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RPG Pokemon: Cusco League {rpg} [PG: 13 for Language]


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[u]VERY LOUD[/u]

Pokemon: Cusco League

Shinobi walked out of the tunnel known as Victory Road and started towards Pokemon HQ. Nomally he flew, but this particular meeting he needed time to think. His boss, John Witter, wouldn't like Johiko being messed up. A new league was supposed to start there, with Shinobi being the champ.

Guard- I need to see-oh, it's you, Shinobi

Shinobi- Hey,..uhm...what's your name?

Guard- John

Shinobi- Hi John [i]Bye John[/i]

Shinobi then made his way to pokemon HQ. He went past the front door like it wasn't there, and made his way around the building. He came to a side door. He scaned a card, and it opened automatically. He then went up a flight of stair, and came to a door, with frosted glass. IT had, written on a gold plaque:[FONT=courier new]John Witter[/FONT] He knocked on it, and a guy about 5'4" opened the door. He beckened him in, and Shinobi sat down in a chair.

Shinobi- Hey john

John- Hey, my man, Shinobi. What's up? Hows's them ission? I bet you just got back...heh...so responcible.

Shinobi- Heh...

Johiko is underwater, someone formed in a bubble, and explored it. However, that ran into a guardian that in no way, shape, or form liked Humans (they saw him at the end)
A stupendious battle ensued, whith the dome above them eventually getting a hole in it and Johiko was nothing more than a borken dome. However, before this happened, the other guardian, one who kinda liked humans, transported all of the pokemon out of the dome, saved the people, and let himself be captured. The evil Guardian was subdued, but not before they ahd to abandon the mission.

Shinobi- heh...uhm..it was abandoned 2 monthes ago.

John- [u]WHAT!?!?!?[/u]

Shinobi- Uhm... a battle with a guardian put a hole in the dome.

John- And..the pokemon?

Shinobi- Hee's the good parts. Another guardian moved them to a dome 3 times as big as Johiko.

John's eyes turn to dollar symbols for a second, then he smiled a huge grin.

John- 3 times....as big? *shinobi nods* where?

Shinobi- That's the problem...

John- What could be the problem? Now, where is it.

Shinobi- It's 3 miles from Johiko..but it's near a widening trench. A month tops, then i's going down...

John- And the pokemon?

Shinobi- Down with it..the guardian that moved them can't be found.

John- So...

Shinobi- we need to move them.

John- How?

Shinobi- If we can catch 3 or 4 of them-

John- Youcan breed them and release them! You want to go alone?

Shinobi: ******* DAT. I'm taknig a group.

John- Alright, make your own invites. [i]number one on the list..Hope Atkins...[/i] When your down give me the list.

Shinobi- Ok, Hope agreed to go. Can the elite 4 Will come?

John- Sure.

Shinobi- Did they ever get their pokemon back??

John- Yea.

Shinobi- Ok, i'm out.

