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Sign Up Elemental Spheres:The New Mission


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[COLOR=darkblue]The year is 2250.It has been 50 years since Amber,Sebastian,Chaos,Raynos,Hikaro,Leigh,Saki,Shiro,Celestine,Reicalg,Halo and David recovered the Light Sphere and rescued the earth.

The trouble has returned in a new form.As a person with a Sphere made of pure evil.The anonymous caller has once again summoned new children.One new member for each sphere.But now.The Crimson sphere and the Darkness sphere are on the side of good.And the teen with the Evil Sphere has a group of teens with corrupted spheres of the new teens.The new adventure begins.Are the teens,that mostly don't know each other unless they were already friends,ready for this challenge to save the world?Together they must defeat the Evil Sphere and collect the Power Crystals that enhance the powers of the Spheres before the corrupted ones do and reach the Light Sphere.Turning it into the Evil,Darkness Sphere.

The children were called and were teleported in their own ways to Mt. Oscar.The same place where the other Teens before them had started their adventure.

The old Thread.
[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=22976&highlight=Elemental+Spheres]Elemental Spheres[/URL]
[b]Here is the Choice of Spheres.[/b][/color]

[b]GOOD GUYS[/b]
[color=navy]Tundra Sphere-Power of Water-Dark Blue:Ohkami[/color]
[COLOR=teal]Nature Sphere-Power of Nature-Teal:Lrb[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]Flame Sphere-Power of Fire-Red:K.K.C.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue]Air Sphere-Power of Air/Wind-Royal Blue:Rokuki[/COLOR]
[COLOR=orange]Static Sphere-Power of Storms-Orange:Scanneryo[/COLOR]
[COLOR=sienna]Gaia Sphere-Power of Earth-Sienna:Ayokano[/color]
[COLOR=deeppink]Medic Sphere-Power of Healing-Deep Pink:Stick Fairy[/COLOR]
[B]Darkness Sphere-Power of Darkness-Bold:Takuya[/B]
[COLOR=CC66CC]Mimic Sphere-Power of Reflection-CC66CC:Arika[/COLOR]

[b]BAD GUYS[/b]
[COLOR=indigo]Evilness Sphere-Evil Powers-Indigo:JJRiddler[/COLOR]
The Corrupted Members are the same as above.
C. Tundra:
C. Nature:skedy
C. Flame:sublime1
C. Air:
C. Static:Colour Deaf
C. Gaia:
C. Darkness:Pinball_Wizard
C. Mirage:
[1][/B]To join you must send me a [b][u]SAMPLE OF A POST FROM ANOTHER RPG YOU HAVE BEEN IN[/u][/b].I will judge if you are in.
[B][2][/B]You must post with the colours I wrote the spheres in.The corrupted use the same colours.All paragraphs and sign ups must be in the corresponding colour.
[B][3][/B]No Drastic changes in the Plot without consulting me first.
[B][4][/B]Obey the OtakuBoards Rules.Eg.No Double Posting and No Godmodding.
[B][5][/B]If you join you must be devoted and post all the time.If you're going on holidays or something PM me to notify me.
[b][7][/b]OBEY THE RULES!!!![/color]

[color=navy][B]SIGN UP SHEET:[/B]
[B]Powers:[/B]Not as much as my powers though.Because I'm the leader so I have a lot of power.
[b]Weapon:[/b]One Weapon that relates to your Element/Sphere.
[B]Description:[/B]Pictures Allowed/Detailed Written Description.
[B]Bio:[/B]Descriptive.At least 2 paragraphs long.History,Past,When they got the call,How they were teleported to Mt. Oscar etc.

