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RPG Digimon: Digital Disturbance

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ooc: also sorry for being late

(sigh) "I wish I didnt have to go" Chaos says as he packs his clothes. "where are you going?" asks Terriermon. "My parents are sending me away to that institute", "What institute?"asks Terriermon. "It's called The Norton Institute it's for people with special abilites." "Awwww don't go Chaos if you do i'll be all alone." Chaos zips up his bags and leaves the room with his head hanging. "Well fine then be that way" Terriermon says as he jumps out the window "I'll find a new tamer."

(sobing) "Im sorry Terriermon" Chris says as he heads toward the stairs "I wish it didnt have to be this way." Chaos hears voices from down stairs. "What do you mean he won't be comming back!" His mother shouts. "He won't be harmed we just can't let him stay out in public" a mysterious voice replies "Why" she screems "if he does the public might try to kill him" the mysterious voice replies. "Well if it's for the best, I will still be able to visit him right?"she asks " "yes" he replies

"Won't be able to come back" Chaos thought to himself. "I can't go now i'll never see mom again" Chaos runs into his room. "Terriermon oh Terriermon where are you?..... He must have run away I have to find him" Chaos throws a couple of supplies in his backpack and jumps out the window after Terriermon

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Damian: (Laughs) You really don't know anything about all of this, do you? How do you expect to win if you don't know what you're doing? Especially now that Angel and I have some more help. Oh, and by the way, Ryoka caught me off guard. I didn't expect someone who knew how to fight back.

Austin: Bullsh*t!

Damian: Oh? Then how have I survived this long? I've never used a gun, so I need some other kind of weapon. I found these, and I learned how to use them. They're my weapons. they're what i kill with. I haven't lost a single fight yet, and I don't think I ever will.

Austin: I don't believe you.

Damian: Then prove it. Fight me. I'll even give you a pole to use. So are you willing, or are you going to be a chicken?

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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Angel grew tired of waiting for Nisha's digimon to attack or digivolve. She never started a fight and she won't start now. She raised her right eyebrow and stood there. She lifted her arm and put her glasses back on. She turned and started to walk. Karumamon saw this. Angel stopped and thought for a moment.[/i]

"Nisha. How about we have a rookie battle?" [i]Angel asked Nisha.[/i]
"A rookie battle? Renamon versus your rookie?" [i]came Nisha's reply.[/i]
"Yes. Ankokumon versus Renamon. Beautiful ring to it. Versus. Hmmm. So, how about it?"
"You're on." [i]Nisha exclaimed as Renamon got into an attack ready position.[/i]

[i]Thinking to herself, Angel spoke to Karumamon.[/i]
["She won't last long. But, let's see how strong she is. Remember, surprise, surprise, surprise. We need the upper hand."]
["Right. Let's see how strong [i]she[/i] is."] [i]Karumamon replied as she digivolved back to Ankokumon.[/i]

[i]Angel smirked and nodded to Ankokumon who stepped forward, away from Angel. Renamon saw this and moved fast. It wasn't as fast as Ankokumon.

Once Renamon was close, she used one of her attacks on Angel's digimon. Luckily Ankokumon teleported herself from the attack as well as turning herself invisible.

Laughter was heard. Renamon turned everywhere. She couldn't sense where Ankokumon was. Nisha was beginning to worry. Angel was starting to have fun. She looked over to the others and saw that Damian and Zara were having fun and that they were doing well. As for Nisha and Renamon. They are in for some big surprises.[/i][/size][/color]

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Siaga kept running, keeping the Vilmon and Kuwagamon in her veiw. Not knowing that she was being fallowed. As she ran she noticed that Kuwagamon was lowering near the ground, and finally stopped adn turned to face her. The Vilmon stopped in the air and looked downwards at the two. Siaga stopped running and walked up to Kuwagamon.

"What's wrong?"

Kuwagamon shook his head, and pointed fowards. "A new gate..."

Looking around she saw nothing.

"What should we do?"

"I don't know to tell you the truth..."

