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RPG Digimon: The New Emperor.


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Ben stood, brooding. The Dark Ocean brought waves of peace over him, though it was peace of body, not of mind. His mind was actually racing, images flashing, bursts of sound, feelings of malice, hate, frustration; all coursing through him.

The Darkness was flooding Ben's mind with its own memories; it's own failures. It did this in an attempt to prepare him for any occurence; any sudden change. Through these moments of rapid tutelage, Ben learned that whenever evil became prevalent in the Digital World, it reached out to the Real World for humans to protect it, along with their digimon companions.

He saw a boy with large hair, goggles, and an Agumon.

[I]"Tai Kamiya."[/I] supplied the dark whisper in his mind. [I]"One of the greater threats to us."[/I]

The Agumon suddenly disappeared, and in it's place stood a heavily muscled and armored digimon. He then viewed it destroying two of the Dark Masters, which he had already learned about.

Then he saw a pair of boys. One with goggles and a jacket with flames, and another dressed in gray. they were standing beside what appeared to be a massive blue digimon in black and red armor.

[I]"Davis Motomiya and Ken Ichijouji. Along with Imperialdramon, in Fighter Mode. Quite a dangerous force."[/I]

While he watched, Imperialdramon de-dedigivolved into two smaller digimon, which smiled and ran over to the boys.

"But what of the ones [I]I[/I] will face?" asked Ben.

[I]"They will be here soon enough."[/I] came the voice softly. [I]"But for now, rest upon this."[/I]

Slowly, gracefully, floating down from the sky was what looked like a kite. But upon further inspection as it grew nearer, it was quite easily distnguished from one.

It was simply a circle, with four arrows, eaching pointing in a different direction. It was certainly large enough to sit on, so Ben did. His digimon, Bhaumon, suddenly splashed out of the Dark Ocean and onto the disk. His skin ran with rivulets of the Darkness-infused water, and his eyes burned with a light like Ben's.

Ben lifted his Crest, the point through which the Darkness aided him. It flashed an eerie purple light, and he was no longer beside the Dark Ocean. Instead, he was beside an ice cream shop.

In the Digital World.
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(David stands on a thick branch of a tree. He ties a rope to it)
David: (To himself) That should do it. (He looks around, making sure everything is set up correctly. The tree he?s standing on is right on the edge of a cliff. He drops out of the tree and looks up) Good. Positioning is correct. Now I just have to wait. (He goes to a different tree a few feet away and climbs up a ways. He stops on a thick branch. earlier, he and Guilmon X had hauled a log up there, which was tied to the same rope David had just tied to the other tree) And it looks like I won?t have to wait long. Here they come. (Guilmon X is being chased by a Vermillimon. As an Ultimate level Digimon, Vermillimon, who looks like a red Monochromon, is too strong for Guilmon X to defeat in a fight, but if there?s one thing David has learned in the digital world, it?s never to give up. Instead of fighting Vermillimon, Guilmon X is leading him into a trap. guilmon X stops under the branch David tied the rope to, and waits. When Vermillimon draws near, Guilmon X runs to the side. Vermillimon stops himself before falling over the cliff, but David pushes the log off of the tree. It swins into Vermillimon, pushing him right to the edge. He turns around just in time to see Guilmon X?s digivolved form, Growlmon X, charging toward him. He?s close enough to the edge that the force of Growlmon X?s impact is enough to send him over the edge. David drops out of the tree and walks over to Growlmon X, who devolves. They both look over the edge, and can make out a cloud of dust at the bottom) I don?t care how tough you are, that?s gotta hurt.
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Kelly's mom: Kelly did you take out the garbage?

Kelly: Sure mom, bye.

Kelly stormed out of the front door as her mom walked to see if she really did take out the barbage but she didn't the barbage can was practically overflowimg. As Kelly was walking down the street to the bakery she saw a weird red light glowing in an alley which apparently no one else could see.

Kelly: What the...

Kelly walked into the alley and saw a small something floating on the ground as she got closer she heard something behind her so she turned around to see what was their but nothing was. Kelly turned back around and a red bird with a belt around it's head quickly flew up to her.

Kelly: Ahh!

Kelly screamed and fell on her butt. The bird picked up the yellow digivice and it stoped glowing he gave it to Kelly with a rather confused look on his face.

Hawkmon: Hello there I'm Hawkmon pleased to meet you. Come on, we have work to do.
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T man and Takuya. [I]Please[/I] space out your posts! Not only is it tedious to read in that format, it seems so rushed!

And for dialogue, T man, put it one a new line for each new speaker. Also, please work on your punctuation and [B]capitalization.[/B]


"Hey, is mom home?" Max asked as he came in.

"She's not home yet, but you've got a visitor." his dad said.

"Who'd be visiting me this late in the afternoon?" Max wondered.


Ben entered the shop with Bhaumon by his side. There was only a small crowd of Digimon present. They all turned in surprise at the arrival of a human in their midst.

"What can I do fer ya?" asked the Starmon behind the counter.

"I'll have a scoop of black raspberry please." said Ben, sitting down at the counter.

"Make mine peach." said Bhaumon, hopping onto a stool.

Ben looked at Bhaumon amusedly. "Peach?" he asked.

Bhaumon grunted, then glared belligerently around the room. A couple digimon in the corner snickered. Bhaumon stiffened, but Ben put his hand on his shoulder. Then he winked. Bhaumon relaxed.

"That'll be free of charge. I've never had a human customer before." said the Starmon.

"Thank you." Ben said, then hopped off his stool. Bhaumon jumped off his stool also, careful not to drop his ice cream.

The two approached the table of digimon that had laughed at Bhaumon's selection. There was a Meramon a Gotsumon and a Gizamon, all grinning hugely.

"What kind of a girly selection is [I]peach?"[/I] the Gizamon guffawed.

"The kind that repels stupid." said Ben.

Bhaumon thrust the cone in front of the digimon. They instincively shrank back from the quick movement.

"I told you." said Ben. The digimon did not look pleased at being insulted.

"And who're you?" sneered the Meramon. "There haven't been any humans in the Digital World since MaloMyotismon was destroyed."

"The gibbering survivors of my last attack on a digimon village kept calling me the 'Digimon Emperor.'" he replied, buffing his nails on his shirt. "Don't know why they'd do that, though. I'm far better than he was."