[B]Name:[/B]Mika Sanai(Leader)
[B]Powers:[/B]Mika can control Water in any form,eg.Rain,ice,liquid etc.In bodies of water,eg.Lakes,rivers,ponds,puddles etc.She can send thought messages with those who have even the slightest of psychic powers and those who don't.Her most powerful talent is summoning a Large Dragon made of Water.It attacks with a deadly force of water attacks.Mika can create cyclones,whirlpools and other deadly and dangerous water hazards.Her most useful talent though is being able to breathe underwater for long periods of time.She could even live underwater if she wanted to.Her natural talent is being able to hurl water at enemies and create shields and barriers out of water.She can also make replicas of objects made of water.Her last thing that isn't magical related is that she is very acrobatic and moves swiftly,quietly and smoothly like running water.She also has a strange power to talk to the animals...Like Dr. Dolittle.When she talks to the animals,it sounds like english but to others it sounds like the sound of the animal.
[b]Weapon:[/b]A Three Pointed Trident
[B]Description:[/B]Mika has rich chocolate brown hair and sparkling emerald eyes that shine when she's happy or go dull and lifeless when she's sad.She wears a blue,rainproof,hooded jacket unzipped with a white t-shirt inside,navy blue pants and blue and white nike joggers.She carries the Trident like a staff.
[B]Bio:[/B]Mika has lived with her parents her whole life.She's an only child but not at all spoilt.She has to do chores everyday.She's very close to her father.He taught her practically everything she knows.Especially fighting and magic.The Trident and Sphere had been passed down through generations and her father gave them to her.

Then one day after school,after a soccer practise she got a phone call.She picked up and a person's voice told her about the spheres and everything.Mika couldn't believe it.The person hung up before Mika could ask who they were.She ignored it and went to her room.Her sphere and Trident were always kept together and they were glowing.Mika touched them both and the light grew brighter and she was knocked unconcious.

When she woke up,she was on a snow capped mountain and there were other teens,all unconcious around her.Next to her was the Trident and Sphere...
[B]I look forward to your Samples of RPGing.Everyone's unconcious and the Evils are off somewhere else.I took away some spheres from the Original List.Any old members are welcome to Sign Up again.[/B]

Sign Up and Enjoy the Ride!!

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[COLOR=sienna][size=1]Name:Austin Kuze



Powers:Austin can control the plates of Earth, causing earthquakes and the power to make landforms formed by the force of two or more plates crushinf into each other. His powers are weak though, so he cannot move large plates. He is also stronger then a normal person, and can carry large loads.

Weapon:A war hammer larger then he is, it is brass and around the hammer lay dark green diamonds.


Bio:Austin had a fairly normal life. Many would love to have it, but he found it boring. He is funny and loves to see others laugh, but his life seemed to not have time for that. His father, owning a large corp., wanted his heart to grow cold like his. He never really knew his real mother, only in life having step-mothers who went quickly.

He soon ran away from the place he called home, and found himself walking the on the side of the road, that seemed endless. He found a light brown stone when he sat on it when taking a rest, and found the war hammer next. He seemed to be able to carry it, and after a few days, he had a dream. It told him his powers, and what he must do with them, and now he has not waken up.[/COLOR][/size]
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Do you need a sample post from me(I was in the first one, so you know how I post)?

[b]Name: Karanlik

Age: 17

Sphere: Darkness

Powers: Durring the day, he is limited to basic dark energy blasts. He can also shield himself and others with dark energy, but not for very long, and it doesn't work very well. At night, he is much stronger. He can draw energy from the surrounding darkness, so he doesn't have to worry about using too much. At night, he can also hide himself and others from view, as well as block out what light there is. He is able to see perfectly well in the dark.

Weapon: Two black poles. He is able to store some energy inside them for use durring the day.

Description: A little over 6ft tall. He has brown hair, which he keeps short, and brown eyes. He works out a lot, and it shows. He's thin but well-muscled, and very athletic.

Bio: Karanlik's life is pretty normal, all things considered. He went to school, did chores, and basically everything else that most people did. His main intrest is computers, and he's a computer expert. If someone has a computer problem, he can fix it. If someonw wants a program written, he can write it. Basically, if it can be done with a computer, he can do it, and probably already has.
Karanlik also developed an intrest in weapon combat. He's trained with many different weapons, but the ones he likes the most are two black poles he found by a trash can. With them was a black sphere. Karanlik took the sphere, too. He has tried many times to figure out what it is, but he's never succeeded. Then one day, he recieved an e-mail from an anonymous sender. Curious, he opened it. He wasn't afraid of a computer virus, because he'd gotten rid of more then he can count. But there was no virus. Instead, there was an explination. An explination of the sphere, and of the poles, and of his connection to both. The message also said that he had a duty to preform. He barely had time to get his stuff togeather before he found himself on Mt. Oscar.
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Name: Kai Tsune


Sphere: Flame

Powers: (Selfish are we Ohkami, hehe, j/k)Kai has the power to create fire from her body or control it threw it's natural being (volcano and stuff). She is able to surround her body with fire and shoot blasts of it from her hands. When it is natural she can control/tame the fire. Her main attack is called "Ring of fire". Fire surrounds an object in a circle and creats a wall of fire that is hard to escape from. It will shoot fire attacks from the walls. Kai also has the ability to throw her voice.

