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RPG Zoids: Masters Tournament

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Evean had been out side of the demoltion runners base training one of the teams that had come to use the base as a temporary one of there own. "Ever since the defeat of the death stingers and death saurer we've had more people comeing in. I've had to add another wing to the base" evean thought as the death saurer jumped from a shot. "Come on guys you'll have to improve your shots" evean said. As he looked around he saw the people he was teaching. The people he was training used a shild liger, spino breaker and a rienos. The shield liger came charging up to him. "Sooner or later you'll need to start rembering what weapons your opponents have" evean said as he shot on of his pulse amo. The shot went throught the shield and hit the liger in it's back leg. "One down and two to go" evean thought. The rienos came flying down and started fireing at evean. Evean brought up his shild and diflected the shots. As the rienos made a sharp turn before hitting the ground evean fired a claw at it and grabed on to its tail. "You should of gave a stronger boost as you turned" evean said as he fired. The rienos's jets shut down and it stoped moveing. "Now where's that spino breaker" evean asked him self. The spino breaker jumped down from a cliff and tried to strike him but he put up his shield. Evean jumped back and fired his cannon. The spino breaker brought up it's shield to defend but was still pushed back. "O.k guys. That's enought training for to day so head in" evean said. "O.k evean" came back the reply. Evean started back to the base.
As he headed back to the base tracy appeared on his screen. "What is it tracy" evean asked. "You've got a message from the ZBC and suzuki's looking for the one who ate some of her cookies" tracey said. "Have you told her i've been out all day" evean asked getting nervous. "I told her but she still suspects you and we know none of the other teams or students ate them because they know better to mess with her food" tracey said. "I'll hide out in the emergacy tunnles. Good thing not to many people know about them" evean said as he enterrd the base. Tracey nodded and closed off his connection.Once evean opened the cockpit he herd the sound of a persion running. Evean started running and eventualy came into the extra wing of the base. He looked bhind him self and saw suzuki. "Hey evean. I need to speak to you" suzuki said. "Sorry but I don't know any thing about any one eating your cookies" evean said as he flipped a switch on his watch. As he turned a coner a hole opened up and he jumped through. He herd suzuki run over head. "No to get to my room before she finds some way down here or some one blabs" evean said as he started running through the tunnles.
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Guest Anime_Forever
Talim and the zoidien chao group were walking in their zoids. The Lightning Saix was in the front. Talim was half asleep. He couldnt rest, still thinking about the incident. The horror of seeing the blast come toward is cockpit. He swore to get revenge. NO ONE kills Talim that easy. And that one lady. The one with the golden zoid. SHe would pay with her life. Talim finnally fell asleep, letting his Lightning Saix guide him. It was amazing how fast the zoidien chaos group had gotten to class s but with him in there ho is surprised? Now they were getting ready. It will begin soon...
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Guest Skyechild91
Siriko shut off the simulator. She had been practacing simulation zoid battles with Tracey. The helmet came off, and her sweat soaked hair fell around her face. She shook her head, and set down the helmet. "Im gonna go take a shower, okay Tracey?" Tracey nodded, and Siriko left the simulator room. She got to the bath, and knocked. No-one answered, so she went in. She undressed, and turned on the stepped into the shower. She rinsed out her cerulean hair, and the warm water ran down her torso, hips, and thighs. She shook out her hair, and stepped out of the shower. She dried off, and got dressed. She ran into Suzuki whe she stepped out of the bath. She shook her head. " Evean eat one of your cookie's again, Su?" Suzuki nodded, and ran past her. [I]Stupid Evean. He should know better by now...[/I]Siriko thought as she walked back to talk with Tracey about her battle score in the simulation.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]OOC:[/B]In my attachment in the recruitment page, the long hair is not going to be on my character. She only has the short hair.


[i]Angel stood at the head of her Liger Zero and looked out to the horizon. She heard the Training Session stop and jumped down. The Liger Zero looked down at her. She smiled and walked away. The Liger walking behind. She soon got to the base and she looked around. She could hear Suzuki screaming about who ate her cookies. She smirked and walked towards the base.