Kuwagamon then hosited Siaga, and the two went higher and higher. As they started to fly, Siaga noticed that some of the Vilmon turned and looked around. But then wen't back to staring forwards the way they were going. But Siaga didn't see anyone, and they hadn't even flown that close to the two below on ground. She couldn't figure out what they had been looking for. If they heard anything, she probably couldn't. Because of so many wings flapping at the same time, along with the loud buzzing. Kuwagamon then quickly told the Vilmon to go to the left as he did.

"What are you doing?" Siaga asked very confused, "We're ment to go that way!?!"

"There's a relivently large gate this way..."

Siaga nodded, as they drew closer a gate came into their view. It was larger then most of the gates she had ever seen. And strange of all it was hovering high up in the air. Siaga felt something to her side, and remembered about her digive. A bright stream was coming from it, it looked as if the light was going to the gate. Taking out the Digivice, Siaga held it to the gate.

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Devidramon floated silently, and Mikhail's eyes were assaulted with flashes of light as the Vilmon warped through the gate one after another. He saw Kuwagamon hovering around the gate, with Siaga on his back.
She held her digivice out, and seemed to be acting as a catalyst for the warp gate. The amount of digimon coming through from the digital world doubled as three large streams of light pushed themselves through.
[i]Those must be the keys, our purpose for being here.[/i] he thought to himself.
"Mikhail...Someone is here. That digimon that attacked me," Devidramon snarled as they drew nearer to the tower. Mikhail was amazed that Devidramon could see or hear anything over the flapping and psychotic chattering of the Vilemon.
"Well then, Devidramon, you may have your revenge. Set me down before you attack. You may need some help," he threw and caught his digivice idly in his hand, knowing that should the need arise, Ryoma and his partner would not be among the digidestined ranks very long.

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A lone digimon runs away from the tamer who abandoned him. Tired from running he turns down a side street and sits down to take a rest.

A sobing Terriermon "I can't believe he just left me behind"

An expolsion comes from the right of him. "DIAMOND STORM" he hears a voice say as he runs to check out the situation, Renamon and Ankokumon are locked in a feirce battle. Two tamers sit on the sidelines as they cheer on their digi-companions.

"Why are they fighting they should be friends.... Hey you two stop fighting!!!"

Terriermon shouts as he runs onto the battlefield, one of the tamers shouts to try to stop him.

Nisha: Hey get away it's dangerious!

Angel: Ha ha ha destroy him Ankokumon

Ankokumon lunges at Terriermon and is about to destroy him then a familar voice hits Terriermon.

"Digimodify! War Greymons Shield Activate!"

The attack is reflected as the shield appears in front of Terriermon, the dust clears to reveal Chaos.

Terriermon: Chaos you came back!

Chaos: Chaos I couldnt leave without you buddy

Terriermon leaps into Chaos's arms and the two are finally reunited again. The battle in the background continues. Chaos then proceeds to ask the two who are they and what are they fighting for?

Nisha: Long story short she's is the bad guy [i]if you couldnt tell[/i] im the good guy

Chaos: Hi im Chaos and this is my partner Terriermon We.....

Angel: Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Shut up and fight already! Ankokumon Destroy them now!

Chaos: Lets do it Terriermon Digimodify! Digivolution Activate!!!

[i]Terriermon Digivolve To Gargomon[/i]

"GARGO LASER" Gargomon says as he fires at Ankokumon. She gets blasted backwards in to a wall.

Chaos: Are you happy now? :raspberry

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[color=indigo]Ginryuumon ran after the negative tamers along with his tamer Ryoma on his back. "I see them, they're just up ahead Ginryuumon." Ryoma said to his Digimon. "I can see them too." Ginryuumon replied. Ginryuumon continued to run after them, but then Ryoma just thought of something. "Hey wait!" he shouted. Ginryuumon came to a halt and looked back at his tamer. "What's the matter?" he asked. Ryoma reached into his back pocket and took out his card pack. "We're about to face some of the toughest Digimon and I can already tell that this won't be just an easy fight. Ryoma said as he looked throught his cards.[/color]