Weapon: Double Edged Broad Sword: Sheathed on her back, the 35" blade is held there until battle. The hitl on the sword is black and shaped as a dragon's mouth. It opens to hold the stainless steel 30" blade. In the eyes are two small black orbs and on the end of the hilt is a large black orb. *I stole Arika's weapon*

Description: **The Attatchments clothes only (not the blade)** She has gold hair with streeks of red that spikes a little in the front and is above her sholders. She also has Dark Blue eyes and a scar above her right eye. Stands at 5'8.

Bio: When Kai was 8 years old both of her parents died in a horrible car crash. Her older sister, who had just got out of collage took care of her after their death. Kai wasn't a very good student in school and was concidered a one of the few punks in the area where they lived. But, she was just fine the way she was and would shrug them off her sholders.

When she was 13 she was walking threw an alley taking a short cut come when something hard hit her on the head. It was a small sphere. She decided it might be worth alot of money so she placed it in her pocket. She walked only a few step more when she tripped over a huge blade, that she later discovered was a Double Edged Sword. She decided to keep the blade incase she ever needed it and no one would by the sphere from a kid like herself.

Then, when she was 16, she was browsing her computer when a message from no where popped up on the screen. It talked about spheres and weapons. As soon as Kai finished the last word from the message it deleted itself. She was a bit freeked at first, thining it must have been some kind of joke. She went down to the kitchen to get some food. The Broad Sword and sphere were layed against the door of the kitchen, but that isn't where Kai left them. Before she could even come up with a small idea of why they were there everything went black and then she was on a mountain with a bunch of other people who had a weapon and sphere like herself.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Angel

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Sphere:[/B] Mimic Sphere

[B]Powers:[/B] I am able to reflect a sphere and its powers when the Sphere Wielder is there or in a certain distance. I can also imitate the power when the wielder is not there, but has used it recently.

As well as that, I have certain psychic abilities and what some call witch's powers.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Thinking.

[B]Description:[/B] See attachment- for now.

[B]Bio:[/B] [i]Angel was born with strange power and abilities. As she grew, she had grown to bring chaos to those who came near to her. Her mother and father disowned her and gave her to the Orphanage. There she was chosen by a family who wanted to teach her to wield her powers. The wife and husband she lived with loved her very much.

As soon as she started school, she soon grew to be distant, isolated, and rebellious. She helped those who needed help, but stayed away. One day, a student that she knew was being tortured and bullied. This caused Angel to get angered. When she stepped up, a ring of fire spread around the bully. Soon after that, chaos was created. Her eyes grew black and she was unstoppable.

When her parents came, she was levitating 12' off of the ground. Her foster parents ran to the playground and looked to her and then around. It was all ruined and all because of her. Her foster mother called her name.[/i]

"Angel! It's me, Melody. Can you hear my voice?"

[i]Angel looked to her and her eyes became the normal brown they were. She came back to the ground and looked around her. She was ashamed and walked with her parents out of the school. After that she was home school, which caused her to become distant from other people other than immediate family and animals. She was alone without friends, but did not mind.

One day, when Angel was alone at home, she had gotten a call. Ignoring it for a moment, it rang and rang. She answered and she was given the details of what she was to do. She was told of the Spheres and those who were chosen. As the call ended, a ringing bell was sounding upstairs. She hung up the phone and ran to her room.