When she got close, Mirage came out of Liger Zero and it walked to her side.[/i]

"Let's go in and see what's up."

[i]Mirage and Angel walked in and saw that Tracy was working everything and the students were running around the whole place. She smiled and walked to Tracy.[/i]

"Busy day?"
"Yeah. If you're looking for Evaen, he's in his room."
"Alright. Thanks. Come on, Mirage."

[i]Angel left the main room and followed the halls to Evaen's room. She soon was at his door and she knocked. She could hear nothing and so she left. She walked down the halls to the kitchen. She entered and raided the fridge. She soon heard footsteps and knew that it was one of the young ones.[/i]

"Hi, Ray. Would you like something to eat?"
"Nope. I'm fine! Dang it."
"Come out Ray, you're not going to win."

[i]Mirage turned invisible and sniffed around. She soon found that Ray was in the cupboard and Angel walked over. She opened the cupboard and found him. She lifted him out and smiled. All the young ones at the Demolition Runners' base were all orphans that Evaen, Angel, and many others had picked up.

Angel looked to Mirage and walked outside to her Liger Zero.[/i]

"How long before we see this former Back Draft member? I want to see him. He sounds..interesting. And his Ultimate X is a Black Blade Liger. Liger Zero used to be an Ultimate X before I found you."
"Hahaha. Ok, you found me. I just hope I don't fall in love with a Back Draft again. That scum. Using that poor boy to get to me."

[i]Angel clenched her fists and thought she'd go for a run. Mirage went into the Liger Zero and she jumped up to the pilot seat. Once she got in, she started it up and the Liger Zero was flying.

She took it past the boundaries and towards where there were rogue Pilots that she could fight. She saw some and she got out. They saw her and they nudged each other. They knew seeing Angel meant a battle.[/i][/size][/color]
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Evean had been walking throughout the tunnels until he came to the part under the hallway that his room was in. "Knowing suzuki she's come by here all ready" evean thought pressing a panel. A part of the wall opened up and a computer system came out on a desk along with two scanners. "Security system armed. Identify user of this computer" the computer terminal said after evean turned it on. Evean took his watch off and put his hand on one of the scanners and put his eye in front of the other. The scanners activated and started the terminal.
"Identified as evean. Leader of the demolition runners security system deactivated" the computer said. Evean started typing and brought up a recording of the hall above. "Ya I was right she was by here" evean thought as he continued to type. Tracy appeared on the screen. "She's still looking for you" tracey said before siriko bumped him out of the way. "Evean did you eat some of suzuki's cookies again and where the heck are you" siriko asked. "I didn't eat any of her cookies and i'll tell you later. Tracy if you tell where I am your a dead man" evean said before turning off the screen. Evean pushed a button and a latter came down as the security system armed again.
He climbed up into his room and closed the door. He walked over to his computer and turned it on. He read the messages and wasn't surprised with one of them. "Hey tracey i'm calling a meeting. Get the other together in the conference room" evean said leaving. As he left he saw max, kate, jake and sara coming. "So what's the meeting about" max asked. "I'll tell you once we get to the conference room" evean said. They came to the room and took there seats. "Where's angle" evean asked. "She's out on her own business" Suzuki said. "In that case i'll talk to her later. Well to begin with we've been invited to another tournament but the most important thing is talim still lived after our battle" evean said as a recording of talim stealing a lighting saix. started playing on the screen at the back of the room. "Why weren't we told he was still alive" suzuki asked. "I don't know how he's still alive or why but knowing him he'll be coming back for some revenge. So be on your guard" evean said.
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Guest Skyechild91
After Evean shut off the screan, Sirio knew it was time for a meeting. Naturally, she was on border watch, but heard everything. "YOur sure? THat freaks me out to know that guy is loose." Siriko said into the mic. She saw two figures moving across her screen, adn switched to Evean and the gang. "Guys, we have company. Two zoids, and their moving fast."
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"You guy's can take care of them. I'm going to take a nice long,hot,relaxing shower." Suzuki said getting up and taking off her shirt and walk out the door.