Shinobi called out Lugia and flew to him home that he's lived in for a month, that's on a beach near Fushia.

~~~~~~~~~2 Hours Later~~~~~~~~~~

Shinobi- Maybe we can finish this one in time..or maybe finish it at all.

He landed and returned Lugia, then checked his mail. He then went in, pulled his lap-top out and started on the invite. A few minutes later, he finishes them and flys off alone, except for Houndoom's pokeball on his necklace. He dropped off the invites, then landed at Hope's Home, a mansion.
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Guest The Bouncer
Seion was sitting at home with Timeka and their daughter Raven, when he got the invitation...

Seion: Timeka, Shinobi wants us to come with him to go on another eploration.....

Timeka: again...

Seion: yea.. well im goin.. you?

Timeka: yea why not.. but what about Raven??

Seion: well.. il get jessie to watch her..... but first i need to call Shinobi to let him know were comin. * Seion reaches for his cell phone and dials Shinobi's number. Shinobi picks up the phone.*

Seion: wassup..

Shinobi: nothin.. you get my invitation...

Seion: yea.... i called to to tell you that Me and Timeka will be there....

Shinobi: yea... whateva...

Seion: ok.. where you at??

Shinobi: Hope Mansion...

Seion: aight' we'll be there in like 2 minutes....

Shinobi: ill be waitin

Seion: aight * hangs up the phone*
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Seion and Timeka teleport Raven to Jesse's house, then teleport to Shinobi

Seion- We here.

Shinobi-*jaw drops* wow...YA THINK

Seion- Why i auta

Shinobi- But you aint, now is you?

Seion- Why you little-

??- Stop it boys.

Shinobi blinks, matching the voice up with peopel he knows. It takes him no time at all, it matched with the first one. He turned around to make sure. It was Hope.
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Guest The Bouncer
Seion: well if it isnt Hope.. I wouldnt have noticed you if it wernt for you blue hair....

Timeka: hey Hope...

Hope: hey.. and it has been quiet around for the last couple of months without your big mouth Seion...

Seion: what???!!! well did you miss me...

Hope: no .. *then she walked towards Shinobi*
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Jason was sitting at a table when zoma came in. Zoma started flyng in a pattern which ment that he got a e-mail message. "O.k then. Have B-spider bring it in" jason said. Zoma flew up and down then left. B-spider was normaly hanging around his laptop witch made jason wonder if it's waiting for the right time to eat it. A few moments later B-spider walked in with jasons laptop on it's back. Jason lifted the laptop off of B-spiders back and set it down on the table. B-spider fliped over and opened it mouth. "Ya I know. I'll give you your berrys if you try not to eat my hand this time" jason said taking out some berrys and put them in B-spiders mouth. B-spiders mouth snaped shut once jason moved his hand out. It fliped over and started headng out side. Jason turned on the computer and read the message.
"I might as well go. I've been bored for awhile" jason said as he turned off the laptop and headed out to his back yard while grabing his bag along the way. "Hey guys it's time we get going" jason said. Grace appeared next to him as digs came out of a hole it liked to stay in. "Where's wild fire and tail blade" jason asked. Grace pointed to some rocks where wild fire and tail blade where sitting out in the sun. "Come on you two. We're going on a trip" jason said as zoma and B-spider came out. As jason took out his pokeballs wild fire and tail blade came over. All of his pokemon went into there balls except grace. "O.k grace. I need you to take us to this location" jason said holding out a piece of paper to grace. Grace nodded and used teleport to take them to the mansion.
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Shinobi- Oh,...she just dissed yo *** out like bread with butter. Damn.

Shinobi Pulled his cd player out as Hope walked over.

Shinobi- Yo Seion listen to my new album. Aint out yet.

Seion- Yo album

Shinobi- Yea, Da Southside Villains dawgg. Here.

Shinobi tossed him the cd player. He caught it and put it on, then pressed play. Shinobi hugged Hope, then kissed her.

Shinobi- How you been. Seen you got your hair cut.
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Guest The Bouncer
Seion was listenin to the cd when someone just appeared in front of him..

Seion: oh snap..... * he drops the cd player and puts up his gaurd* oh you just someone else comin too.. not used to people just comin up on me like that

Shinobi: so wassup.. i see you could make it... thats Seion, Timeka, and Hope.

Seion and you are...

Jason: Jason..

Seion: oh... ok
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Hope rolled her eyes at the whole language and atmosphere that had appeared all the sudden, [i] this is going to be one... LOOONG trip i can tell ya that right now [/i]

