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Resident Evil: Harvest Moon.

Welcome to Harvest Moon! An oceanside city known for its beautiful harvest moons, and quiet peace, this city is a hot tourist attraction.Many corperations have started there, including Umbrella Inc. This realitively small city is home to 2,037 people. The city itself, it is nestled in a crater 43 miles in diamter, a crater caused from a limestone deposit colapseing. The slopes are steep, and the only way to get out or in is three tunnels that connect it to the outside world, or by helicopter.

Strange things have started to happen, and the events of Raccoon City are happening again. The day starts out as a normal day for you, but this nice and quiet city will now forever be silenced in Umbrella's evil. You are thrust into the sudden nightmare that Harvest Moon has become. There is now much more to worry about, for a new virus, the M- Virus, has been unleashed, as well as its predecessors. Those infectedd are qicker, smarter, and all that much more deadly.

You are one of the remaining survivors. The day starts out normal, to A POINT. The day quickly turns into a nightmarish hell. I pray for your escape.............. There is only one way to survive this new night mare. [i] Get out of the city.[/i]

You are now in the world of suvival horror.

Good luck.
[COLOR=red]You're going to need it.[/COLOR]

And If the suspense doesn't kill you,
[COLOR=darkblue]something else will.[/COLOR]

And welcome to a new nightmare.

Here's what I want:
Blood type:

Okay, you can't start out just fighting zombies. You have to start out in a realatively normal fashion.
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Guest Skyechild91
OCC: Sonds scary... Im in!

Name: Serenity
Age: 16
Job: Works at McDonalds
Blood type: AB
Appearence:[URL]http://deadnny.net/pictures/Utena/utena7[/URL] Her hair is in a braid...
Bio: She works a night shift as a cook. At the outer edges of town, she lives in a small pent house with her dog, Pluto. When not at work or relaxing, she goes to school at the high school.

EDIT- I changed it so Im closer to yalls ages.
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Name: Dango

Age: 27

Job: F.B.I (if allowed) Cop

Blood type: 0 negative

Appearence: [IMG]http://www.ntv.co.jp/prog.eng/animation/images/kaze.jpg[/IMG]

Dango used to be a normal officer, but was promoted and sent to the FBI. He knows alot about guns and knows cities in and out. He grew up in a small town near the beaches and moved cities when his father got a new job. From there he lived until his parents died and he got his own house. This place is his home, and he would probly stay with it till the end, if he had the guts too with all that was happening.[/SIZE][/I]
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Name: Gregory Dearson

Age: 31

Job: Gas Station Attendant

Blood Type: AB (thanks GuardianStorm for filling me in)

Appearence: Blue eyes, long, shaggy black hair. Short, almost 5 1/2 feet. A little overweight, 250 pounds. Wears mostly blue jeans and a torn up jean-jacket.

Bio: Born and raised in a local trailer park, Gregory grew up in Harvest Moon all his life. His father owned the local gas station, so when he was sixteen, he got a job there. One day when the store was being robbed, he was frightened so badly, he developed a second, and very violent, personalty, that which is no stranger to holding a gun.
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Name: Kristopher Fury
Age: 17
Job: works at the local mall as a clerk at the movie store and he goes to school at East Moon High School, the only school that will be used in this story.
Blood type: O
Apperence: He is an albino goth, so he wears alot of white to go with his skin and white lower-back length hair. His eyes are a pale greyish blue.
Bio: About a year ago, he was kidnapped and his D.N.A. was warped, so he looks like he does now. He's really strong, and he has demonstrated it in fights. People leave him to himself, and he is often lonely and depressed. He hates guns, but is no stranger to them. He has exelent aim.
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o.O cooooool. i'm in

Name: Kyru Sanas

Age: 16

Job: Works for the local Accountant, doing tax returns.
He goes to East Moon High School, and excels in most subjects.

Blood Type: O-

Appearance: Tanned, good build, average height (for a 16-yr-old), red eyes with a slight yellow tinge around the outside of his irises and pupils. Snow-white hair.

Bio: Mastered several different kinds of martial arts by the age of six, then moved to the city from his hometown.
Was used for experiments for three years then released. He has no memory of the experiments.
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hey man can i get in inuyasa fandom?

job:retired specal op.
blood type:b
apperance:red and black hair it a dull fasion stands 6"4' verry mutch in shape.
Bio:after retiring from the few years of specal ops he decied to setle in a small town alone.
Ooc: now i decided to change are due to the rpg girl serenity's asking me too.
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If i can still get in i'd like too!! :)

Name: Janet
Age: 17
Job: She works at the local teen clothing store as a cashier
Blood type: O
Appearence: Long dark brown hair that is pulled up into a ponytail. Deep blue eyes, short, thin. Shorts and a t-shirt, tennis shoes and of course her tennis racket!
Bio: She's new to the town, in fact she seemed to move in when the town was in chaos, a child prodigy in a way she plays tennis whenever she can get to the court.
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Guest Zhang_He
Junior in H.S.
Wearing camo pants and a S.O.A.D " dare to think freely" shirt Brown hair Aqua eyes, Cradle of Filth Midian necklace.
Junior in the local High school, most think he's crazy or just weird ( probaly a little of both).
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If there's still a spot open i'll join.

Name: Jordan Frame

age: 27

Job: HMPD Detective

Blood Type: O

Appearance: 6 foot, 180 lbs., shoulder cut black hair, frost blue eyes, gunshot scars on his right shoulder. Caucasian

Bio: Jordan led a happy life, solving cases, saving peoples lives to, it gave him a sense of fullfilment, till he was approached by an umbrella exec. that wanted him to call off a particular case, were 11 people had disapered. He refused and pushed on, no matter what the exec. offered. Then his wife happened to "slip" and break her skull open on a concrete wall, and a drive by was done at his house( Where he got his gunshot scars) and his life and career spiraled downwards from their. Now he's one of the coldest people at the PD.

If the Bio doesn't work (Umbrella exec. and all..) post and let me know. thanks.
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Guest Wind master
ooc:hope its not to late to join!

Name: Zell Sheekin

age: 28

Job: surgeon

Blood Type: O

Appearance:Dark long black hair. White docter jacket and her blue scrubs. A pair of orange chucks. Royal blue eyes slender body and built not bulky but nicely built.

Bio: Her mom died when she was 2 and her father left her with a foster home. Shes always been interested with the human body and its functions. She loves to skatebord and in the meantime she likes to play paintball with some friends.Not long ago Zell was working in the ER some patient went psychotice and stabed her in the back with a pocketknife. She just recoverd and is getting back to work.
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Name: John
Age: 24
Job: Boxer
Blood type: B
Bio: John has been a boxer at a local bar for some time. Before he became a boxer he tried to be a cop, but it didn't work out. As a child John went through alot of fighting schools, until he found boxing.
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