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Guest Skyechild91

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Guest Skyechild91
Okay, I am starting a new RPG. Here is the story-

A young elf girl ran in terror. Her name? Ireth. She was fleeing from the humans that her kind feared. Suddenly she felt herself being lifted into the air. She looked to her rescuer. She looked into the face a one of the legendary Winged Folk. She stared in awe. They flew in silece, the only movement fromthem the silver wings of the Winged Folk. The elf was set down near her home. She rushed to her waiting parents, and hugged them, relieved. She turned to tank the Winged One, but he was gone...

The winged one settled down in his home in the clouds. He met the chieftan at the gates, who praised him on his fine rescue. His name was Ikajuki and he was fond of elves. Even more was he fond of the half breed, Tora. She was half elven half winged folk. He thanked the elder, and went to replenish himself.

EDIT- Forgot this: There is a quest for the lost amulet of the Dark Moon wich teh winged ones and elves worship the humans are trying to desroy it and the two races. fire lizards are little companions for the winged ones and elves. think anne mccafferey.
Hope this okay. I need someone to play Ireth, and I already have reservations for Ikajuki. Im playingTora, but I need more sign ups. Heres the form-
Race-[Winged One, Elf, Human, Mer-folk, Centuar, Fire-lizard]
Weapon(s)- max of three
Firelizards You have to pick some one to be attached to if u play one. And they come in diferent colors. Green, BLue, brown, bronze, gold. Tora's silver one, Dancer is the only one like her.
Name- Tora
Age- 87 (teenager)
Gender- Female
Race- Winged Folk/Elf
Weapons- Long-bow, -sword, quarter staff
Features- Knee length silver hair, bright green eyes, fawn capris, long sleeve green shirt, slit from shoulder 2 wrist, sandals.
Bio- She is quiet, and the healer of her flock. She is sweet, and flirtatious at times. She is dangerous in battle. She would give her life for any in the flock. She has a little friend named Dancer. She is a silver firelizard.
Okay. I think that covers it. Ill need a max of 9 sign ups.
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May I be Ireth?
Name- Ireth
Age- 73
Gender- Female
Race- Elf
Weapon(s)- Glaive, Crossbow, Daggers
Features- Short pale green hair, purple eyes, very tall and slender. Wears short, somewhat ragged blue dress, carries a tan bag.
Bio- Ireth is an elf who used to coexist with the humans in a village near her forest birthplace. She would help out with spells and such, until one day they all turned against her and chased her out. She lived in the forest for a while, but they soon found her there and tried to kill her. Luckily, she was rescued by one of the Winged Ones. She is determined to save her people. She's very loud and opinionated, as well as stubborn, but still very caring. She has no temper at all, she'll just ignore anyone trying to make her mad. She's also a skilled spellcaster, but only for small spells such as healing bruises or levitating candles. She aspires to be a much better spellcaster one day.
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[color=indigo]I'll play!

Name: Shin-za

Age: 40

Gender: Female

Race: Elf

Weapon: Bow and arrows.

Features: Long black hair and purple eyes. She is 5 foot 7. Wears a light blue, sleveless tunic, and brown leather shorts. Carries a small bag at her waist.

Bio: Shin-za grew up in a peaceful forest, where she learned to fear and hate all humans as her parents told her stories of them. At the age of 15 her parents died when a human raid party invaded the peaceful forest. From then on she vowed that any human she meets she will not hesitate to kill.

I hope that's okay^^[/color]
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Okay, I am here to sign up for my physical..oops..ummmm..Anywhoo!

Name: Kaiye(Ki-yay)

Age: 163(late teens-early 20's)

Gender: Female

Race: Winged-one

Weapons: a 6'tall staff w/a turquoise stone the shape of a moon, a cross bow w/poisoned tips, and sword that when pulled from its sheath, glows w/blue flames.

Features: Mid-back length black hair, cobalt blue eyes, creamy peach skin. Wears a brown leather corsette top that strings in the front, a white skirt that hangs on her hip w/slits from her hip to her ankles, a brown belt w/a silver belt buckle that has the crest of the Winged-one's and a turquoise stone emeded in it, a pair of knee high brown leather boots, and brown leather fingerless gauntlets that go up to her elbow.

Biography: Kaiye grew up in the forbidden forest of the Winged-ones where she had a relatively happy childhood. She was mainly known for her mischevious, fun loving personality. She is a little controlling, but she is very open to what others have to say. One day she came home to see her villiage being ravaged and burned by a rivaling village, the elven village. These two villages had been fighting for the past 50 years. After Kaiye's village was destroyed, she vowed to avenge her village, only she didn't know how. And also following the destruction of the village, Winged-ones were forbiden to associate w/elves, and visa-versa. If word of either of the races associating w/eachother got out, they others would destroy the traitors.
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I'll be the evil human(I'm gonna kill Tora again!!!)