The sun was setting slightly and Hope glanced at the Front door... A man her age and a little girl stood at the door stareing out at them. The guy seemed calm and the girl seemed ready to leap out of her skin and run around the house a few hundred times out of excitement.

Hope nodded to everyone, "Come on inside... now that my parents have moved on the low life idiots... The house is a much more enjoyable setting..."

"I see HE is still around " Shinobi quickly yet quietly mummbles while glancing at the guy in the doorway.

"Now now.... you know the story... no time to get jealous" Hope walked everyone inside, "The living room is the first large doorway to your right... i have some things to take care of before getting to you..."

Hope turned around and walked back to the guy in the doorway and glanced at him, "So Aurora tells me you are apparently going out of town for a few months... May i ask what you will be doing?"

The mans crisp emreald eyes glanced at her... scars on arms seemed more apparent than ever, "Umm... Yeah i gotta go... I got a job now that... im better. Oh right... your concerned about Aurora? I got a babbysitter"

"Whom may i ask... have you gotten to Babysit my Daugther?"

"Uh....Your brother... dont you think for one moment that i would allow our nutcase parents to do it... They would prolly brainwash her... those four idiots need some help."

"A combo.. My parents with yours... and my daugther... uh... that wouldent work... EVER... So good thinking getting Xander to do it."

"Do you know what he changed that from a Z to an X?" the man asks

Hope glares at him, "Jake.... Thats his choice... like i really want to know... Anyways thanks for setting that up... when will he be here?"

"In an hour... he had an appointment at the gym"

"I see... well goodbye for now...i got guests to keep... down at a normal decible level" Hope rolls her eyes slightly.

"Right... ok see ya" Jake then pulled out a dragonite and got on its back which then it flew away.

Hope returned to the living room which was almost as large as half a basketball court. Huge couches, expensive curtins, rare little things on the fireplace mantle, and a hugest entertainment center imaginable. Everyone sat down... Shinobi, Timeka, and Seion didnt seemed surprised at it all. But the unfamiliar face seemed slightly in awe.

"Welcom to the living room."

Suddenly the little girl ran into the room and started making Circles around Shinobi. She squeeled before changin directions and runnning around Seion and Timeka for a while. Once bored of that she stuck her arms out like wings and pretended to fly around the room making joyful noises.

"Um... Aurora.... Could you calm down a bit?"

"Um......But why?"

"We have guests"

"But these arent guests... they friends! SHINOBI!!!" She then squeels before lunging into Shinobi's lap and climbing up to give him a hug.

"She doesnt forget faces... And never calms down... Sorry about this..." Hope picked up the little girl.

Aurora's hair was shoulder length and curly. It glowed golden and her shockingly blue eyes raced around the room. Two tiny Minimized pokeballs were attached to a necklace supposedly Shinobi had given her. Those were her pokemon.

"Aurora dear... Its time to go upstairs now... You gotta get ready"

"Ready for what mama?"

"Heh... Uncle Xander is coming to take care of you for a while.. you get to train Flash and Popcorn while your with him.."

"YIPEEE!!!! Pop pop pop...POPCORN" She leaps from Hope's arms and runs upstairs out of sight. The sound of a door slamming was heard through the whole house.

"Who is popcorn?" Shinobi asks calmly

"Uh... Flash is her Archanine remember? Well She got another pokemon and she named it Popcorn..." Hope answers ... trying to avoid telling them all what species it is. "She loves it to death and Xander helps her train it... its kinda still wild so it needs some work."

Seion finally rose a hand, "Uh isnt she a little young to be training pokemon..?"

Hope grinned and winked at him, "Shes not training them like a trainer... shes training them like they are pets... which they are at the moment... Plus i wont allow her to go out on her own till she is at least and has gone through a few years of public Pokemon school."

Suddenly she noticed the super silent Jason, "Oh pardon me... my manors.. have slipped right out the window... forgive me. My name is Hope and dont let my house... eh... um forget that. Anyways could i get any of you a drink?" she stopped for a moment, "Seion, and shinobi.. dont even say it.. if you want a drink go find it in the kitchen yourself... Im asking Timeka and Jason"
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Shinobi was just about to say yes when she said that.

Shinobi- *sigh* Seion you want somethin?

Seion- No.

Shinobi- Aight... I shall be back.

