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Sign Up Digimon: Digital Disturbance


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[i]Real World[/i]
As the years passed, most things of Digimon had faded from most peoples minds. Anything of the sort to be considered childish. People no longer gave any thought of; Was there really such a thing as a Digital Monster? Will there ever such a being? Too many where caught up in their own problems. But the ones who did happen to think of such things, only talked among them selves and others who had the same thought. All adults and so many children have forgotten the years before, when Digimon had appeared in the real world. When the Digimon and humans had been able to move between the two.

Forgetting of the Digital World was one of the worst moves people could have made. As the sun started to set, up above in the sky. The earth's sky seemed to be disintegrating, and replaced by streams. All moving in odd ways, it was the same as if data. People around the world dropped what they were doing to see the phenomenon. They faded in and out of the sky. In other parts of the world it was the same. At the very same time, creatures started to appear out of nowhere. Causing chaos to all the areas surrounding. Children and teens claimed that the Digimon was back. Those near televisions, saw that it was news on every channel. All covering the extraordinary phenomenon. On some channels showing a top eye view. It seemed that blue gates where opening all around the areas that the creatures were appearing. One gate was the most important though. A large, glowing, barrier surrounded it's self around the Tokyo Tower.

Those using electronics stopped, a strange, high pitch sound came. Yet, for children and teens with theirs, they heard a computerized voice, asking them if they were ready. And if they happened to answer, yes. Beeps came from all around, the voice told them to fallow the sound. The sounds always lead to a gate where a creature was waiting. But there were a selective few who had received the call. And those who had answered no, were attacked by dark Digimon. And then brought through a gate into the Tokyo Tower.

[i]Digital World[/i]

The Digital World has been at peace for nearly a decade. For any forces of evil, have been dealt with. And driven off into the depths of the digital world. The Digimon who have fought for good, thought they no longer were in need of assistance of the humans. Afterwards, the mysterious Digimon didn't feel the need to re-surface. As if they had just been testing the Digimon. Obviously, they had much bigger plans then just the Digital World.

At the same time the phenomenon was happening in the Real World...The same blue gates in the Real World were appearing over the Digital World. The bad Digimon who had been driven off into the depths of the Digital World began to re-surface, and headed into the digital gates. Bringing them to the real world. All being lead by three, a Devimon, Lady Devimon, and a Cycloemon. Once through the gate with few of the dark Digimon fallowing. They appeared inside the barrier at the tower. What is the reason Digimon had been appearing in the real world? And what did these three plan to do to the real world? Why had the voice chosen the ones it did, what was it's propose? It's up to the Digidestaened to find out.

For the RPG, we'll need 4-6 Positive tamers, 3-4 Negative tamers, and only [U]one[/U] neutral. I'll be posting mine later.

[B]Age:[/B] (7-16)
[B]Role:[/B] Negative, Positive. (villain tamer, or hero tamer)

[B]Positive Force Tamer:[/B]
Fire (Ayokano)
Light (Ryoko T.D.C.)
Earth....err... Earth's Mightiest Mountain(Rokuki)
Thunder (T-Man)
Water/ice (Ohkami)
Wind (DigiFan)

[B]Negative Force Tamer:[/B]
Darkness (Walnut)
Dark Flame (Arika)
Thunder of Obscurity (RioLaskand)
Mist of Black Water (Takuya)
Breath of Despair (Ruby aka Me)

Bio Merge:[/B] (optional, can make one up if there isn't already one. But if making up one should try to make up a description, and attacks.)

*[B]Note:[/B] For the element of the tamers. Both the Negative force and Positive force trainers have their own unique powers. For the one person who picks the spot to be neutral may pick any from the Positive listings. Also your Digimon may go by the game/show/etc., but should make sense for Digivolution. And for the Attitudes....please try to make them varied. As for neutral, first come first serve. If your confused by any of this, feel free to ask questions.


[B]Edit: Spot of neutral is reserved for T-Man.[/B]
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[b]Name:[/b] keith hiro (no one knows his real name)
[b]Age:[/b] 15
[b]Role:[/b] positive, neutral
[b]Appearance:[/b] red eyes, silver hair, black T-shirt with a white symbol of a fire with a lighting bolt through it, dark pruple pants, gloves with out the fingers
[b]Attitude:[/b] nice to some people, brave, loyal, loner most of the time
[b]Country:[/b] america
[b]Bio:[/b] He realy doesn't talk to people even though he does have some friends. He just keeps to him self and no ones knows why. If he sees some one who needs help he'll help but wont stick around to speak after words. Most people who have seen him fight before know to stay away from him and not get on his nerves.
[b]Digivice/element:[/b] purple digivice, thunder

[b]Rookie:[/b] agumon
[b]Champion:[/b] greymon
[b]Ultimate:[/b] metalgreymon
[b]Mega:[/b] wargreymon
[b]Bio merg:[/b] emperorgreymon
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Cool....hey count me in...I need to check on the digivoloutions for my digimon though as I only know two forms. lol.

