Anime Music?" It's saying "Which anime music do you like?" I hope you adhere to the rules from now on. Thank you.[/color][/size]
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