Opening the door, she had found a clear, shimmering, silver orb that was shaped like a sphere. When she neared it, she stepped into a portal and was taken to Mt. Oscar. She blacked out and did not know what was happening. When she awoke, the orb was around her neck on a silver chain. She walked a little further and had found kids who stood there. She clenched her fists and knew she would soon find her destiny with them, which she did not like at all.[/i]

[B]Random Fact:[/B] Angel has some psychic abilities, some "witch-like" powers, and has irregular golden eagle- due to experiments, it isn't as large as other eagles, and a black panther that has the speed of a cheetah.[/color]

[color=CC6699]What about this color?[/color] or perhaps [color=CC66CC]this?[/color] well, now what about [color=999999]this?[/color]. Choose a color Ohkami![/size]
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Thanks again for reserving me the spot! :D


[b]Name:[/b] Matt Peragryn

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Sphere:[/b] Nature (how original)

[b]Powers:[/b] (Holy cow! What are you, Wonder Women? :p) His main abilities are basically like Spider-Man but with vines, and they can be sticky because of... sap. He can make anything grow and heal all plants. His favourite ability is the ability to merge with an animal's DNA so his brain is in the animal! Like Animorphs! Also has 4 leaves that appear out of his back and twirl like a helicopter and can rap around him to make a cacoon.

[b]Weapon:[/b] A bow. When he pulls the string back and fires it shoots a green, energical (is that even a word?) arrow. In otherwords it's unlimited. Soon will be able to fire faster than Legolas!

[b]Description:[/b] Matt has emerald green hair and glittering sapphire eyes. He has a white t-shirt and 2 white wristbands with long, cargo, camo shorts. He has a white visor and white shoes with green stripes.

[b]Bio:[/b] Matt's family died in a car accident when he was only baby, he was the only survivor. His father's close friend, a ninjitsu master, took Matt in and Matt has trained his whole life since. He always used the bows 'n' arrows to target practise. Then, one day, on Matt's sweet 16, the ninjitsu master gave him a green sphere saying it was passed down by Matt's father to him.

The next year Matt had his sphere tied on a string which hung from his visor. The sphere dangeled at about the middle of his back, he felt energy. He flipped it in front of him and the sphere was glowing. When he went to grab it, there was a great flash of green light and Matt woke up on the top of a snowy mountain...

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Name: Rokuki
Age: 16
Sphere: Air
Powers: Rokuki has the power to summon up the most greatest of winds, such as tornados, hurricanes, hails (that may relate to ice, but i dunno). Also has flying abilities and has the ablity to summon wings on his back.
Weapon: He has a Kwan Dao, a chinese sword that looks like a bo, but has two blades on the ends, one for slashing and the other for stabbing. He uses it with summon wind power and strike hard.
Description: Spiky blue hair that goes back (like Sonic the hedgehog), wears a traditional chinese fighting outfit along with a long crimson red scarf that stretches out like a cape. He also wears goggles.
Bio: Rokuki is an orphan who was raised by a man who seemed to be a great father figure, he taught Rokuki Jujitsu and Kung fu and many special techniques with his new Kwan Dao he recieved as a gift. One day, Rokuki was coming home from a cram school he goes to at night only to find his father on the living room floor in a puddle of blood.

Rokuki, who had no where to go, or no one to go to, ran away into the streets with nothing, but his weapon and his memories of the man who loved him as his own son. He soon sat in the middle of an alley breaking down into tears, but as he cried he opened his eyes and then there was a bright light and he ended up on top of a mountain. Then a blue sphere appeared in front of him. He took the sphere and held it close to his heart.
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Even though I wasn't in the last one, can I join? I promise to post, as long as everyone else does too! *crosses fingers for luck*

Name: Asa Galen

Age: 15

Sphere: Medic Sphere

Powers:Basically, the power to heal things, (people, animals, even plants). She can also help soothe a hurting soul, and is good at fixing broken things, from the physical (like a lamp or something) to the emotional (like a friendship).

Weapon: Not sure about this one...

Description: Asa has shoulder length reddish brown hair and brown eves. She usually wears her school uniform, which is a white shirt, dark green pleated skirt and vest, and black sweater, which she wears open. Also white ankle socks and black shoes. She wears a short black coat over it all in the fall and winter.