Shinobi walked down the hall and turned to the left a few doors down. He started looking through cabinets until he found the glasses. He then went to the refridgerator and pulled out a Coke. He poured some in the glass, then put it back. He walked back to the living rom, drink in hand. He sat bakc down next Hope and drinked some.

Hope- You better not spill any..this stuff is new.

Shinobi- I won't, whoops *drops glass, but grabs it again befroe it can fall**smiles, Seion shakes his head* Oh Seion give me my cd player back boi.

Seon reluctantly tosses it to him, and he puts it on and turns it to number 8.
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Guest The Bouncer
Seion: im not thisrty..... im just hungry.. you got any food......

Hope: go look in the kitchen...

Seion: aight

Seion walked into the kitchen and looked around.. he opened a cabint and found a bag of cheetos. he picked them up , opened them then started eating. he look around some more until he found some fudge stiriped cookes. he grabbed them and walked back into the rome with the others.

Timeka: damn.. you took everythng out her kitchen didnt you...

Seion: nope.... Hope you dont mind do you?? * picking up some cookies and eating them*
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Shinobi thougth this as loud as posible, hoping that Hope would notice it and answer him.

Shinobi- [i]who the fu- whoops, who is popcorn???[/i]

Shinobi then got up and walked over ot Seion. He had his hands behind his back till he got close to the Cheeto's. He then snatched them quickly and sat down. He then sat back down and started eating some himself.

Jason- So, why exactly did you want me here?

Shinobi- I remember how bad i creamed you a month ago in New Violet City.

Jason- That was actually a close battle.

Shinobi- I know, just making sure you remember me. Well,...remember the stuff in the news about Johiko?

Jason- Yea.

Shinobi- Well, it was abandoned. The pokemno had to be moved because the doem cracked. We located the place they at and we got to go to it. The dome won't be there in a month because of a trench that's widening. It'll fall and break at the bottom. We gotta catch 3 or 4 of each species of Pokemon and bring 'em up here.

Timeka- Can i come.

Shinobi- I don't know....we only have 1 big sub and one little one this time....i'll see, depends on how many invites were accepted.
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Guest The Bouncer
Seion: that was good.... so when are we gonna leave...

Shinobi: in about an hour or so.... just trying to see if any others are coming...

Seion: oh... ok.. so what do you guys wanna do...... till then

Timeka: lets pokebattle.....

Shinobi: why not.. who first......

Timeka: You and me..

Shinobi: you against me... heh........ ok then.... lets go....

Seion: this is gonna be good....
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Shinobi- Man i don't think she can handle me...

Seion- OK, you don't wanna take her, battle me.

Shinobi- ok, let's go.

Seion- Go...Magmar!

Shinobi- Get out there!

Hope- HOLD IT Not in here. Go outside or something.

Shinobi- Ok, let's go.

Seion walked out of the room before Shinobi, and almost turned the wrong way.

Shinobi- Let me handle this, you'll get lost buddy.

Shinobi went out through the front door, and Seion followed.

Shinobi- Ok, let's go. GET OUT THERE

Seion- GO!! MAGMAR!!!

The two pokeballs shot out into the middle of the field, and out of one came a purple cat-looking pokemon with a jewel on it's head. Out of the other came a human-like pokemon, that was red with an orange flame. It shot a flame out of it's mouth.

Espeon- [b]Why hello Magmar. Nice ot meet you again.[/b]

Magmar- Mag, Mar mar mar magmar ar ma ag.

Espeon- [b]Well, you can't be nice before a battle, now can you. Just trying to lighten the mood.[/b]

Shinobi- *sigh* come on Espeon. BATTLE!

Seion- Yea, Magmar. FLAMETHROWER

Shinobi- [i]Psychic[/i]

Espeon- [b]Ok Shinobi[/b]

espeon's eyes glow a bright neon blue, and Magmar shoots a flame out of his mouth. The psychic energy flowing between the pokemon throw the flame back in Magmar's face. He growls and shakes it off, as it did little damage.

Shinobi- [i]Nite-Shade[/i]

Seion- Slash!

Espeon read Shinob'a mind and his eyes glowed once again, and Magmar's hp begain to slowly started falling, and it got drowzy. He still was able to hit in a few solid blows into Espeon's face, but then fell down from loss of energy.

Seion- Come on...FLAMETHROWER

Magmar was just able to get in a Flame thrower right into Espeon's face. It shook him enough to stop the Nite-Shade, leaving Magmar with little energy to spare.

Shinobi- [i]Confusion[/i]

Espeon read his mind a final time, and nodded. His eyes glowed and Magmar fell, koed.

Shinobi- Boo ya
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Guest The Bouncer
