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Sign Up Zoids: Rising Prominence


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[size=1][color=#707875]OK if you're wondering this RPG has nothing whatsoever to do with my previous Zoids RPG: [b]Endless Conflict[/b], which ended in total failure despite good efforts by people to make a commitment.

This RPG will be based around:

[b]The Founding of the Zoid Battle Commission [ZBC][/b]

[b]The Rise of Zoid Team Combat[/b]


[b]The Beginnings of the illegal Backdraft Organisation[/b].

It will take place roughly 35 years after the end of [b]Zoids: Guardian Force[/b] and will feature some of the individuals from the series. So without further adieu welcome to [b]Zoids: Rising Prominence[/b]............

[I]It was an odd time on Planet Zi, for the first time in years there were no shots fired, there was no conflict, there was no death or destruction, only peace and tranquillity. With the final defeat of the Death-Saurer and the Death Stinger, Zi was finally at peace, it was nice not having to live in fear, not having to constantly worry about ones safety as would have been done before. For the first time there was no difference between an Imperial and or a Republican, they were all just people of the Planet Zi. Both Nations the Helic Republic and the Guylos Empire decided that war now had no place on Zi and that both nations should demilitarise their armies as there were no enemies left to fight. Many Zoid pilots were horrified at this prospect, for them it had never been about war, it had been about the fight, the combat, pilot and Zoid together as one awesome weapon, a weapon that only those of worth could possess and use. Other Zoid pilots saw this as a relief that they would no longer have to fight against others who were all just people, it was decided that something had to be done for the sake of those who were unhappy about what was going to happened. The head of Imperial Security, General Karl Schubaltz and the Chief Commander of the Helic Armed Forces, General Robert Hermann met to discuss the problem and they could find no solution, these soldiers would just have to accept what was going to occur with dignity. For years there had been no Zoid Battles, those who once knew what it felt like to be in control of a Zoid regaled others with their tales and become little more than Storytellers and not warriors as they once were.

And so in a weird sort of way it began, old Zoids pilots began to have little team competitions among one another, not to stir up trouble, but to feel alive again and to be able to feel the thrill of the battle. Some saw this as the return of violence and demanded that it be stopped at once lest that kind of entertainment spread across Zi, and bring back the wars that were finally over. But any military source they spoke to about their complaints were merely returned with a cheeky grin. They said that it was all in good fun and that these pilots had every right to have a little competition between one another, as it would only happen on a small basis............ they were wrong. Soon these Zoid battles were spreading across Helic and Gylos again, Zoid Part Merchants and old Zoid Construction Yards that had once been run down or closed gleamed again with new parts as they received daily orders for new Zoids, parts, weapons anything the pilots would want. These were not old soldiers from the wars but new kinds of pilots, young pilots who enjoyed the old thrill of battle in new ways, against one another in out and out matches of their skills and Zoids to the last. In the end it was decided that these Zoid battles were becoming too common not to have rules set down and a governing body created.

This body was to be called the [b]Zoid Battle Commission[/b] or the [b]ZBC[/b] for short, and it was to be headed by none other that the best Zoid Pilot ever born, Van Flyheight. The rules of Zoid Battles were established but enforcing them was to be a difficult task, this problem was overcome by the invention of the [b]Zoid Battle Judge[/b]. The Judge was to be the referee in a Zoid Battle and enforce the rules, what he said was law, and his decisions were final. The Judges would be kept in an orbiting Space Station along with the ZBC personnel and all ZBC Authorised Battles were to be monitored from there. The next task that faced them was to catalogue all the Zoid Teams that were to be recognised by the ZBC. It was a daunting task as there were hundreds already formed but it too was soon overcome by the use of [b]Z.P.R.S[/b] or [b]Zoid Pilot Registration System[/b]. This was a small box shaped device that ZBC sanctioned Team Zoids were outfitted to accommodate, so that the ZBC could monitor team members, their Zoids, to what team they belonged to, and their current rankings. It was a great success, much like the Judges and smoothed over the work of the Zoid Battle Commission very quickly. Teams were to have their own transports, a leader with whom they could be reached by the ZBC for their future matches, their current statuses and most importantly to sort them out into their Rankings. That too was to prove a difficult task, so in the end all recognised Zoid Teams were invited to participate in a competition where their skills would be tested and their Ranks assigned. This, my friend is where you come in............[/I]

OK that's that, story set with enough detail to avoid or breed confusion which ever is your forte in this instance. If you know the way I like to set up a Zoids RPGs then you have a milestone crossed and we will avoid all the nasty confusions there in. If not read the below rules and then if you still have any problems you can PM me or reach me at my MSN Messenger either is fine.


OK onto the rules those nasty things that bad RPGers hate, they're a bit long but are necessary to keep people in check and aware to the combat limits of the RPG.