Bio: Asa lives with her parents and two little sisters. Her parents both work full time, and are fairly wealthy, so that Asa and hr sisters have almost everything, except parents. They are taken care of by a live-in nanny/maid, whom Asa loves dearly but still wants her parents to spend more time with her. O one of the days she got to spend time with her parents, her tenth birthday, they took her to an antique shop and asked her to choose a present. She chose a swirly pink sphere on a chain, which she always wears as a memento. She tries to take care of other people, and give them the attention her parents seem to refuse her. She is extremely caring, and cries easily, but is very strong and will do anything to help those she cares for, and even complete strangers. She hates to see anyone hurt, and is always bringing stray animals home with her. They mostly get sent away, but her nanny let her keep one, a chocolate lab puppy who's now four years old, named Amber. She's mostly ignored at school, which is an expensive private school, because she likes to talk to anyone, including people who are "beneath her". She's quite shy to outsiders, but cares for them nonetheless.
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[color=navy]This is all Peachy but [b][u]SAMPLES PEOPLE!!![/u][/b]

People accepted:
Ohkami-Tundra Sphere
Ayokano-Gaia Sphere(Please finish the sign up soon.)
Lrb-Nature Sphere(You're welcome.I know I always beat ya to it. :P)

Everyone else must send me a SAMPLE ASAP!!!!


Thanks for signing up guys but I need them Samples and them Evils. ^_^

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[COLOR=indigo]Name: Lucius Crowe

Age: 16

Sphere: Corrupted Static

Powers: Main ability is, unsuprisingly, the ability to create and control storms with the devasting potency. He can cause lighting strike from an apparently blue sky, dark mclouds to gather at a moments notice and so on. He has impressive teleportational powers, being able to flit from place to place in a flurry of lightning, and mild flight powers. The Static orb also grants him increased speed and he can channel electricity through his body.

Weapon: Why, haven't you people mastered your powers yet?

Description: Stands at an impressive 6'4", but is all arms and legs, as they seem much too long even for his height. He has a narrow chest and slight shoulders, but seems to possess a kind of wiry, cat-like strength. His hair is below shoulder length and stark white, while his eyes are a frighteningly bright shade of blue. His clothes, more often than not, are a torn formal white shirt over black trousers and heavy, steel capped boots. Has a hideous electircal burn running across his left hand cheek and jaw.

Bio: Lucius is, to put it lightly, nucking futz. He treasures a small orange glass sphere he found when he was a child, and he is prone to extreme outbursts, follwed by hours in angsty, sullen behaviour. He has been mentally unstable since his mother killed herself when he was merely 5 years old, although he never speaks of it. He shuns the rest of humanity, instead he looks deeper and deeper into the small glass sphere as if it was his only friend.
Which it quite probably is.
It tells him secrets, seductive whispers of powers in his ear, and gives him dreams of brighter goals. Onlky once has he tried to get rid of the sphere, and that was met with swift retribution. He carries the scar to this day. One night, a great storm swept over his home town, and the sphere seemed to scream in his mind, berrating his nightmares, until he threw on his clothes and ran outside, the sphere clutched to his chest. He raised it to the sky, the storm seeming to grow larger and larger with each passing second, and saw a bolt of lightning schreech towards him.
He woke up, face down in the midst of a pile of rocks, the glass sphere still in his hands. He looked around him, seeing everything he knew, everything he had ever cared about, was gone. He smiled, a wisted upturning of the mouth, as he felt a new, greater power welling up inside him.
the strom was just beginning.

I'll not be ablke to join the RP properly until thrusday, because I don;t have the internet at my house (I'm at my dad's house right now, but we're getting it on thursday.)
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Ohkami I appologize for not responding to the last thread. I had a big rush of school work and I got so busy I barely had time to eat. I sincerly appologize and hope you over look that little detail.

[COLOR=indigo]Name: Ari Jico

Age: 17

Sphere: Evilness

Powers: Ari has the power to temporarely control peoples minds. He can also cause temporary darkness which helps boost his powers. Another is to call upon the evil in everyone and have it come forth and it willingily allows him to sap energy from the host. It is only temporary and the hosts energy returns although he is able to keep some of it. One of his mroe interesting moves is that he can use his staff to change his image. He can turn into a raven which he can use to release his dark engery, but he cannot unleash anyhting else. His ultimate move is to call upon that enegery he has sapped and use it form a giant sphere which when given a target relentlessly attacks the opponent until it is called off or the target faints.

Weapon: The Evilness Staff (A long ashened looking stick with a dark balck orb that seems to be blotted up.)

Description:Pictures Allowed/Detailed Written Description.

