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[I]In the Medieval years, wars and such things broke out all over. But, this RPG is called The Medieval war games. You chose a character, (from the race bellow) and a coutry to start off with. You cannot be a leader of the country, unless you have the character that I have chosen for it. You must have a country on the list. You will be given troops,and people may sign up for the same country, but not the same ranks. In the game, you and your troops take over the countrys in the world. You have money to build bridges, and only warriors from your country.

Rules of the game:

1. You cannot take over a country if you do not have a high rank. The leader must tell you to take over, and warriors and lower ranks must not take over a country unless they are told to by the leader.


3. If you defeat a country, you can take five warriors from that country.

Now, this is very imporant:

We need two people to be the battle judges. When a battle between two countries is near an end, the two judges decide which country wins. The losing Country loses all there warriors and starts from all over. The judges must have a high reputasion on Otakuboards. (Like a mod/admin or a member with over 500 post) and must speak the truth only.

Sign up:









[FONT=arial]Races to Chose from:


Countries to chose form:

And the few others on the world map. (countries only)



Maximus (make up the bio, race, age description, and country.)

And the other ranks:(in order )

Second Captain
War Coperal
Super warrior


[COLOR=red]I exspect post to be in good order. Any one that has a problem, feel free to PM me. Thankyou for your time. I will chose who makes it into the RPG.[/COLOR]

My sign up:

[SIZE=1]Name: Dango

Rank: Captain/leader

Country: Japan

Age: 35

Bio: Born in England, but moved to Japan. He was one of the fouders of an army called 'Hell Fire', which is the army of Japan. Hi army is big, strong, and has many races in it. His army mostly has Samuri's and fighters of all races. He was once ofered a place on China's side, but he refused and stuck with his army. He only gives mercy to his people, and no one else.

Elves are amoung the favourite race of Dango. Dango likes elves and Humans. That's why his army is mostly made of Elves and Humans, but also alot of werewolves. He hates Dwarves, he believe that size does matter in there case. But in this war, he has a friend with him always, Shadow his Horse. Shadow is deadly, and neither living nor dead.

IN this war game, he will stop at nothing to take over the world.

Description: Long balck hair, a balck cape, and massive wolf sword on his back, balck pants and blakc amour on his top. He has his long sword, Long bow and two daggers. He has a small flute which he uses to summon Shadow and his army. HIs eyes are red, and he is about 6" tall. He has tow huge fangs in his mouth, and black boots.

Race: Half Werewolf Half elf. [/SIZE]

Remeber, any question jsut ask me! ;)
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Hikomi

[B]Rank:[/B] Second Captain

[B]Country:[/B] Japan

[B]Age:[/B] 23

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Bio:[/B] Hikomi is part of Dango's army, Hell Fire. She was chosen as Second Captain for the reason that, although her young age, she had a quick mind. As well as that she was one of the fastest, strongest, most stealthy, and that she was a person who did not give mercy.

She is one of the very few girls in the world that knew how to torture, fight, and do other such things that men thought women couldn't do.

Hikomi was born in Korea, but was brought to Japan to be used as a personal slave to one of the armies captains. She fought them off and ran away, when she was caught again, she was nearly killed but the top rank captain saw her strengths and no weaknesses and thought that if they trained her and created her into a powerful, lethal weapon, then they might have a chance at surviving. Little did they know that Hikomi had other ideas. She was a lethal weapon alright, but they did not put a tight rein on her therefore, she had slaughtered many soldiers and ran.

Somehow, as she lived by herself she was kidnapped and someone had poisoned her with a bit of drow blood that contained a transmorphing potion that causes her to turn into anyone and anything she wanted.

[B]Description:[/B] see attachment

[B]Race:[/B] elf/human poisoned with a little bit of drow.[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1][I]Ok, you tow can be judges. Arika, your post if ok.

Yeah, sorry about me saying you have to have this many post, forget about that. It was late, but that's no excuse, but it was like...1:00, and I was in a mood with my dad.

Sorry, but forget that then.[/SIZE][/I]
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