[list][b]1] Godmodding:[/b] Ahhh Godmodding, the scourge of every good RPG to ever grace OtakuBoards. If you don't know, or are unsure of what Godmodding is let me explain it to you. [I]Outcast's Dictionary[/I] defines Godmodding as the act of having, or writing it so that a character is has nearly invincible, will always stuff an opponent like they were nothing and are just generally far too powerful and ruins the RPG for serious players. Don't do it and we won't have a problem.

[b]2] Quality and Quantity:[/b] This in reality is fairly simple and I feel should require no further explanation other than: Posts are to be of good quality i.e. that you have correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Posts are also to be of sufficient quantity i.e. they are to be more than two paragraphs or at least 16 lines, in reality that is not much.

[b]3] Characters Details:[/b] As you know this will take place roughly 35 years after Zoids: Guardian Force so many of the characters that it features are either retired or dead.

[I]The following are dead:[/I]

a] Dr. D
b] President Cammerford
c] Colonel Krueger
d] First Minister Hommalef

[I]Other character details are as follows:[/I]

a] Van Flyheight has married Fiona and they have three sons, Rob, Dan and curiously Raven, whom Van hopes will redeem the spirit man who would have become Van's brother.

b] Both General Rob Hermann and General Karl Schubaltz are almost ready to retire and both have numerous grandchildren, many of which have become Zoid Pilots.

c] Raven's and Riece's current whereabouts are unknown at this time although they probably will resurface.

d] Irvine and Moonbay decided that marriage would be a good choice as they saw each other so much. Irvine became a Zoid Part's dealer and Moonbay is the Republic's leading scientist in the field of Zoids, she is the one who designed the Judge.

e] Thomas Schubaltz is also a member of the ZBC's governing council along with Colonel O'Connell but neither have married and instead are instructors at the Guygalos Zoid Academy and the Helic Zoid Academy respectively.

[I]Character's who are off-limits [NPCs]:[/I]

a] Van Flyheight
b] Fiona Flyheight
c] General Rob Hermann
d] General Karl Schubaltz
e] Irvine
f] Moonbay
g] Colonel O'Connell

Anyone else I have not commented on in the above list, including the children or grandchildren I have mentioned as well as Riece and Raven or their children, yeah you heard right, are available to play as. You may also create your own characters as per usual.

[b]4] Zoid Details:[/b]

All Zoids available in [b]Zoids: Guardian Force[/b] will be available in this RPG bar a few, some of the newer Zoids from [b]Zoids: New Century Zero[/b] which takes place roughly 65 years in the future will not be available since they have not been invented yet, such as the Shadow Fox. What follows is a list of Zoids that are prohibited for battle use by the ZBC.

[I]Prohibited Zoids:[/I]

a] Mad Thunder
d] Death Saurer
c] Death Stinger
d] Ultrasaurus

[I]Zoids not allowed in the RPG[/I]

a] All the above
b] Liger Zero [Has not yet been created]
c] Liger Zero X [Has not yet been created]
d] Berserk Fury [Has not yet been created]
e] Elephander [Has not yet been created]
f] Shadow Fox [Has not yet been created]
g] Geno-Breaker [Too powerful to have at the start]
h] King Gojulas [Too powerful throughout the RPG][/list]

Any other Zoids are available at the start of the RPG to have in this RPG unless I otherwise state, which I probably will not, but just to keep in mind the limits of the RPG. Well that's the rules done and dusted and what I hope will be the last time I have to refer to them.


Now comes the Character, Zoid and Team Sign Up it looks long, but realistically most of the parts are one liners. For Systems and Weapons in Zoid Sign Up that refers to the Systems i.e. Shields, Boosters i.e. non combat systems and as for Weapons well I hope I don't have to explain that. More than one person can be on a team i.e. 3 people can form their own team. The majority of the Sign Up is explained but again if you have any problems you can contact me.

[b][I]Character Sign Up[/I][/b]

[b]Name:[/b] [Your Character's Name]

[b]Age:[/b] [Their Age, try to keep it between 16-28]

[b]Gender:[/b] [Male or Female]

[b]Height:[/b] [Their Height]

[b]Weight:[/b] [Their Weight]

[b]Appearance:[/b] [What they look like]

[b]Biography:[/b] [Their past]

[b]Personality:[/b] [How they act towards other]

[I][b]Team Sign Up[/I][/b]

[b]Team:[/b] [What team to you belong to]

[b]Members:[/b] [Who make up this team]

[b]Rank within Team:[/b] [Leader, Member, etc]

[b]Team Zoids:[/b] [Other Zoids on team]

[b]Team Transport:[/b] [You're teams vehicle from getting from match to match]

[b] Z.P.R.S Numbers[/b] [1 for each pilot, 7 Numbers & 2 Letters (0000000AA)]

[b][I]Zoid Sign Up[/I][/b]

[b]Name:[/b] [The Zoids Name]

[b]Type:[/b] [It's type i.e. Liger etc]

[b]Appearance:[/b] [What your Zoid looks like, a picture preferred]

[b]Support Systems:[/b] [Shields, etc, non combat systems]

[b]Weapons:[/b] [Weapons]

[b]Custom Modifications:[/b] [Other Modifications/Upgrades that your Model Possesses]


[b][I]My Sign Up[/I][/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Van Ambrose

[b]Age:[/b] 18

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Height:[/b] 5'11"

[b]Weight:[/b] 140lbs.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Van has deep dark-blue eyes and short light brown, almost blond hair. He is quite athletically built and is considered to be very good looking. He usually wears a pair of grey jeans, military style black boots and a grey t-shirt. Over his hands he wears black gloves cut at the fingers and over his eyes he'll wear a pair of sunglasses.