"I sware she's the devil." Tracy said while also getting up.

"Why do you say that?" Evean asked.

"Because she can be real nice, but steel some of her cookies.........Well, I think you know by now Evean." Tracy said smirking.

"I DIDN'T EAT HER COOKIE!!!! or at least not today." Evean said.

"AHA! I KNEW ATE MY COOKIES!!!!!" Suzuki appeared on the screen in a towel getting ready to jump in the shower.

"Oh crap! Now she knows!" Evean said hitting his head.
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Guest Skyechild91
Suzuki's image was knocked off the screen as Siriko's came on. "Guys!" Siriko said desperatley. "These zoids dont look friendly. I need back up." She was cut off. They all heard a giant boom shake the foundation as one of the enemy zoids fired. Sirko hadnt been expecting an attack, but her zoid was fast. Unfortunatly, there was one more zoid than she expected. It hit her from behind. She cme back on the screen. "Guys! I really need back up. And.. umm... theres one more zoid than I ex-" She was cut off again as the signal broke. She said quikly once she got back connection," Bring Dash! And fast-"
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]OOC:[/B] T_Man, you know that I'm with the Demolition Runners, right? I'll edit this later.


[i]Angel jumped into Liger Zero and the other pilots got into theirs. They got into a Zaber Fang, Command Wolf, and Gun Sniper. Angel recieved an online message from one of the pilots.[/i]

"Pleasent surprise, Angel."
"Like wise, Kane."
"Hmm. Ready to be defeated?"
"I will never be defeated. Just like the Black Blade Liger and his pilot, me, Liger, and Mirage will never be. Let's go!"

[i]The Gun Sniper ran towards Angel with full force. She stood there and waited until the Gun Sniper got close. It then pulled out its guns and barraged Angel.[/i]

"Wait! Don't move."

[i]The dust cleared and the three pilots waited for her to be down. But all they saw was nothing. They looked for her and were on their guard.

Angel silently raced around them, creating a large dust storm around them and they were caught in the middle of it.[/i][/size][/color]
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O.O.C: I know

Evean left the confrince room with the rest of the team and put on his head set. He set it to the intercom system. "All students stay in your rooms untill futher notice and to any teams staying at the base prepare to mobilize is needed" evean said before he set the head set to a diferent setting. He knew that dash was probaply asleep in siriko's room. "Hey dash wake up we have a battle to fight" evean said. He could here dash roar as a responce. Evean ran along with the others to there zoids and got in as dash flew on ahead out of the base. "Hey siriko, dash is on it's way" evean said as he started the geno breaker and flew out.
He flew after dash to help with siriko. "Max, jake, sarah and kate go around the base and see if there are any other attackers" evean said. The others left to begin there search. "Tracy how is angle doing" evean asked. "So far she's doing fine and as for siriko she's a bit out numbered" tracy said. "O.k then. Only tell the other teams to mobilize if we loose but I don't think that will be needed" evean said as he caught up with siriko and dash.
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Guest Skyechild91
Siriko saw Dash. She yelled out," Lightning Saix Mobilized!" She grinned, adn said over the intercom to the rest of her team and the enmy," Its time to Rock'n'Roll." She gave Dash the signal. The Ligthning Saix suddenly wasnt there. The other zoid pilots looked around. "Where-where did she go?" Siriko grinned again. She was ready for battle, adn her blood was fired up. "Right here, play boy.Im here to teach you a lesson" The zoid spun around, but it wasnt fast enough. Siriko's missile hit it in teh leg, immobilizing it. " Lesson one: Never mess with me." She switched to Eveans screen. "Hey, ev, you gonna come help me pulvarize these creeps, or do I ge to have all the fun?"
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Angel jumped into the air and shot rapidly down at the three zoids. They scattered and the Zaber Fang was damaged at the leg. Angel turned to Siriko and noticed she was there.[/i]

"Siriko, why are you here?"
"Because. Evaen said to come here."