Name: Ryu
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Weapons: Quarter Staff, Broad sword, dagger
Features: Wears Crimson armor from feet to throat but is hidden by a worn travlers cloak. Short blond hair thats neatly trimmed, Emerald green eyes. Broad sword is strapped to back.
Bio: Ryu was raised in an average home but when he was 18 he got into a fight and killed the man. Ever since then Ryu has enjoyed killing, sometimes killing every living thing in a town to get the satifaction of the kill. Theres a rumor that his armors red because of all the innocent people he has slain and bathed in there blood.
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EDIT- I forgot my wings!! Kaiye's wings are turquiose and pearl, they are hidden underneath a green cape-like cloak she wears(another edit) when extended they resemble a dragon's wings. The webbing is translucent(not exactly see through, but light can pass through).
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Race:winged human
wepon:staff blade
Bio:She is not to trusting of many people and
wishes she never knew what love was.Long silver straight hair, wings are black
outfit- school uniform eyes color black when angered her bodie glows dark red and forgets what her fighting abilities are and goes above then......she can be a danger to an enamies helth
looks:Ok people do n-e-of you know what the show Evangelion is? If not go to there pics and scrool down till ya c page01 ok click
3rd row 2nd pic the girl with the blue/greay hair rei that is what I look like..

edit-Features:Long silver straight hair wings are black
outfit school uniform eyes color black when angered her bodie glows dark red and forgets what her fighting abilities are and goes above then......she can be a danger to an enamies helth.

[color=green]EDIT: Merged your two posts. Please do not double post. --terra[/color]
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Guest Skyechild91
Um.. they arent angels, just winged humans. lighter more agile, thoguh. ANd people! Yay for Gargoyle god, we need more males! I dont know when Ikajuki's player is gonna show up, he isnt someone you can count on. Inyahsa_gilr, get yours more detailed and repost. then deleate the old one, and the others are in. These are great sign ups. I was expecting Guess?, Tora and Ryu have met before.:devil: In battle. Ryu killed tora, but Ikajuki killed Ryu. Food chain, rght> OOpss...anywhoo, good so far!!
ECIT- I ment to say Guess? instead of Gragoyle god...
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[SIZE=1][I]Ok, I'll play:

Name: Dango

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Race-[Winged One, Elf, Human, Mer-folk, Centuar, Fire-lizard]:Winged One.

Weapon(s): Sword and bow

Features: His silver wings, long spiky black hair, red pants and no shirt on. About 6" tall, and he keeps his sword and bow on his back. He's kinda evil when it comes to fighting or saveing people. He is hatable to most people, but very nice to people he likes. He also has two red stripes on his cheeks. The stripes are a unknown.

Bio: Dango's past is a total blank page. He knows nothing about his childhood. He has had many friends, but most pasted away. All he does now is fly around. he rarely talks, but is nice when he does. He hates his family. Even though he can't rember his past, he hates them.

I hope this is ok.[/SIZE][/I]
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Guest Skyechild91
Not exactly sure. I may have to change ikajuki to a different char, and get someone else on. any1 seen boggart3k latley? hes supposed toplay ikajuki. he was tora's team mate in the battle against ryu, gual, and morwen... if you wanna check out that battle, look for five on five death match!!
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Name- Natya

Age- 100+ (if allowed)

Gender- Female

Race- Winged One

Weapon(s)- Bow/Arrow, Daggers

Features- Violet hair streaked with gold, she is quite tall and is clothed in a long lavender tunic with pants. She has daggers tucked into her belt and her hair is often seen in a ponytail with a pheasant feather. She has two extremely puffy, feather wings which are light lavender in color with gold tips.

Bio- Natya is a quiet and peaceful person. She is calm under almost evreything and is very strict in enforcing honor and law. Her power mostly comes from dance and music and she performs very well.
Her first encouter with humans was when she was discovered in near some woods. Though she held them in astonishment, they didn't share the same feelings. She ended up permanantly silencing them. Now she dislikes humans, but does observe them a lot.

Hope that's ok. I wasn't sure about my char's physical desc.
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Guest Skyechild91
Like the phys. and yes you can be that old, but you need to be specific. and the next person to sign up had better be a boy, or else... kidding, but i ned more bois and more humans and elves. no more winged ones. And remeber, you can have a firelizard, but remeber to have him/her included in the rpg. oh yeah,

Golds- Female
Bronzes- Male
Brown- Male
Blue- Female or male, but usually male
Greens- Females, rarley males

Thats just so you know what their genders are. Never was there ever a male gold, or a female bronze, so keep that in mind. So far i have

Elf- 2
Human- 1
Winged One- 4
Merfolk- 0
Centuar- 0
Firelizard- 0

No more winged ones. ill let there be two more elves, and until we get more humans and other species, thats it. and merfolk and centuars aid the travelers. and the only other winged one that tora knows out of the sign ups besides ikajuki is Kaiye. ikajuki is the only other winged on that is okay to sign up for now.
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Guest Skyechild91
Okay, he can be blood red, but your the only exception. And firelizards have wings. they are actually about two feet long, their tail taking up about half tha length. Thin tails, and the firelizards can go [I]between[/I]or in between places, like in zero space. if you wanna know more, look up anne mccaffrey on google. you might find some pics.
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I'm so sorry that I have not joined yet. GaurdianStorm please forgive me for not noticing this sooner. I'd be happy to play as Ikajuki once again and continue the romance that he and Tora was developing in the fight.

Name- Ikajuki
Age- 89
Race- Winged Folk
Weapons- Short Bow, A Magically Forged Axe
Features- Shoulder length green hair, firey orange eyes, a black vest and pants, black boots
Bio- Generally quiet and mysterious but loosens up around Tora. He is the most powerful warrior of his flock and would do anything for Tora.

Feel free to call me stupid all you like GaurdianStorm. It was entirly my fault that I didn't join earlier. In fact I'll give you my address if you want to come over and take out your frustration on me.

The RPG has begun just look for Dark Moon.
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