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RPG Realm of Reality


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Arunue woke up to the cold rushing in around her. She sat up and looked at the clock on her night stand. 7:00 AM.
She thought to herself [I]hmm...maybe someone will be up...ill just[/I] She picked up the phone and pressed in seven didgets. Finally a sleepy voice answered, "Hello?"

"Hey...Keiko...Im sorry to wake you up..." She looked around her room as she waited for an answer.

"Arunue? What are you doing? Its 7 o'clock in the morning..." She sounded quiet annoyed.

"I'm sorry but...I had that dream again...you know...about the Realm of Imaginations..."She was wispering now...for no reason because all of the other members of the house were dead asleep.

"You did?!" She finally sounded exited.

"Yeah...but the weird thing is..." She got up and paced her room. "It was about...my [I]brother[/I]..."

"Oh, Damn...I gota go...I'll meet you up near the entrance to the park at...oh say 12...yeah...alright?"


"Bye...see ya then..."


Arunue hung up the phone and sat up on her bed. [I]had the dream ment anything? Why was my brother in it? There not usually like this...[/I]

Arunue had only known Keiko for about a month or two but in that short time they grew on each other. Besides...Arunue had no one else to tell theese things to.

Every night for the past week Arunue has been having theese weird dreams...of another realm...their more of...memories...than dreams...and their going to haunt Arunue for a while...

It was a wonderfull day. The sun was bright and their was a slight breeze. The weather was perfect and everyone was bright and smileing. Exept for Arunue Kalamara.

Arunue leaned against the gate that lead into the park and looked around for her friend. Finally she spotted her shuffling up the street.

"Keiko..."Arunue shouted to her to get her attention.

"Hey...im sorry im late...I was...taking care of...my brother..." She ran the way over so she had to pant in between words.

"Its alright"

They began to walk through the park and Arunue told Keiko of her dream:

[I]The dream had begun like the rest. Just black. Like she was still looking at the back of her eylids. The it gradually dissolved into the sceene of her brothers death. When she had walked in...and her brother was laying on his back with his best friend standing over him with a sword to his throught. Then her brothers friend shoving the sword through his neck. And everything was in slow motion. So it was twice as frightening.[/I]

"Damn!" Keiko was starring at her. "Is that a memory too?"

Arunue stared at the ground and nodded her head.

"Damn!!" Keiko yelled again.

Suddenly a third joined the conversation.

"Arunue?" Symoni called across the park

Arunue looked up. She let go of a slight smile and sighed.

Arunue had grown quiet attatched to Symoni as well. Well probably because she was just about as weird as she was.

"Arunue...I didnt think id find you here" Symoni looked supprised...suprisingly...

"Hey...I been around..." Arunue tried to sound casual. but it wasnt working to well.

"Yeah um...im sorry i gotta go" as Symoni ran the other direction she thought to herself [I]Why does the air around her feel like that? I dont like it...it feels...cold...[/I]

"Whats up with her?" keiko spoke out of the side of her mouth.