The Gotsumon laughed. "Yeah right! [I]You,[/I] the new Digimon Emperor?"

Ben lifted his Crest and pointed it at the Gotsumon. A small shadow emerged from it, then dove straight onto the Gotsumon's face. His laughter became screams, which became silence. He took his hands away from his face. A mask-like shadow encircled his head, its face a picture of absolute despair.

The Meramon and Gizamon leapt back from their table, scared and angry at the same time. The Meramon's face became set and he launched a fireball at Ben. His Crest flashed and engulfed the fireball. Then another shadow sprang out and possessed the Meramon.

"Spiral Saw!" said the Gizamon, leaping towards Ben, it's fins spinning.

But Bhaumon stepped in the way, his hand glowing a dark blue. "Severe Fist!" he barked, slamming his fist into the oncoming attack. The Gizamon was sent flying into the wall and collapsed in a battered heap on the floor. A shadow engulfed and possessed him.

Starmon had watched the whole thing in abject terror. Knwoing that he would be next, after the three others, he made a decision. Having no shop was better than being a slave to Ben's will.

"Meteor Shower!" he said, raising his hands overhead.

Ben glanced over his shoulder in annoyance. He flipped his hand around, leasing another shadow. It flew into the digimon's face and knocked him to the floor.

He was too late to stop the attack, though. Meteors the size of computer monitors were raining down from the sky, shattering through the roof and destroying the shop.

Ben concentrated. The Dark Disk suddenly flew to his side and he stepped on. Crouching so as to avoid debris, he sailed out o the building with Bhaumon at his heels. The four digimon ran out as well.

Ben circled back, the meteors having ceased. His four new servants stood before him, their faces uniform in their shadow depicted looks of abject despair.

"Go now, and rally others."
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Kenaki opened her eyes and blinked for aminute then sat up.

[i] Wha? where am I? [/i]

Kenaki shivered as she relized that she was sitting in a vast land of snow. She quickly jusmped up and brushed the freezing snow off her back and clothes. She tried to think of how she had gotten here when it hit her.

"The digivice!" Kenaki shouted pulling out a Blue D3. "that's right! i got sucked into my computer after I found this." She said excitedly rembering what had happened so far.

"you know it's scary when a person talks to themself." came a voice from behind her.

kenaki whirled around and saw a digimon.

"Who-What the heck are you?"

"I am Gabumon, I'm a digimon." He said bowing.

"a digiwhatta?"

"Digimon, It's short for digital monster." Gabumon explained.


OOC: is it ok that I started in the digiworld?
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Takuya, please read my PM. >_<

As for the rest of you, please avoid contact with Ben in the beginning stages. :p He's still coming into power, and you guys are still getting to the Digital World; take it easy for the moment.

EDIT: Kesaki, that's fine.
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Sam walked down the street silently. It was a quiet day in her area of town and she arrived at her house. Huge bushes lined her yard so no one could see what her yard really looked like. Her house was red with white trim and very large windows were placed on the front. Sam unlocked the front door and went inside.

"You little witch! Where have you been?" A voice thunders the moment the door closes behind her.

"Its a on a need to know basis and well... you dont need to know." Sam mouths back

A man steps out of the kitchen into the front room, " Who do you think you are!?"

"I am Sam Carter and you're an annoying babbling idiot." Sam shifted her weight and put a han on her hip.

"Lord I wish you had died in that wreck! You and your mother were both so mouthy!" The man stormed off into the kitchen to finish his beer and the dishes.

Sam looked towards her right and glanced up at the picture of a lady. Sam sighed and walked up into her room which was found on the second floor. The entire upstairs was her room and she prefered it that way because all of downstairs reeked of beer and such. Sam sat at her computer and turned it on.

The start up process took longer than she had hoped nad remembered she needed to do a d-frag soon or it could crash... again. The start up screen went blank when it was sapposed to go to her desktop. She sighed and climbed under the computer desk. A long heavy box with a switch was in all the wires under the desk. She flupped the switch and the entire computer shut down. She flipped it again and climbed out from under the computer.

"Crashed again huh?" The man said appearing up from the stairs.

Sam pushed the chair in and she sad on her window seat. She looked out at the city below and all the cards rushing around. Her house sat on the top of a hill and she could see msot of the town from her window seat. She rested both feet up on the seat as well and then wrapped her hands around her knees. She rested her head on her knees and silently watched things go on outside.

"Oh not again... Not this silly silent treatment... Look... I am sorry. I did not mean what I said." The man says approching her, "Being a dad is not easy you know. Im trying as hard as I can."

"Then don't try at all... You arent my dad and you never will be. Get that through your head and stop trying to replace him! Just leave me alone Jim."

The man known as Jim looked shocked and silently left the room. Sam sighed to herself and tried to block out the bits of memory that stuck like flies to fly paper. She listened and counted Jim's steps and calculated he planted his rear in front of the TV downstairs.

"Why did they have to die?" Sam sighed to herself as she stared up at the sky, "Now what kind of life is ahead of me? Is this it or is there something more?" She closed her eyes and let the sun lul her to sleep.

A few hours later when she woke up it was darker now. She yawned and turned on the tower light above her computer. She sat on the soft seat and reached for the on button. Just as her finger was about to push in the large button the screen flashed. She leaned back and blinked, still not awake yet.

The screen flikered again and this time two small figures appeared in the screen on every other flash. One looked as if it were growing and the other as if it were glowing. The glowing item grew and meterialized in front of her and slowly floated down onto her desk where it landed softly.

"Im dreaming still..." Sam shrugged to herself, "I have never had a dream like this before..."

Suddenly the moving little figure began to glow and it seeped out of the computer screen. It was a glowing light and it began to metirialize in Sam's arms. Sam looked down and it and blinked.

"I must really be dreaming..."

Once its shape was formed and its color full it looked like a dog eared bunny rabbit. It had soft brown fur and three horns that stuck out of its forehead. The tips fo its ears were pink and it had 2 little rectangle marks on each ear that were also pink. The tips of her hands and feet were pink as well. It glanced up at Sam who just blinked and smiled.

"Hi... Im Sam" Sam says still feeling it was all a dream.

"Im Lopmon. I am a-" The little thing was cut off by Sam.

"You are a Digimon are you not?"

"Well I uh, Yes i am... How did you know that?"

"I have heard about them before but cant remember where or when. You look pretty real to be in my dream..."