Bio: Ari being corrupted (since he was young) has always lived and worked alone. He has taken many jobs such as thief, assasin, and spy, but he never does but more than one or two jobs. He originally lived in a loving family with a mom, a dad and a dog which he loved very much. Then one fateful day he was out playing when he found the evilness sphere. When he touched it he was automatically infused with the escence of evilness and it corrupted his innocent soul. He destoryed his house killing all and went on a rampage killing everything.
After he calmed down he felt like this was what he was meant to due. He immediatly set out for the big city where he lived in style after he started earning the big money for all the jobs he did. After a succesful assination he decided to loot the guys plave and there he found a book on the orginal holders of the spheres and how they all banded together to save the world. He thought about it and he thought about what he could do and he was then transported to Mt Oscar where he is currently.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Don't worry JJRiddler.I know about work and all that.

Since no one seems to be doing it.I don't care about Samples anymore because I've seen most of you post.But I still decide who will get in.

[b]ColourDeaf:[/b]You can't have mastered your powers completely yet.And you still need a weapon even so.

Everyone so far has been accepted.We still need more people!!!

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[color=red][b]Name: Alouiscious(Lou) Drummer


Sphere: Corrupted Fire

Powers: Control over all fire. be it a candle or a roaring inferno. can also conjur fire and form it into shapes (ball, beam, animals)
and make the flame up to 20 times hotter than the sun. Also he can propel himself upwards with bursts of flame and glide on the thermals.

Weapon: A sword made in his own forge. Its blade is 36 inches in length, made of an almost unbreakable alloy his father developed. It can channel his power to make it able to cut through any solid object. Also carries a hammer, not for weapon purposes, but just incase his sword needs repair or needs to repair his teammates weaponry.

Description: Six feet tall. Short blonde hair. Has a strong build with a very muscular upper body. Always wears red pants and a white t-shirt. He occaisionally wears a long black coat. His sword is slung over his left shoulder not at his hip. Long, thin burn scars are all over his arms in an almost symmetrical fashion.

Bio: As a boy, Lou loved to play with fire. But, whenever his blacksmith father would catch him, he would get severe beatings.
This was commonplace at the Drummer home in rural Colorado. His father would relentlessly beat his mother in front of him , making rage brew inside.

One day, at the age of fifteen, he came home from school to find his father punching his already bloody and bruised mother's face.
He picked up a plaque off of the mantle and started bashing her skull in. After five or so blows, she fell limp on the ground. Lou knew he had just witnesses his mother's murder. He ran out of the house toward his father's workshop and hid in there. He knew that his father would be coming for him so he acted.

He picked up one of the swords his father had produced. and when he opened the door, Alouiscious thrust the sword into his fathers chest. But, he didnt stop there. He kept hacking and hacking until he began to enjoy it. "Die you bastard!" he shouted and is father's eyes went blank.

Thus was born, the evil inside.

He was called upon by the power of his Sphere when he was digging for ore in the caves on his parents land. His father had taught him everything he needed to know about forgework when he was smaller. He was chipping away at the wall and he came to a bubble in the rock. This was very odd considering that rock is solid in these caves. He put his hands into the hole and was instantly thrown into depths of pain he had never known. He was writhing in pain with burns all over his arms. Then, as if by magic, the pain was gone.

He looked back up at the once empty hole in the wall to find a brilliant red ball. He thought it was a giant ruby at first. He then realized that it was perfectly round. And, he knew that nothing in nature was perfectly round. He grabbed the Sphere from the wall and took it back to his father's shop and tried to decipher what it was.

He hammered it , chiseled it, and as he was finally giving up hope, he threw it into the forge. Large embers shot toward him and he flinched and said "Ahhhhh!!". But, nothing happened. he opened his eyes to see that the embers were suspended in midair. They were just sitting there, flickering as normal.

It was then that a letter dropped through the mail slot in the office. Lou opened the mysterious letter and it read:


He read the letter over and over. He saw no return address. He didn't even see postage on the envelope. He decided to give it a shot. He did as the letter instructed and said aloud "Mount Oscar." Flames rose from his feet to his head. They did not burn, instead, they felt cool. An instant later he was at the base of a mountain. And, that is how it is.

References: I have never been in an RPG before. but, I have written some short stories. I am also attempting to start one of my own called The War of the Factions. It is about 6 super powered people trying to avert a war being started by rebel demon and human factions. I have also written "Trigun: a new world" it is in fanfics.