Arunue shrugged and continued to walk.
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[i][color=lightpink][font=times][size=4]Symoni walked off the other way, her bdy shaking with coldness, always having that feelng when she was around Arunue and no one else. But at the same time she felt like she understood the memories that Arunue had, becuase she had those memories as well. They were of course small ones, but they were of her home wanting to speak about them privately to Arunue. She went off to where she normally hung around. An old abandoned church. No one ever bothered her there.[/color][/i][/font][/size]
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Arunue sighed as she walked along, staring at the crusted dirt. She didn't feel up to anything. In fact, if it wasn't for Kieko trudging along besided her, she wouldn't even be out. She'd probably be inside, thinking about her dream. She shuddered. Suddenly she was much more thankful Kieko was there, she didn't want to think about the dream. Trying to take her mind off it, Arunue started a whole different conversation, or at least tried to. It's hard to develop a conversation with Kieko.
"You know what's weird?" Arunue asked. Kieko looked a little shocked at the random question, but her surprise only lasted about a millisecond.
"No." Was her answer.
"The government sends people here as punishment, but it's not. This place is far from what I'd call a prison. I mean, sure, we can't leave unless permitted to, but it's not exactly a cold concrete cell with barred windows. And it sure as heck isn't a steel cage."
Kieko had no reply, which was to be expected. She did look thoughtful for a moment, and the expression was not lying. She WAS thinking about it. This place, her homeland, wasn't as bad as what people in the Realm of Imagination lead it up to be. She only knew they made it a big deal because everyone she'd met that came from that realm always asked the same question Arunue did just now. They always wonder why the government sends them here as punishment when it's actually more like paradise compared to a dungeon cell.
"Kieko? You ok?" Arunue asked.
Kieko regained control of her expression. She had just realized she let her face slip into the expression of hatred that she allowed herself to hold against the government. She hated them. She knew why they sent people here and made this realm a bad reputation: so that the people in this realm would never see another person from the other realm, and therefore adapt to the crude habitat of this realm and only commit more crimes in the other one. Then they would be sent back here. She knew why the government did it, too. Population. The other realm was over populated so they sent people here. Sometimes they didn't even have to make up an excuse to, sometimes they sent people here privately, so no one would know, then kill their families quietly if they got a bit suspicious.
"Kieko?" Arunue repeated.
"I'm fine." Kieko said. But anger was already burning within her.
"Well, anyway. I better get going. See ya around!" Arunue said, trying to sound cheerful. It was a hollow cheer though, there was no emotion put into it. It was just words.
"Yeah, bye." Kieko said. She decided she would stay in the park and think a little while. She would think about the government and the dream the girl running in the opposite direction had. Kieko would have a lot to think about, especially alone with no one to make her forget her thoughts or break her concentration.
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Toshi looked over at Arunue walking by. His friend Ora Night sat next to him. "There's the girl I saw," Ora said. Toshi stood up. "Maybe I can find my way home," Toshi said. He started walking towards her she stopped. She surveyed him and say that he was wearing some weird clothes and held a buster sword. "Excuse me. Are you from the realm of imagination," Toshi asked. She nearly fell over at the question. "yes why," she asked him.
"I'm trying to find my way home. For some reason I came here without knowing it in a dream. Do you know how to get back," Toshi asked. Arunue just stared blankely at Toshi. Ora walked up behind him. "C'mon Toshi. Let's not bother the people," ora said tugging on his shirt. He stood there. He wanted an answer.
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O.C.C: Not meaning to sound rude, but if people don't get their post length up (Arunue, you're doing fine) this thread will be closed real soon.

"Come [i]on[/i] Toshi! Let's go! Toshi!" Ora was now completely exasperated. Toshi had always been stuborn when he wanted something real bad. He must want an answer.
"I don't know how to get back. I was asleep, too." Arunue said.
"Hmmmmm. Ora, how did you get here?"
"I don't know, I was...a...sleep, too!" Ora replied. Toshi was thinking up a plan. He knew it.
"You," Toshi said pointing at Kieko. "How did you get here?"
"I was asleep. That's what you wanted to know, right? So I need not explain more." It was a lie. she was not asleep when she came here. She had always been here.
Later, in her favorite tree, Kieko was watching the sunset. She was feeling guilty that she'd lied, but that's what you have to do in this world to survive. Her father had always told her that civilization was based upon trickery, but she never believed him much. Except now she pretended to believe it as an excuse, but even then could not trick the guilt into leaving. She finally cleared her mind and began to wonder about the important.

[i]Why had everyone been asleep when they came here? Was that the way you got here, or did the government transport you here while you were asleep so you wouldn't know how to get back? If sleeping was how you got here, why couldn't you get back by sleeping?[/i]

Then it hit her. Dreams or thoughts. What had they been dreaming about? Maybe that was how.... It was too late at night to dwell on the thought, so she thought about something slightly different.