[i]Angel turned to Evaen and tried to contact him.[/i]

"Evaen! What is this? Alright. But now, these three are going to think that I need back up. They were here to fight me and me alone. If they want to fight the Black Blade Liger, they have to at least fight Liger type. And I have the Liger Zero. The only one of its kind, since the destruction that was caused by the Backdraft."
"Yeah. But...alright. I'll tell Siriko. If you need help, then just say it."

[i]Siriko got a message from Evaen to stand down. She was shocked at what Evaen said and watched Angel go at it by herself.[/i]

"Mirage, it's time for the Zero Blast!"

[i]The Liger Zero stood at an angle and 3 large cannons appeared, two on its side and one on its back. It charged up and targeted the Command Wolf, Zaber Fang, and Gun Sniper. Then when Angel said the word, it released its energy and shot at the running Zoids. It hit them all with bad damage. Angel smiled and then looked backwards to see an appearance like no other. A shadow of a Liger, Fox, and Fury appeared. Angel looked on with wide eyes and did not know what to do. She shook her head and left.

Siriko looked at the three badly damaged Zoids. She shrugged and left with Angel.[/i]

"Evaen. We're coming home."
"Finish the job, Angel?"
"Yeah. I saw a shadow of a Liger, Fox, and Fury. I think it was the Berserk Fury, Black Blade Liger, and Shadow Fox."
"What? Come in quickly."
"Alright. I'm out."[/size][/color]
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They headed back into the base. Evean got out of the feno breaker and went to the cammand center. "Tracy what are on the scanners" evean asked coming into the room. "Most of the opposing zoids that were around around the base have backed off except three of them" tracy said bringing up a view on one of the screens. It showed a black blade liger, a beserk fury and a shadow fox. "I guess that's the team of the holder of the tournament" evean said as the zoids looked at the base then left. "Speaking of the tournament when will it begin" angle asked coming into the room with the others.
"It'll start in about two days. We'll be the starting match and our first match is a battle mode 0973 wich means that we can't use flying zoids" evean said. "So where will the tournament be" suzuki asked. "In a abandon city call canrow. On the out skirts of the city are some mountains so look out for snipers evean said bringing up a picture. He turned on the intercome. "The fights over. Students and team can resume there buissnis" evean said before turning it off. "So do you think the fight was a test" siriko asked. "Probaply. It could of been to see if we were strong enough to go into the tournament" evean said. The others nodded. "Make sure you zoids are ready because you need to rember that talim's still out to get us" evean said as he left.
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Guest Skyechild91
Spilt is her Siaxs name.
Siriko followed evean out of the room. "That confused the hell out of me, to tell you the truth." Evean turned a corner, adn glanced over his shoulder at her. "Why?" Siriko followed him as he went to the cafeteria. "Well, for one, why did you tell me to back off. I mean, really." Evean sighed. "Well, Angel told me to. So, your zoid need any repairs?" Siriko thought, then said," Yeah. The blast from behind caught me off guard, and damaged Spilts left back leg, but not much." Dash came up to her. She rested her hand on his shiny black and blue head. She followed Evean until they actually got to the cafeteria. There she said," Well, Im gonna go tell Tracy. Be careful, okay?" Evean looked at her, a little suprised. "Yeah- sur, I guess." Siriko smiled, then kissed his cheek. She ran of to talk to Tracy. Evean stared after her, hand held up to his cheek.
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"Hey Suzuki!" Evean shouted across the way.

"Suzuki looked up from her zoid. She was all oilly.

O.O.C.: I forgot, is mine a Gun Sniper?

"Yeah!?" Suzuki yelled.

"Fix Siriko's zoid will ya'?" Evean asked.

