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RPG Digimon: Digital Disturbance

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[color=indigo]Ginryuumon fell to the ground breathing hard. Ryoma looked at his partner then turned his focus to Mikhail and Ruby as they continued to open the gates. "Why are you doing this!? What purpose do you have in destroying this world?" Ryoma shouted. "That is for us to know and for you to find out!" Mikhail replied as he chuckled. Ryoma clenched his fists the he looked back at his digimon who had now become his rookie form Ryuudamon. Ryoma ran over to Ryuudamon clinging to him with tears in his eyes.[/color]

[color=indigo]"Ryoma....don't give up...." Ryuudamon said as he struggled. "You have to stop them...you and the others...." Ryoma looked at Ryuudamon the an evil laughter filed the area. "Aww, this is a glorious sight...a worthless human crying for mercy with his pathetic digimon." LadyDevimon said as she floated down from the sky. A tear rolled down Ryoma's face and hit his digivice. "You guys....please help me....i need you..." he said as his digivice began to glow recording his voice to his allies' digivices. "Help me you guys....please!"[/color]

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Chaos looks and sees his partner laying on the ground. "Gargomon!" He cries. He starts to think 'What can I do? I could just use my ability, but then everyone will think I'm a freak... ... I've got it!' "DIGIMODIFY! Zenryoku bakuhatsu!", he cried, sliding the card through his digivice. An auracame around Gargomon, and he was instantly revitalized, and he could feel his power increase ten fold.
"It's payback time!", said Gargomon. "GARGO LASER!"
Dirusmon was destroyed by a gargantuan laser beam that erupted from the weapons on Gargomon's arms. Dirusmon's body exploded into digital bits, and Gargomon absorbed the free flying data.
"Keep the change"

Chaos smiled "As for you, Damian-"
Chaos was interupted by a familiar voice coming from his Digivice.
"You guys....please help me....I need you", Ryoma managed to gasp.
"Ryoma?", Chaos exclaimed.
There was a long pause.
"Damian, if you want to continue this, follow me. Come on Gargomon!"
The two head off towards the signal coming from Ryoma's digivice.

When Chaos arrives, he sees Ryoma and Ginryuumon in the heat of battle. Ginryuumon launched an armor piercing blade attack directly at Lady Devimon, but she easily deflects it, sending it right back at him. Ginryuumon avoids it easily, but the unsuccessful attack did nothing to help his morale.
"Lenny, I'm here to help!', Chaos shouted.
"Very funny Chaos, but this isn't the time to be playing around!" Lenny, er I mean, Ryoma responded. (It's an inside joke folks, just ignore it... Hehehe)
"Who is this new enemy, Ryoma?", Chaos shouted.
"It's Lady Devimon, and incredibly powerful Digimon! She's not going to go down easily!"
"She doesn't look too tough! Gargomon, try a bunny blaster!", Chaos shouted!
Gargomon aimed his guns at Lady Devimon, and sucked in the air around his guns to form a ball of aeroic energy at the the end of his barrels. Finally, he released the energy, and a whirling ball of wind was sent straight at her.
"Delightful breeze", she commented, holding out her hand and deflecting the blast back at Gargomon.
"Oh cr-", Gargomon cried as the wind hit his body and sent him rolling across the cement.
"This is going to be harder than I thought..."

OOC: Please don't digivolve into your ultimate forms! The story will last longer if we don't go to our highest levels this early. Save it until later.

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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Angel stopped Karumamon from attacking yet. She looked to where Dirusmon was. She took her glasses off to look for Dirusmon, but he was nowhere to be found. She hung her head down slightly and Nisha noticed this. She looked to the spot where Dirusmon and Gargomon were fighting.[/i]

"Pity, ain't it? Your first digimon defeated? Dirusmon, was it? Hmm. You better watch out for Karumamon then. I just might defeat her." [i]Nisha had said to Angel.[/i]
"No. I do not need to watch out. I know my digimon. I know them like I know this place upside down. I know many things. I also knew that Dirusmon was getting weak and I asked him to come here and fight for me. He did a noble, loyal thing. He was one of my better creations, as is Ankokumon, who is Karumamon right now. I will have my revenge for Dirusmon. I will get back that data. It was not meant to be taken. It was meant to be given to the digital world." [i]Angel replied as she started to look to Nisha with saddening eyes.[/i]
"Wha...what? What did you say? What do you mean he wasn't meant to be taken away?" [i]Nisha asked with confusion.[/i]
"Dirusmon was created to protect what was supposed to be protected. The eggs of the digital world. He was supposed to help Elecmon and Swanmon with the eggs of the new digimon. They weren't supposed to be deleted or killed. They were the future. Dirusmon was created from part of each Guardians of the Digital World, Omnimon, Gallantmon, the D-Reaper, and all the DNA Digivolutioned digimon. He was created to become a holy one. He was supposed to revive me to become good and not evil. Now, I have no chance. I cannot be turned back. Alas, I have some good within me. I suppose we should finish our fight." [i]Angel said with a heavy heart.[/i]
[i]Nisha looked to Kyuubimon. She felt bad.[/i] "No. Let's finish our fight next time. You need to be alone with your thoughts or you need a friend. I do not know you well, but I know that you do have a good heart. Thank you for the good fight. I hope that we can be reasonable rivals in the future." [i]Nisha had told Angel before leaving.[/i]
[i]Angel looked to Nisha with watery eyes.[/i] "Wait! Maybe I do need a shoulder to cry on."