[i]Why didn't the government want her to go to the Realm of Imaginations? Why were they so eager to stop her?[/i]

Kieko knew it wasn't just population. Something else was on their mind. She thought about it as long as she could until her eyelids became heavy and she could see the moon light bluring, mixing with the night as she drifted off to sleep...
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[i][color=lightpink]Symoni laid on one of the pues sighing deeply, thinking things over, about how she got here from the other realm, how she missed her actual home, how she couldn't believe there were other people that she did know, come from where she did. She wanted some answers, more like needed them. Why was she sent to the Realm of Realtiy when she was really from the Realm of Imagination. She never figured out why the government sent her away. She loved her home and family. But no, they broke them up and sent her away, then probably killed her family. She didn't know what happened to her family. To everyone in this Realm, they saw her as a lost orphan. And taht is what she felt like. Hating that feeling so badly, she sat up and got out of the church, running back towards the park, wondering if anyone knew anything about her. She almost bumbed into a guy that was standing there, "Epp watch out!" she yelled and tripped before she ran into anyone, ending up at the feet of Toshi. "um...Hello.."

"Hi..." Toshi and Ora said at the same time looking down at Symoni. Toshi leaning down helping Symoni up.

"Thanks..." Symoni said softly and brushed her self off, bowing to Toshi feeling something about him that was familer.


OOC: Is this better? [/color][/i]
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Arunue luaghed slightly, "Well it seems we have a whole lot here...I would gusse...that the government sent all of its disposables to the same city. "I dont know how you got her...but im here..." Arunue looked up with and evil smile "For punishment...you people pbobably had enemys in the government...but when i was sent here...they started...and stopped...sending people here for jail time..."

"What the..." Toshi and Ora said togeather.

"No...theres no way to get back...thats what you asked me right? "How do we get back?" Well...we dont..." Arunue suddenly changed expression, like a sckitsofrenic that just changed personalities. "Hmm? Oh! Was I acting like Kalamara The Cascade again?" Arunue covered her mouth.

"KALAMARA THE CASCADE?!?!!?" Toshi and Ora were still in unisun. Toshi starred at her, "You mean you...Arunue Kalamara? Kalamara The Cascade?! The really really...bad person?"

Arunue changed expresion again. "Yep..."Arunue turned around and walked away, "The one and only!"

That night Arunue had another dream. "H-Hello?" Arunue was walking into the darkness, like always. "Hello?" Arunue suddenly appeared in the town where she grew up. There was someone in front of her. "Hey! 'Runue! Come on, we'll be late for your brother's fighting match!" The voice was clearer than all the rest...and it was familiare...so familare..."G-Garren?" Garren's face faded into darkness and she woke up.

"Damn..." She was wispering to herself and crying, "Damn...Garren..." Arunue cried the rest of the morning until the care taker came in.

"Kalamara! Your rent on the room is due!" The raspy woman's voice rang out, "Oh...Arunue?"

"Oh...Um...yeah...I got it here..." Arunue stood up and opened her purse. She took out a nice looking set of bills. "Here" she said as she handed her the money.

"You alright girl?"

"Yeah...im fine!" Arunue put on a fake smile. The care taker took the bills and shut the door behind her.

"Garren..." She sat down on her bed and continued to cry.
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OCC: Wow... I've got some one in love with me on almost all of the threads I'm in... sweet. ^^

IC: Garren looked up and down the desolate street. He was the only one here. He began to run his hand along a wooden fence next to him... only he couldn't feel it. He shifted his hand so that the tips were touching the rough wood. [I]Ahh...[/I] he savored the feel of the earthly material. After what he was going to attempt, he might never feel it again.

It had been several years ago when he had first tried to cross into the Realm of Reality. For some reason he had been unable to reach the other side... enough said.

He walked into an abandoned yard (uncommon in the Realm of Imagination's current condition) and sat in the grass. He was all to familiar with how to cross over. He closed his eyes and consentrated...

Thirdy minutes later, he lay in the middle of a dark park, just waking from unconciousness. The Realm of Reality didn't seem half bad after all...
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lol...I envy you...lucky bum...

Arunue walked outside and noticed someone lying in the area of the park that Arunue could just see from her room. They looked unconsious or even dead.