Seion: thats ok magmar.. havent battled for a while.... but Go Salemence

Shinobi: espeoon return! * a flash of light appeared and absorbed the pokmon* go Hooundoom

Salamence a shell- like dragon pokemon with wings poped out of the pokeball and roared loudly... Houndoom came out and growled..

Shinobi: houndoom crunch

Seion: use your Earthquake!1

Houndoom charged at Salamence with it mout open ready to crunch, Salamence stople 2 of its feet and the ground shook splitting apart making houndoom fll in holes and miss.

Shinobi: houndoom use fire blast

Salamence: use body Slam

Houndoom charged up a blast of fire that came out in a star like shape. Salamence flew at Houndoom at a high speed the fire blast hit Salamence and knocked it bit , but the body slam hit houndoom alomst full power. Houndoom had became paralyzed. and Salamence was dazed.

Shinobi: try and get up....

Seion: salamence shake it off and finish it off with a hydro pump

Salamence slowly got up and stepped back. Houndoom was paralyzed and too tired to move. Salamence opened its mouth and a huge blast of water came and knocked Houndoom back about 3 feet. it was KOed

Seion: yea!!1

Shinobi: houndoom come back

Seion: Salamence good job...
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Shinobi- final fight..who shall win?

Seion- Me..

Shinobi- Dream on boi. GET OUT THERE

Seion- Go Zapdos.

Seion's pokeball flew into the sky and let out a red light, it slowly formed into a bright yellow bird with a black bottom and a long, sharp beak...It let out a call before landing on the ground, pops of electricity flowing around them. shinobi's pokeball let out a red light, also, this one forming...

a lizard with a fire over it's tail and wings. Charizard let out a roar and a flame shot out of it's mouth. The flame on it's tail jumped, and he took off.

Shinobi- Let's do this. BODY SLAM

Seion- Thunderbolt

Shinobi- No, dodge with a flamethrower.

Charizard flew up into the air, really high. Zappdos screetched and took off. It's body glowed and a huge bolt of lightning shot out. Charizard did a flamethrower and they collided, making an explaosion and throwing Zapdos off...Charizard's bulk held him steady. charizard then dived down on the steadily falling Zapdos, tucking in it's wings for speed. About 20 feet from the ground he pulled his wongs up and slamed his feet into Zapdos, planting him into the ground, where he was vulnerable.



Charizard opened his mouth, and flame poured out. It flowed around him, almost liek it was controled, until it went all the way around him. He then could either launch it or use it like a bumper car, ramming into Zapdos. He launched it out. Zapdos tried to make a cloud, but it hit the ground and shorted out. The flame wheel rolled right into Zapdos. Zapdos lingered, screetching wildly. Then it took off. It got into a dog fight, Zapdos shooting sizzling hot lightning bolts out of it's mouth to Chairzard, and Charizard doing Flamethrowers. Very few connected, as they were moving all around. It looked like none of them were listening ot commands, this was like a rivalry that is finally out, a virus finally freed from it's jar and hungry for cells. Finally, Charizard nad Zpados dropped their temptation for fried pokemon and listened.

Seion- Go up high!

Shinobi- Counter! Down low!


Shinobi- FIRE BLAST!

The two blasts shot out simultaniously, and they shot out at eatch other...

Slamming into each other.

Charizard growled and Shinobi sighed. Zapdso screetched, and shot another blast out. Charizard rose up to meat Zapdos' leval, slaming right into the lighning bolt, but both had energy to spare and alot more to spare after that ran out.

Shinobi- *Charizard's idea clicks* Charizard! Grab him and seismic toss, but do a few fire blasts into his chest on the fall!!!


Charizard grabbed Zapdos and gripped his body roughly. A cloud hung around obth of them, zapping both Charizard and Zapdos. Charizard growled everytime he got poped with a thunderstrike. He dropped, folding in his wings for a free fall. He started fire blasting into Zapdos's face. About 10 feet from the ground the pulled up but pitched Zapdos into the ground. Zapdos screetched, the growled as he feinted. Charizard shto a huge flame out in pride and victory celebration, and Shinobi returned him. Zapdos disapeered into a flash of light, as well.
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Hope glanced out her window "Oh brother they could have done that in MY stadium... sheeesh now i gotta have the driveway re done"

Soon Aurora blazed into the room in a similar Kimono like hope was wearing only it was white with ice markings. Hope smiled and glanced out the window again. Aurora tugged on Hope's arms and then began to ask when her uncle would arive. Hope's eyes searched the sky and soon she sighed. A large Dragonite lands on her front porch and a man with very long jet black hair comes in the front door.

