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Writing Seasons


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[color=silver] In spirit of Kenshin K's post...(think that's the name) post a poem about a season here..if you have one that is...here's one on my fav season....[b]winter![/b][/color]

[color=sky blue][u][b]~Winter~ [/u] [/b]

Wandering along the sleeping flakes of Love
I can absorb the winter with you
The snow crystals melt in my heart

Let?s build a snow family
Imagine how ours will be
When I?m with you
I can see secret dreams

We?re lost and found to-gether...
Flowing in the wind
It seems like it will freeze in the winter

As we close our eyes
I can feel you send your Love
All around me

This enchanted day...
How I long for it to never end
I want feel the warmth of us forever

This season sends out a magical power
Faeries sing and dance in the winter air
A winter ? together ? with you is a wonderland

All is possible
When the wonderment of winter caresses you
Winter is our gift
Our spring ideas of Love in full bloom...[/color]

[size=1] [b]Author's Questions/Comments:
here is my fav season!
and yours too!!
enjoy the seasons!!

Kittie =^,^=[/size] [/b]
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Silence rides the autumn breeze,
Blowing colors in the leaves.
As wind picks up, temperatures go down,
and kids go parading through the town.
Walking to each house begging for treats,
when others give out candy, we give out meats.:-\

LOL! No, not really! I was just kidding.

(I know it's not real good, but, yeah.)
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[size=1][color=CC0000]Nice idea ^^

[b][u]Metastasis Flux[/b][/u]

[i]There's a snap of biting frost today
And a freezing clear blue sky
A gentle mist hangs over the field
Whilst a sigh of wind blows by

Trees once covered in green susurrate
As summer begins to die
The leaves are a fire of orange
And the birds of fall now cry

Heaps of dead litter the gelid ground
Heaps of brown decaying leaves
Their glory is over and so is mine
This is the season that grieves

The transition across was deadly
It's the loss of nature's life
A gale scatters the last few dead
As the cold becomes most rife[/i]

It didn't take me that long, so some of the rhymes may seem forced ^^;;;[/color][/size]
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[color=gray] Oddly my favroite season is winter...but I hate the cold...humm..odd indeede.

Watching, waiting, wishing to be set free.
These bars of ice can hold me,
No love to melt them and save me...

I sit alone, crying these tears glittering snow,
The cold bars they freeze my hands.

Oh love,
For the love of this automosphere..
I wish, you would melt my tears.

Save me from this world of ice and snow,
Take me away,
Wrap me in your arms of warmth..

Walk in this winer with me,
And keep me warm...

Uh yeah that sux...lol :)[/color]
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I like autumn.. The color in the wildlife here in Ontario is amazing.


[center][size=1][color=firebrick]A touch, rough, much to much to adhere to.
The cool September breeze spawns and dispatches such beauty.
Do you remember the days when the sun was clear and the moon was high?
Do you harvest your soul in the autumn sunflares or do you wait, watching?

I am glad to admit that my soul has been born and will rest in the autumn. I am a child of the felled leaves. A sapling of winter's beacon.
Do you sieze the moment in this cool September's breeze, or do you relish the node, that is the signet of change?

I am glad to admit that my soul has been born in the Autumn.[/center][/color][/size]
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[color=silver] wow Phantom...deep! that was an awesome write!! :eek:

Shinkoru...i think in the last stanza you meant winTer...but...i'm just saying!

those are all good poems! it's good to write a poem of diverse genres...even if sometimes it comes out sounding forced!!! :D

and Kieko....LOVED that Halloween poem of yours!

i'm surprised that no one wrote about summer...so i took this opportunity to do so...:tasty: [/color]

[color=crimson][b][u]~Summer~ [/b][/u]

Drifting on the dancing waves of Love
I can capture the summer with you
The sparkling waves consume my heart

Opening the blue sea and sky
Let's leave from here
If I'm with you
I can discover hidden dreams

We're alone together now
Embraced by the wind
It seems like it will melt away in the summer

I'll close my eyes
And send my Love

This infinite day...
I wish that time would stop
I want to keep feeling the wind like this forever

Ride the endless summer seas...
The endless summer...

Ride on the rhythm of the waves
I wish the wind would blow like this forever

This season calls out a mysterious power
Infatuation flows freely in the summer air
A summer spent with you is my treasure

Everything is possible
When the passion of summer touches you
Summer is our treasure
Our winter dreams of Love awakened...[/color]


[size=1][b]Author's Questions/Comments:
wow...what did kittie write?
not like me at all!

you being...you!! (o^-^o)

summer not my fav season...
i'll write about all 4! ^-*

Kittie ^-^v[/size][/b]
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no i'm afraid i don't have much experience when it comes to haiku's :blush:
however i shall think of one and post it on a later date!! :D
and thank you s'much for your comments! they are greatly appreciated!!! :wave: :love:

[color=seagreen][b] [u]~Spring~ [/b] [/u]

Skipping on the butterfly wings of Love
I can soak up the spring with you
The flowers entwine around my heart

Let?s plant daisies to-gether
Watch them grow and bloom
As our Love does
I can touch magic dreams
When you?re near

We?re completed together
Gliding along the gentle wind
It seems like it will plant itself in the spring

As we close our eyes
I can feel your Love blossom
All within me

This wondrous day...
How I yearn for it to be infinite
I want the flowers in bloom in forever

This season sends out an enchanting power
The ?birds and bees? run free in the spring air
A sunny spring with you is a holiday

Dreams become reality
When the fantasy of the spring seizes you
Spring is our wonderland
Our Autumn thoughts of Love celebrated...[/color]


[b]Author's Questions/Comments:
i feel i didn't do spring any justice in this poem...what a horrible piece i've created...but please...read...