I hope you accept my application to be the new Corrupted Fire Spheremaster.[/color][/b]
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[COLOR=teal] [b]Name:[/b] Athen

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Sphere:[/b] C. Nature

[b]Powers:[/b] [Sorry if it seems like a rip off, but being opposite and all...] Athen can possess the body of almost any animal he touches, though he can't do large ones yet, when he does this he takes control of the creatures body and destroys its mind. Athen can also cause any nearby flora to shrivel[sp?] and die.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Athen uses a minature sythe, almost like a sickle, that has a blade crafted from an obsidian like rock. He has not trained in using it but converts his knowledge of sword fighting to it.

[b]Description:[/b] Standing at 6' 3" Athen has grey/white hair that he wears a little shorter than shoulder length. He wears bone/tan colored pants and a black collared shirt. Athen wears his sphere around his neck on a thin leather band, it has been worked into a black, metal spiral by his uncle [let me know if there is a problem with that.]

[b]Bio:[/b] Athen spent most of his childhood growing up in small rural towns. He first moved to the city at the age of ten. His parents died three days before his tenth birthday, leaving Than; Athen's next closest relative; responsible for him. In the hopes of cheering Athen up Than gave him his orb and an old finely crafted sythe like weapon, claiming both were old family heirlooms past down for generations (Athen doesn't actually know whether that is true or not.). Less then a month after his parents death Athen was enrolled in a club that taught the use of archaic weapons to its patrons, this was done under the strictist of circumstances of course. At the age of fourteen Athen began to discover his powers and has been experimenting with them ever since, by sixteen he had developed them to the point they are now and began searching for ways to improve them. Two months after he turned seventeen Athen was at home, his uncle was down at his jewllery store, when his orb began to glow he quickly grabbed it thinking that it might have something to do with his powers and everything went black... [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue]I'll let you glide with Thermals.
So you can't actually fly....It's more of gliding.

Rokuki can fly because he has Air.Same goes for the Corrupted Air Sphere.

[b]Arika:[/b]I like the Second colour!Gimme the code for it so I can put it up with the other spheres!

If I don't get more people by the coming up Monday the 1st of December then I'll start.I'm still hoping for more people though.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue]I have decided to start this sometime tomorrow.

I still want more people to join but I think some people want this started.

If no others join up for the Corrupted Spheres could some of the others play 2 characters?

I might play 2 characters too.It would be helpful.

Thanks ^_^
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[COLOR=teal] I can play another corrupted sphere if you like. I don't mind what one it is, just let me know which you need played. Oh and here is a sample of one of my other posts...
[B] 'You took your time.' Ghost taunted Trenton as he jogged up the ramp of the freighter and slid into a chair. The ship was fully loaded and prepping its engines.

'Worried you weren't goin' ta show.' Jet smirked back from the pilot's seat, punching buttons as he did so.

'Sorry, I had trouble getting through flight control.' Trenton lied and began lashing webbing around his body.

'Again? They really need to revise that, I mean it can't be working if a commanding officer isn?t allowed to board his own ship.' Tallin spoke up, his naivety of the way the navy worked obvious to the others.

'Here we go.' Jet warned the others as the doors hissed and resealed the cabin. The freighter slowly lifted off the ground and spun towards the docking doors before unleashing a sudden burst of speed that wrenched its occupant's stomachs.

The freighter is a fairly large, angular vessel that has been modified to carry two 'Fox' class light fighters. In addition to its cargo areas the ship consists of two bedrooms crammed with bunks, food prep and eating area and the cockpit; which contains enough seats for nine people. The freighter itself has no weaponry.

'You got that?' Jet leaned over Tallin's shoulder as he entered a string of coordinates into the computer, unlike newer vessels the freighter does not have an AI based control system.

'Yeah, I think so.' Tallin answered a little unsurely.

'It looks right.' Jet leaned back over from the co-pilot seat and pressed a couple more buttons. 'We should be there in about an hour guys.' Jet exclaimed as he stood up. 'Whose up for some grub?'