[i]Nisha stopped and looked to Kyuubimon. She nodded and Nisha walked over to Angel. She was not in a mood to fight, so this would be a good time to get to know her before judging her.[/i]

"I am sorry for your loss." [i]Nisha said as she neared Angel.[/i]
[i]Angel smiled slightly to show her thanks.[/i] "Nisha, I do believe that we are already reasonable rivals already. Fire and Water do not mix, but they are the best elements that can help each other. Water adapts as does Fire. Water burns out Fire, Fire melts Ice, and Ice is created from Water. So, therefore...we are a part of each other. Who know, we may even need each others' help someday. I am sorry we did not get to finish this, but I do not think I can defeat you. You and I are equaled. But we may have a good fight." [i]Angel replied.[/i] "Thank you. I must be on my way. You should be on yours. If one of the other Negative Force Tamers catch you, you shall certainly be dead." [i]Angel told Nisha as she and Karumamon left to find the others.[/i]

[i]Nisha nodded and watched as Angel got onto Karumamon's back and watched them fly off.

Many things went through Angel's mind. Dirusmon's death, revenge, a new friend, a new rival, life and death, Dark and Light, just things she barely even thought of before. She just let the breeze wash over her face as Karumamon flew to go find the others.[/size][/color][/i]

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OOC: DigiFan, I don't think it's your job to decide if the Digimon can digivolve to their higher forms or not. Besides, just because the Digimon reach their higher levels doesn't mean that the story will end sooner. I find that the actual stories tend to not really get going until the Digimon have reached higher levels. I know it's that way with the ones I've been in.


Damian: What the hell was that?

RedGreymon(RG): I do not know.

Damian: None of them have any sense at all. They've all screwed up somehow. Every single one. Even that Nisha girl, the only one still here. (To Nisha) It looks like it's just you and me. And Angel was right. I'll kill you.

Nisha: Why?

Damian: Because you fought against me.

Nisha: No, I didn't.

Damian: Not directly, but you're with the other side. That makes you an enemy.

Nisha: Does it have to be this way?

Damian: Yes, it does. (Pause) It's just us now. Nobody's here to save your ***. That means you've got two options. Either you surrender your digivice, or I kill you. Which do you choose?

Nisha: You forgot option three: leaving.

Damian: That won't do you any good. We'll just run into each other some other time. Leaving just delays the choice. So choose. Either give me your digivice, or I give you a pole, we fight, and I kill you. So, which would you perfer?

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[color=indigo]OOC: (What did I tell you about those Lenny jokes DigiFan!!!!!)[/color]

[color=indigo]Ryoma was happy to see that Chaos had made it. "Let's attack her together we might get a hit." Ryoma said to Chaos. Ginryuumon and Gargomon got ready to attack. Lady Devimon laughed as she charged at them both. "Battle Rod Break!!!" Ginryuumon shoted as he swung his huge armored tail at Lady Devimon, but missed by an inch. "Gargo Laser!!!" shouted, Gargomon blasting Lady Devimon with all he has, but it didn't do much damage as planned. Lady Devimon stopped and began cackling as she spun making a tonado of darkness. "Darkness Wave!!!" she shouted releasing a wave of red bats at Gargomon and Ginryuumon.[/color]

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The bats grab Gargomon and Ginryuumon. "Whats this!!!" Lady Devimon Said looking at Gargomon. "You have it the data of the sovregns...But how?" "Data of the sovregns. What is she takiling about?" said Chaos. "I will have this data and gain full control over all worlds hahahahaha!" Lady Devimon says as she lundges at Gargomon. "Look out Gargomon" Chaos Cries as Lady Devimon stabs through Gargomons chest as he screams out in pain. Lady Devimon pulls out a orb of light from the passed out Gargomon's chest.

"It's finally mine this ultimate power!!!" Lady Devimon shouts joyfully as Gargomon falls to the ground and de-digivolves. "Not if I can help it" Ginryuumon says as he breaks the hold of the bats "BATTLE ROD BREAK!!!" His armored tail swings around and knocks the orb out of Lady Devimons hand. "Noooooooooo!!" she screems as it flies into the portal leading to the digital world. "You fool now you shall die, DARKNESS WAVE!!!" she screems and flings Ginryuumon on to the ground.