Aurora runs to him squeeling happily. Hope approches, "Thanks... Thanks much... Please... try to keep Popcorn out of other peoples sight... you know what i mean.."

"Right....ill help Aurora train it in my underground hideout...best to try there."

"Ok...ill see you later"

With that Aurora and Xander left on Dragonite. The guys returned and hope glanced at her driveway... "YOU IDIOTS! Shinobi i thought you could at least remember my stadium in the back..."

"Slipped my mind..." Shinobi shrugged.

Hope glanced around, "Well i sappose i shoud give you all a slight... um... Tour? All of upstairs is rooms and such and so on so ill take you to the lower building and show you the training facilities."

Hope took them all outside. A large building stood outside, "Thats the dome... its where i train when alone... i dont reccomend going in there though..."

"And why is that"

"I have the gravity and air settings of the dome set to my own body chemistry and dna.. if yoiu were to go in there it might cause ya harm ... understand?"


"Anyways i have kept a new hobby... Aurora seems to like it... Just down this little hill and you will see what i mean."

They come down a little and they come upon a huge field.... a small group of Ponyta and Tauros graze. "Its not jsut a pasture for pokemong its like a place..umm... daycare i guess i could say... a vacation place i sappose. Trainers have asked me to do this... I sappose its good... or not..." Hope pauses, "Yo Shinobi... um.. I still have your car in my garage... oh and um... how long do you think this will take?"

Shinobi shrugs and hope sighs. Hope pulls out a pokeball and releases a Huge Scyther. The scyther was much larger than most normal scythers and it was much darker in color. His arm blades clanged against each other creating a few spraks.


"Thats right... Old friends and New ones..." Hope pointed to the Scyther, "Everyone... this is Blade... Im rammbling and showing you my home isnt really entertaining for you i sappose but .... i dont know what to do..." Hope looked around "Im like really bad at the hospitality thing"
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else where another trainer was getting his invite. a man and his houndoom were wallking to a near by town when the pokemon stopped.

****: shadow fang, what is it?

the pokemon started sniffing the mans side pack and then looked up at his trainer.

****: what, is it my laptop?

the man pulled out the laptop and opened it to see a "you have mail" pop up.

****: guess i shouldn't have put this thing on silent, but then again thats what i got you for Shadow.

the wolf like pokemon gave a bark howl combination then sat next to his trainer as he read the message.

****: wow, this has been here for about 20 minutes now. guess i should read it.

the man closed his laptop and put it away. he looked down at his friend and smiled.

****: well, looks like we get to have an adventure. you up for it?

Shadow Fang: Hoooo!

****: good, now we just have to get there. this house is ay out there, but i think i saw something about it being a daycare as well. so, i bet we can find a ride going out that way.

the two arrived in the town and found a man, heading along that way. he gave them a ride, and the trainer paid the driver for his serves. it took a good while for them to reach the mansion. when the arrived the trainer could see smoke and ash from were a poke battle ahd been.

****: this must be the place.

the trainer and his houndoom walked to the front door and rang the door bell. the loud bell could be heard a good distance away, so Hope and the others could hear it from were they where. the group made there way to the front where they saw the blonde haired trainer looking in the windows to see if soemone was home.

Hope: you looking for us?

the trainer jumped and turned around.

****: wow, um...yeah i guess. which one of you sent the letter?

Shinobi: that be me.

****: well, i'm here. names Wolf and this is Shadow Fang.

the group went through the introductions and Shinobi caught Wolf up on what was going on.
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Guest The Bouncer
Seion: lucky win.. i havent battled since Johiko..

Shinobi: yea... whateva..

Seion: lemme get warmed up later.. well go again.

Shinobi: ok....

Seion walked over to wolf

Seion: wassup

Wolf: nothin... who are you..

Seion: Seion... dont forget it.. and you are

Wolf: Wolf.. and this is my Houndoom Shadow Fang...

Seion: ok.. When are we leaving.. im getting boreed of siiting around.
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Shinobi- I do know that that we need to do it in a month...

Hope- Yea, but how much estimated

Shinobi- As much time as needed to catch 4 or each type of pokemon...Oh...how did you...get my car...without settin of the gps? Well, who cares...