[b]Biography:[/b] Born near enough to New Helic City, Van has had an interest in Zoid all his life, from hearing the old War Stories from Veterans in bars to walking around the military bases and seeing old Zoids preserved as Monuments after great triumphs against the Republics enemies. Van was one of the very first people to form these new teams after he was able to get his Blade Liger from an old Junk Dealer, Van was highly offended that such a glorious Zoid was going to be destroyed even if it was a little banged up. The Junk Dealer who owned the Liger said that if Van wanted it he could have it, as he had no use for it, Van was ecstatic, he'd just got his own Zoid. Peering inside the cockpit Van realised that the guy hadn't been kidding when it said he'd no use for it. It was in pieces most of the equipment was either missing or damaged beyond repair but this didn't deter Van he wanted to live up to the name he'd been given and make a name for himself in the world of Zoid Combat.

Van started going around to the different Parts Dealers around town looking for the different parts he'd need to restore his Zoid to fighting condition for the new battles that were popping up. One day while he was visiting Irvine's Part Dealership as he was the leading expert of Liger Zoids, while there he ran into Van Flyheight, Van still commanded an air of respect about him even after this long off the battlefield. Van [Flyheight] saw Van's [Ambrose] Blade Liger and asked him what he was doing. Van replied that he wanted to do up this Zoid and train in combat so that he could join these new Battles that were starting. Van Flyheight being the caring guys he is called his organoid Zeke. The silver dinosaur appeared as a beam of light and took form beside Van looking no older than he'd ever been since Van had found him in the desert so many years ago. Van bent over and whispered something in his ear. Zeke reformed into his beam of light and shot down into Van's [Ambrose] badly damaged Blade Liger, in a while of pink light Zeke emerged and so did Van's Blade Liger, although it was completely different. It was all shiny and new and all the systems were working and it had a new sleek black polished paint covering it.

Even in this good mood Irvine went ballistic saying that he'd have made some money for all the parts and upgrades that Zeke just cost him. but after a moment his temper subsided and he just laughed it off in typical Irvine fashion and congratulated young Van on having his new Zoid. He told him that if it was even nearly as good as Old Van's Blade Liger then he'd have a worthy Zoid to pilot. Ever since that day Van has tried to push himself to the limit and bring out all the potential he can in his Zoid.

[b]Personality:[/b] Kind and friendly, Van is a thoroughly nice guy outside of combat who is willing to take the time out and give tips to rookies who are still finding their feet in terms of Zoid combat. Once he gets into combat however you're dealing with a totally different person, he is very fearsome almost to the point of being frightening, to him it's all about pilot and Zoid and brining out the full potential. Van is the brains in the team as well as being the Team-Leader, he is the one who comes up with strategies and looks for flaws in enemies formations and Zoids.

[I][b]Team Sign Up[/I][/b]

[b]Team:[/b] Liger Zero

[b]Members:[/b] Van Ambrose

[b]Rank within Team:[/b] Combat Leader [Second in Command]

[b]Team Zoids:[/b] Blade Liger 1 [b][Liger Zero Alpha: Van's][/b]

Blade Liger 2 [b][Liger Zero Beta: Raven's][/b]

Blade Liger 3 [b][Liger Zero Gamma: Karl's][/b]

[b]Team Transport:[/b] Grey Hammer Kaiser [Acts as Team Base]

[b]Z.P.R.S Numbers:[/b] 2350412LZ [Van Ambrose]
2350413LZ [Raven Flyheight]
2350414LZ [Karl Schubaltz]

[b][I]Zoid Sign Up[/I][/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Liger Zero Alpha [Not to be confused with the other Bit Cloud's Liger Zero]

[b]Type:[/b] Blade Liger

[b]Appearance:[/b] Quite Similar to a normal Blade Liger but with a black exterior paint instead of the regular blue and the cockpit visor is grey instead of orange.

[b]Support Systems:[/b] Hyper Shield Generator, Coolant System, Thermal Tracking System and Ion Attack Boosters.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Dual Hardened Alloy Laser Blades, Hardened Alloy Teeth and Claws, Dual Impact Cannon, Strike Laser Claw System, Twin Repeating Blaster Cannons.