[color=indigo]"That guy with the Devidramon and that girl with the Kuwagamon....they look really tough and it makes me wonder about something." "Like what?" asked, Ginryuumon. "Like, why are they doing this...and what do they have against anything?" Ryoma replied. Ginryuumon looked at his partner with a worried stare, then he started chuckling. Ryoma looked at Ginryuumon with a confused look. "What's so funny?" he asked. "That's what I like about you Ryoma." he said. "Even in the worst situations you always try to stay positive, you don't let things try to get you down, and you're a good tamer to me...not just a tamer, a friend."[/color]

[color=indigo]Ryoma looked at Ginryuumon as if he were about to cry, but before he could say anything there was a bright golden glow behind them and then an explosion. "What was that!?" Ryoma said. "Looks like something is happening." Ginryuumon said. "I hope the others are fine." Ryoma took out the card he was looking for and wiped his eyes. "C'mon Ginryuumon, i'm sure the others can take care of it, but right now we have to stop those other tamers and that gate." Ryoma said, getting serious. "Let's Go!!"[/color]

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[COLOR=darkred][size=1]Austin:........ Why should I battle you with a pole?!?

[I]I know I am weaker then him, but he has a thicker head then I do![/I] Austin thought as a glared into Daimian's eyes. Daimain had thrown the metal poles at him, and it laied. He picked it up, and hold it with one hand.


He ran towards Daimian, and the metal clashed rang loudly in the city. More clashes came from the two metal poles, and after a small time, Daimian had swiped Austin's feet, and he laied on the ground. Daimian hold the end of his metal pole about a foot away from Austin's face.[/COLOR][/size]

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Damian: That was absolutely pathetic. Much easier then I hoped. Maybe Ryoma could put up a fight. And your Digimon isn't much better. But he doesn't truly matter anymore. You have something that I want, and you know exactly what I'm talking about, don't you?

Austin: I have no clue what you're talking about.

Damian: The digivice, you a**hole. Give it to me. (Pause) Fine. I'll just take it. (He slams his pole into Austin's gut, knocking the wind out of him. Damian then quickly grabs Austin's digivice, drops it into his pocket, and picks up the other pole. He steps away from Austin and turns to face Keith) You want to try me? (He throws Keith one of the poles, then takes Austin's digivice out of his pocket) Maybe try to get this back? (Pause) Well? You have a pole. Are you going to fight, or chicken out?

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"Sure why not" keith said as he grabed the pole and swung it around in his hand. "Let's see if you'll be a better opponent than him" damian said as he swiped at keith with the pole he was using while still holding austins digivice. Keith blocked with the pole and tried to punched at damian who jumped back. "Let's see what ya got" keith said as he charged at damian. Damian went to a defensive stance as keith jumped and tried to stirke him. Keith landed on his feet and kicked damian in the leg make him loose balance. Keith tried to stike but damian gained his balance and ducked. "So far you doing better than him. Let's see how long you can keep it up" damian said as he tried to strike keith who defended.
They swung at each other and made the poles mad a clanging sound. Keith jumped to try to strike damian but he struck him in the leg making him fall on his back. "It's a shame you didn't last longer than" damian said with a smile. "Who says I didn't let my self get hit on purpose" keith said as he swung the pole and hit damians hand making him let go of austins digivice. Keith rolled around and stood up. He caught austins digivice and and looked at him. "Next time don't try to loose. I wont be getting it back for you" keith said tossing the digivice back to austin. "I'll try to rember that" austin said as he got up and caught his digivice. "It seems like you'll be more of a challange than I thought" damina said. "Then let's continue our little match" keith said readying him self.

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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Angel looked to Ankokumon, then to the new opponent that appeared on the battle field. She glared at him, but then thought to herself for a moment.[/i]

'Defeat two digimon and get their strongest attacks. Hmm. Sounds fun.' "Ankokumon! Call upon our...friend. Two good digimon need their own opponent. Renamon, a fox digimon, has Ankokumon, a wolfox- a wolf and fox hybrid- to fight with. But...poor, poor Gargomon has no one to fight with. Why don't you stick around and watch Ankokumon and Renamon fight? But, before we do....Ankokumon!"