Name: Zara Techici

Age: 14

Role: Negative

Appearance: dark ginger hair, with unually dark brown eyes. Wears grey trousers and dark blue top with grey jerkin

Attitude: quite cold hearted to other humans, but loves her digimon and will fight fairly and evenly...until she's cheesed off and then will take you on full pelt, doe shave her reasons for being quite and unresponsive but tends to hide them from the world.

Country: Japan, Toyoko

Bio: Having been born in England, Zara would appear to be an average kid, but due to an acident several years ago her whole family was killed and she was left alone. Her only living relative was her Uncle Kentich in Japan and she went to live with him. Teased for the colour of her hair she has become quite leanient with friends and enemies alike

Digivice/element: Darkness

Rookie: Labramon
Ultimate: Catusramon (I'll check back on the spelling)
Bio Merge: Onetatemon

just outta curoisty...do we use cards for things like Digivolution? Just cause we're tamers and s3 is the only one with those references in it.
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Sorry spotg67, but I'm going to have to say no. Because I kinda want this to actually go along the lines of Digimon. The only reason I'm even letting people make up a Bio Merge Digimon is because most Digimon can't, or don't have one. So Bio Merge is the only Digimon anyone is aloud to make up. As for Walnut's question...Maybe, I'll get back to you on that and decide before the RPG starts.

[B]Name:[/B] Siaga Teckamoray

[B]Age:[/B] 13

[B]Role:[/B] Negative

[B]Appearance:[/B] Short black hair, long shaggy bangs, dull gray eyes, long white sleeve shirt, gray hair band, open gray vest, white long sleeve shirt, black pants, ankle boots, and black choker

[B]Attitude:[/B] Siaga is very cunning, she is also very easily the least sane of the negitive force tamers. But at the same time she is very loyl and willing and ready to serve the dark Digimon no matter what. At times Siaga may also be some what manipulative.

[B]Country:[/B] France

[B]Bio:[/B] Siaga as one may have guessed, had lived in France. Spending most of her time studying, she really had time for anything else. But when she did she happened to fool around with computer programing. Siaga had lived with both her parents and her siblings. Although she didn't really get along with any of them. Siaga was most of the time studing and didn't really talk to them. Which caused her to study even more, causing her to stay away more then she had. The only people she really kept in contact with was her few friends and a pen pal she had had. While writing to her pen pal, they had mentioned something about Digimon. But she ignored this, and contuied on with out giving it a second thought. But soon they stopped writing, which caused her to darw back from her friends. Considering all this Siaga is still very happy, just as any other kid her age could be.

[B]Digivice/element:[/B] Gray/ Breath of Despair


[B]Rookie:[/B] Tentomon

[B]Champion:[/B] Kuwagamon



[B]Bio Merge:[/B] (This is a made up Digimon) Uleskagaimon *twices*
[B]Digimon's Appearance:[/B] Bug type. Has gray armoring, Long green hair coming out back of mask/sheld covering, dark green armored boots, dark green armored gloves, 6 clear wings, a long scropin like tail, half mask coming down covering her eyes, with many eyes,
[B]Digimon's Attacks:[/B] Sonic Wind: Large sound waves come out of nowhere to hurt foe through sound and razor winds.
Winds of Gen: With rapidly beating wings Uleskagaimon's clear wings release red powder that creates Illusions. Often time makes the enemies attack each other.
Youjakai Tornado: Creates a spinning tornado out of rage. Tornado destories alomost everything in it's place.

*Note: When I say armor, I mean like the out shell of a bug.
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All right. I just forgot some of the Digimon. Hehe.But I found my mag. with them in it.

Name: Asla

Age: 16

Role: Positive

Appearance: long died blue hair, green eyes, red tank top with a yellow smilly face, low riders that are a little baggy and their light blue, regular tennisshoes, and a headband.

Attitude: Cocky, smart, nice, cool, brat (sometimes), and she can seem as though she canges sides sometimes, but is a good guy. Doesn't like to talk a lot.

Country: China

Bio: She has been in and out of the digimon world helping the digidestans fight the evil ones. It's been 4 years since the last time she went. She miss her digimon because she was the only that understood her wos. So when her father died, she would go to the digimon world so her digimon would comfort her. When she saw the data streem, she said yes, and left.

