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As by request some weeks back, I am posting most of my previous works, both digital and real life media. The smaller works will be visable, the larger files will need to be clicked on to load. I've seperated them into several categories for your convinence.

[b][u]DIGITAL WORKS[/u][/b]


[i]Shinsen[/i]: The Shinsen Gumi saying of "Aku, Soku, Zan" from Rurouni Kenshin

[i]Acceleration[/i]: This has a picture of my car in it, although you can only see the wheel.

[i]Alien[/i]: A little flur of the moment thingy I made after I saw the movie [i]Signs[/i]

[i]Blue Dragon[/i]: I wanted to do something different. Something I'd never done before. This was the result.

[i]DespairsRay[/i]: My favourite Japanese indies rock band. Seemed only fitting to portray their excellence in my very own banner.

[i]Kakusei[/i]: One of DJ Krush's albums. He's a Japanese DJ who's worked with famous Japanese and American artist.

[i]Dears[/i]: Gackt partaking in the role of Jesus for this particular banner. I took a photo of him and added a few different things to create the look of depth with the feathers.

[i]Gackt and Yu[/i]: One of the most controversial Gackt photos out there... being me I had to exploit the adorabe couple. And then add some sweet lyrics on top of it.

[i]Forever[/i]: hide, who died some years ago, is immortalized in this banner; from life to death.

[i]Revenge[/i]: It's true. This is a particular Kenshin banner taken purely fromt he manga, seeing as how the Revenge Arc was never animated until the most recent [i]Seisouhen[/i] OAV release.

[i]Night Water[/i]: One of my few experiments with simple colors and the blur effect.

[i]PENICILLIN[/i]: Another great J-Rock band. This was made when everyone seemed to be making banners that would fit in with the OB background and look like seperate pictures.

[i]Xpand[/i]: The influence for this came from Sasha's song [i]Xpander[/i] which is one of my favourite songs of all time. Seemed fitting..

[i]Zanza[/i]: The greatest anime character of all time.


[i]Madeth Gray'll[/i]: A great indies band, an even better wallpaper. I believe 2 of the members here are dead... I know one is for sure. They aren't around anymore to say the least. Shame really.

[i]Dir en grey: FILTH[/i]: This is Deg's FILTH look and even though the song isn't all too good, their look is. And well, with the exception of Shinya, they were too good to pass up.

[i]MALICE MIZER: Eternal[/i]: The most famous 5 members of Mizer are shown here. Kami is in the middle witht he Cross to symbolize his death. This is where the line in my sig, that has never changed, comes from. The Eternal Member of MALICE MIZER

[b]Digital Art Pieces[/b]

[i]A Child's Mind[/i]: My boyfriend at the time did this work. I think he was just playing around, which is precisely why I titled the work what I did. It's playful and random.

[i]Black Square in Primary Colors[/i]: The title says what it is. These few here are pure abstract works, and there for being like a true abstractionist, I gave it an unusual abstract name.

[i]Lovers in a Newspaper[/i]: The red, black, and white mix just gives it that feel of bonding of colors. It's amazing what you can accomplishw ith just 3 colors that go well together.

[i]Poster[/i]: It's name of Poster comes from the fact this is probably something like you'd see in poster shop or a painting on some rich guys wall that looks like a poster.

[i]Sunset[/i]: This looks like a real oil painting, but alas, it's not. Pure digital. I really like it. Reminds me of one my first oil paintings.

[b][u]REAL LIFE WORKS[/b][/u]

[b]Oil Painting[/b]

[i]yuukai no mizu to honoo[/i]: The title means "Fusion of Water and Flame" which is essentially what it is. My first abstract painting. My only so far.

[b]Color Pencil Drawings[/b]

[i]Night Cafe[/i]: by Van Gogh. I did this remake in polo pencil for an art project. It ended up being much better than I ever expected. It took me a good 5 days to do.

[i]Starry Night[/i]: by Van Gogh. I did this for the same art project, with my own little touch witht he crappy curtains (I wasn't aiming for realism). This one took a bit longer, probably a good part of 2 weeks to finish.

[b]Graphite Pencil Drawings[/b]

[i]Chibi Gokou[/i]: A pencil drawing of Gokou from DBGT. Did this during Math class in 10th grade

[i]SS-J Gohan[/i]: Another simple pencil drawing done again, in my 10th grade Math class

[i]Vegita[/i]: Same as above. Pencil drawing during Math class

[i]The DBZ Crew[/i]: I did most of this during Math class (and no I didn't fail that class) but the rest I finished at home. The colored Gohan is an unfinished work. I have been meaning to color the whole thing, however, I haven't gotten that far yet. And it's been 4 years lol.

So there ya go. There's about 5 other charcoal drawings I'd love to put up but I have to get them pictured cause they won't fit under the scanner. I'm sure there's a few more pencil drawings as well. Unfinished for the most part. Enjoy... Comments always welcome, keep the negatives to yourself.
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I must say, i like almost every single banner of those ^^
Only the Pencillin banner with the pieces out of it stands out.
Oh well... Cant blame you, i cant work with those lines anyways so if you look at my "cut-out pieces" yours would be "OMG TEH MAZINGNEZZ" Get'y? lol
Now these are nice ^^ i liked every one of those
[b]Digital Art pieces:[/b]
The first four are not new or anything and like i said to you in the thread you posted it in the first time: Dont like. Too simple -__-
Anyways. the Sunset is really nice, photo shop?
[B]Oil Painting:[/b]
Yeah well apart that the water could be more "watery", tis' really nice. From experience, i know that painting/oil painting, is hard so... bweh. It looked nice anyways.
[B]Drawing thingies:[/b]
Ah they're really nice, never liked Van Gogh so much myself, but these are really nice ^_^
In the second one, the window looks a bit wavy but eh... The picture is nice. I know the orginal. Did it over once too and it turned out less good than yours, far less i'd say lol.
[B]Graphite Pencil Drawings:[/B]
Ah they're all nice. The drawings themself arent really all perfect , but the shading is amazingly done. Good job on all :)
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I like the Acceleration, Blue Dragon, and Zanza. Funny enough, the Zanza gives a more dynamic feeling than the acceleration one, while the Blue Dragon has a very static feeling to it. Two questions about the Zanza banner, though: 1. Who is Zanza? Isn't the guy on the banner called Sano S-something? 2. Why is there no border on this one? It's the only one, so I'm wondering.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by AzureWolf [/i]
[B]Two questions about the Zanza banner, though: 1. Who is Zanza? Isn't the guy on the banner called Sano S-something? 2. Why is there no border on this one? It's the only one, so I'm wondering. [/B][/QUOTE]

Thats actually 3 questions :p

Anyway, his name is Sanosuke, as written, you're right. Zanza is his gang name.

The reason it doesn't have a border is because this is probably the oldest banner up there. Back then I didn't put a black border on it. I actually did a smaller version for use on this board where I had a border but I couldn't find it.
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[color=#707875]Great stuff, Chris. Lots of variety here too.

My favourites would have to be "yuukai no mizu to honoo" and "Dears". Dears is just...very haunting and ghostly. It's kind of beautiful in an extremely morbid way.

And yuukai no mizu to honoo just attracts me for some reason. I think Ken put it well...there are so many interpretations of it, but it remains calm no matter what. I like the brushwork in it the most -- nothing is muddy/dirty or flat. It has a strong sense of volume. Great stuff. ^_^[/color]
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