[i]Ankokumon stood up and teleported herself quickly to Angel's side. She heard her instructions and teleported back home. Chaos and Nisha looked to each other in confusion.

Back at Angel's house, Ankokumon teleported herself to Angel's room, which was the whole upstairs, plus the attic. She went to the attic and teleported inside. The digimon that was in there looked to her. Ankokumon walked closer. Once she was in distance of the digimon that was in the room, she spoke to the digimon.[/i]

"You're needed."
"What for? If it's some digimon I must fight, then I will not go." [i]came a reply.[/i]
[i]Ankokumon sighed and looked to the digimon's face.[/i] "You will only fight Terriermon and Lopmon, correct?" [i]questioned Ankokumon.[/i]
[i]The digimon turned to Ankokumon.[/i] "One of them is there. Gargomon, correct?"
"Yes. Will you come?" [i]Ankokumon asked the digimon.[/i]

[i]The digimon stood and Ankokumon smirked. She walked to the door and opened it. The digimon held onto Ankokumon. The two were gone.

Angel stood there with her arms crossed. She looked to her watch and waited for the two. She heard Ankokumon's feet land and she knew they were here. She smiled and Ankokumon left the digimon and came to Angel. Whispering into Angel's ears.[/i]

"She's here."
"Good. Get him ready. We shall see who the better is." [i]replied Angel.[/i]

[i]Ankokumon nodded and went back to the unknown digimon. She tapped him on the shoulder and he turned. She nodded and he understood.

Soon, in sight the unknown digimon appeared with the wolfox digimon. Ankokumon got into position and looked to the fox digimon. Nisha gasped at the sight of the digimon. Chaos clenched his fist and Gargomon looked to the digimon. Renamon looked on without a change of expression.

The digimon greeted Angel and took his place. Before he did, Angel stopped him.[/i]

"Do not hold it against me for what I have done. I was not thinking clearly. Understand that."
"What you have done, I cannot forget. But I can forgive. You are my partner and I am yours. As is Ankokumon. We are bound by one power. The power to destroy those who stand in our way." [i]the Digimon replied.[/i]
"Glad to have you back, Kaninmon." [i]Angel told Kaninmon.[/i]

[i]Kaninmon nodded and stared at Gargomon who stood there with his guns.[/i]

"Gargomon. How I longed to see you face to face again. How was that sweet taste of defeat when we last met?"
"Difficult to swallow. Let's see if you still have it in you." [i]Gargomon replied.[/i]
"Very well." [i]Kaninmon agreed.[/i]

[i]The Terriermon sized digimon looked to Angel. She nodded and he digivolved.[/size][/color]

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You think 2 RPGs are confusing?Gee....You need to get used to it.
[COLOR=darkblue]Nisha's hand was clenched in a fist around her digivice.She glared at her opponent,Angel.

"Come on Renamon!!!DIGI-MODIFY!!HYPER SPEED ACTIVATE!!!"she cried.

Renamon sped up slightly and began to attack at the Wolfox digimon.The two coloured blurs flurried and bounced at each other before retreating.

Nisha stole a look to the side and saw Gargomon fighting with the newly digivolved digimon.Then her attention returned to the feuding digimon in the air.

"DIAMOND STORM!!"she heard Renamon cry,shards of diamonds were flung at Ankokumon.

Nisha cheered from below and now and again she would card swipe to help her friend and partner.

Nisha and Alex locked gazes.They both glared at each other.Nisha would never let her win.The Positive Force would prevail.She knew it.[/color]

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(Damian and Keith continue fighting. At one point, Damian thrusts his pole at Keith, who parrys forcefully, appearing to knock Damian off balance. Keith takes advantage of this with a swing intended to hit Damian's legs, but Damian, who was fakeing his loss of balance, kicks Keith in the chest, then does a leg sweep, knocking him to the ground. Damian grabs Keith's digivice, then takes the second pole back)

Damian: I knew you'd fall for that. Everyone does.