Kit )0([/b]

[size=1] [color=deeppink] i know there has to be more poets out there to post...or at least comment...[/color] [/size]
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[COLOR=darkblue] Seasons Change

Seasons change,
not always
for the

Best. My
eyes see
what I don't want

My heart to. The
seasons change,
so do

People. We
were once friends
but now you won't talk

To me because
you now
my secret. You

Know that I'm no
what you thought.

I'm a devil worshiper,
heathen, and
other things. I'm not

The person you once thought,
all because the change of
seasons, brought

A change in your heart
and mind. To you
I have changed,

But that's not how
it is. Summer passed by
and so did our friendship,

Winter is here, bringing the sleeping earth
and snow to my heart. Our
friendship has ended

Because of ideas
put in your head
and I don't know why.
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[size=1]Geh, I'll give it a shot. I'm not the best at poetry.

It's the white of cold things
The cold of angel songs
The white of lost but not lonely
Of calm and of unafraid.

It's that knowledge of happiness
The power of joy
The end before the finish
And the start of a journey.

It's peace and love
And a time of sleep.
This is what Winter
Should be like.[/size]
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hes a man HES a MAN hes a man
a fairy tale man a fairy tailed man
grown in whiskers in the whiskers of the skin
the crawling little livings of an entertainer's lung
saps his head to his love.

what was his name they whisp'r in the fields
talking about the murder where he was killed
and raped and beaten and strangled
and left to die in the fields and forests that he enabled

he was man.
simple as can.
and he died one day
as he sat on a river
and muddied his hands
in blood.

the endless handles
of a chair's leather
still holds them in
and as they watch their lives
they live again.

TV's sin.
man reborn again.

in the forest
of their dreams
spiders webs
in the trees
kissing lovers
kiss their leaves
and blow their heads
down through their knees.
how pleasuring.

another spud is born
another leaf is cut
and another fungus made
to carry the bud.

man died long ago
in the forest of his dreams
the machines
where he built too many
and saw too obscene.

fountains o your feary
in the claws of trees
the bears have hit them
and the fur's to be seen.

bearly burly and clean
repeat, reclean,
wash your dreams
create a stream
in the forest
in the trees
another man
another being.
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[color=sky blue][font=times new roman][b][i]Wow Mitch, that was great. I don't know how you intended it, but I preceived it as being fast and blunt*which I think is awesome, it get's me to read it*....I have never been able to actually write poetry, but I will give it a whirl....

The spring's tender breeze kisses upon the dewed leaves
of sleeping trees,
Birds fill the chilled air with their songs of love, friendship,
and longing,
The canvas of lush, emerald meadows, randomly blotched with bright pastels of sweet wild flowers,
A sun's unwavering face peers through the feathery clouds, rays caress a horses back,
The peace after the storm is nirvana, utopia, call it what you may,
For the romance of spring falls far away from me, the storm follows...

Okay I said I haven't really wrote, so cut me some slack..[/color][/font][/b][/i]
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I'm not much of a poem writer, so it might suck a bit. But it doesn't hurt to try.


The day begins and it has just begun. Spring.
The birds chirp beautiful songs and the sun slowly rises,
A breeze blows softly moving the trees swiftly.
I look up at the beautiful sky,
A light blue with soft clouds,
And see the sun's rays shoot down to Earth.

I look in front of me,
With the fresh new grass growing upon the ground.
The squirrels run and the leaves in the trees blow,
The rain from the day before slowly runs off leaves of the trees,
Creating another wet spot on the grass.

Yes, spring has just begun, with a beautiful start.
What could be better,
Then the glimmering sun, the green leaves and grass, and the animals going wherever peacefully.
Yes, spring has begun.
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[color=silver] Maikiratori i thought your poem was excellent. The style in which is was written was unique...not that many people use that style...It was a very nice poem!(just one spelling error in the 5th stanza)

Lady Asphyxia...I Loved your winter poem! you gathered its essence wonderfully!

Mitch...what an interesting poem you have there...Men died...what a peaceful world it would be...

animangademon...So romantic is your poem! You captured the innocence and sweetness of spring! Very well done! Tis a beautiful piece! Very romantic indeed....