"What the... Hahaha still asleep eh? Not really... I am real and you are awake. Snap out of it, take a cold shower, go for a job, and clear your mind girl!" The Lopmon used its long ears and climbed up onto Sam's head.

"Hm...If I am awake i must be seeing things..."

"Yes... You are seeing me! And that thing on the desk is your Digivice... Also known as a D3. And I am Lopmon your partner Digimon. What? Do you have a problem with that?"

"Oh no...I have no problem with it. I understand and know you are real now though." Sam sighed.

"Why the sudden change?"

"You cant feel pain in a dream... And i am feeling a headache coming up the stairs... Hide under the desk would ya... take the devoce with ya."

Lopmon looekd confused but hid under the desk with the digivice anyways. Suddenly Jim appeared and stormed over to Sam. He looked around and then stared at Sam. His stare could peirce holes right through most people except Sam.

"Who were you talking to?"

"Myself... why do you care?"

"I dont, but i do want to know why!"

"Because im the only intellegent person to talk to around here...thats why."

With that Jim shut up and left. Lopmon climbed our from under the desk and handed Sam the D3.

"Im not intellegent?" Lopmon asked...

"No you are... That was just something I say to shut him up when he asks why I talk to myself." Sam smiles.

Lopmon nods, "Oh I see..."
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"And so we need you to come to the digital world..." Lopmon finishs explaining things to Sam.

"Hmm... Alright... How?"

"Hold your digivice to the computer screen and a portal will open and suck us in. We dont know where it will put us so be prepared... hold your breath even... we have had cases where the TV portal was on the bottom of the ocean so eh... heh."

"I understand..." Sam looks towards the stairs...

"Worried about your father?" Lopmon asks

"Hes not my father... he's just trying to be." Sam closed her "Hmph" she then pointed the digivice at the screen and the two were engulfed by light and sucked into the computer screen.

They came out hte other and and... began falling. About 20 feet down and then they hit soft mulchy ground. Sam looked upwards and noticed the tv was stuck between two tree branches.

"We have a couple of those as well... Heh" Lopmon laughs...

Sam looks around and realizes shes in the middle of a hot, humid, lush jungle. The trees looked odd and wierd bugs flew over head in large swarms.

"What are those?"

"Sam those are Yanmamon they travle in swarms in foresty areas..." Lopmon scratches her head with her left ear. "Although sometimes they are seen alone... it depends on their personality i guess."

"I see... Um Lopmon... another question..." Sam keeps her eyes locked on a wierd looking thing on a tree.


"What is that?" Sam points at a red vine looking thing that was swaying from side to side with a bunch of yellow vines.

"Uh... You dont wanna know... Ill jsut say dont make any sudden movements and back away slowly."

A voice came from the red vine thing, "To late!"

The red vine leaps down from the branch and is followed by four yellow vies. The wierd legless creature bounced over towards Sam and Lopmon.

"So who are you?" Sam says not even backing away.

"Um Sam thats the Vegimon Clan... The yellow ones are Vegimon and the one in the middle, the red one, is RedVegimon... their leader. They cause a lot of problems in this region... troublemakers mainly." Lopmon points out.

"Trouble makers? You dare call us , The Veggimon Clan, troublemakers!?" The RedVegiemon growls.

"Yeah!" Sam steps forward with one foot.

"Sam i dont reccomend you pick a fight with these guys..." Lopmon whispers.

Sam glances at the little brown and pink partner of hers and sighs. "I think its a little late for that"

"You gots that right sista!" The two Vegiemon to RedVegimon's left bark.

"We gonna whip you good!" The other two add.

"Vegimon... Go!" RedVegimon points his long whip like arm at Sam and Lopmon.

"Uh oh... This is not good" Lopmon leaps up onto sams head.
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OOC: Sorry about that, Ben. I deleated the post.

(David and Guilmon X walk away from the cliff)

Guilmon X: You said you'd tell me why he was a target.

David: I'll tell you what I know, which really isn't much. Basically, he knew something. I don't know what. I was only told that he knew it, not what it was.

Guilmon X: When were you told?

David: Last night. I woke up in the middle of the night, and some Digimon told me. I didn't get a good look at him, but he seemed to know more than he should. I'm hopeing that we'll meet again. I'd like to know what it is that the Vermillimon knew. I've got this feeling that it affects us somehow, and I need to know how.
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Sam grinned at the redvegimon almost enjoying this, "You want to fight?"

"Oh you challenging us? Big mistake girly" The RedVegiemon bound towards Sam and thrust his long whip like vine arm at her but she just leaped to the side.

"Blazing Ice!" Lopmon suddenly leaps into the air and stars shooting tiny little shards of ice at two of the Vegimon.

Sam kicked the RedVegimon in the face and he rolled backwards. Lopmon by now had drove off the weakest of the four Vegimon off with the Annoying shards of ice which left two Vegimon and the RedVegimon.

Redvegimon bodyslammed sam into a tree which was not even hard... but as soft as cotton. Sam leaped up and sighed as she noticed that the spikes at the end of the figimons vines scraped her arm and made it bleed slightly.

"Lopmon... What can we do now..."

"Nothing you pesky human!"

"Dont count on it... I know we can think of sometng Sam. Of course running is my first choice but now thats kinda out of the question..." Lopmon dodges an attack from one of the Vegimon and sends her own back at him.

RedVeggiemon laughs as the other two Veggiemon run off, "they are new and unworthy i can tell you that right now. If they were true Clan meterial they would have been smart enough to gang up on your little bunny!"

"I resent that..." Lopmon barks...

RedVeggiemon turns towards Lopmon, "So its you and me now... Haha... Lovely challenge but im not weak like the others... First ill take care of something." He thrust his arm at sam and knocked her into a large rock which kncoked her out, "Ah thats better"

"SAM!" Lopmon began to glow and grow. She grew as tall as Sam and now had interesting clothes on. She has blade things on her hands. "How dare you go around and cause trouble! Im going to put you in your place!"

"Whoohooo Digivolving isnt going to change anything... I'm still stronger!"

"Think again! Lightning Kung-Fu!" The large rabbit an in straight lines in all different directions. She dashed so fast RedVeggiemon could concintrate on her position. She appeared behind him and did kicked him hard sending him flying into the rock next to Sam.

"Ugh... your silly tricks wont work for long!"