Keith: Give me my digivice.

Damian: Or what? You'll take it? (He laughs) You've just proven that you can't. Oh, and by the way, you took the bait. I only took Austin's digivice to give you a reason to fight me. He's too weak to be a threat. I let you take it. I just wanted to get yours, because you are a threat. Now, you have a choice to make. You've got two options. Either you do what I want, or I destroy your digivice.

Keith: And whay exactly do you want me to do?

Damian: Find Ryoma and bring me his Digivice. He's a bigger threat then you are. If you bring me his digivice, I'll give you back yours. But until then... (he drops Keith's digivice into his pocket) I'll be keeping your digivice. Unless you refuse, in which case I'll destroy it. So, make your choice.

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Keith started thinking about what he should do. "Hey greymon come here for a bit" keith said. Greymon stoped fighting with redgreymon and walked over to keith. He di-digivovled as keith started walking. "What can I do for you keith" agumon asked once they were out of hearing range of damian. "The one you gave me was the fake one right" keith asked. "Ya. I've hid the real one and made the copy for you. Why do you ask" agumon asked. "He has the fake but think it's the real one. He saying that he'll brake the fake unless we go after ryoma and i'm wondering what's your oppinion because even though that guys a good fighter i'm getting bored" keith said. "Ya. I agree with you. I think me and redgreymon are equaly matched" agumon said.
"Fine then We'll go after ryoma and see if he needs any help" keith said before they started walking back to damian. "So have you made your decision" damian asked. "Ya. We'll go after roma for you" keith said. "O.k then. When you bring back ryomas digivice i'll give you back yours" damian said. "You can't actulally be seriouse" asla screamed at keith. "Just shut it. It seems like things are evenly matched up here" keith said as he and agumon left.

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Austin: What the hell was that?!

Damian: He agreed to trade Ryoma's digivice for his. If you want to try to get his back, then be my guest. (Pause) Didn't think so. (Thinking) Keith's up to something. I don't know why he didn't think that whispered conversation would make me suspicious. Of course, he might want me to be suspicious, but I can't think of any reason for that. No, he's got some trick up his sleave. Maybe he's running to Ryoma for help instead of to take his digivice. I'll worry about that later. For now, there's still the matter of these others. (Out loud) You want to try me again, Austin? Or maybe you, Nisha? Or what about you, mister new kid with the Gargomon? Anyone want to take me on?

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"Ryoma! You will not pass!" Mikhail descended on top of Devidramon. The tower flared larger amount of lights in the background.

[i]Siaga, you had better hurry up. He will not be able to fight for long[/i] Mikhail thought as he heard Devidramon breathing heavily as he lowered him to the ground. The slash on his back had not closed yet, and he was still very weak, but refused to leave Mikhail's side.

"Devidramon, his Ginryumon is at almost full strength. Are you sure you can hold him?" Devidramon simply snarled as he lunged for Ginryuumon.

"Dark Gale!" He swiped his arms in a wide arc, and a dark shockwave flared at Ginryuumon.

"Digimodify! Hyper Wing Activate!" Ryoma cried as he swiped a card through his digivice. Ginryuumonsprouted six shining wings and flew out of the way, the wave only slicing a few of his tail hairs.

"Devidramon, take to the skies!" Mikhail called as Devidramon flitted silently, and matched altitudes with Gargomon.

"Ginryuumon, outmaneuver him!" Mikhail read Ryoma's face, and could see that he saw what Mikhail knew; Devidramon winced with every wingbeat that kept him afloat. He also knew that Ginryuumon would outlast Devidramon in speed.

[i]He must finish this fight quickly, or else Ryoma will see his weakness, and slowly pound at Devidramon[/i]

"Devidramon, Attack with the fury of the gods!" he yelled in Russian. Devidramon understood immediately.

"Crimson Claw!" he launched himself as fast as he could, seeming to be a blur in the eyes of the two tamers. Ginryuumon tried to dodge, but a glancing blow sliced across his side, leaving a shallow gash.

Mikhail looked up at the tower, which was emmiting blinding lights.