"TERRIERMON" Chaos screems as he runs to catch his fallen comrad. "Terriermon can you hear me!?!" No resonse. Terriermons body has a strange purple glow. "It must be a virus" Chaos thought. "I must reveal my power now"

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OOC: Digifan, I'd like you to leave that up to me. Considering that this dose happen to be my RPG. This is based mostly off of S3, which so happens to mean they may have their Digimon digivole to ultimate forms when need be. Also most of their Digimon's other forms, and it was not my intention to have Lady Devimon fight. Make sure you read the post carefully, she's there to get the negative force tamers back to the tower for new orders. If you need more of an explanations of this please contact me stating so through a pm.

Lady Devimon laughed, as Chaos talked to his fallen partner. Siaga stared hovering on Kuwagamon. Mikhail floated aside with Devimon, pondering. What could be so important that they'de need to send Lady Deviom to get them for new orders. Something wasn't right, had the positive tramers some how messed with the plans of the dark Digimon from the Digital World. Some thing was certainly a mist. Finally looking back to the gate, the streams were deminishings. The two streams started in a revers flow back into Mikhail's and Siaga's Digivices. The warp then grew large in a bright wave. And quickly flashed out and dissappered. From the place where it had dissappered into digital streams went widely flying out around every one.

"This is why we need for all the negitive tramers to return." Lady Devimon let out a sigh of anger, "We most carry out the new orders quickly. Siaga, Mikhail, you two will come with me."

Lady Devimon then started to quickly soar towards the area of the others. The battles going on were coming to a close, it seemed as if the positive forces were loosing the battle here in the real world. But not in the Digital World. Mikhail flying on Devimon, and Siaga with Kuwagamon, flew swiftly as they fallowed. Suddenly Lady Devimon stopped and turned. There was a crackling sound coming from below. Looking down, a blue stream was coming. As she stared it came up and wacked Lady Devimon. "He's annoying...he's also interferring," she said, "Siaga take care of him. Do as you want with him, kill him for all I care! Just make sure he dosen't interferr!" Siaga nodded, and took out her Digivice. Kuwagamon flew to the ground, and landed. Taking out her Digivice, gray and white waves came and over took Kuwagamon. And worlled around him, seeming as to cover and convert him. The waves came to a hult and turned to a shpere around him. Then bursting, and in his place stood Okuwagamon.

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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Angel had spotted a large insext digimon. It was Okuwagamon. Something wasn't right. She looked around for the others and saw LadyDevimon, Mikhail, and Devimon. Karumamon flew to them.[/i]

"So glad of you to join us, Angel. What took so long?" [i]LadyDevimon had questioned.[/i]
"Tamer. Damian is still there. Hopefully not trying to kill someone again." [i]Angel replied.[/i]
"Go and get him. Meet Siaga back here and she will take you to where we need to be." [i]LadyDevimon explained.[/i]

[i]Angel nodded her head and Karumamon flew back to the spot where the others had fought. She saw Damian trying to fight Nisha and RedGreymon standing behind. Karumamon let out a long howl and RedGreymon looked up. He walked to Karumamon and Angel.[/i]

"We are needed, RedGreymon. Get your tamer and let us leave." [i]Angel had told RedGreymon.[/i]
"Grrr. It seems he wants to fight that girl. I believe we should let him finish." [i]RedGreymon replied.[/i]
"That [i]girl[/i] is my RIVAL! Must I do everything by myself? Down, Karumamon." [i]Angel had replied.[/i]

[i]Karumamon flew down and in the middle between Damian and Nisha. Damian looked to her as did Nisha. Angel's expression was not quite good.[/i]

"What is the meaning of this? You have your threat and I have mine, Damian. Leave her and let us go to where we are trully needed." [i]Angel had spoken to Damian.[/i]
"Why? We still have time. Plus, I'm bored. I need to kill or fight something and that girl is the only person here. And on the plus side..." [i]Damian couldn't finish his sentence.[/i]
"On the plus side, Nisha is my rival! Therefore, you will leave her be or suffer the consequences. I suggest we leave now. Damian. Understood? LadyDevimon requires our presence and she expects us to be with Siaga." [i]Angel said sternly.[/i]
"Grr. Fine, then. RedGreymon! Let's go. It seems that Angel's trying to protect this girl." [i]Damian said to RedGreymon.[/i]

[i]Angel sighed and looked to Nisha. She got onto the back of Karumamon and flew off. Nisha looked on as they flew. RedGreymon followed Karumamon. They were close to Siaga.

Hearing the sounds of attacks, Karumamon knew they were close. She stopped and looked to Okuwagamon. Angel then looked to Damian who stopped and looked to the attacking digimon.[/i][/size][/color]

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Damian: (Thinking) What the hell are these people thinking? There was no need to pull out. We were winning. We could have eliminated the threat of these positive force tamers, as the others called them. Instead, they're all still alive and fully capable, except possibly Keith, depending on what he's up to. Plus, we showed a weakness. They did, at least. I was forced to leave. Forced to leave by Angel, who protected that girl. Doesn't she know that in this world, preventing others from killing someone will end up getting you killed most of the time? How am I supposed to work with people who have no clue about what they're doing? I guess I'll just have to teach them. Until then, I might as well watch and see how these people do without my help. I'm sure I'll need to intervene soon, but I'll give them a chance.