'Sounds good.' Ghost undid he webbing and lead the way into the kitchen, Trenton followed with the others, his mind back on the [i]Solaris[/i] and the reason he was really late, a meeting he had just had with Flighter Officer Welsh. With the information he had just recieved Trenton couldn't help but dread the events that were about to take place... [/B][/QUOTE] [/COLOR]
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[B]Name: Shankul


Sphere:Corrupted Darkness

Powers:Shankul's powers are orientated more towards shadows and stealth than his uncorrupted cousin. In bright lights he is limited to blending in with the shadows of others and extinguishing weak sources of light (camp fires, light bulbs, etc) he could not extinguish, say? a bright bonfire or floodlight (not yet, anyway).
In areas of shadow (not quite darkness) he can 'glide' through shadows (half submerged, traversing any shadowed surface[think 'The Sims' when you make them swim in concrete with the 'move_objects' cheat but cooler]), thicken the shadows and animate/control them.
In pools of deeper darkness his speed/strength/stamina increases greatly, his solidified shadows become more powerful, he can heal himself slowly using the surrounding 'shadowstuff' and he can extinguish most light sources.

Weapon:Two pitch black daggers formed from pure darkness

Description:Shankul has pasty white skin and long, pitch black hair tied back in a ponytail. His body is thin and gaunt He would stand at 5' 9'' if he weren't posed in a permanent squat. When he moves, he crawls in a fluid, predatory motion.
he wears an all-encompasing cloak of deepest midnight.

Bio:Shankul never knew his parents. He grew up on the streets, a pick-pocket and a petty thief.He spent his childhood with a street gang, the Black Shadows. Shakul was always considered weak by them, despite his skills at thievery. He was tolerated, bossed and bullied.
All that changed when, a weak after his twelfth birthday, he fled into the drains while trying to escape from the police. He bolted down a crowded street and into an open manhole. He had done such a thing countless times before, into the darkness. Soon the cops would come down with their flashlights and try to find him, it usually didn't matter. Sometimes they found him, sometimes not. It normally didn't matter, he was only twelve? all they could do was stick him in juvie for a while? but this time was different.
He'd killed a man. With a gun. The police had tried to shoot Shankul already.
Shankul delved deeper into the system of drains, the police always just behind him. He led them around so many bends that he was hopelessly lost. He hit a dead end. He span around, seeing the flashlights of the cops rounding the final corner. Then he saw it. A small black orb, slightly larger than a marble; darker than dark; blacker than black; imbeded in a obsidian bracelet. he stooped and picked it up, entranced, while the police where yelling at him to freeze.
The bodies of the police where never found, and the Black Shadows where mysteriously murdered, one?by?one.
Thus, a monster was born

Some things that I forgot to mention:
Shankul lives in the drain tunnels under the citty
Shankul has a sadistic streak a mile long
he can see perfectly in the dark, but not to well in the light.
There has been a sharp increse in grusome murders over the lst fiew months (geuss why!)

(sry bout that, I'll rmember it for the future)[B]


I changed my avitar to one that looks like Shankul[/B]
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[COLOR=darkblue][b]Pinball_Wizard:[/b]I know you're slightly knew but it's against the rules to Double Post.Please use the Edit Button.

[b]Skedy:[/b]Thankyou for the offer.You can from anything that isn't taken.I don't really need any in particular but it would help if it was the same as any of the taken Good Spheres.The Mirage Sphere would be a good choice that I would like taken.


PS:I'll be starting this today so Skedy can just sign up his second character when he gets the time.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=orange]Name: Ryo


Sphere: Static Sphere (storms)

Powers: To control Storm type weather. Thunder, making loud noises to distract the enimy, Lightning , Can make lightning bolts come from any were even the ground (Fact: most lighting comes from the ground), Clouds making it cloud in fast or make clouds go away and fog.

Weapon: Lighting Blade. A sword thats shaped like a lightning bolt.

Description:Ryo has white skin and blond hair that reaches down to his ears. His punk like cloths make him the non favourtit of every one. Two Spike Braclets one on each wrist. Baggy pants Tight shirts.
Ryo then became darker and less toward other people. Even Rude. Not caring much for other people he is careless and fearless. Not to mention brave. He also dosent take orders very well.

Bio: Ryo was born to a happy family intill one night his parents were murderd his father left him the lighting blade and the Sphear. Forced to grow up in a Foster home No friends no family just alone. He always had a fasticastion with distructive things such as storms.

After a lightning strike near the home Ryo Having the Blade close to him after a lesson with him self on Kung Fu went to scheck it out. out to see He was suddenly hit by lighting transporting him to Mt. Oscar Laying Knocked Out by the other kids....[/COLOR]
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