She rushed down the stairs of the apartment and out into the damp air. She opened the gate of the park and stepped in. Arunue huriied over to the young man and looked at him. She bent down and tried to see if he was awake or not.

"H-Hello?" Arunue began, "Are you alright?" There was something strangely farmiliare about the man.

"mm..." he was awake.

"Are you alright?" Arunue repeated.

"...Uh yeah...I'm...I'm fine..." The man seemed alittle dazed.

"You didn't...just...cross over from..." she bagan to wisper now, "The Realm of Imaginations did you?" Arunue was hoping he'd look at her like she was crazy and say 'What are you talking about?'. But of coarse he didn't.

"Um...yeah...Did I make it or am I in heaven?!?" He looked around.

"Heaven...barely..." Arunue began to laugh. But as she touched him on the shoulder she grew quiet. "You...still have an aura from that realm..." Arunue's eyes grew soft. Suddenly she drew her hand away, "Oh...Im sorry!"

"Its...alright..." He stood up and held out his hand. "Garren Dohmens my name!" Arunue took a step back.

Arunue was utterly and speechlessly shocked. "Um...uh...I'm Churchasian Riddel..."She quickly made up, "Uh...Church..." She faked a smile. It broke her heart to lie to him--if it really was him...she wasnt sure--but she had to find out what he knew and why he was here and how he got here before she could reavel herself to him.

"Uh...you want to come in to have some coffe?" She quickly insisted.

"Sure!" Garren would do anything to get out of the cold.

They walked in togeather and sat down at the table in the main room of the apartment.

"Tell me some thing...how much do you know..." Arunue was trying to sound casuall, "...about Arunue Kalamara?"
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"Arunue... heh, would you believe me if I told you she's the reason I'm here?" Garren normaly wasn't very open with people, but this girl seemed familiar...

"Are you serious?" Arunue's eyes widened.

"Mm-hmm, I used to know her... then, well, to be honest, she started stealing and killing people... back home they call her 'Kalamara the Cascade'." Garren didn't think it was necessarry(sp?) to include his own adventure into the space between Reality and Imagination.

"So, what did you do?"

"Well, they banished her here for her crime, and I came after her. But, ya know, this place doesn't seem as bad as they say."

"Ya," Arunue knew he must be the Garren she knew, "so uh... it must be pretty amazing going through worlds." She thought that maybe, before she told him who she was, that he could tell her how to get back.

"Well, I woldn't know, the trick is, you're actualy asleep through the whole thing." Arunue's eyes got even wider than they were. "You have to concentrate real hard and actualy make yourself fall asleep while keeping in mind that you absolutely must get to the other world."

"Make yourself fall asleep..." Arunue couldn't imagine how some one could do that.

"I've heard of a way to do it differently, but I don't know how. Funny thing though... the two worlds that we're aware of, how do we know that they're the only worlds? Think about it... we only know of these two existing becuase some one, somehow, figured out how to cross over... well, what if there are more that we just havn't found?"

OOC: hmm.. this was a long one... cool. And yes... I do consider myself lucky. ^^ (PS: keep it up girls, lol)
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O.C.C: InuyashaGurl_15, it's not leaving you out, we were waiting for you to post so that we can build on what your character is doing ~_^(If that makes any sense.)

Alone again. Kieko usually liked her privacy, but this time it was different. She couldn't tell why though. Something just made her want to be around people today. Or, rather, something drew her to the new energy force in this realm. Another had crossed over. But the strange thing is, they seemed relieved and content. Normally people are panicing about where they are or how they got here, but this one seemed to [i]want[/i] to be here. Had he done something wrong on purpose so he'd be sent here? Or did he know how to cross over? And who or what [i]was[/i] he looking for? The curiousness of his emotional wave told Kieko that he was looking for something or someone. But [i]who[/i]?
[i]I've got to tell him sometime. I don't know how much longer I can keep lying to him like this! He deserves to know... but I can't. He said he became less attatched to Kalamara when she started killing people, so I can't tell him.....yet.[/i]

Arunue was arguing with herself about the lie she told Garren about being Church instead of Arunue Kalamara. In fact, she was so destracted, she totally forgot he was there until he spoke.
"Umm.... are you ok?" Garren said. His comment almost made Arunue jump as she realized she had been so destracted she was pouring the coffee so much, it was overflowing the cup!
"Oh, yeah, I'm ok." But she wasn't, inside she was burning to tell him the truth.