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[COLOR=darkred][size=1][I]Why are they going?[/I] Austin thought as he looked at the other tamers with a dumb look on his face. He looked around to see who was here, and he only saw Nisha with Kyuubimon. He felt broken really right now because he had lost, and didn't want to say anything right now. [I]Great everybody thinks I am a loser[/I] he thought.

Nisha:It is ok you lost to him, all of us were losing.
Austin:.... yah.....
Nisha:We should get the whole group. It is getting late, and we need to set a plan.
Austin:Yah.... we should.

As they walked on, Austin noticed that they tamers had nowhere to go and stay at. Austin started to talk in Japanese.

Austin:Where will we stay?

She looked at him as they walked under street lights.

Nisha:You know Japanese?!?
Austin:...... A little bit..... I learned over the computer.
Nisha:We could stay at my house.... but doesn't Ryoma live in Japan also?
Austin:I don't know...... I don't know alot about anybody here.

They saw lights going off in the distance, and soon picked up pace. They saw that the other tamers where here, all but Keith and Asla. An Okuwagamon stood near all the others, and Siaga behind him.

OCC:Ruby, who is your character fighting? I don't think who had posted who.[/size][/COLOR]

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Keith and agumon were watching what was going on. "Shouldn't we go talk to the others to make a plan" agumon asked. Keith just shook his head as he started walking. "I'm not one to stay in groups. I work alone unless i'm needed for some thing important" keith said as agumon ran to catch up."Ya but we'll be working with them sooner or later" agumon said. "I know that but i'll go for later" keith said. "O.k then keith. Should we do some training once we get home" agumon asked. Keith just shook his head. "You can take the night off. We should be rested if we end up in another fight" keith said. Agumon nodded as they saw the negative tamers fly of for some unknown reason. "We'll deal with them later" keith thought thinking about his fight with damian. "I wonder what he'll do once he finds out that digivice is fake" keith asked him self.

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Damian: (Thinking) Surprisingly, it seems that my aid isn't required here. That's fortunate, as I need to deal with Angel. She must be set straight. I may even have to kill her. I'll almost undoubtably have to take her digivice to keep her from getting in the way, and to nutralize the threat that she is. (Out loud) Angel?

Angel: What?

Damian: You might want t reconsider your position.

Angel: What are you talking about?

Damian: I don't even know what we're supposed to be doing, but I do know that you probably won't do it.

Angel: What's that supposed to mean?

Damian: You saved that Nisha girl back there. She's the enemy. At least, she the enemy of most of us. I'm not so sure that she's yours.

Angel: She's my rival. I told you that.

Damian: And I still think that that's complete bulls*it. You're what's called a traitor, Angel. You helped the enemy. And I can't let that go. The others are busy. It's just you and me. What I do next depends on your actions, but I can't let you go. Whatever happens, you'll be a little worse for wear. It might be that I have your digivice, that I've broken a few of your bones, or maybe even that I've killed you, but it will be something. What I do depends on what you do now. So, make your move.

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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Angel looked to Damian without fear. She knew what he does, she knew how he was. She's met a lot of people like him, but the one thing that didn't process through his head is that she had plans for herself.[/i]

"Please. First of all, you will never take my digivice. Second of all, break my bones all you want. I've already been to the hospital more than 50 times. And lastly, you can't kill me. Not one person has been able to do that. Bombs strapped to me, knives through my stomach, things like those. As well as beating the **** out of me. But, you know. What you don't get is that if you killed Nisha, then I wouldn't be able to humilate her, then I wouldn't be able to get information out of her. Then I wouldn't be able to make her suffer for the what happened 4 years ago. The only people that understands me are my sister, my brother-in-law, Nisha's brother, Ankokumon, and Kaninmon. Well, it was Kaninmon. But now he's gone. Grr. They're always taking the people I care for the most. Heh. It's better now that I'm distant, isolated, and independant. And now do you understand why I stopped you from killing her? This fight is personal. It's my business not the Negative Force Tamers." [i]Angel said as she turned away to go to Karumamon.[/i]
[i]Damian just stared at her not saying anything, until now.[/i] "Still. You stopped me from taking out a threat. Doesn't that say anything to you?"
[i]Angel stopped and turned to him with a changed expression and it wasn't good.[/i] "Listen to me. I just said it was [i]personal[/i]. I just said it was my, [i]MY[/i] frickin business. Now, let it go. She's my threat and I need to take her out or at least make her suffer so badly that she can't function. Hmm. Either way is fine. Now, can we get on our way? Oh, and I am sorry for being so rude back there. For telling you what to do, but LadyDevimon wasn't here to chat, she was here for a reason. Understand that."