[i]Soon our destinies will be fulfilled.[/i] he silently told himself as he watched Devidramon recover for the next assault.

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Siaga tried to hold the Digivice steady, but her hand shook. Using her other hand she tried to steady her arm. A bright light grew from right. Swiftly Siaga shifted her view, the tower was glowing a bright pink. But there was one thing that she couldn't understand. The Vilmon were clumping into a group to the left. Quickly she looked over at Mikhail and Devidramon, Kuwagamon looked over to the side with the small figure. "Isn't that Lady Devimon?" he asked, worriedly. "I think it could be..." Finally Siaga remembered to stay focused but the three light sources looked as if they were going back into the warp. Jolting her hand forward she tried too have the Digivice give out more power. But it was no use. They were disappearing.


"What is it?" he asked, not taking notice.

"The gate, I can't open it." replied Siaga, "And Lady Devimon is coming."

Mikhail turned his view, and saw the shadow grow larger. Lady Devimon had came all the way from the tower over to where they were. But for what reason? Ryoma stared, "Don't but into other peoples battles!" Lady Devimon shook her head. "Your fighting a lost battle anyways, it has no matter to me." she said, "Mikhail, Siaga, finish up here. Then get back to the tower there are new orders. I'm going off to the others."

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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Angel looked to her digimon and did not even look back to Damian to speak. She looked as Ankokumon fought Renamon with grace and ease. She then looked to Dirusmon.

The dark red and dark grey digimon tackled Gargomon and fought him with power. Angel smirked and still remembered Damian's comment.[/i]

"Calm yourself Damian. There will be a time when you can fight the Tamers. At this moment, just remember the task at hand. We need to weaken the opponent."

[i]Damian stopped threatening the Positive Force Tamers and looked to his opponent. Angel did the same. Her gaze pierced right through Nisha. It was as if she could see right through her to her heart.

Ankokumon disappeared and fought Renamon invisibly. There was no telling what attack she might use.[/i]

"Shadow Kick!" [i]came a cry from Ankokumon.[/i]
"Dirus Punch!" [i]Dirusmon yelled.[/i]
"You see how well my digimon are fighting? They aren't even trying! Hahahaaha! And you say that good will always prevail." [i]Angel chuckled at Nisha.[/i]

[i]Nisha clenched her fists even tighter around her digivice and lifted another card up and swiped it.[/size][/color][/i]

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OOC: Keith isn't actually after Ryoma's digivice. He lied to Damian. He went to see if Ryoma needed help.


Damian: I've taken two of them out of the fight already. I'd call that weakening the opponent. Plus, Ryoma left. There's only Nisha and this new guy. And I don't think that either will be too difficult.

Chaos: Then you've got another thing coming.

Damian: Is that a challenge? I think it is. Think you can do better then the others? (Pause) It doesn't matter what you think, really. I'll kick your ***, and you know it.

Chaos: I don't think so.

Damian: Then fight me. I'll give you a pole. So, what'll it be? You gonna chicken out, or fight and get your *** kicked?

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[size=1][color=ff66cc]"Hmm. Maybe it's a good idea. Damian, do not kill him. Mess him up a bit." [i]Angel had told Damian.[/i]

[i]Chaos looked to Angel and then to Damian. He walked up to him and grabbed a pole. The two started to fight. Gargomon looked Chaos. He knew something was going to happen.[/i]

"Pay attention, Gargomon. I'll show you a real fight." [i]Dirusmon said to him.[/i]

[i]Dirusmon reached to his back and grabbed two large machine gun launchers. He aimed it at Gargomon.[/i]

"Dirus Assault!" [i]as Dirusmon shouted as he shot at Gargomon.[/i]
"Gargo Laser!" [i]Gargomon countered with his attack.[/i]

[i]As the two digimons' attacks hit eachother, they were strong and they created a large reaction. Angel finally turned her head. She smiled and saw that Dirusmon flew up to safety. Gargomon was in the middle of it all. She looked back to Ankokumon and Renamon. Ankokumon was attacking with speed and grace.[/i]

"Shadow Fury!" [i]Ankokumon shouted as she attacked Renamon with lightning speed.[/i]

[i]Angel smirked and thought she'd sit for a moment. Nisha was looking worried as Renamon was beaten. Soon, out of the blur, a digimon fell to the ground. Angel could see in a split second it wasn't Ankokumon.