Digivice/element: Blue device/Light

Rookie: Salamon

Champion: Gatomon (stays on this level)

Ultimate: Angewomon

Mega: Nefertimon

Bio Merge: I don't know
There! ^ ^
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[COLOR=green][size=1]Name:Austin Haymaker



Appearance:Austin's hair is brown, with blood red hent to it. He had dyed it, and it is now like that. His eyes are light blue, and have a charm to them.He wears a white t-shirt, and dark blue jeans.He wears a red vest over his t-shirt,and has a pair of red googles.

Attitude:Austin is very hot headed,and will rush into battle without thinking. This tends to get him into trouble alot, but he never realy learns from his misteaks. He is also sometimes jealous of others. Austins hides his emotions, and dislikes showing them to ones he cares about. Even though,he still is a good person, and is very social.

Bio:Austin's parents had gotten divorced when he was a young child,and his mother never talked about his father. This had nevered bothered him in anyway, but he always wished that he could atleast see him once. The reason he has never seen his father is because his father never cared about him, but his mother had never told him that. Austin grew up find, expected for the fact that he is hot head and sometimes jealous.

Digivice/element:Blood Red, Fire




Rookie:[url=http://ayokano.250free.com/GuilmonX.GIF]Guilmon X[/url]

Champion:[url=http://ayokano.250free.com/GrowlmonX.GIF]Growlmon X[/url]

Ultimate:[url=http://ayokano.250free.com/WarGrowlmonX.gif]WarGrowlmon X[/url]


Bio Merge:[url=http://ayokano.250free.com/Gallantmon1X.GIF]Gallantmon X[/url][/COLOR][/size]
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Name: Chaos

Age: 16

Role: Positive

Appearance: Black boots, black trench coat, a black samurai sword on his back, silver shirt, pants and glasses, long silver hair and eyes and a pendant shaped like the original digivice

Attitude: Very nice person always puts others before himself.

Country: England

Bio: Chaos was an orphan. He was adopted at age seven by the Hartford family and has lived with them ever sense. Chaos has a very unusual ability he can remove any virus from a computer by touching it. His parents thought this was strange so they plan to ship him to the Norton Testing Institute and so his story begins.

Digivice/element: Transparent Grey / Wind

Rookie: Terriermon
Champion: Gargomon
Ultimate: Rapidmon
Mega: Mega Gargomon

Bio Merge: Ex-Rapidmon

Type: Vaccine

Element: Wind

Attacks: Typhoon Saber, Virus Buster, Ex-Charge

Disc: Rapidmons body armor on a human body only not so round still has the long ears one arm has a hand so he can hold a sword, the sword looks like Sephiroths (FF7) and the armor is black and silver instead of green.

Off Topic : I know Mega Gargomon is his Bio-Merged form but can I please keep it like this it will help you understand my characters past more.
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[color=navy][b]Name:[/b]Nisha Toki
[b]Appearance:[/b]Nisha has shoulder length chocolate brown hair,emerald eyes.She always wears a blue jacket over a white t-shirt that has a water and ice symbol on the front,navy blue pants and blue and white nikes.
[b]Attitude:[/b]Nisha is the cool headed one from her power of water and ice.She's calm and keeps her head in tough times.She's friendly and people like her.She's a bit of an optimist and always tries to look for the good.She thinks about things before rushing into anything and is the opposite of Fire.
[b]Bio:[/b]Nisha has lived in Japan all of her life.She has a father,mother and an older brother.Her brother taught her how to fight and she carries a small dagger with a blade made of sharp,unbreakable,unluntable crystal and the hilt is made of silver.She has a bit of magic strangely enough.She is able to control water and make it do her will.Her mtoher trained her when she found out.She can breathe underwater for a long time without taking breaths.She could even live underwater without any air.
[b]Digivice/element:[/b]Baby Blue/Water and Ice

[b]Mega:[/b]Sakuyamon Priestess Mode
[b]Bio Merge:[/b]Sakuyamon[/color]
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[QUOTE]Off Topic : I know Mega Gargomon is his Bio-Merged form but can I please keep it like this it will help you understand my characters past more.[/QUOTE]

Alright DigiFan, you can keep it like you have it right now. And Ohkami you don't need to change it if you don't want. So you can keep it the same. And thanks for signing up every one. All of your sign ups look great.
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I'll join.