[i]Angel started to walk towards Karumamon again. Damian just looked to RedGreymon who looked down to him. Damian looked back to Angel and watched her lift off of the ground with Karumamon. It was her business to take out Nisha.[/size][/color][/i]

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[color=indigo]Ryoma walked with Chaos who was holding Terriermon along with Ryuudamon following behind them. they both met up with the others and they all needed a place to rest for the night. "So where can we go?" asked, Keith. "We could go to my house, but i'm not sure my parents would like to see monsters in the house." Nisha replied. "Well we can't stay out here and freeze to death." Keith said. Ryoma looked at the others, they were cold, hungry and they needed rest, especially the Digimon.[/color]

[color=indigo]Even though he was living at his friend and his family and his mom was in the hospital. Then he remembered that he still had his house keys and no one was home at the time. "We can all go to my house." Ryoma said. "We'll all have food and shelter and we can all come up with a plan there." Everyone followed Ryoma to Shinjuku, they had to walk since it'll be tough if they took the subway. When they got there, Ryoma and Nisha cooked everyone a nice curry dinner with some shrimp that they found in the freezer. "Before we make a plan I think that we should talk about ourselves since we don't know much about each other." said Nisha.[/color]

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Damian: (Thinking) I can't let her get away with this, but there's no way I can catch her.And if we fight and it looks like she'll lose, she'll just leave. So I have to take her out instantly, and that means getting the boys in on it. But they won't be able to do anything if she sees them coming, so I'll need to lead her to them. But she won't follow me, so I can't lead her into the trap. There's only one she'll follow. I need Nisha to lure Angel into the trap. I'll probably even let Nisha go. Can't kill someone right after he or she helps you, after all. Very bad for your rep. (He whispers his plan to RedGreymon, then climbs on the digimon's back. RG leaves the area to find the people Damian referred to as his boys)

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OOC: First off I would like to apoligize for not posting lot's of school work. Second off I would like to say I didn't mean to offend anyone, what I said was just a suggestion. Sorry ;)

Chaos' hands started to glow and the light from them surrounded Terriermon's body. "You'll be alright Terriermon you just need some rest" Chaos said as he laid Terriermon's body in their sleeping area. "Well I better go see what the rest of the gangs up to" He thought as he walked into the dinning area where everyone was eating. He sat down and apoligized for fighting LadyDevimon knowing he was going to lose, and getting his digimon hurt. "I'd better introduce myself" he thought. "My name is Chaos. My family tried to send me away to a testing institute because I...." He paused "if I tell them why they might dislike me and make me leave." he thought "Sorry for wasting your time" he said as he stood up and walked out the back door and into the backyard.

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(Damian sees Chaos walk into a yard that he and RG are passing)
Damian: (Thinking) I'm not passing this oppertunity up. I'll get Nisha's cooperation first (He tells RG to stop. RG devolves to BA and walks into the yard. Chaos is distracted by him, and doesn't see Damian sneak up behind him. Damian claps his hand over Chaos's mouth. BA digivolves to RG and grabs Chaos. Damian climbs on, and RG moves a few blocks away before setting Chaos down. Damian climbs off, and RG devolves)

Chaos: What do you want?

Damian: Nisha.

Chaos: Then why did you kidnap me?

Damian: You were alone. Now you're a hostage.

Chaos: How do you plan to keep me under your control?

Damian: If you try to escape, BA will digivolve and catch you. He's much faster than you in his Champion-level form. Don't worry. If you cooperate, you won't be harmed. If you don't, you'll be in so much pain that you'll wish you were dead.

Chaos: But you won't kill me. Why not?

Damian: I need you to be the bait. I've got to get Nisha to listen. She and the others will attack me on sight if they don't have a reason not to. You're that reason. If they know I'll kill you, then they'll be more willing to listen. And if they don't, then you're dead. (BA digivolves and picks up Chaos. Damian climbs on, and RG returns to the house that Chaos walked out of. Damian climbs off) If you want to see Chaos alive again, get out here! (Terriermon is the first to come out, followed quickly by Nisha, Ryoma, and their Digimon partners)

Ryoma: You! What do you want?

Damian: Cooperate, and Chaos won't be harmed. Refuse to cooperate, and I'll kill him.

Nisha: You wouldn't!

Damian: Correct. RG will.

Ryoma: Let him go, you asshole!

Damian: Only if you agree to do what I say.

Nisha: And what's that?

Damian: Ryoma, this doesn't concern you. I only need Nisha.

Ryoma: i'm staying right here.

Damian: Fine. I don't really care. Nisha, you're in danger. Angel's after you, and I don't think she'll let you live if she finds you. and sooner or later, she will.

Nisha: And just why do you care?

Damian: Because I want Angel dead, and you can help me do it.

Nisha: No.

Damian: I didn't think you'd be willing to help me kill her. I am willing to let her live, but only if her digivice is destroyed.

Nisha: Why would you do this? She's on your side.