"Gauntlet Claw" The rabits blades were in the back position but once she called the attack they slingshotted into attack position. She then slashed down onto the RedVeggiemon. He now fuzzled a bit. "Now leave... or ill be forced to take this one step farther..."

He coughed and dragged himself into the treetops where he dissapered... The rabit digimon picked Sam up and dashed for a safer place to put her till she woke up.
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Kenaki blinked blankly then shruged. "What ever you say. Could you like take us someplace...warmer?" She said rubbing her hands up and down her arms to warm up.

"Oh yes! i almost forgot!" Gabumon grabbed her hand and pulled/ dragged her in his direction.

Kenaki wasn't expecting this so she tried to regained balance as they went on thier way. "Whoa, hey were's the fire?"

"In the town!" Gabumon exclaimed not getting her sarcastic remark.

Kenaki caught her breath when they finnaly stopped then looked up at the town which seemed to be built on a large snow dune.
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The one trouble with being a savior of the world is, you never get a chance to say "no".

"So you tell me that thing can let me travel to another dimension?" William asked.

"Well, yes!" Tempomon matter-of-factly retorted. "Where did you think I came from?"

"I know, I know! I just wasn't aware I was supposed to get [i]there[/i]!"

Tempomon rolled his eyes.

"You're a digidestined, a chosen child." he was glared at. "Ok, maybe not that much a child anymore, but you get the point."

"Errr... I suppose. So you say I put it to the screen...?" William said uncertainly.

"Yup! And now... Digiport Open!" Tempomon yelled.

*Digiworld travel sequence*

They landed in a flower. William rubbed his head. Not only because it's hard to belive you're standing on the edge of a petal with the thickness (and elasticity) of a mattress, but also because a headache was creeping on him.

Behind him was a T.V. set. [i]Well, at least its not a mystical stone ring with weird marking.[/i] He though. Tempomon was looking over the edge and slightly dizzy.

"What's going on?" William asked. "This isn't a remake of 'Honey, I shrunk the kid', is it?"

"Nope, it wouldn't be even if I knew what it is. We're simply hanging thirty feet up in a 5-meters diameter flower."

"Nice rhyming." William looked over the edge and, sure enough, they were about thirty feet up in the air. "What now?"

"I suggest we jump or something." Tempomon replied.

"Errr... Mind I remind yo there are thirty feet between there and the next station?" William said nervously.

"Well, would you prefer an explanation with her?" Tempomon retorted. William looked at a pissed-looking giant spider.

"Yeah, jumping seems like a fine idea." William muttered as the thing approached. Just as the Dokugumon (As Tempomon would later explain.) launched a thread of sticky strand, the petal gave up, sending all three them of them plumetting down.

However, William's fall was put at short when a branch stuck in his pants. Somehow, he managed to catch his partner.

"Okay, I'd much rather not ask this question, but,,, What now?"
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Guilmon X: Where are we going?

David: There's a village not too far from here that was attacked recently. Not many survived. We're going to see if we can learn anything about what exactly happened there.

Guilmon X: Didn't that Gotsumon we met say something about a new Digimon Emporer?

David: I know. I think he may have something to do with what that Vermillimon knew. The problem is that I don't know anything about this guy. I'm hoping that we'll find some information in the village.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Angel sat on the rooftop of her house. She hears the door being opened and she could hear her father's footsteps. She still looks to the sunset.[/i]

"What is it you wish?"
"No. I am fine. But, did mother eat?"
"Yes. She did. She's gaining her happiness again."
"That's good."
"Well, since you're not hunry now, I'll leave."
"Thank you."

[i]She heard her father's footsteps leave the room and she flipped into the room and then jumped into the bed from the floor. Soon as she layed down, there was another presence in the room.[/i]

"Do not think that I cannot detect you."
"Hmm. My name is Ankokumon. I am a.."
"A digimon. I know. I knew that this day would come. What is you want from me?"
"To help me rid the world of evil."
"Hmm. Sounds fun. Fighting?"
"Alright. Let us go."
"This is yours. You already know what it is. Come, point it to your screen. It will open up."

[i]Angel flipped herself up and got out of bed. She walked to computer and pointed the silver D3 to the screen. A strange beam of light appeared and it hit the screen. Soon, a portal was opened and it swallowed Ankokumon and Angel.

Soon enough, Angel and Ankokumon were both in the Digital World. Angel looked around and saw that it was different than she had imagined. She looked to Ankokumon and she was already moving. She had found a ride.[/i]

"This is Aquilamon. He is our ride. Hop on."
"Hmm. Pleased to meed you."
"Like wise, human. I have heard terrible things about humans, but you seem decent."
"I am, but I am not that decent. I have certain...problems and anger inside me."
"No wonder Ankokumon chose you. She will help you. Where to Ankokumon?"
"The nearest village."
"But...you know that place has been severly damaged by the Emperor."
"Grr. Do not speak of him. I loathe him."

[i]Aquilamon lifted from the ground and into the air. He flew the two to the nearest village. The first village that the Digimon Emperor had defeated.[/i][/size][/color]
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kenaki looked down at all the baby puppylike cu****iemon that surrounded her from al sides. "Oh wow! a human!" One said.

"lemme see!" the littlest said tring to push it's way through the croud(sp?). gabumon picked him up and set him on his shoulder. "Oh wow she's pretty Gabumon!" it said blushing.

"well thank you." Kenaki said ruffling it ears. "who are they Gabumon?" She asked.

"They're kinda the digimon I protect." gabumon said kicking at the dirt.

Kenaki smiled. "That's cool."

"Come on lets take her to the main house!"

"Yeah! She can share story time with us!"

Kenaki looked at Gabumon. "Story time?"

"They're...Kinda young." gabumon said shruging.
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Kelly looked at Hawkmon with a strange look in her eyes. While she stood up Hawkmon flew up to her to be directly in her eye contact.

Kelly: What are you?

Hawkmon: I am your digimon your partner.

Kelly: Hawkmon huh, ok well what do you mean we have work to do?

Hawkmon: I'll explain on the way back to your house, here take this.

Hawkmon handed Kelly the digivice and she stared at it looking confused. Kelly pressed a button and it started to beep she pressed it again and it stopped.

Hawkmon: That is your D3 digivice. You have a computer don't you.

Kelly: Yeah.

As Kelly and Hawkmon walked back to her house she saw that the trash had been taken out.