[b]Custom Modifications:[/b] Ion Attack Boosters, Coolant System, Strike Laser Claw System and Surround Sound Music System.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B][U][I]Character Sign Up[/U][/I]

[U]Name:[/U] Alec Terse

[U]Age:[/U] 23

[U]Gender:[/U] Male

[U]Height:[/U] 5' "9

[U]Weight:[/U] 160lbs

[U]Appearance:[/U] [URL=http://jokopoko.250free.com/alec-1.jpg]Alec[/URL] [It may look young but it's the best I have]

[U]Biography:[/U] Alec was born in Romeo City and so grew up around Zoids during his childhood. As everyone knows Romeo City is the place to go for Zoid Parts, Upgrades, Repairs and all new Zoids and Alec's Farther was one of the best Zoid parts dealers in the city. Every day Alec would see Zoid Pilots and their Zoids coming to the Shop in order to buy new parts from his farther. Before he was even eight Alec knew more about Zoids than most new Pilots and was already helping his farther in the shop.

His favoured Zoid was the Shield Liger and he enjoyed working on these the most but he always felt that they were lacking in something, but when a Pilot came in with a Leomaster Alec had found the Zoid for him and set about becoming a Zoid Pilot and using a Leomaster, this was at age 15. By the time he was 20 he had mastered the Liger system and was ready to buy his first Zoid and begin customizing it to suit his needs, his farther also helped him with this.

When all was ready he sent off his teams application to the newly founded ZBC in the hopes of being accepted into the Zoid Teams Championships. A few weeks after applying Alec got the positive response from the ZBC and his Z.P.R.S. number, he was over-joyed and after a lengthy farewell to his farther he was off on his own Zoid adventure, ready to face the best, and beat them.

[U]Personality:[/U] Alec has a very sunny dispostion, meaning he finds it hard to dislike anyone, no matter there back ground and that he can always see the positive side of things. He is very cheerful, which is to be expected, and always trys to make others feel happy or good about themselves. He is loyal to his friends and, if he has any, merciless to his enemies. It is during a Zoid Battle, that is for points and money not a friendly, that he really changes. He pushes himself, his Zoid and his team mates to the edge getting the best results but once the battle is over he is back to his normal self.

[U][I]Team Sign Up[/I][/U]

[U]Team:[/U] Strike Fighter Team.

[U]Members:[/U] Alec Terse, Tierenan Cloud, Siaga Tatakai, Kei Misato

[U]Rank within Team:[/U] Team Leader.

[U]Team Zoids:[/U] X1 Leomaster X1 Konig Wolf X1 Ice Blazer X1 Raynos

[U]Team Transport:[/U] Red and Silver Dragoon Nest.

[U]Z.P.R.S Numbers:[/U] 2568731SF [Alec Terse]
2568732SF [Tierenan Cloud]
2568733SF [Siaga Tatakai]
2568734SF [Kei Misato]

[U][I]Zoid Sign Up[/I][/U]

[U]Name:[/U] Leo.

[U]Type:[/U] Shield Liger DCS-J. [Leomaster]

[U]Appearance:[/U] Leo looks like a regular Leomaster but his armour is red and black and his teeth and claws are silver.

[U]Support Systems:[/U] Anti-CPG Sheild, Cooling System, Thermal Tracking, ECM System, Smoke Launchers and Laser Targeting.

[U]Weapons:[/U] Twin 20 mm Cannons, Twin 30mm Cannons, Twin 8-shot rocket boxes, hardened alloy Strike Claws and teeth, Triple Impact Cannon, Twin Heavy Beam Cannons.

[I]*Note:[/I] In order for the Leomaster to use the twin 30mm cannons the HBCs must be in the side postion.

[U]Custom Modifications:[/U] Leg armour up-grade, Cooling System, Thermal Tracking, ECM System, Inter-Com system.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[i]Character Sign Up[/i]

Name: Hatsuharu Sohma
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 6"1
Weight: One hundred and ninety pounds
Appearance: [URL=]Here[/URL]

Biography: Living in New Helic City seemed to be a good home for Hatsuharu. Although it seemed boring at some times. Rei seemed to abondanden by his parents when he was young. He was left outside of a Zoid Veteran house. The name of the man that raised him was [i]Sakuya[/i]. Sakuya raised him like he was his own son, when older he tought Hatsuharu all he knew about zoids. How to pilot them, how to repair them and how to be one with them. Hatsuharu payed attention to Sakuya as he tought through out his younger years. When older he decided to move out and live in New Helic City.
One day when walking down the crowded streets of New Helic City. He fount a Zoid Merchant that was trying to sell a new zoid that he had never saw. Remembering what Sakuya said about a guy named Irvine piloting a Lightning Saix. When he asked the man what the zoid was. It was a Lightning Saix he then used all the money that had to buy the lightning saix off of the Zoid Merchant. The lightning saix was one of closest things to him. The lightning saix seems to have a mind of its own in battle, so only Hatsuharu is allowed to pilot the zoid.
Checking his news on his computer he read it in his mind. It read [i] Zoid Pilots we are having a contest to allow pilots to try out to be capable of making their own team....[/i] That is all that Hatsuharu read. He went out into the rainy day and slid into the pilot seat of the Lightning Saix. [i]After Tryouts[/i] : Hatsuharu was suprised when the judge said that he was capable of making his own team. So he decided to call his team the [b]Black Fusion[/b].