Damian: I don't know who's side she's on, but it's not mine. She's prooved that. Now she's my enemy, meening that i need her killed, or at least rendered helpless, which destroying her digivice will accomplish. If you want me to tell you anything else, meet me at the fountain in the middle of Shinjuku Park in 45 minutes. If you're not there within... oh, I'll give you an hour. If you're not there within an hour, I'll kill CHaos and leave his dead body there. (He climbs on RG, who runs off, still holding Chaos. terriermon tries to follow, but RG is too fast) That went well. Now let's go find the boys, then we'll head for Shinjuku.

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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Something wasn't right with Damian. He had a strange mind. All Angel cared about was getting away from everything, but instead everything was coming to follow her. All the pain, all the violence, all the killing. It was all coming back. She clenched her hands and pointed down. Karumamon flew down. They landed in a park. It was somewhat secluded. She walked to a bench. Karumamon followed.[/i]

"What is the matter, Angel?" [i]Karumamon questioned.[/i]
"Chaos destroyed Kaninmon, I let my rival go, Damian believes I'm on the wrong side. He believes that I saved Nisha from him. He believes that I am the problem and I need to be taken out. He's probably going to take my digivice. I bet you anything he's going to get someone as bait and use that person against me and lead me into a trap and he's probably going to ambush me. Either that or he will try to take me out on the spot. I know his kind too well. It's unsettling to see someone fight just for the reason that someone else has different beliefs and philosophies than they do. What has this world become? What am I turning into, Karumamon?" [i]Angel said to Karumamon.[/i]
"You are still you, Angel. You are the fighting, independent, understanding human that you are now. You have not changed. You know what you do and you know what you want. You just do not know how to achieve it. If you should get ambushed, I will be right there with you." [i]Karumamon replied.[/i]
"Who can help us, Karumamon?" [i]Angel asked.[/i]
"I cannot tell you for fear that someone may try to stop us from doing that. But know this, I will protect you until I leave you. And although I leave you, I will still be with you. I am always with you. As is Kaninmon. I believe that his digiegg has hatched. We must go back home. Siaga will contact us or at least try to. Let us go home." [i]Karumamon had said to Angel.[/i]

[i]Angel looked to Karumamon and nodded. She got on Karumamon and she flew into the sky. They flew towards a large house where it was safe to know that it was her haven.[/size][/color][/i]

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[B]OOC:[/B]Sorry if I haven't posted in a long time.I don't get on much because it's back to school for Term 4.I'm only in Week 4!
[COLOR=darkblue]Nisha watched Damian get away on RG with Chaos.She clenched her fists and turned to Ryoma and Terriermon.

"I'm going."she said firmly.
"Nisha!You don't know if he's planning something else!What if it's a trap?!"Ryoma cried.
"I don't know.But I have to.He's a Negative Force Tamer.He'll kill Chaos if I don't!"she retorted.
"What if he was lying?!"
"Damian wouldn't.He doesn't joke."Nisha said before pushing through and getting to the 3 Digimon.She looked at Terriermon.He was looking at the ground and Nisha saw a tear hit the ground.

"Terriermon...I promise we'll get Chaos back.I swear."Nisha said,knealing down next to the rabbit like creature.Terriermon sniffed and nodded sadly.

Nisha stood and looked Renamon in the eye.
"I'm gonna need you partner.You up for it?"she asked with a slight smirk.
"I wouldn't miss it if ya payed me."Renamon replied smirking back.
"Great.We need to get ready."Nisha looked at her watch.It was 9:30pm."We leave at 10:30."she said.

Nisha picked up Terriermon and walked into the house with Renamon following them.Ryoma and Ryuudramon just looked at each other,shrugged and followed,closing the door behind them.


Nisha exited the house.Renamon was with her and everyone else came out too.Nisha unclipped her digivice and reached into her pocket.She pulled out a card.

"Ready Renamon?"Nisha said strongly.
"Always!"she replied.
"DIGI-MODIFY!!!DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!!!"Nisha cried,slashing the card through the slot in the side.
"Renamon digivolved to..................Kyuubimon!!!"

Nisha waved to the others and told them she'd be fine before getting on Kyuubimon's back.

"Hya!Fountain Square,Shinjuku Park!"Nisha shouted nudging Kyuubimon into a run.

When Nisha and Kyuubimon arrived,they saw Damian,RG and Chaos.Chaos was unconcious and lying at RG's feet.Nisha got off Kyuubimon.

"I'm here.So what did you want to tell me?I've come alone,except for Kyuubimon.I never go anywhere alone without her."
"Your digimon's fine."Damian said stepping forward.
"Before we do anything you need to promise Chaos' safety now that I'm here."[/COLOR]

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Damian: Don't worry. He's fine. He's only unconcious.

Nisha: What do you need me for?