She sternly told herself, but inside she knew the truth... he deserved to know...
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Arunue cleaned up her mess and gave Garren his coffe.

"Thanks...so...what do [I]you[/I] know about Kalamara? And why did you ask?" Garren looked curious.

Arunue started to shake and couldnt hold it in any longer. She looked into his eyes and colapsed on the floor.

"Damn...I'm so sorry...I've lied to you...about a lot...and damn to Allah I dont deserve the title of Kalamara The Cascade..."


I'm sorry its short but i really have to go!!!!!!
I'm being timed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[i][color=lightpink]Symoni stood up and walked off quickly, she shook her head wondering who all was from the Realm of Immagination. Everything was building up in her mind, cuasing her to have so many questions that when she thought of home, she started to cry. She didn't know why either, wasn't sure if she just missed it, or what she did wrong there to make her end up Realm of Reality. She headed back for the run down church where she stayed at most of the time, when she needed to think alone, or just to be alone for a bit to cool off. Indeed she did have a temper problem, and was working on controlling it at the time being. But, one thing she never found out was, is if Garren was still alive or not, and looking for Arunue.


OOC: So you want the girls to keep on lovin' you? lol ^^ [/color][/i]
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The only thing that kept Garren from falling backwards at this news was the back of the chair. This was his long lost friend. The one he risked his whole body going numb or him being lost in oblivion for. But one thing wasn't right.
"Why did you lie to me?" Garren asked. He had done so much to find her, why would she lie?
"Because you said that once Kalamara started to kill... well... you didn't like her as much. And I thought..." Arunue said. But she immediately turned back to her cheery self. "Oh, well! It doesn't matter anymore anyway! You're here now, and you've found me, so lets just forget the whole thing, alright?"
"Ok." Garren said, still blinking and slightly dazed. She was obviously unwilling to admit to her mistake because she realized how stupid it had been to draw that assumption. But that's not why he was blinking and dazed, it was how fast she could change moods that got him. Even after all these years, it still amazed him how well this girl could control her emotions.
[i]The trees hung over her, crowding the sky with black silloettes. Their branches reached out to grab her. She heard footsteps behind her and, for the first time since her brother was killed, she felt fear. Her feet carried her forward as fast as she could go without hesitation. Trees blurred as she rushed by them, branches broke as they cut her arms, legs, and sides. She jumped over dead, fallen trees and wove between the living ones. But, she made one mistake and tripped over a rotting log. Her face hit the ground and she could taste blood from her nose. She turned over on the cold earth and struggled backwards in a sitting position as she watched a dark figure emerge from the trees. She scrambled up into a fighting position, ready to defend herself. The figure reached into it's pocket...[/i]

Kieko awoke with a start. She sat up on the tree limb she was resting on, sweaty and shaking. She hadn't felt fear in a long time, and had forgotten how powerful an emmotion it is. Kieko slowly let her head fall back to rest on the trunk of the tree again. Why did she have this dream? She's had it once before, but it had only gone up to the part of the figure emerging from the trees. She had woken up screaming. Then it hit her. Maybe she only had these dreams before something bad happened to the ones she became close to. She had had the dream the night before her brother was killed, maybe something bad is going to happen to Arunue. Kieko prayed Arunue had the wits about her to be wary and ready for anything so that she could protect herself. But Kieko was sure Arunue wouldn't be as foolish as to drop her guard and not be able to react in time. But Kieko could only hope. She jumped from her tree and walked to Arunue's appartment to warn her.