Kelly: Save the digi......well she'll be primed and ready to yell.

Hawkman: What?

Kelly: Nevermind, be very very quiet.

Kelly grabbed Hawkmon around the stomach, opened the door and slowly made her way to her room where she saw that her computer was still on.

Kelly: That's strange, well anyway you say put it to the screen and where there.

Kelly let go of Hawkmon and he hovered beside her as she put the D3 to the screen.

Kelly: Ow!

She had fallen on her back as she and Hawkmon entered the Digital World.

Hawkmon: Are you ok? First trips always the roughest.

Kelly looked around and saw that she was on a mountain.
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Oh my... -.-

[B]Kesaki_Inedia:[/B] You need to work on some grammar, please. Also, Redveggimon would have beaten the pulp out of Sam, and the other Veggimon would have torn apart Lopmon, working together or not. Also, your last post about the village; it was pointless, short and had bad grammar. What's up with that?!

[B]T Man:[/B] There really isn't anything to your posts. Your grammar still needs work, and your posts are nothing but bad dialogue and a sub-standard form of the "entering the Digital world" scene.

[B]Blanko:[/B] You've got some good ideas; things are actually happening in your posts. But, Redveggimon would have beaten the pulp out of Sam, and the other Veggimon would have torn apart Lopmon, working together or not. Please be a bit more realistic. :p

[B]Takuya:[/B] I'm glad to see that you're finally psacing things out, but your posts still seem to run from one end to the other, with little or no substance to them. Also, you're skirting around the edges of omniscience, which is a [I]bad[/I] thing. Stop knowing everything, or being incredibly lucky to hear everything from random digimon. Eck...there's more, but I need to move on...

[B]Arika:[/B] Another omniscience case. Angel isn't the least surprised that a small monster is suddenly in her room speaking to her. Also, she just generally accepts the idea that she's traveled to a whole new world and there's a large bird that just happens to be waiting to give them a ride? And she's [I]still[/I] not the least bit surprised!

[B]Circeus:[/B] Amazing, someone who escaped my wrath...Congrats on being the first...

[B]Rei:[/B] Good so far, but try to put a bit more actual activity in your posts, it's mostly dialogue and mundane stuff so far...

Another thing, the new Digimon Emperor, Ben, is a relative unknown. Hardly anyone knows about him yet you all portray him as being some huge figure already. Did you all not read the part about there being only [B][I]a few gibbering survivors?[/I][/B] Just about all they're able to say is: "Digi...mon....Emp...emp....emperor!" or something.

That brings up another issue: Everyone seem to keep gravitating towards that one village! Why is it that everyone in the Digital World happens to know about it?!


I am just [B]so[/B] frustrated!

This is a warning to all of you, the second one for a couple of you.

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ooc: Sam has fighting skills and training... she knows how to defend herself...plus RedVeggiemon is slow and i didnt say he attacked much...like he wasnt trying very hard and as for the four against lopmon i was planning something for my next post or so...

The rabbit digimon sat Sam down on some soft ground and sat down. The digimon looked around and crossed her legs and stared at the ground. She closed her eyes and concintrated.

"That seemed to easy..." The digimon says to herself quietly.

The wind was barely blowing but it carried unfamilliar smells to the digimon. She glanced at sam who stirred andslowly pulled herself upwards. Sam sat up and glanced around with ehr eyes half open.

"Dont move to much..." The rabbit says

"Who...who are you? Lopmon?"

"Yes... well i was. My name now is Turuiemon... You will get used to it i hope."

"Turuiemon....Nice...What happened?"

"Um the four Veggiemon ran off but i dont see why... and as for RedVeggiemon he wasnt reall putting any energy out... I chased him off after going into this form... I doubt that will be the last we see of him unless we get out of this area. Which at the moment i dont know where a new region is so we are kinda stuck."

"Thats understandable... So Lop...Er Turuiemon... So what exactly am i here for?"

"Not sure to tell you the truth... But im sure we will figure that out along the way... No need to worry..."
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[SIZE=1] [QUOTE]Angel isn't the least surprised that a small monster is suddenly in her room speaking to her. Also, she just generally accepts the idea that she's traveled to a whole new world and there's a large bird that just happens to be waiting to give them a ride? And she's still not the least bit surprised![/QUOTE] Well, there ARE "unfazeable" people, and we are assuming a world post-02 where digimon are not too much of a secret and the existence of parten digimons known. AT least, I assume it that way.[/SIZE]

The branch was cracking and the situation, critical.

"You wouldn't happen to have an idea as to how to survive this, would you?" Asked a hopeful Tempomon.

"As a matter of fact, I do. I could drop you so the branch doesn't snap and I can climb it down, but I'm not sure how much hurtful the fall would be." Kevin said sarcastically. Tempomon rolled his eyes.

"Next time I'll keep my mouth shut." He huffed.

"Hang on there!" a voice suddenly yelled.

"Was that you?" Kevin asked blinkingly.

"I think it's the folks up there with the rope."

Kevin looked frantically up. The branch cracked more menacingly. Ah! Here they were. A group of pink bird digimon. They handed down a length of rope that dangled in front of the two partners.

"Grab on!"

"With great pleasure!" The rope was dangling just out of his reach and he swung at it wildly, causing event threateninglier creaks from the branch.

"KEVIN!" Tempomon urged. His partner stopped and glared at him, barely restraining himself from putting his hands on his hips, seing as it would mean droping the digimon altogether.


And as all things in this world (even if it is a digital one) have limited resistance, an horribly long and loud crack signaled the redition of the branch and, subsequently, the fall of both friends. However, we wouldn't like to kill our caracter so soon and the fantastic laws of cinematic movement (Movement in cinema) affect their chute just the right way as to allowing Kevin to grab the rope

"Never again" he muttered.


"Thank you guys, I don't know what would have happened if you haven't been here." Tempomon thanked their saviours.

"Well, I, for one, can say that we'd probably have crashed and broke a couple of bones." Tempomon rolled his eyes.

"Mind you, I prefer that way out of a mess."

"I agree."

"What is a human doing around here?" One of the (now identified as) Biyomon asked.

"To be frank, I'm not sure exactly." Kevin replied, glancing at his partner.

"Well, ever since the Digiworld's creation, when evil raised, it always defended itself by partnering Digimon with humans. So I can only suppose that's the reason [b]we[/b] were partnered. And you can't posibly fight evil from another dimension, can you?" Tempomon explained.