Name: Damian

Age: 16

Role: Negative

Appearance: About 6 feet tall, and of average build. Has black hair and dark brown eyes. Is almost never seen wearing anything besides shorts and a t-shirt(and shoes, of course)

Attitude: He's the kind of person that you don't want to piss off. He always gets revenge. he never gives up, and is a very quick thinker. He can come up with a plan in no time, and his plans normally work. He'll do anything to get what he needs, and doesn't care about morals. He has no problem with killing people, as he's done it several times. He doesn't care about andone but himself.

Country: America

Bio: Damian is one of those people who always gets the worst of everything. His life started well enough, but then his parents were killed when the house burned down. This happened when he was 10.
He went to an orphanage to live, but that turned out to be a mistake. He chose one of those that looks nice until you live there. The whole place was horrible. Nobody ever cleaned anything, the adults all seemed to hate everyone living there, and the only way you could survive was to be tougher than those around you. After spending a year there, Damian chose the only other option: he ran away.
Damian didn't want to live in another orphanage, so he turned to life on the streets. His time in the orphanage had toughened him up considerably, and that was probably the only reason he survived.

Digivice color/element: Black and purple/Mist of Black Water


Rookie: BlackAgumon

Champion: RedGreymon(The greymon in the first part of the movie)

Ultimate: SkullGreymon

Mega: BlackWarGreymon

Bio-Merge: BlackOmnimon(Made-up)
Description: A black version of Omnimon
Attacks: Um... I don't have attacks for him yet. I'll edit this when I do.

Is that ok?
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Nope, it's a great sign up Takuya. And you've reminded me about the attacks now. If your making up a Digimon for Bio Merging, make sure you put their attacks along when putting up the Digimon's apperence. I'll go back and edit mine, thanks Takuya.
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I'm game, count me in

Name: Mikhail Sabarochov
Age: 15
Role: Negative
Appearance: Short, but well-built for his size. Always wears baggy pants with ridiculous amounts of pockets and various T-shirts he has collected from his journeys. He has wavy, dirty-blonde hair that comes down to his ears, although it is usually hidden by a Black Adidas cap that he wears backwards, and emerald eyes hidden behind Hazel contact lenses.
Attitude: Very distant, does not trust others easily, but does not like being alone. Does not make friends, but allies with people when he feels that they may prove useful to his cause.
Country: Russia
Bio: Mikhail has always been alone, mainly because his parents moved to another part of Russia for business, leaving him with his many caretaker?s, for he is rich. Materialistic things do not please him in the slightest because he has grown up around them. He has spent his life to finding an escape from this world, and has used all the resources his parents had to find it. While he is pampered at his home, he does not act it, and is cold towards everyone except those who know him well. When he found the Digital world, he saw it as an escape, and his friend was Gazimon, and he was easily swayed into the darker side of the digital world.
Digivice/element: Thunder of Obscurity

Rookie: [url=http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/Gazimon.gif]Gazimon[/url]
Champion:[url=http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied3/images/Devidramon2.jpg] Devidramon[/url]
Ultimate: [url=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied5/images/Myotismon.gif]Myotismon[/url]
Mega: [url=http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied5/images/MaloMyotismon.gif]Malomyotismon[/url]
Bio Merge: [url=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied5/images/Millenniumon.jpg]Milleniumon[/url] (If this is a problem I can change it

Hope this is fine. The RPG looks to be a blast! ja ne!
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Great sign up, RioLaskand. About the teams, you don't really need to switch unless you want to. Because they're perfectly balenced out right now. As for a suggestion I'd go with DigiFan's suggestion. Or Marinedevimon, but I don't recremend Marinedevimon because it won't suit your element. Other then that, if you can't find one you like make one up. And this RPG will start was soon was we get Arika's sign up. But if she dosen't post it with in this week, I'll start with out her.
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Is this good enough...?

Name: Ryoma Tomeki

Age: 14

Role: Positive

Appearance: Spiky blue hair, wears a black and red headband, wears a black shirt with a dragon on it and black jeans. He kinda has a gothic look, but he's not.

Country: Japan

Bio: He's normally quiet and spends time in lonely looking places, his father died when he was 10 and his mother ended up with a terrible disease so she stays in the hospital. Even though his life isn't all that good, he tries his hardest to keep hope alive. He lives at a friend's house since no one's at home. He likes the fact that he's in the arms of people who love him he still feels lonely. One night, he snuck out of bed to do a nightly walk in the streets, he looked at the city square tv sets and the news was giving a report about strange things happening and then a portal opened and Ryome ended up being sucked into a new beginning.