Inuluvr1...Lovely peaceful poem you have. Springtime as it just begins...when all is Loverly in the world of young minds...sweet spring...

and lastly for Inuluvr1,Lady Asphyxia,and animangademon, even though this may have been your first time or you don't think you're good at writing poetry...I think you all did a wonderful job!
:D and i think you should write more... :wave: [/color]
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Summer comes and goes
sometimes quick and sometimes slow
also always fun
If I didnt have a sumer birthday, not trying to boast
I might say spring with its Earth day, not that i like that most
though I engoy Christmas
which could possibly make this
one increadibly horrible post

a combo, me like [/i]
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Thank you very much Kittie. I'm not a big poem writer, and that was my first try. Now here's my second!!!


I look out the window and see a whte flake,
Slowly go down to touch the grass.
The leaves have all disappeared and the trees are bare,
But alas, winter is here.

The flakes go on and on,
Until there is a billion to be seen.
Fluttering peacefully throughout the air.

The animals have gone into hibernation,
Some birds still fly around the sky.

Now it has begun, a new day.
With snow fluttering down the paths,
Quiet and peaceful,
It is winter.[/COLOR]

Okay, I liked my spring one better, but in poems I write I write as I go along thinking of things.
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Inulover1 those are both very good poems, I think for your second try you've got a knack for it... Sometimes it comes naturally and I think you've got it naturally all the way... You should really keep writing poetry it's very good.

Kittie, thanks. I first started writing my poetry like that three or four years ago and it's been great. I like to tie one stanza into the next so I developed that...I don't know if other people have been writing like that, but almost all of my poems are written like that... Very seldom do I not write them in that style. But thanks anyway ;)
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Oh thanks maikiratori, I guess I should write poetry more often now. :blush: You and Kittie have inspired me, may good luck come to you. :angel:

Here's a poem for autumn, I can't get one for summer through my mind at the moment.


The cool air moves swiftly throughout the day,
Millions of leaves fall,
Seeing brown, red, and orange wherever one goes.

The fragrance out the sap from the trees,
Brings the butterflies near.
The animals are still going wherever they please,
Until winter's day arrives.

Birds still chirp and fly throughout the day,
Wandering anywhere, everywhere.

But until autumn's end, the wonders of the day will never fall,
Beauty lurks throughout the days,
Of the season Autumn.[/COLOR]

Hope you all like it!
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I'm glad that Kittie and I have inspired you. I like it when other poets have encouragement to keep on writing poetry, Automne (french spelling) is another prime example of why you whould keep writing... I like it.. the color kind of adds to the poem...Lol...an odd thing to say but I think it works.(I'm an odd one anyway..I think I might have a screw loose or two...lol)
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i had a stonehedge
where i axed my name
in the swirly snow
that fell in the winter air

my morbidal friend
that is cold

won't you love me
it is so
won't you love me
it's so
won't you love
me it's so.

winter is coming
in the wake of fall
and the bears aren't sleeping
in the caves at all
and all that's left
is the last leaf that fell
but there's too many
so i can't tell

grim right
sleep tight
grim right sleep tight

there's sun in his eyes
that falls over his hair
that's grey in the snowytop
in the wintery night.
he stares to the skyline
and at a cloud
that's over his eyes
and in his face.

he can't see it
he can't
see it
can't see
it can't
see it.

he gapes. he blinks.
he grieves. he sighs.
lovely love lovely lies.

snow, cold as stone
clinging to rooftops, and clinging
in a girl's messy hair as she walks
down the street below the snowytop,
below my mobridal gargoyle's lair,
perching, waiting.
it's as certain as shade.
as certain as eyes.
all midnight eyes, all shut closed and tight.
the windows are dying. the light is dying.

his heart is dying

turning to stone.

his heart is dying turning to stone
his heart is dying turning to stone.
it's dying, as he sits alone, onhis snowytop,
as fall is eaten wide-eyed and moth.
like blood all clot.
two-sneered, winter's jaws, the sloth.
the neverdying, neverliving, neverending caressed froth.
twisting bows of snow and cold,
cold as stone, snow as bold, tenacious.
atrocious, tenacious, sticky on their tongues.
dieing an irong lung,
beating heart to the sun,
brushing away the bloodless splatter,
the endless fragorent clamor,
the endless spinning earth's laughter.
like a hand, brushing a stick, and finding a thorn
being reborn, and rebirthed in a storm.
snowy dorm for the warm.

hypothermia poisoning a brain
an endless shock of rain,
snowing in the drain
of an old wagon's wheel.

winter hath come.
morbidal gargoyle, snowytop,
tight and taut, and as cold as mother's hell.
as cold as heaven's purgatorial heart.
as tart as an opening wound's part.

winter hath come,
pumpkins hath died,
the souls hath lied.
season's morbid side.
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wow, that was long


fall is so boring
I hate that dang Halloween
though I like candy

there once was a time called fall
the most boring season of all
but Thanksgiving is cool
an Halloween cruel
I dont know any more rhymes with all (ouch)

the leaves change collors
and fall from the trees
I love at the forest
clorful as can be

so humble I am
a nut falls on my head
with such a great pressure
I should have died

I long for winter and summer and spring
I wonder what other terrors the fall will bring
will I ever live to see another thing?
I hope so[/i]
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