"Good point." Kevin nodded. "Now just what evil are we supposed to fight?"

"No idea." Tempomon replied. "It's been a while since I've been here."

He turned toward the Biyomons. One of them with a reddish tone to it's feather shook his head.

"This forest is deep and quite unexplored from the outerlands. We don't receive news often, but I haven't heard of anything ever since Malomyotismon's defeat."

"We need to know what's going around!" Kevin pointed out.

"Exactly. Can you guide us to the edge of the forest?" Tempomon asked.

"Certainly. And you can call me Berrie"
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OOC: Ben, read my PM. It should explain things.

(David and Guilmon X walk in silence. Suddenly, David stops. He walks over to a nearby bush and appears to look for berries. Guilmon X notices and walks over to him. David puts a finger to his lips and becons Guilmon X closer. He comes closer, and David whispers to him)

David: (Whispering) Be quiet. I think we?re being followed.

Guilmon X: (Whispering) How can you tell?

David: (Whispering) I think I heard a third set of footsteps. (The cracking of a fallen branch is heard) (Still whispering) That wasn?t you, was it?

Guilmon X: (Whispering) Nope. i think you were right. What should we do?

David: (Whispering) Make him think we?re on to him and are trying to escape. He can?t be too good, or else we wouldn?t know he was there. If we run away as fast as we possibly can, he?ll probably think we?re trying to lose him. We can stop and hide, and he should keep going right past us. Then we can catch him. So here?s what we do. You digivolve and carry me away as fast as you can. When I tell you too, devolve and we?ll wait behind a tree. He shouldn?t notice us hiding because he?ll expect us to still be running. When I say so, digivolve again and catch him. Make sure he doesn?t get away. I want to know why he?s following us. (Pause) (Normal Volume) Now.

Guilmon X digivolve to: Growlmon X

(Growlmon X picks up David and runs as fast as he can. When David gives the word, he devolves and the two hide behind a bush. Soon, a Gotsumon runs past. Guilmon X digivolves again. He easily catches up with the Gotsumon. He grabs the Gotsumon and carries him over to David)

David: A Gotsumon, huh? INteresting. I?ve seen you before, haven?t I? (Pause) You were the one who told us about the village, right? (Pause) Speak up. (Pause) (To Growlmon X) Throw hin into a tree or something. (Growlmon X throws the Gotsumon into a tree, then grabs him again and looks at David. David nods, and Growlmon X throws the Gotsumon into another tree. both he and David walk over to to the Gotsumon) Ready to talk yet?

Gotsumon: Y... yes.

David: Good. Now, are you the same Gotsumon who told us about the village?

Gotsumon: Y... yes, I... I am.

David: And now you?re following us. Why?

Gotsumon: B... beca... because I was... was t... told to make sure that... that you went to... to the village.

David: And why is that?

Gotsumon: I... do not know.

David: I think you do. Tell me.

Gotsumon: I... I do not... do not know.

David: Bullsh**. Growlmon X? (growlmon X throws the Gotsumon into another tree, then picks him up and does it again. By this point, the Gotsumon is flickering) One mort toss and I think you?ll be dead. So tell me. Why were you told to make sure I went to the village?

Gotsumon: i... t.. told you. I do... do not... not kn... know.

David: It?s your life. Growlmon X, get rid of him. (Growlmon X throws the Gotsumon into another tree. The Gotsumon dissipates into data. Growlmon X devolves) well, we got something out of him. We now know that someone wants us in the village.

Guilmon X: But why?

David: I?d say someone?s setting a trap for us. The questions I have now are why and who. I think we need to find out. We?ll continue to the village, but not enter. At least, not right away. We now know that someone?s setting a trap. That knowledge is half the battle. Now that we know to expect something, we have a chance to turn the tables on whoever?s doing this. Let?s go.
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[COLOR=#503F86]OOC: Guys, please listen to Ben. This [i]is[/i] his RPG after all, and so what he says should go [b]without question[/b]. I don't want this to go the way of most Digimon RPGs seem to. It really doesn't take that much to change one post, does it?

*sigh* Anyway...
The clouds rolled silently overhead, the blue sky breaking through them and spreading sunlight over the hillsides.

Aidan closed his eyes and took a deep breath. It was so calming here. The cool breeze played over his body, he could see the grass shimmering in the wind like waves in the ocean.

His long white hair blew about his face, which irritated him slightly. Closing his deep blue eyes, he sat up to move it away.

As he went to lie back down again, he noticed something in the sky. It shone brightly as it passed through a gap in the clouds, a metal object catching the sunlight.

"Ah, probably just a plane," he muttered to himself. He watched it for a few seconds, idly contemplating what he should do today.

The plane wasn't flying.

He sat up and strained his eyes to take a closer look.

"A meteorite!" he gasped. He leapt to his feet and ran down the hillside to get out of its path. Glancing back upwards, it seemed to have changed direction. It was coming after him.

As impossible as it sounded, he didn't want to get caught in the way. He ran back up the hillside to shelter in the copse of trees at the top. As he reached the summit, his foot caught on a clump of tall grass and he crashed to the ground. Rolling onto his back, he saw the meteor shrieking downwards.

He shut his eyes, expecting a huge pain to strike his body.

Nothing happened.

He opened his eyes. A strange glowing object was floating in front of him, bleeping softly.

He tentatively reached out to touch it. As his hand clasped around the warm metal casing, he felt its glow subsiding. He finally caught a clear view of what it was.

It was a small, watch-like device with a screen and three buttons. He jabbed them carefully, not quite knowing what to do with it. Its smooth metallic purple casing shone brilliantly in the light. He tilted it to see the effect it played on the light.

He smiled incredulously. What the heck was it?

As he looked at in awe, a figure emerged from the trees behind him...[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=orangered]Solo, ya have anyone in mind for the mysterious figure? If not, don't leave it open-ended like that, heh. I have a tendency to write myself into others' storylines.

And just a reminder to everyone...the idea of an RPG is interaction. Not seven seperate storylines. Ben's entitled, he's the mysterious evil emperor person.

I'll edit this with my introduction after Solo answers. ^_~[/color]


Tally looked uncertainly at the boy in front of her. "I don't know," she said softly.

"Go [i]on[/i]!" the creature beside her urged.

