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[color=#707875]Very nice. Having done 3D work myself, I know how difficult it can be. So I appreciate the effort you've put into this piece.

If I had to fault it, I'd say that some of your shadows (particularly on the lower cords) cut off too sharply. There isn't a real sense of flow at that point.

But the other cords generally look fine. The light/dark contrast is generally well done and the cords have a very "weighty" look to them -- which is great. It only adds to their sense of realism.

The sphere itself is funky. Very cool. And I like the way you've actually "connected" the cords to the sphere. It looks good and it works effectively.

So, it's a good piece. You should continue to practice your 3D work and show us some more.

Also...please do not double post. It's against the rules. Even if you're adding an attachment, there's no excuse. You should host the image yourself if you feel that a double post is required (so that you can edit your original message with a URL or IMG tag).[/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Chaos [/i]
[B]The tendrils are monotonous. You didn't shade or color them in accord to the orb.

:D [/B][/QUOTE]

I actually had ALOT of trouble with the lighting in Rhino. It has things like spotlights, pointlights and ambient lights. But the problem is it dosent have omni lights, or lights you can shape. Also light tends not to travel through a transparent object if it's transparentand the light is inside it. So the shadows were really hard to do. Also I think I over blurred the pipes so they are hard to look at, unfortnately I don't have the origional for another fortnight...so I can't make an improvement.

Uh yeah about the dbl posting I went into edit but couldn't attatch a picture (perhaps I should add that to the suggestion forum).
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