Personality: Hatsuharu has a great personality. Alway considering the people around him more than himself. Although alot of girls chase after him through his various battles. Also, Hatsuharu is very competative towards other Zoid Pilots. When challenged even if he out ranked he will accept and battle with all of his warrior heart.

[i]Team Sign Up[/i]

Team: Black Fusion

Members: Hatsuharu Sohma

Rank within Team: Team Commander

Team Zoids: x2 - Lightning Saix and x1 - Blade Liger Sworder

Team Transport: Solid Black Hover Cargo
Z.P.R.S Numbers: 4444421DC [ Hatsuharu Sohma ]
4444422DD [ ]
4444423DE [ ]

Zoid Sign Up

Name: Lightning Saix [ Daigo ]

Type: Tiger

Appearance: Daigo is a rather a newer model besides his team mates. The red fans that is located at the zoids chest and legs are blue.

Support Systems: Eon Boosters, Cooling System and Thermal Tracking System

Weapons: Duel Laser Beam Cannons , Hardened Alloy Teeth and Claws and Attachable Missle Pods

Custom Modifications: Thermal Tracking System , Attachable Missle Pods , Also Font and Back Leg Armour Up-Grade

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[size=1]Character Sign Up-

Name:Kai Kemo




Weight:170 lbs

Appearance:See attachment

Biography:Kai was born to a poor family, and grew up with no father. His father had lefted when he was small to fill his dream of becoming the best Zoid pilot, but never came back. Kai used to dream and want for him to come back, but soon those dreams died out and he lefted them behind with his mother and younger sister.

Kai had lefted with no money, and he could only get his hands on a free broken down Lighting Saix. He spent non-stop hours working to fix it, with junk yard parts bought cheaply. Fixing those and the Zoid took all his free time, and had none left to spare. He sometimes took time off the project to visit his mother and sister, and had saw how much he missed. Even though he wanted to drop the whole plan to fix the broken down Zoid, he soon remembered his father. He started agine and finished in a year.

Personality:Kai is quit towards other and keeps to himself. He is not really a leader but the team manages, and do well. He only opens up to ones he trust and if so he talks alot to them, and his real personality takes form. When he is like that he is opened hearted and kind, and it is hard to find him acting cold to another.

Team Sign Up-

Team:Black Fusion

Members:Hatsuharu Sohma, Kai Kemo

Rank within Team:Member

Team Zoids: x2 - Lightning Saix and x1 - Blade Liger Sworder

Team Transport: Solid Black Hover Cargo
Z.P.R.S Numbers: 4444421DC [ Hatsuharu Sohma ]
[B]4444422DD [Kai Kemo][/B]
4444423DE [ ]

Zoid Sign Up-

Name:Lighting Saix

Type:Lighting Saix

Appearance: A Lighting Saix with a normal paint job, red strikes are found here and there on the black paint.

Support Systems:A number of cooling systems, small Ion booster units on hind legs.

Weapons:A moveable gatling gun unit mounted one the back, two small machine gun units mounted on front legs, one and each shoulder of the Lighting Saix.

Custom Modifications:None[/size]
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Name: Siaga Tatakai

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 110 lb.s

Appearance: Siaga has shoulder length black hair, and dull brown eyes that are often covered by her long shaggy bangs. Her body build is not one you would expect of a normal Zoid pilot. She tends to have a body built that may be considered frail. When seen she's usually dressed in; a black vest, white long sleeve shirt, dark blue skirt, white stockings. Other then that black ankle boots, violet gloves, and a black band around her upper left arm.

Biography: When she was young, Siaga had lived with her family away from most town cities...and any signs of Zoids. Other then a Zoid scarp yard a few miles off, which she was never aloud to trek near. The only way Siaga had any knowledge of them was from her father. Before of which he had been a pilot in his youth. After hearing all the stories of Zoids he had told, she felt the need to actually see one her self. Her parents taking into consideration, they soon took a trip to a Zoid scarp yard. Located a few miles off from where they happened to live.

Most of the Zoids there had already been taken apart. Their parts being compressed, and melted over. But the head worker, who made all the decisions, had kept a few around. The ones that did happen to be around, stood tall. As if they were proud of just being around in this time of era. There was one that had caught her eye though. It was an Ice Blazer. After asking around, Siaga found that it was called Kaze meaning wind. The reason they called it this was because of it's great speed. When leaving, her parents asked the works to keep it around. They of course answered that they'd never destroy it, and to come back anytime.

After words, Siaga began to find any information that she could about Zoids. She studied about them every time she got. And found that she wanted to be a Zoid pilot. From then on she took every chance she got to go and see the Zoids. A few years past, and word had gotten around that Zoid battles were coming back. The Zoid scrape yard was soon turned into a Zoids part factory. Making new parts, and new Zoids. Even so, they kept the older ones around. Siaga couldn't possibly find out why, eventually the place grew bigger. And needed a better location, they didn't have an option to take the older Zoids with them. And so they left the older Zoids with Siaga's family. A few years pasted, and her parents allowed her to have one of them. Of course she picked the Ice Blazer, as of which she felt the need to leave and be in the fights. Training with her Zoid against her father, at age 17. Siaga's parents encouraged to fallow her dream. Soon she left and set out to become one of the greatest Zoid pilot.