"Sure! Why not? I got nothing else to do." She said whipping her hands.

she walked over and stared on the zoid.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Liger Zero walked slowly to the base. The three zoids looked on as she left. Angel knew she would see those three again.

Angel appeared at the base. She entered the garage and jumped out. Mirage came out and appeared beside Angel. Angel smiled and walked from her Liger.

Evaen stopped her in the hallway and she turned to look at him.[/i]

"Hey! Anything wrong with your zoid?"
"No. It's fine. I'll see those three again. I'll probably get an invitation to fight."
"What do you mean?"
"Nothing. I'm tired. I'm going to sleep."
"Alright. Good night."
"Yeah. Night."

[i]Angel left for her room. She entered at the end of hallway an locked her door. She grabbed her Message Device and layed on her stomach on her bed. She turned on her Message System and looked at list. More people were on. An anonymous person had sent her a message. It said[/i]

"I've seen you fight. You're a worthy pilot. Meet me at the old Battle Site. Be there at midnight."

[i]Angel looked at the message and rolled onto her back and thought about it. She thought she'd just go. But how?[/size][/color][/i]
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OOC: ^_^' sorry that I havn't been around. T man said i wasn't too late. So, here it is!

IC: Nitsu sat next to the hot crackling fire that she had started in the lonely desert. It was 11:30 P.M. and she had no intentions of sleeping. Ever sense she had heard of his return she was restless.

The Konig Wolf was crouched down above her as if watching her every move. There was a small area of trees a few hundred feet away. Nitsu knew that Flash was always close by, even if she couldn't see her.

Nitsu quickly stood up. Did she hear something? "Is that you?" She thought to herself. She tip toed over to her pack and pulled out her binoculars with out a sound. "I know that sound!" She yelled into her head.

Silently she crawled up a neer by sand doon and peered over it. She could hear it, but couldn't see threw the black night. The sound of engines... something was moving fast. The trees neer by rustled.

Nitsu brought the binoculars to her face and carefully peered out across the desert. The noise was much louder. Suddenly, she saw it. Barely, but it was there. It was a black Lightning saix running at full speed... no, faster then full speed.

"Is that... him....?"
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Evean was eating when his head set started beeping. "What is it tracy" evean asked putting on the head set. "There's some thing moving across the dessert at about the same speeed of a lighting saix" tracy said. "Hold on tracy. I'm comeing" evean said getting up and he left the cafiteria. He walked into the control center and saw a bigger view of the radar. "So what has it been doing" evean asked. "It just moves keeps moveing but other than it's comeing into the rang of the anti zoid rockets" tracy said. "Have you launched a recon probe out yet" evean asked. "Not yet. You're alot better at piloting it than I am" tracy said.
Evean took a seat as the screen changed. Evean started the probe system and it was launched. The screen showed what the probe saw. "So far nothing. You must not be close enough" tracy said. Evean raised the power in the jets and the probe went faster. Soon enough some thing did go past it. Evean changed the view and it showed a lighting saix. "Keep a eye on it. I'm heading out to the geno breaker incase the pilote's up for a fight" evean said as he left and tracy took the controls.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Angel heard feet walking towards her door and looked outside. She walked out to where Tracy was.[/i]

"Hey, Tracy. What's up?"
"A Black Lightning Saix is going to the Ring of Anti Zoid Rockets. Evaen just left. You should go to."

[i]Angel nodded and walked to where her Liger Zero was. Close behind her was Mirage. She came up beside Evaen and looked at the Geno Breaker.[/i]

"What are you waiting for? That Lightning Saix isn't going to answer questions by itself."
"You don't need to be here."
"No, I do. I got a mysterious message from someone."
"Hmm? What'd it say?"
"It said to meet at the old battle site at midnight. It also said that I was a worthy pilot. And, Tracy said you might need back up."
"She thought right. And if I bring one of the others, they might make if loud and worry the younger ones."
"True. Alright. Let's go Mirage. Mobilize."