Damian: My partner and I can take Angel without a problem. We just can't catch her. And even if we do, she'll leave when she starts to lose. Now, there's a street gang whose territory is nearby, and when I'm there, they listen to me. No surprise, seeing as how they've seen my partner, here. Anyway, they can give Angel a reason not to leave. If she tries to escape, they'll shoot and probably kill her. But if she sees them comming, she'll be able to run away before they can get close enough to be accurate. That's where you come in. Look around. There's plenty of good hiding spots here. The gang boys are on their way here. That's why I needed 45 minutes to get here. I had to tell them to come. Once here, they'll hide and wait. When Angel arrives, they'll reveal themselves, and she'll be trapped. I'll get her digivice and destroy it.

Nisha: What do you need me for?

Damian: Bait. I need a way to get her here, and I don't think that she'll chase me here. She'll certianly chase you, though. So, go find Angel and get her to follow you here. I don't care how you do it, just make sure she gets here. Once I've destroyed her digivice, I'll release Chaos. If you don't agree to lure Angel here, or if you tell her what I'm planning-and I'll know if you have-I'll kill Chaos. And you' if you're in the area. Angel if she's here. So, do you accept?

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[color=indigo]Ryoma was getting worried about Nisha and his new friend Chaos. "Grr, that Damian....he's always trying to find a way to hurt someone." he said to himself. Ryuudamon looked at Ryoma with Terriermon on his back. "What can we do?" asked, Ryuudamon. "I'll tell you what we aren't gonna do, stand here while our friends are in danger." Ryoma said grabbing his cards and digivice. "Damian wants Angel right? So we're going after Angel and tell her what's up." "But she's the enemy!" said, Ryuudamon. "She maybe our enemy, but she's still human and humans don't deserve to die!"[/color]

[color=indigo]Ryoma looked at Terriermon. "Terriermon, I want you to go after Chaos and Nisha, but hide off somewhere close to see what's going on." "But what about you guys?" he asked. "It might get ugly...and you need to be with your tamer." replied, Ryoma. They all got outside and Terriermon ran off to find Nisha and Chaos. "Ryuudamon get ready!!" Ryoma shouted. "I'm set!!" Ryuudamon replied. "DIGI-MODIFY! DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!"[/color]

[color=indigo][i]Ryuudamon Digivolve to......Ginryuumon!!![/i][/color]

[color=indigo]Ryoma got on Ginryuumon's back and they bolted down the road. He took out his digivice and called out to Nisha and Chaos. "Chaos! Nisha! Are you there? Are you ok? Answer me!" he didn't get a response. "Alright...Ginryuumon let's hurry up and find Angel!" he said taking out a card. "Right!" "DIGI-MODIFY! SPEED ACTIVATE!"[/color]

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[COLOR=darkblue]Nisha clenched her hands tightly into fists.She looked away from Damian and looked down at Chaos.He was helpless,floating in unconciousness.If Nisha didn't do what Damian said he'd kill Chaos and he would be defenseless.

'What should I do?If I do the right thing....Chaos will die....And if I do the wrong?Angel will be defenseless to anything coming.'Nisha thought deeply.

Nisha looked around the park and now and again she saw shadows move in the moonlight.Damian wasn't kidding.He had called a gang to trap Angel.As long as Nisha went to get her.

"I need to think about it.Gimme some time."Nisha said.
"I'll give you 5 minutes.If you haven't decided by then,I kill you and Chaos."Damian said checking the time.

Nisha walked away with Kyuubimon.

"Kyuubimon...I don't know what to do...."Nisha said helplessly.
"Do what you think is right."was all Kyuubimon said.
"Neither is right!If I refuse Chaos gets killed."Nisha said.Then it hit her.She smirked at Kyuubimon.There was a glint in Kyuubimon's eye as she smirked.
"Thanks for the tip Kyuubimon."Nisha said before walking back to Damian.

"Ok.I'll do it.Got a location on Angel?"Nisha said facing Damian.

Damian gave her a quick location and the direction to go.

"I'll give you up to an hour.Be back here.With Angel.Or Chaos dies."he said coldly before turning and talking to RG.

"Let's go Kyuubimon."Nisha called.

Kyuubimon ran towards her and just when they would have collided.She jumped up and landed on Kyuubimon's back and Kyuubimon sped off.

Nisha raised her digivice to her mouth.She hoped it would work.

"Ryoma?Ryoma can you hear me?"Nisha said into the device.
"Nisha?Yeah I can hear you.Is Terriermon there?"
"What?!Is he supposed to?"

Nisha saw a figure flying towards her.It landed on Kyuubimon's back and it was Terriermon.

"Ok he's here now.Where are you?"Nisha asked.
"I'm finding Angel!I'm passing Shinjuku Park."
"Meet me at the big store in 5."Nisha said.
"Gotcha.Seeya there."Ryoma said and they ended the conversation.

Nisha reached into her pocket again and pulled out another card.

"DIGI-MODIFY!!HYPER SPEED ACTIVATE!!"Nisha cried as she slashed the card.