"But--" the girl protested.

"Tally, just do it! I know you can," her companion said.

Tally took a deep breath. "Hello," she said softly.

"He can't hear you. Be louder."

"Hello," Tally tried again. Then, finally, "Hello!"

The boy turned around, not quite startled, but definitely surprised. "Who are you?" he asked. Then, "Did you see that?!" His arms gestured at the meteor...or where it had come from.

"I'm Tally," the girl said. "I...yeah. It was strange."

"I'm Aidan," the boy said kindly. "What...ah...who is that?" he asked, looking at the smaller figure beside her.

"Oh! That's--that is, [i]she[/i]--her name, I mean, she is--" Tally stopped, obviously flustered. "Hernameisamicamon," she said quickly.

"I'm a digimon," Amicamon supplied. She looked like a small bear...or perhaps some kind of monkey....with a headdress and makeshift wings composed of large, briht feathers.

Aidan looked faintly bewildered, but the bemusement passed quickly as his mind registered that he was--[i]must be[/i]--dreaming.

"Heh, hello to you both," he said.

Tally turned slightly pink. "Hello," she said a fourth time.

A look of concern passed across the boy's face. "Is something wrong?"

Amica grinned. "Nah, Tally's just shy. And she's been lonely, too. You're the first person we've seen."

Tally made a strangled noise. "I'm fine!" she exclaimed, a little too loudly. "I'm just...shy."

"It's okay to be shy," Aidan smiled, "but you don't need to worry about me. I'm Aidan Phoenix." He paused. "But, what do you mean I'm the first person you've seen?"

"Since...since we got here," Tally said. "We've just seen other Digimon. Like her, sort of," she added, tilting her head toward Amica. "Only not as nice."

"Got...here?" Aidan repeated, and for the first time since he had first seen the meteorite, took note of his surroundings. He was not in the same place where he had been relaxing this afternoon. "Where are we?"

Amicamon laughed. "We're in the Digital world, of course!"

"Oh," Aidan said. "Of course." He gazed at the surrounding landscape. It looked normal, but at the same time seemed unreal. The grasses were too neat, maybe, or the sky too finite. It was hard to place, but there was something strange here.

"We've been here for a couple days," Amica went on. "I think it's really exciting and everything, but I think Tally's a little scared."

"'Mica!" the girl protested, paling slightly.

Aidan looked at Tally for the first time. She was slim, with short lavender hair, and dark eyes. She wore an oversized green shirt over blue jeans and tennies. Hanging from her belt was a device much like the one he had so recently acquired. He glanced at her face, and was faintly amused to see she had begun blushing again in the short time he had been looking at her. She really was shy. /

"Hey, where did you get that thing?" he asked.

Tally glanced down at her digivice. "Oh, this? I dunno."

Amicamon had stopped her cheerful motion and now stood still, looking at a point slightly beyond the two children. (Children? Can I call them that?) "Tally," she said softly, tugging on her shirt. "We have a problem."

Aidan looked up to see a large animal figure coming toward them. "What's that?" he asked uncertainly.

Tally turned to glance at the approaching boar digimon, and swallowed hard. "Not good," she said. "Run."


"Run!" [/size]

[COLOR=orangered]Gah, I can't write. / Oh, well. it's good enough for a 2-am piece. Hope you're okay with how I did Aidan, Solo.[/COLOR]
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Ben was beside the Dark Ocean again. He would need some way to spread the Darkness throughout the Digital World. His five new servants would suffice for the initial transfer of the dark energies, but what of those who were infected? How would [I]they[/I] be controlled? The powers of Darkness were not limitless, some sort of reinforcement was required.

Ken had used Dark Spires, Rings, and Spirals to obtain control. Ben had used shadows to control his minions so far, all except Bhaumon. Bhaumon was a [B]real[/B] digimon created especially for Ben by the Darkness.

In a sense, Ben had the Dark Rings. He had the lowest link in the chain, his dark shadows. But what could he use to keep those shadows empowered? If he were to spread the Darkness effectively, he would need something to bridge the gap between him and the shadows.

He sought back through his memories. Or rather, the memories the Darkness had provided him with. His mind raced from image to image, sound to sound, thought to thought. Then he stopped. Ken had used Dark Spires, giant stone obelisks infused with Dark Power. Those had worked fairly well, but they had not been quite enough...He kept searching. A set of polished stones appeared in his mind, each with a golden band around it.

[I]"The Destiny Stones. They keep the Digital World from falling apart."[/I]

Ben formed an image in his mind. They would be black, of course, the Darkness preferred that. They would also be hard, very hard so as not to be easily damaged. But Ben added a slight improvement to Ken's original ideas on the Dark Spires.

Out of the Dark Ocean came his creation. It was large, the size of a Graymon. It had a circular body and a wheel-shaped head. It's arms were thick and ground against the thing's body when they moved. It opened its eyes and groaned.

The first Dark Leviathan had been spawned.


[B]Dark Leviathan:[/B] Large, mobile Control Spires, basically. They channel the dark power from Ben/the Darkness into the shadows that possess the digimon. They can fight back, though very sluggishly. When destroyed they create a major flux of hazardous energy, an idea brought on by the Destiny Stones. The Dark Leviathans will not be brought to the Digital World until Ben actually has digimon for them to control.

[B]The Dark Ones:[/B] The original five digimon Ben took control of. These guys will end up being warlord-ish. When in serious troublem their dark shadow fuses with them to promote them to a higher level. What level they reach is up to you. They do not require the control of the Dark Leviathans.

[B]Dark Shadows:[/B] Ben's version of the Dark Rings. He can fling them from his hand or Crest (which is that of Insanity, by the way). For now, Ben and the Dark Ones are the only ones with this ability to infect others.

Reminder: Digimon infected with a Dark Shadow will have a shadow over their face in a mournful expression. They will not speak except in moans or groans. They may still attack normally

I think that's it for now. Please work on your posts, okay?