Nisha squinted to see who it was. Hoping it wasn't Renamon, but to her hope, it was. It was time for Renamon to digivolve.[/i]

"It's time Renamon!" [i]Nisha shouted.[/i]
"Right. Renamon digivolve to......Kyuubimon!" [i]The champion leve digimon had shouted.[/i]

[i]Angel took her glasses off and chuckled. A large fox like digimon with red and white ribbons around the neck stood there before her. It reminded her of Karumamon. She looked to Ankokumon and nodded. Ankokumon nodded back.[/i]

"Ankokumon digivolve to............Karumamon!" [i]Karumamon had exclaimed.[/i]

[i]Karumamon and Kyuubimon looked to each other with passion for fighting. Angel smirked to Nisha who just glared at her.[/i][/size][/color]

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"Come on Asla!" Gatomon said pulling Asla to an allyway.

"What is it Gatomon?" Asla said following her.

"This way!" Gatomon said stopping in front of a building then walking in.

There it was, a gate to the digimon world.

"This is where I came out of. You wanna go? For old times?" Gatomon asked.

"Of course! But what about the---" She started to say.

"They can take care of themselfs!" Gatomon said jumping up and down.

Asla sat and thought for a while.

"Why not! We'll come back later!" Asla claped her hands together.

They then walked through the gate.

"The world............it............changed............so............much...........why!?" She stood there, scared, for the first time.

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"Mikhail!" Ruby yelled again, "I need your help!"

[i]We must fight, but Lady Devimon must get through. Now what do I do?[/i] he pondered for a split second, and came to his senses.

"Devidramon, we are going! We have more pressing matters at hand," he turned his back to Ryoma, as if insulting him. Devidramon followed, but not before Ginryuumon had one more shot at him,

"Armor-Piercing Blade!" Devidramon cried out as the attack slammed into his haunch, throwing him to the ground. He staggered back up, but he was very weak.

"Devidramon, we have a mission. If we do not succeed, then our purpose in this life is worthless!" he climbed on Devidramon, and willed him forward. Somehow the digimon lifted himself in the air, floating haphazardly left and right, abused from the two different fights. He floated up to where Siaga was. She held her digivice in both hands, and the wind energy from her digivice blasted into the gate, but Lady Devimon was fading fast.

"This better work, Siaga," he held out his own digivice alongside hers. The dark thunder from it crackled into the barrier, illuminating it with a pale purple glow. Lady Devimon came into sharper focus, turning from translucent to opaque, and finally pierced through the gate. As this happened, Devidramon gave way, and plummeted into the grass below, with Mikhail landing hard next to him.

"You have done well, my partner. Our purpose is almost completed," he spoke to his fallen digimon, who had reverted back to Gazimon when he fell, "Now we wait, and watch,"

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Asla still stood ther. It was a grassy feild with a forest at the edge of it. There was a little town in the feild. And as always, it was empty.

"This is where I came and saw the gate. I was talking a cat nap in one of the houses. Then I saw it." Gatomon said.

As they walked down the hill, they saw a couple Numemon come twords them.

"Hurry queen Gatomon! The King has turned evil!" They grabed Asla and Gatomon to one of the houses.

They opened the door. What they saw was a huge Monzaemon. It was cained to the wall so it wouldn't hurt them.

"I'll handle it." Gatomon said using her lightening claw on him.

She sucked up all his data.

"How were you able to do that? He has a higher level than you." Asla asked.

"He was weak. Weak in the mind that is." She turned and smiled.

"All right 'queen'. Lets get going." They walked out te door.

"Wait! Let us help you! Stay for the night! We'll give you a feast!" They ran and grabed their feet for them to stay.

"Why not." Asla said smilling at them.

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