Personality: Intelligent, cheery, and quite. The team's research specialist, Siaga dosen't talk too much unless the topic needs some sort of input from her. Considering this she tends to be quite. Very obedient, Siaga will try her best to carry out any type of orders given to her. So as to "ensure" that the battles out come will be correctly as planned. Although she quite, she tends to quarrel with those who disobey any type of ruling. Siaga still cares for her team mates, even if she's quarreling with them. And would do what she could to help them, but has a hard time showing how she feels. Yet considering not being able to find the right words, she has a sympathetic personality.

Team Sign Up

Team: Strike Fighter Team

Members: Alec Terse, Siaga Tatakai, Tierenan Cloud, Kei Misato

Team Rank: Member (research specialist)

Team Zoids: Team Zoids: Leomaster, Ice Blazer, Konig Wolf, Raynos

Team Transport: Red and Silver Dragoon Nest

Z.P.R.S Numbers:
2568731SF [Alec Terse]
2568732SF [Tierenan Cloud]
2568733SF [Siaga T.]
2568734SF [Kei Misato]

Zoid Sign Up

Name: Kaze (Kaze meaning wind)

Type: Ice Blazer (Wolf)

Appearance: A normal Ice Blazer Zoid. The only difference is the paint color/color of the Zoid is lightened to a dull, faded, blue.

Support Systems: Cooling system, extra coolant, enhanced targeting system, shield generator, and sensory

Weapons: Twin Beam Rifles (leg mounted), Twin Machine Guns (leg mounted under beam rifles), Light Particle Gun (Head Mounted), Twin Hellfire Missile Launchers (Back Mounted), 30mm Cannon (tail mounted)

Custom Modifications: Leg up-grade, enhanced targeting system, twin sensory unit blades, and extra coolant
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[COLOR=#503F86]I hope this is alright- It was very disjointed when I started. I'm happy to change anything if it's not right, heh.

Name: Tierenan* Cloud

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0

Weight: *shrugs* Um... 130lb? I've no idea what weight he should be ^_^;

Appearance: [URL=http://www.perryandtsua.com/Rayearth/SFerio.JPG]Tierenan[/URL]

Personality: Tierenan is a highly honourable warrior and is well-respected by those in his team as well as his opponents. Although outwardly he tends to be relatively quiet, he feels very deeply about things and has been known to suddenly and violently outburst if something crosses what he believes in.

Biography: Tierenan had always dreamed of piloting a Zoid, ever since hearing about the adventures his father used to take and the battles he used to fight. He died six years ago, leaving a large, empty hole in Tierenan's life.

He began to grow disillusioned by Zoids and all the tales he heard- after all, if there was no more war, what was he point in having them around, save for ceremony? For a while, he joined a movement to have all of the machines decommissioned before his uncle pulled him out of the group by force and brought him to his senses. He took Tierenan to a bunker outside his hometown, and revealed Noble to him- a brilliant white Konig Wolf. His father's Zoid. Tierenan promised to train hard to carry on his father's legacy, and travelled all around Zi to gain experience and practice his combat skills. Many have compared him to Van Flyheight in personality and his love for Zoids, but he never believes he can be that great. His greatest ambition is to meet the legendary Zoid pilot.

Tierenan ran into Alec at a market South of New Helic City and he readily agreed to help form a team with him.


[i]Team Sign Up[/i]

Team: Strike Fighter Team

Members: Alec Terse, Siaga Tatakai, Tierenan Cloud, Kei Misato

Rank within Team: Member (Combat Specialist)

Team Zoids: Leomaster, Ice Blazer, Konig Wolf, Raynos

Team Transport: Red and Silver Dragoon Nest

Z.P.R.S Numbers:
2568731SF [Alec Terse]
[b]2568732SF [Tierenan Cloud][/b]
2568733SF [Siaga T.]
2568734SF [Kei Misato]

[i]Zoid Sign Up[/i]

Name: Noble

Type: Konig Wolf

Zoid Appearance: Appearance: Normal: [URL=http://www.zoidsunofficial.coolfreepages.com/kg-1.htm]Konig Wolf[/URL]
Customised with Lance Unit: [URL=http://www.zoidsunofficial.coolfreepages.com/kg-2.htm]Konig Wolf 2[/URL]
Customised with Lance and Sniper Rifle: [URL=http://www.zoidsunofficial.coolfreepages.com/kg-3.htm]Konig Wolf 3[/URL]
(Pictures from [URL]http://www.zoidsunofficial.coolfreepages.com/CG%20Images.htm[/URL]

Support Systems: Small primary energy shield (sides only), twin booster units, optical enhancement device and sniper scope.