Also, stay out of the Dark Ocean/World. All right? That's Ben's private little place for now.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Once Angel and Ankokumon had got there, they jumped off and Aquilamon had left. The two of them looked around and saw the destruction. Ankokumon clenched her fists at the sight. She walked ahead and heard something nearby. She leaped into the air and landed near a house that was untouched. Ankokumon was about to go in, when something almost touched her. She jumped back and the creature came out.[/i]

"What do you want? Are you with that human?"
"Yes. We are here to help. Do not fear."
"Fear who? The Emperor or humans?"
"Humans. As well as the Emperor."
"Well, we will fight until the end."
"Oh, stop trying to play hero. Who are they?"
"They are Gotsumon. They use their body to camoflauge themselves. They also have their runes and stones they need to protect."
"Yeah. And we'll protect ourselves as well. You humans are nothing! Rock Fist!"

[i]The more braver Gotsumon ran towards Angel and tried to hit her, but Ankokumon came in and stopped him.

She leaped towards Gotsumon and used...[/i]

"Shadow Kick!"
"Aaah! Grr. Gotsumon, let's go!"

[i]The three Gotsumon fused together to make Tortomon. Ankokumon jumped back when Tortomon was about to stomp his foot on her. Ankokumon ran from the foot of the large Tortomon and Angel ran with her. Tortomon grabbed Angel into his mouth and threw her into the air and grabbed her with his tail. He squeezed her tightly and she wasn't screaming but she had excrutiating pain coming from her.

Ankokumon stopped and looked at Tortomon and Angel. Anger boiled inside of her and she ran towards Tortomon.[/i]


[i]Tortomon looked at Ankokumon and saw that she was glowing. His grip on Angel was slightly less painful, but able to keep her. Ankokumon ran towards Tortomon and her form was changing into a silvery blue four legged wolf-like creature with a 3 large, bushy tails, metal-like claws on the paws, large black stripes going down her body, and a large black collar-like ring around her neck. It had large spiked ball at the end that connected the collar.

The digivolved Ankokumon ran faster and faster towards Tortomon and jumped from the ground to the top of the crushed building and stood there.[/i]

"Who are you?"
"I am your worst nightmare. My name is Karumamon. Dragon's Arrow!"

[i]Karumamon leaped into the air towards Tortamon and turned into a dragon-like arrow and darted into his chest. Tortamon fell backwards and let Angel go. Karumamon ran to her and caught her. She let her down and Angel got up.[/i]

"Get him, Karumamon."
"Right. Grr. Howling Spirits!"

[i]Karumamon stood there and three dog-like spirits emerged in the forms of a wolf, fox, and a doberman like dog. They ran from the sides of Karumamon and at Tortamon. Tortamon looked and was hit. Angel stood there watching. Tortamon soon devolved into the three Gotsumon. Karumamon walked to the three with Angel.[/i]

"I am sorry to have done that, but I had to protect my partner and trainer."
"It's quite alright. We wanted to see what you would do for the human."
"So, can you tell us anything about the Emperor?"
"All we can tell you is that he has incredible power. He is far more evil than the last Emperor. We fear him and loathe him. We are afraid to even go out. You must help us. Take this. It will help you. Also, go to the east and you will see the main town. A digimon by the name of BlackWarGreymon can help you. But first go to Garudamon. He will help you to BlackWarGreymon's home. Be careful, you two. There are many dangers on your way."

[i]One of the Gotsumon took off something from his neck and gave it to Angel. It was a silvery white and black stone. Angel put it around her neck and thanked the Gotsumon. The two left. As they were about to take off, Karumamon stopped and let Angel on. She got on and they ran to the east, to seek BlackWarGreymon.[/size][/color][/i]
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Hawkmon: Come on let's go we haven't got time to waste.

Kelly: All right all right.

As Kelly stood up her D3 began to beep. Kelly and Hawkmon looked at the screen.

Hawkmon: It must detect the signal of another D3 nearby, we must hurry.

As the two partners began to follow the signal they saw that the only way to get of the cliff was to fly down but Hawkmon couldn't carry Kelly.

Kelly: Well do you have any bright ideas?

Hawkmon: Let's just look for something that can help us down.

While they were searching for a way down they became distracted by what sounded like chanting from the cave they were near.

Kelly: Do you here that?

Hawkmon: A voice.

Kelly: Maybe whoever is in there can help us.

Hawkmon: Let's see.

The two walked into the cave as they went deeper they saw a small fire with different vials and potions around them.

Kelly: Nobody in......

Kelly was knocked to the ground and whatever hit her pinned down on Hawkmon with a staff.

Hawkmon: Wizardmon?

Wizardmon: What do you want?

Kelly: Take it easy pal.

As Kelly began to get up Wizardmon realized that he had knocked down a human. He let up Hawkmon and focused on her.

Wizardmon: Thunder Ball!

Wizardmon used his free hand to thrown a ball of electricity at Kelly but Hawkmon talked her just in time to bring her down.

Kelly: What is your problem idiot.

Wizardmon: Humans, because of your kind many great battles
were waged here in the Digital world leaving it in ruins. Devimon, the Dark Masters they all tried to destroy the world because of your kind.

Hawkmon: No your wrong humans defeated the great evils that threatened to destroy the wold which is why she is here now.

Wizardmon: You lie, you are just as bad as any human scum you disgrace. Thunder Ball!

Hawkmon flew into the are as he gently pushed Kelly to the side.

Hawkmon: That's enough. Buzz Saw!

Hawkmon grabbed the feather behind his head and threw it, the feather had the speed of a saw. Wizardmon used the golden top of his staff to throw the feather back at Hawkmon. He then held up his staff and shouted.

Wizardmon: Magical Game!

A large streak of electricity jolted from the staff and blasted Hawkmont on the ground outside of the cave. Kelly went to pick up her partner.

Kelly: Stop it we don't want trouble.

Wizardmon thrashed Kelly hard sending her and Hawmon of the mountain.


Kelly's load screams woke up the knocked out Hawkmon and he began to glow with the D3.

"Hawkmon digivolve to Aquilamon!"

The gigantic bird digimon flew under Kelly and she fell onto him.

Aquilamon: Hang on tight.

Wizardmon: Magical Game!

Aquilamon dodged the electric streaks with ease.

Aquilamon: Blast Rings!

Aquilamon blasted on Wizardmon hard with his attack knocking far to the back of the cave, the cave began to shake and boulders fell nailing the entrance shut.

Kelly: Wow! I am so totally impressed you well bigger.

Aquilamon: I digivolved into Aquilamon, because of you and the power of the D3 Kelly.

Kelly: The D3.

Kelly looked at the D3 which showed her her's and another D3 signal.

Kelly: Strait ahead Aquilamon.
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