Kyuubimon sped up even faster and they soon arrived at the store.Ryoma and Ginryuumon were already there.

"Nisha....Is Chaos....ok?"Terriermon asked quietly.

Nisha turned away slightly.

"He's fine....At the moment...."
"What does that mean?!"he cried.
"He's bribed me.I need to get Angel and bring her to the park within an hour or he'll kill Chaos.He has a gang weaiting in the park to trap Angel.Damian wants to destroy Angel's digivice."Nisha informed them.
"I was on my way to find Angel to warn her aboout Damian was after her,but I didn't know the details,and I don't know where to look.I expect he gave you a location?"
"Yup.She's at a bar near the harbour."Nisha said checking.
"So what are we waiting for?!"Terriermon said.

Nisha grinned at Terriermon's enthusiasm despite the sadness that was dwelling in him.Nisha nudged Kyuubimon and she started off at a fast speed.

"Hey!Wait for me!"Ryoma cried as Ginryuumon sped to try to catch up.

"We need to get to Angel ASAP!!"Nisha said."She's in danger."[/COLOR]

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(A guy about Damian?s age, Arnie, steps out from behind a particularly large tree and walks over to Damian)

Arnie: I?m assuming that that girl was Nisha?

Damian: Yep. And the unconcious guy is Chaos.

Arnie: You told us that you didn?t know where this Angel person is.

Damian: I?m testing Nisha. She thinks I had to find you. She doesn?t know you have cell phones.

Arnie: You?re the only one who does that?s not a permanent gang member.

Damian: Durring the time she thinks I was finding you, I was actually looking for a different gang. I?m the same status with them as I am with you guys. One of the members is a girl named Alexa, and she looks just like Angel. The only differance is that Alexa doesn?t have a Digimon partner like Angel does. Anyways, I got Alexa to go to the location I just told NIsha to go to. When Nisha gets there, she?ll see Alexa. Nisha will believe that Alexa is Angel. What Nisha does with Alexa will tell me weather or not I can trust her. And if I can?t, Chaos here will die.

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[COLOR=darkblue]Nisha talked to Ryoma through their digivices.

"I think Damian might be up to something.Why would he give me an exact location of Angel?Unless he's serious about getting her...."Nisha said.
"I was wondering about that too...."came Ryoma's reply.

Nisha started to fiddle around with her digivice and brought up a kind of radar.There was a blue dot with a dark brown dot.That was herself and Ryoma.AShe checked the way they were headed and didn't see a coloured dot of Angel's digivice.Nisha scanned Shinjuku and soon found the other Positive Force Tamers at the house and then she saw a maroon in a total different direction to where they were headed.

"Ryoma stop!"Nisha called through the digivice.

Kyuubimon and Ginryuumon stopped.Nisha showed the screen on her digivice to Ryoma.

"Damian's trying to trick us......"Nisha said.
"I knew it from the beginning.I knew we couldn't trust him."
"Ok.Go to Angel and warn her.I'll keep going and warn "Angel" about Damian."Nisha said bringing the map up on Ryoma's screen.
"Go now.Before your hour ends.I'll keep in touch through our digivices."Ryoma said.

Nisha nodded and nudged Kyuubimon into a flash of speed.Ryoma watched Nisha before turning into the right direction and Ginryuumon blazed off.

Nisha had a firm look on her face.She wouldn't fail Chaos or Terriermon.She would warn "Angel" and then she'll be able to get Chaos back safely.Terriermon and Chaos were trusting her and she wouldn't fail.She couldn't.[/COLOR]

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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Angel changed into a black tanktop, black sleeveless hoody, and black Nike sweats. She saw that Karumamon had digivolved back to Ankokumon. Angel smiled to her digimon and walked to her balcony and looked out to the sky. Ankokumon sat in the house practicing her teleportation. She then stopped and sniffed the air. She teleported to Angel's side and jumped onto the rails. She sniffed the air again. Her eyes turned into black slits with golden yellow around them.

Ankokumon started to growl and Angel looked to her digimon. Something wasn't right. She looked to the sky and closed her eyes. She could feel something change. She then opened her eyes and looked to her digivice. It had a brown dot coming towards her. It was a Positive Force Tamer. She smirked and watched as a large, black dragon coming towards her. It came to a stop. The tamer upon the dragon digimon spoke to her.[/i]

"Angel, you're in danger. Damian is planning to..." [i]Ryoma said before finishing.[/i]
"Kill me? I figured. He thinks I am a danger to him and the others. I wish nothing to do with good and bad anymore. I wish I've never even started. But, what is it that you wish for me to do, Tamer?" [i]Angel asked.[/i]
"My name is Ryoma. This is GinRyuumon. I have come to warn you about Damian's plans." [i]Ryoma had said.[/i]

[i]Angel looked to him. She turned to face her home. She then turned back and waved him in.[/i]

"Come on in. It seems that we have many things to talk about." [i]Angel said as she walked back into her house.[/i][/size][/color]

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