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Writing LOTR trivia (may contain spoilers)


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Alright, it's Lord of the Rings trivia time!!!! This is for you hard-core Tolkein readers, who read the books a lot, and some of his other books, like the Silmarillion and such.

FIRST QUESTION: How many Valar are were there in the beginning of the world?

There that wasn't too hard. It'll get harder when it starts going.

I don't really know how we'll do this, maybe PM the person who stated the question with the answer, and they'll tell you if it's right or wrong, then you can post if it's right. So, YOU MUST KNOW THE ANSWER TO YOUR OWN QUESTION!In you answering post, make sure to ask another question. Alright, let's get this going.
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The corsairs of Umbar?
(I was informed by PM that I'm right :).)

I should read those books again.

Here's my question: After the Battle of Pelennor fields, what's the the herb Aragorn uses for healing purposes, and who are the two people he heals?
(Not that hard ... maybe some non-hardcore LOTR fans will join in? :D)
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Glorfindel, I was mad they cut him out of the movie. Though it made sense, because Arwen's part at the end seemed a little random at the end.

I'm pretty sure I'm right, so I'll ask a question: What does Treebeard say he'll call the area where the Ents will supervise Saruman, after they've taken over his tower?

By the way, in my book it's spelled athelas, but whatever.
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There are SEVERAL languages of middle earth!

-The Valar and Maiar speak in immaculate tones: song magic.
-Westron: we've got ancient rohirric, a hobbit sub-language.
-Haradrim: they have their own language
-Orcish (derivative of the Black Speech)
-Elvish: Sindarin, Sylvan, Quenya (more of a writing style)
-Numenorian (Adunaic)
-Khuzdul (Dwarvish)
-All the languages of the world's creatures. Ravens, eagles, etc. They talk with these creatures too. Spiders.. etc

My question is : Who is the only Nazgul with a name? (Rada can't answer, he's already answered once before in our pm quiz :P )
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--Avathar was the answer yes, but I was talking about the era, not the occurance, correct answer though---

A: Many of the Valar rose against him. In might etc. Really though, only Tulkas restled with Melkor, as he was the only person to match him in pure brute strength. All of the valar contributed in their own way, please try to make your questions a bit less vague.

Q: What Ruling Steward built the Rammas Echor around Pelennor Fields?
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