Weapons: AZ 130mm Long Range rifle, 6mm Twin Machine Guns.

Custom Modifications: Can be equipped with CP-22 Dual Sniper Rifle and double-lance unit (as pictured above).

[i]*Tierenan is pronounced "Tier-nan"[/i][/COLOR]
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[color=darkblue]Name: Kei Misato

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 120

Appearance: Kei has dark brown hair the length of her back held back by a white headband, and silvery-blue eyes. She often wears a white duster over a black short T and black capris, and wears dark brown ladies boots.

Biography: Kei had led a very cold life. Her father was a Zoid system researcher, and therefore, had little time to spend with his daughter. She often was in the lab and learned much about Zoid systems, how they work, and how to fix them. She was always lonely, however, as she was an only child, and her mother was stricken down with a terrible disease when she was very young. Instead, a loyal servant named Largo pretty much raised Kei and was her main influence for her deciding to follow her dreams to become a Zoid pilot, so that she could work with her father.

Kei met up with Alec while she was searching for parts for her Raynos. After a long chat, and a good meal, she was brought on as the mechanic for the Strike Fighter Team.

Personality: Kei has a happy-go-lucky sort of persona. She's often the main one cracking jokes and joshing people left and right, despite her lonely upbringing. She really doesn't care for people who are wound up for no reason, but deals with them none-the-less. Though she often does end up in arguements resulting from what she says.

Team Sign Up

Team: Strike Fighter Team

Members: Alec Terse, Siaga Tatakai, Tierenan Cloud, Kei Misato

Rank within Team: Member (Mechanic)

Team Zoids: Leomaster, Ice Blazer, Konig Wolf, Raynos

Team Transport: Red and Silver Dragoon Nest

Z.P.R.S Numbers:
2568731SF [Alec Terse]
2568732SF [Tierenan Cloud]
2568733SF [Siaga T.]
2568734SF [Kei Misato]


Zoid Sign Up

Name: Windrazor

Type: Raynos

Zoid Appearance: [url=http://www.metalmachinemusic.com/zoids.php?section=raynos]Raynos[/url]

Support Systems: Limited energy shield, two mini-booster units (both wings), night vision scope

Weapons: Two 40mm Cannons (Tail mounted), Three 30mm Cannons (Forward Facing), alloy wing claws and talons

Custom Modifications: AF-04 Dual Light Vulcan Gun
MP-01 Air-to-Surface Missile Pack one on each wing, third on belly
AF-08 Energy Wing Cutters
CP-18 Quatro Impact Cannon [/color]
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[color=midnightblue][size=1]My sign up is rather... "Warped" at the moment... I'm not in thinking mode, am sure there's going to be something I'll need to edit, so please excuse me for the moment ^^;
[b]Name:[/b] Aran {[i]Auron[/i]} Lyn Xiou

[b]Age:[/b] 19

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Height:[/b] 5'8"

[b]Weight:[/b] Erm... *Thinks hard* erm... not accurate, but my guess is around... 160 pounds? o.O" heh, not too great at estimations >_>"

[b]Appearance:[/b] Aran has long, black shoulder-length hair with long, shaggy bangs {In a mop-top style you could say}. She has dark brown eyes that dim in the dark whenever she tilts her head, She usually wears a black sweater and is hooded during battle, but beneath that; she wears a dark blue collard shirt, with dark blue cargo pants. She finds no need for vests, just simple clothing.

[b]Personality:[/b] She's a very cheery person, it's hard for her to not to like someone, and keep quiet for long. She is loyal, and you can always depend on her, she has a positive mind, and can raise people's spirit with ease, she's never been a sour loser or any of the sort, and has a rule that she [i]must[/i] shake her opponents' hand before, and after battle to show her support towards them. She is liked by many, due to her so high-spirited attitude, and awkward silliness.

[b]Biography:[/b] Aran had always dreamed of owning a Zoid. She had always watched her friends in Zoid battle, they always told her their many stories, where they'd come to either be defeated, or defeat the opponent. At the age of sixteen, she became a registered Zoid pilot; her father which besides her older brother which was all she had, gave her a Zoid, custom made, but similar to that of a Liger, but much smaller and lighter. She also received an organoid {Can't fuse with Zoids} by the name Strife.

Aran left home and went in to the world of Zoid battles, where she took on teams with her friend Alex Keilith, whom piloted a red Blade Liger. The two at the time were a team of two, slowly rising to be respected by many of the other teams, a month after, they met up with a pair of twins, Kano, and Kade who piloted a pair of twin Lightning Siax; Kano's Siax a black and bright blue, and Kade's a black and fuchsia. The four met at a small market place. After hours of getting to know each other, Alex signed them on to the team, where they became better friends, and agreed to help each other reach their goals, and raise their standards.


