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Sign Up Land Of Swords, Crule horizons.


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Welcom to the land known as Madrin, a vast contenant of deserts and forests, swamps and plains, mountain and vally. A land of love, and hate, of life, and death. A land, ingulfed by war.

[COLOR=crimson]-Land Of Swords, Crule Horizons-[/COLOR]

This in an RPG that is very much what the players make it. What you do determens the events that happen, there is a basic story, but you diside what happens...


Race: (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Aven, Centuar.)

[b]Human:[/b] Your basic Lord of the rings stile humans.
[b]Elf:[/b] Think, lord of the rings, just not imortal, the life span is around three hundred years.
[b]Dwarf:[/b] Again, Lord of the rings stile.
[b]Orc:[/b] NOT LORD OF THE RINGS STILE!! These are more like Warcraft orcs, They have there own country, army, and every thing that gos with it.
[b]Aven:[/b] Think, elf, with with hawk wings, and head, feathers covering whole body, claws on hands and feet.and bird tail. They live to around Three hundried, three hundrid and fifty. They live by a strict code of honor.
[b]Centuar:[/b] Well, these aren't to hard, half horse, half man. great wariors, powerfull at short and long range fighting. honor is like there midle name, just like the Avens.

[b]PS:[/b]If you would like a special race, say, a dragon or somthing, ask me first, then I will consider it.


[b]Aligance:[/b]Your starting aligance


[b]Morixia[/b] is a great nation with a large, powerfull army. They hold much of the land to the north of Corandal. It is known for its honor and valintry.
[b]Vexera[/b] is a smaller nation to the east of Morixia. A great sea seperates the two nations, who have signed a peace treaty together. Though no alliance is seen for the near future.
[b]Corandal[/b] the great elf country is as large as it is old. it is the southern boarder land or both Morixia and Vexera. Though it dose not flount it, Corandal has great power.
[b]Dorland[/b] is quite small comared to Corandal, but there alliance with Calamar is strong, and together, the two nations are very powerfull. Dorland is south west of Dunora.
[b]Kalridia[/b] is the most well defended nation of Madrin. It is mostly under the mountain range that seperates Dunora from Corandal. It is also nearly as old as Corandal, it has a very large army dispit its small size.
[b]Dunora[/b] was formed by the orcs long ago, when the scatered tribes came to gether in an efort to hold off the humans who were wipeing out there race.
[b]Calamar[/b] is the powerfull and old nation of the Avens, there alliance with Dorland makes them even more powerfull than the human nation of Morixia.
[b]Borin[/b] is the small and stedfast land of Centuars. It is to the west of Morixia, and the Centuars hold a lose alliance with the human nation.

[b]trade[/b] What you do int he RPG

Fighter:mostly an adventure or bountyhunter. some are allied with certan countres.
Ranger:men of honor who have formed there own 'army' in the forest called BlackWood in Calamar. They help the avens in times of war, but mostly keep to themselfs. allied with Calamar, or Dorland.
Solder: a solder is an race, the fighting men of the army on a certain country, must be allied with some countrie, and must be of that race.
Wizard:Most of them are allied to some countre, and they don't need to be of that race. They are highly respected. (Wizards are very powerfull, and there will only be a few, PM me for permitsion to be a Wizard.)

[b]Wepons:[/b] the wepons you start the RPG with.
you may have one of these combos

Two swords
Sword and two daggers
Sword and bow
Sword and Pole wepon(see note)
Sword and Ax
Ax and Bow
Two Ax's
Ax and two daggers
Bow and two daggers
Two daggers
(Or one of any of the above.)
NOTE: Please state the pole wepon if you chose that
Halberd, Spear, Lance, Quarter Staff, or other (all other must be aproved)

[b]Sheild:[/b] The sheild you start the RPG with
you don not need to start with a sheild.
Small: You can use any wepon with a small sheild
Medium: You can't use a bow with a medium sheld
Large: You can't use a bow or pole wepon with a large sheild.
NOTE:Dwarfs can only use small and medium sheilds.

[b]Other Armor[/b] The armor you start with.
Chain mail
Steel armor
Leather armor
Mithril armor (only elves and dwarf may start with mithril armor.)

Thats all you realy need, if there are any changes, or add on's, they will be up soon....
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Guest Skyechild91
I helped start this so...
Name- Tora
Gender- Female
Age- 87
Race- Aven
Weapons-Bow and pole weapon (quarter staff)
Armor- Leather
Trade- Healer, scout
I think this is what avens should look like. elf with hawk wings, eyesight, and gracefulness.
Features- Knee length silky silver hair, bright green eyes, a light green shirt. long sleeve, sleeves slit from shoulder to wrist, soft fawn capris, ankle boots.
I'll do my bio once the rest of the team has signed up,
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Ok, I changed my miss spelling.

Sailor Star, Avens don't realy have hair. They are coverd with feathers. And there faces are like hawk heads, large beaks...

Name:Raven The White
Wepons:Sword, "Nadria" and Halbrid
Sheild: Medium
Other Armor:Chain Mail

Ok, Since there is (Hopfully) the potential for a LOT of people and chars in this RPG, then I would like one person to take a leader ship type roal in each country. I will be the Comander of the Calamar army.
PM me if you wish to take on a learder ship role within your nation.
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Guest Skyechild91
OKay, fine. forget that i ever put hair down. Umm.. would it be okay if there was a healing house? YOu know, so that more than one aven can be taken care of at once? And im sorta the person in charge?
ECIT- I just noticed something. Hack Helba, ssjbrolli, and i are the only ones who arent newbies on this thread.. sorry, thought you should know...
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SailorStar [/i]
ECIT- I just noticed something. Hack Helba, ssjbrolli, and i are the only ones who arent newbies on this thread.. sorry, thought you should know... [/B][/QUOTE]

That's because we are special. lol. :rolleyes:
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[i]Just to, you know, stick up for newbies, quality is better than quantity.[/i]

[b]Name:[/b] Iolana
[b]Race:[/b] Human
[b]Age:[/b] 20-ish. Exactly what it is, however, she's not telling.
[b]Alligiance:[/b] Vexera
[b]Trade:[/b] I would classify her as a fighter, but she's more of a business lady, of sorts. She's a merc, and sometimes a spy, among other things, and you can make use of all these skills for the right price.
[b]Weapons:[/b] A sword and a dagger. Her sword is actually more like a Katana; it's a thinner blade and it curves slightly at the end. The hilt is a dark brown, wrapped in leather, and visible on the butt of the hilt is a small circle of amber that actually runs through the center of the hilt and half of the blade. She keeps it strapped low around her hips with a sturdy, leather belt. Likewise, the dagger has the same makings, only the blade of it is covered in tiny, ancient Vexerian symbols. This smaller blade finds its home in a sheath strapped about her right thigh. She's very fond of both weapons, and has named them Shiva and Rudra, accordingly.
[b]Shield:[/b] No shield.
[b]Other Armor:[/b] She doesn't wear a whole lot of armor, either, but she does have it. A leather chest guard, arm guards and leg guards.

[i]Okay, that's that, I think. I hope this thing gets off the ground.. not many of these are, unfortunately. Good luck to us! ^.^[/i]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Kilani Tarot Shi'iandra

[B]Race:[/B] Human/Elf

[B]Age:[/B] 23

[B]Alliance:[/B] all human and elf

[B]Trade:[/B] Fighter/Sorceress

[B]Weapons:[/B] double edged broad sword and QuarterStaff(sorcery)

[B]Shield:[/B] none

[B]Other Armor:[/B] none[/size][/color]
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