Shinobi sighed and looked at the Scyther. How did Hope always...find the odd ones, that look coller than regular ones...He sighed.

Shinobi- Does everyone still have their legendaries?

Everyone nodded except the wo new ones.

Shinobi- *sigh* great. We don't have a year to do this ****, pick one, we get it, then go. Pick one.
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Guest The Bouncer
Seion: well i have Zapdos and Sacain form johiko...

Shinobi: have you made upyour minds yet..

Wolf: no not yet

jason: me neither..

Timeka: well then.. we dont got all day.........

Seion; come on lets go... they ca nmake up their mnds on the way.. we got a kinda long way to go. *he opens the door and walks out*

Shinobi: well then lets go.. Hope hurry up..

Hope: im comin.... i gotta lock up...

Hope locked the door an closed it nad walked down the path..
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Shinobi- Aight, let's go.

Shinobi dropped Charizard's pokeball, and Charizard formed out of the red light from the pokeball. Shinobi got on him, and Hope got on as well. Seion called out Zapdos, and Seion and Timeka got on. The others called out their flying pokemon and got on. Charizard let out a roar, and growled at Zapdos. Zapdos squalked and took off. Charizard took off roght behind him, intent on not being beat by a yellow bird. Charizard got up to about a hundred feet, then evened out.

Seion- Zapdos, follow Charizard

Zapdos reluctantly scretched and droped in single file. The others did the same, and they shot off north-westward, gonig towards the sub dock they had visited what felt like forever ago, when they spiraled down to Johiko.
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"So where is it exactly we're going" jason asked. "We're going to catch some pokemon. We have to do it with in a certain period of time" shinobi said. Jason nodded. "How are you doing grace" jason asked looking to grace. Grace just nodded to show that it was doing fine. Jason and grace were traveling in a bubble it created with it's physic powers. "Once we land you can have a rest in your pokeball" jason said. "Hey what kind of pokemon do you have" seion asked. "I have a blaziken, a ninjask, a armaldo, a seviper and a metagross" jason said. "Where did you get the armaldo and for that matter where did you get four beldums for a metagross" shinobi asked.
"I got an anorith to train for some scientest who were studying pokemon that could be brought back from fossiles and as for how I got four beldums I found them in my yard sleeping. Eventualy they became a metagorss but the only probplem is it tries to bite my hand some times" jason said. "In that case i'd hate to see what happens when you make it mad" seion said. "I normaly have to move my hand fast to keep it from clamping down" jason said as they continued.
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Hope looked at Shinobi, "I think I wont use Moltres...she hates water and we are gonna be under a lot of it... And Kyogre is in the computer... im sure he wouldent mind going along but... He still isnt that tame."

"So? Who does that leave you with?" Shinobi asks quietly

[b] Celebi [/b] Hope said to only Shinobi.


"I know i have three legendaries... perhaps i should find a good owner for one of them... Actually I only Captured the two i mentioned...the other... He is mine but there is no pokeball and he roams freely."

"Yeah...whateva...just pick one."
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Guest The Bouncer
Seion: look where almost there.. * he pointed at a small dock*

Shinobi: yea....

Seion: does anyone got a coat.. its really cold down there...

Jason: nope....

Wolf: me neitehr...

Seion: oh well too bad..

timeka: I didnt bring one either.. you can wear mine.... I give it to you later...

Shinobi: everyone get ready to land..

Cahrizard swooped down and Zapdos followed.. along with all the others...
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Shinobi- Ok, now i neeeed to know what legendary you two are getting. If you don't pick now, you don't get one. So pick.

Shinobi landed, and jumped off of Charizard. He returned him, and pulled out his pc from one of his pockets. He withdrew Lugia, putting in Feraligatr. He put him at the top of the box, so if he needed, he could call Feraligatr out and have him guide the subs. He sighed.

Shinobi- Today people..we have a month and counting.

Hope- Well, a chnage from the procrastinator of last time.

Seion- I know, what's the rush.

Shinobi- John's already on my *** because of Johiko. If i let the new dome fall without having every type, ill have my ***, and my head, served to me on a silver plater. Also, if it falls while we're in it, we ARE SCREWED. So does that answer your question?

Shinobi closed his lap-top up and stood their waiting for Jason and Wolf's answer.
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