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Anime You know you have watched to much DB/Z/GT when...


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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]Youknow you have watched too much DB/Z/GT when...

-you grow your hair out and dye your hair blonde and call yourself a Super saiyan.
-You glue red monkey hair to your body and dye your hair black and call yourself a SSJ4 Goku
-You try to channel your Ki so you can fly.
-You bye a golden monkey at the store and call him a Goldan Ozaru.

I have more.[/color][/size][/i]
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[FONT=times new roman]-You shave your head and drinks lots of coffee so you can become a better martial artist (Krillen)
-You're near death so you attempt to spit up an egg
-Get your best friend killed so his death can fuel your anger and make you transform into a Super Saiyan (Super Human...?)
-Hop off a building thinking you can fly
-Buy some beans at a store and expect them to be able to heal any of your wounds[/FONT]
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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]-You color youself green and then your freckles a darker green, then glue a tail on, and call yourself Cell.
-You do the same thing as above but you try eating people with your tail.
-You color ypurself bright pink and say you can turn anything into candy
-You actually try
-You get a fake monkey tail and stand outside at a full moon expecting to become a golden ozaru.
-You succeed

Thats all for now.[/color][/size][/i]
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[FONT=times new roman]-You get into a fight with someone who's kicking your butt and attempt to change bodies with him
-You remove the wheels from your car and try to pass it off as a hover car
-You try to stuff your house into a tiny capsule
-You try to fuse with your friend by doing a stupid looking dance[/FONT]
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-You die your hair yellow and spike it, saynig your SS (Guilty)

-You take brown pipe cleaners and tape them into a tail.

-You put 6 m&ms on your head and threaten to but your friends in half with a 'destructo disk' (cd) if they don't call you 'The All-Mighty Krillen'

-Every time you walk into your kitchen, you kick the 'Freiza' incase it's the Tyrant in disguise. (Guitly, for a while)

-You think your inharently evil cause your body's made of Cells.

-You jump off of a bridge and yell 'FLYING NIMBUS!'

-You do Kamehamehas in the mirror (guilty)

-You write a number '10,000' on your door and start doing push-ups to train for fighting Frieza.

-You call your dad 'Prince of Saiyans'

-You try to put your brain into an Android.

-You are writing this (GUILTY!)

-You are reading this and saying 'I've done at least a 4th of these once' (Guilty)

-Your computer has 2% of it's hard-drive space open because of art files (Mainly DBZ)

-Your room is jet black with a yellow Kamehameha going across one wall.

-You sit and concentrate real hard, hoping that Gohan's training with Videl will work for you. (GUILTY)

-You think you actually found that 'empty spot' (GUILTY. I did, but it excited me and i post it again. Either that or i was hungry
:naughty: )

-You are known in your school for benig able to answer any DBZ question (GUILTY, in both my elementary and Middle school)

-You find plot holes in DBZ for fun (GUILTY)

-You can answer DBZ questionsabout a saga you've never saw (GUILTY, the Cell Saga and Afterlife Tournament Saga...)

-You try to stop a fire by doing a Kamehameha (from DB).

-You tell your friends that your Namekian, and have them tear an arm out, and you 'try' to grow it back (with try being the key word)

-You tell them that you can Instant Teleport, and dare them to climb up a 3 story building and drop an anvil on your head.

-you watch an episode of DBZ and then depict the entire episode afterwards, leaving nothing out

-You own every single episode on VHS, DVD, AND on your computer

Why did mine be the one to pull spam.......
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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]You had a kot to say Shinobi.

-You catch yourself always wondering if you are the Legendary Super Saiyan.
-You wish you were a Super Sayan.(Guilty)
-You are always trying to fly.
-You try to eat like Goku.
-You try to talk to King Kai.
-You say that your favorite hobbies are Reading, and Sports just so your son can get into a private school.(Movie 8)
-You name your kid Gohan expecting him to turn Super Saiyan.

I dont really have that much today. Sorry i'll post again later.[/color][/size][/i]
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You watch to much DBZ when...

- You go on a wild trip across the universe looking for dragonballs on an octapus

- You pretend to power-up in your bed room

- You try to lift a car(gluity)

- You go and fight a lizard (thinking it's an evil dragon...O_o)

- You ask people to raise there hands and give up energy.

- Yout try to fuse with your friedn...(gulity...)

- You try to do a kame hame ha on your friends...(gulity)

- You try to make an energy ball (gulity...)

- You try to concentrate, then try to fly. (gulity)

- You go out fighting crime, and come home and eat beans.

- You grin evily before a school fight (gulity)

- You walk like Vegeta (gulity)

I watch to much DBZ....don't I? [/SIZE][/I]
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[color=666666][size=1][i]No you dont watch to much you just have a good sence of humor.

-You shave your head bald, and draw six dots on you head and call yourself krillen.
-You do the same as above cept you try to do the destructo disk.
-You try and build the mind controling device Paragus had.
-You cut your eye so that you will look like Paragus
-You actually succed in making the mind controling device and you try to control your son.
-You name you kid goku for crying when he was born
-You make sure he isnt next to a baby thats just sitting there not crying, and that the doctors arent talking about.
-You squirt blood out your nose everytime you see a nude pic(Roshi)

I am done for now.[/color][/size][/i]
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[color=darkblue][size=1]You know you've watched too much DB/Z/GT when you...

-Travel around the world, asking random strangers if they've seen any Dragon Balls.

-You go to a remote desert, expecting to find Babidi's base.

-You get one of your medicine pills and chuck it out in front of you, expecting to have a car/motorcycle/jet/etc. suddenly appear.

-You get a CD and threaten local bullies to fight with you.

-You believe you have a power level of 1,000 and threaten local bullies.

-You're writing in the 'You know you have watched too much DB/Z/GT when...' thread. (Guilty! ><; )

-You walk to the top of the Emire State Building, and jump out of the 100th floor window expecting to fly.

-You suceed... o.o;

-You say you have no mother, considering, "Saiyans don't have moms!"

I can't think of anymore right now. I'll post some more later. ^^

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