Digivice/Element: Dark Brown/Earth's Mightiest Mountain

Rookie: Ryuudamon
Champion: Ginryuumon
Ultimate: Hisharyuumon
Mega: Ouryuumon
Bio-Merge: (uh...little help plz)
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Yep, perfect Rokuki. I could help you on your bio-merge, if I had any knowlgde on the Digimon you've choosen. I don't think I've ever heard of those ones be for. (Although it's probably just me) But if you get find me a pic. of the Digimon or tell me their appearance, I'd be happy to help with your Bio-merge. Also a note to every one, this rpg will start in two to one day from now. I'd start earlyer but I want to give a chance to Arika to get her sign up posted.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Angel

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Role:[/B] Negative

[B]Appearance:[/B] see attachment

[B]Attitude:[/B] Angel is a force to be reckoned with. She is the most different from the Negative Force Tamers. She is not the kindest, warm hearted, nice person you will meet. She is kind and nice, but not a lot. If a fight is to happen, Angel's the first to end it and she's not hesitant to attack as well. She is not distant or isolated though. She is the most open person you'll ever meet. The reason why she's the most different is that she is trustworthy, loyal, and willing to help all.

She is seductive, manipulative, strong in heart, body, mind, and soul. She won't give up and won't think wrong. She is not much of a talker, but says things that she needs to say. She rarely gets angry, but when she does...stay away. She's a lethal weapon.

A few things to know about her is that if you say anything about her friends, her family, or anything she believes in...you better start to run. If she gets you..she will literally beat the living daylights out of you. She doesn't believe in weapons, such as knives, guns, poles, chains, anything that gangsters use. She thinks it makes them weak. But martial arts weapons are fine. As long as they are not abused. Also, she is very seductive and manipulative. Which means she can get whatever she wants without lifting a finger. She can make you feel wanted and she won't even want you. But..if you have the money, she'll give you whatever you want.

Just remember that she's not a person to think lightly of.

[B]Country:[/B] Korea, then moved to Japan

[B]Bio:[/B] Ever since Angel was little, all she ever received was abuse and little love. Her stepmother would smack her across the face and beat her with a stick. Her stepmother wasn't her legal guardian, therefore she was not allowed to do those things, but she did anyways. Her stepsister would push her into the wall, smash her fingers in the doors, cut her, punch her, bruise her, and give her the whole deal of being abused.

At age of 3 her mother died of a tumor in her brain. A year later, her father remarried with a woman who had a daughter. A year later, her father died in a car accident. That's when the abuse started. She was 6 years old and hated it.

Her stepsister had gone off to College when she was 9. Before that, a year before when she was 8, her stepmother remarried to a man she did not know who it was. One day, when she was alone with him. She had said something rude about her stepmother and the man lashed out and when she tried to walk away, he grabbed her arm and threw her down on the floor and stripped her of her clothes. That day, she was raped.

Angel called the police, when the family went out to eat. When they came back, the police grabbed the man and took him. Her stepmother was angered and slapped her in front of the police. They took her too. At the age of 9, her stepsister had gone off to college and she was left with her sister. She was a kind soul. She was the only thing good that happened to her.

She and her sister moved out of the house when her stepsister came back. They were on their own, but they did good. But, Angel became distant from others, isolated, and quiet. She would write painful things in her journal. But when she was with her sister she would feel something warm shine inside of her. She would show her sister that she could play the piano and guitar. She talked to her about everything, but then...when she turned 11, her sister moved to Japan and took her with her. She got married to a rich, kind guy who was Korean and a Korean translator at a Japanese Casino. She loved him very much and Angel liked him as well. They got married and Angel was left at home with maids. She felt distant and isolated again. She didn't know what to think anymore.

She met Ankokumon when she was 11. She drew her and made her look powerful and good. One day, she scanned the picture and sent it to someone on the internet. It didn't get through. It only went to the Digital Realm, where it created Ankokumon. When she was 12, her window flew open and a digimon appeared on the screen. She was glad she had someone. Now, Ankokumon and Angel were inseperable. She loved her sister and brother-in-law, but they weren't there for her a lot. Ankokumon was.

[B]Digivice/element:[/B] black w/ dark black red/ Dark Flame

[B]Rookie:[/B] Ankokumon

[B]Champion:[/B] Karumamon

[B]Ultimate:[/B] Kitsuninemone

[B]Mega:[/B] AngeAlcemon

[B]Bio Merge:[/B] I'll edit.

If you want the descriptions of my digimon, I'll PM them to you, Ruby.[/size][/color]
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Yep, that's perfect Arika. Alright I'll start this later to day. Till then, I'd rather that we all have our Digimon digivalutions down. Or at least the Megas done. So for every Digimon you haven't thought of some thing for. You can make them up. But if you have them donw leave them as they are.
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