[b]Team Sign Up[/b]

[b]Team:[/b] Striker

[b]Members:[/b] Alex Keilith, Kade and Kano Xiang, Aran Xiou

[b]Rank within Team:[/b] Member {Combat Specialist}

[b]Team Zoids:[/b] Red Blade Liger, Lightning Siax {2x}, and a Wing Liger (If allowed)

[b]Team Transport:[/b] Black Hammer Kaiser

[b]Z.P.R.S Numbers:[/b]
120002295 [Alex Keilith]
[b]120002296 [Aran Xiou][/b]
120002297 [Kano Xiang] {Kade's Twin}
120002298 [Kade Xiang] {Kano's Twin}


[b]Zoid Sign Up[/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Wing

[b]Type:[/b] Liger

[b]Zoid Appearance:[/b] [img]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?postid=472460[/img]

[b]Customized with Lance Unit:[/b] {See Attachment}

[b]Customized with Lance and Sniper Rifle:[/b] {See Attachment}

[b]Support Systems:[/b] Large energy shield {Temporary last, but very strong; any enemy willing to charge it will receive some heavy damage}, a CD disk slot, several cooling systems, Ion Attack Boosters, twin booster units, optical enhancement device and a hidden sniper scope, and a thermal tracking system.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Hardened Alloy Teeth and Claws, two wing blades, Tail and back heel elbow blades.

[b]Custom Modifications:[/b] Thermal tracking system, Tail and back heel elbow blades, hidden sniper scope, and a small disk slot.[/color][/size]
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[color=#707875][size=1]Kaede-san I'm not really sure what to make of your sign up. It is good, real good and I won't say otherwise however I would rather if Fictional Zoids were not used in the RPG for the simple reason that their combat specs can't be really worked out and most people would not be familiar with the Zoids themselves.

One other thing would be that Oragonoids would feature in this RPG rioght from the start unless they are from the series of Zoids: Guardian Force [spoiler]except for Ambient who I assume died with Hiltz.[/spoiler] They will feature later on in the RPG but I won't say where until then.

One last thing guys. I am noticing a few too many Lightning Saix in the Sign Ups [4 so far] please guys be original and have a few differant Zoids on your team. As for the amount of people per team, it's going to be 5 and that's it Ok I don't weant one team to have 3 and another to have 10, OK let's just keep it even. Sign Ups are very good so far and I have no other comments[/color][/size]
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Guest happymike29
[U]Character Sign Up[/U]

Name: Ryan Basson

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 165 lbs.

Appearance: He may look like Bit Cloud but his hair color is blue. His body is just like an average teenager and he wears a light blue jacket, a blue T-shirt, a cargo pants with six pockets, a simple pair of sneakers, brown wool gloves and he sometimes wears goggles. He has a symbol of the Blue Phoenix Team at the back of his jacket.

Biography: He had contact with Zoids since he was 5 years old. His father was an Zoids republic ace pilot riding a customized Shield Liger. When his father was killed in the war against the Terra Geist, a group that disturbs the peace between the Republic and the Empire, Ryan decided to join the Republic Force. When his Command Wolf has heavily damaged during the battle at the waste lands, he fled to a unexplored plains. There he discovered his Father's Shield Liger but it was heavily damaged. Knowing that he would die alone in the plains he suddenly saw a bright blue Pheonix across the sky and it fused with his father's damaged zoid. It became the new Blade Liger BP. He rode to his new zoid to the City of Helix where it was under attack by the Terra Geist Group using the Bloody Death Saur. Fortunately, Ryan destroyed the Death Saur using the Blade Liger's powerful weapon, the Laser Blade strike, also even destroyed Terra Geist. Devoted to the victory and the Peace of the two nations, he joined the Zoids Battle Competition with his best friend Phoebe Meissinger, his fellow Guardian Force Member Thomas Schubaltz and his mentor Claudia Demaunt, after he left the Republic forces. But the Blue Phoenix was still a mystery to Ryan, so it became his team's name.

Personality: Friendly but kinda cocky in battles. He believes that he does not fear anybody (exept his team members whom he trusted) and had lots of courage. One thing that it is interesting about him is that he can be able to communicate with Zoids that others cannot.

[U]Team Sign Up:[/U]

Team: Blue Phoenix

Members: Ryan Basson,

Rank within Team: Team Leader

Team Zoids: Blade Liger BP (Ryan)
Blue Konig Wolf (Phoebe)
Dibison (Thomas)
Genosaurer Rottinger Type(Claudia)

Team Transport: Blue Hover Cargo

Z.P.R.S. Numbers: 6190215SS (Ryan)
6190032GD (Phoebe)
6193113NC (Thomas)
3156733RS (Claudia)

[U]Zoids Sign Up[/U]

Name: Blade Liger BP (Blue Phoenix)

Type: Blade Liger

Appearance: A Royal Blue-colored Blade Liger

Support Systems: Ion Boosters, Improved Electromagnetic Shield, Reinforced with Hybrid Armour and equipped with an Omega Plug for Super Agility

Weapons: Dual Pulse Laser Blades, Dual Weapon Binder Missile Pods and two Phoenix Laser Cannons

Custom Modifications: Advanced Enemy Search Radar, a Buster Cannon and Offense Generators
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