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Another site, another layout.

Since this is something I actually put some effort into, I'm kinda wondering what you all think of the layout for this website:


And if you're not too busy take a look around. Just get a good idea of what the site looks like.

If you have multiple browsers, you might wanna look at the site in each of them as some handle CSS differently. Please specify which browser you're using if you so decide to respond.

Also, I think I've heard that Macintosh doesn't cope well with *.shtml? If you're using a Mac, I'd like to know what you see in this website as well.

I initially used black for the font color, but that turned out too dark. Now I think the white is a bit too bright, but more readable. I'm not sure what to do with that.

Other than that, it seems a bit sparse for graphics, but maybe I'll spruce it up in that area later.
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I immediately assumed you were a newbie when I read this thread name... lol

I don't really know them (the band) but I like your layout. The red is a nice shade, the picture is good, the fonts are good, the white text is easy to read. It all looks really good- nice job. Not small, so easy to read, but it doesn't take up the whole screen either. A very proficient job. I give it an 8.5/10 rating.
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I think I hate my life. (Typed up a bunch of stuff and the window magically closed ...)

Okay, to briefly retype out my crap ...

The text color is a little too bright, like you said, and I think it's kind of a major problem because it hurts my eyes to look at it for a long time. Perhaps a "darker white" would be better, ... or something. I don't mind the black rollovers, though a light red could be nice too (but might look too pink).

I'm not sure I like the way the links in the menu are sort of in pairs, it looks a little odd to me. And the same thing for the way you have links in your text, with the dashed underline, because when you roll over them only the text turns black, not the underline.

I really like the color and picture you chose for the site, and the text you put "Music Hour" in. The overall simplicity is pretty elegant.
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I turned the brightness factor on the text down a bit. Now it's an off-white #CCCCCC. I know I personally like this much better... so it'll probably stay this way (no matter what you think!).

I changed the links too. Not sure how sold on these I am yet... do you like it? Suggestions?

[b]"I'm not sure I like the way the links in the menu are sort of in pairs, it looks a little odd to me."[/b]

I was thinking sort of the same thing too, but I couldn't think of a better way to arrange them. Any ideas?
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I can't find anything that I really consider a fault in this. Apparently many people are much more sensitive to color than I am... because I had no problem with the scheme now or when I looked at it this morning (although I didn't mess with the links, no time lol). People had similiar comments about my site... maybe it's not as bad here because I'm on a LCD screen?

Anyway, I like the crimson-ish color scheme. People seem to have a very hard time successfully pulling off a mostly red layout. The background tile is cool too, reminds me of scales.

I like the thread title, by the way lol
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Guest Magdalena
Only thing that bothers me is the font you used for the links. Try being a little more creative with the fonts, and not always use the ones Windows gives you.
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