[i]Mirage walked to the Liger Zero and mobilized with it. It suddenly came alive and walked to Evaen and Angel.

Angel walked to the Liger Zero and climbed up to the pilot seat. Evaen got into his and the two left.[/i][/size][/color]
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OOC: Its supposed to be Talim silly dragoon. ^_^ I read your updated bio already.

IC: "Thats him... I can just sense it..." Nitsu said silently to herself as she crawled her way back to where the Konig wolf was. She stood and walked the rest of the way picking up her black cloak as she went. She felt a loft rustle behind her and soft warm growl.

Nitsu slipped on her dark green shades. "Im ready when you are Flash" She told her partner zoid. with a load roar the organoid Spread out its huge wings and flew into the air.

Nitsu climbed into the Konig Wolf. "Make sure he doesn't see you." she spoke out to Flash. Flash growled in responce and flew off with great speed in a different direction.

Nitsu started the Konig Wolf for the direction she had seen the Lightning Saix.

"I'll have to change my fighting style so that he doesn't reconize me."
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OOC: Is Talim still a bad guy, because Jay is tryin to restart
his life, and be a good guy...Sorry, I thought it was me!
And sorry for the short post...

Jay was driving his base towards Talim's saix, wondering what
he was doing. The base was going about 10 MPH.He
yelled,"Someone, go get him!"

Oh ya, heres my picture I promised...
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Evean and angle were still chasing the lighting saix across the dessert. "So where do you think he's leading us" evean asked. "Who realy knows but we'll have fun fighting him" angel said. Evean started getting a message from tracy. "What is it tracy" evean asked. "I launched more probes for a better view for the recordings" tracy said a bit nerves. "O.k then. Is that all that the only reason you sent the extra probes" evean asked. Before tracy could speak evean herd people in the back round.
"I place 20 bucks on angel" some one said in the back round. "What's going on back there" evean asked. "Well the students and some of the teams that are awake right now are placing bets on who'll come out with the least damage. Most bets are on angel" tracy said.
"Do I get any of the money" angel asked. "You get about half of hit. The only people who beted on you evean were some of the students, max, kate, sarah and jacen. Also some people are betting on the lighting saix" tracy said. "Tell them the beting is closed for now" evean said. Tracy nodded as evean and angel came to a ruined town. "So I can finaly get some reveng on you. Where's nitsu? I wanted to pound the both of you" the pilot said. "Hey evean, do you know this guy" angel asked. "Ya it's talim and as for where nitsu is, no one knows. Her and flash just dissapered on day and no one's herd from them sence" evean said. "Fine then. I'll just have to deal with you to then untill I find her and get her back" talim said as he charged at them.
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Guest Skyechild91
Siriko rant to help Tracy. She slid into one of the seats at the large screens. After Tracy, she was hte techno frek. She flipped on a headset, adn said to Evean," Okay, guys. Remeber, the team is counting on you. If either of you get hurt..." Evean came on teh screen. "I kno,w youll kill us. Chil, okay, Siriko?" Siriko nodded. "Just be careful, Ev. Call me if you need backup, otherwise, Im not cming." Evean nodded, tehn dissapeared as the battle started. Siriko looked to Tracy. "So, do we look for Nitsu?"
Grounded wont be on for the rest of teh week. And just in case you havent noticed, I think Siriko's crushing on Evean. Or as she would say, Ev. Bye bye!
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OCC:No, lloyd was his name in legend of dragoon. That is a picture
of Jay. Just it came up as lloyd.jpg when I clicked"save picture as"

When the transporter finally caught up to everyone,
they flipped there boosters and ditched Jay. He didn't
go into his LS, because it would confuse everyone,
and they might attack him. He sent his new apprentice out
instead, even though he was still learning how to pilot
a zoid. Jay sent him out to see what was going on. He was only 13 anyways, after being rescued from
middle aged punks. So he told Xap
to go with him just to be safe. He flew out in a flying, unidentified,
non-registered zoid.
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