[i]Maybe it has something to do with that new person. It seems they found what they were looking for, so what if they were looking for Arunue to kill her for killing someone close to them and driving them insane? Arunue did that to many in the past and they had to be sent here,[/i] Kieko pondered the thought, then another possiblility popped into her head, [i]What if the new person was Garren? What if he was looking for Arunue and found her? Garren would never harm Arunue... or would he? You can't be too careful in this realm, anyone can betray you in no time flat and that could be the end of your life.[/i]

The air was cold, but somehow Kieko couldn't feel it.
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OOC: you know it Roxanne!

IC: "So uhh... hows the Realm of Reality?" Garren did his best to take the conversation in a sane direction. "You look like you're doin' pretty good for yourself."

"Well, ya know, it's OK, but it's nothing like Imagination..." Arunue got a shaded look in her eye as she remembered the spontanious, but strictly governed, alter-world. "Garren, I'm so glad you came though. We can be together again, and we can get out of this world, and.."

"Wooh, Arunue, calm down. I'm tellin' you right now, there's no way you're gettin' back to Imagination without being caught and killed. I wish we could... but some things just can't be done..."

Just then, Keiko came running down the hall and pounded on the door. "Arunue!! Arunue!!"
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You love the attention do you? Well heres a shocker if you the jelious type:

Arunue Quickly stood up as son as Keiko came in.

"WHAT THE HELL?!?! I'M TRYING TO TALK IN PRIVATE!" Arunue was just about to throw her coffe cup at her head.

"Uh...I just-" Keiko was trying to talk without geting smacked.

"It...Its ok..." Arunue calmed down and sat down, "I gusse this way I can tel you both. . .The government didnt send you here...if you trace it back...its my fault your all here..." Arunue looked pleased with herself.

"W-What do you mean?" Garren was a mixture of confused and shocked.

"Do you really want me go into the whole flash back thing?" No one made a move of protest, so she explained.

"A long time ago...about 10 years ago...there was a place in Realm of Imagination that was sealed off. It's where I used to live with....my......brother...but anyway!" Arunue was trying to keep off the exact subject of her brother, "Now, we were trying to decide on weather or not we where going to open the seal on the place -I was a very opininated 6 year old and he was 14 at the time- and I was against it...but my brother won and opened the pathway up so people could get in and out...I of coarse went out to explore Section D of the City Of Imaginations...It's where our pathway was. Right in the middle of Section D. But anyway, that doesnt matter. Because when I got back someone had already come in...and well...made good friends with my brother. Now, I grew up with this guy and so did my brother...I actually, " Arunue looked at the floor and away from Garren, "He tried to marry me! It was...like a year ago...but, when my brother forbid it...he...he killed him...and...and...he sent me here...'for now' he said...but I need to get out of here before he brings me back!" Arunue looked up with tears in her eyes. "You can always trace trouble back to me..."

Arunue looked over at Keiko, trying to change the subject, "You had something you wanted to say?"
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O.C.C: Oh, by the way, my character's name is exactly like my Username: "Kieko". K-i-e-k-o. Not "Keiko". K-e-i-k-o. Just swap the "i" and "e" if you spelled it wrong. Thanx ^_^.

"Yes, but could I talk to you about it in private?" Kieko said looking cautiously at Garren.
"Sure." Arunue said. And they went upstairs to the study and closed the door. "So what did you want to talk about?"
"I had a dream." (O.C.C: I sound like Martin Luther King, JR.)
"And? I have dreams too, you know. It's nothing special."
"Yes, but this dream I only have when someone close to me is about to get hurt. Last time I had this dream my brother was... well... you get it." Kieko was trying to avoid talking about her brother's death.
Arunue was speechless. And you would be too if you just found out you could be killed sometime within the next 24 hours. Finally, she mustered up the courage to speak. "Are-are you certain it's me? I'm mean it could be someone el-"
"No. It's not someone else. It's you. I'm positive. You were the first one I thought of when I woke up. Same as my brother."
Arunue was shocked. She leaned against the wall and slid down. Suddenly she didn't feel like Kalamara the Cascade, she felt more like Kalamara the Hunted. "Do you-do you know who's after me?"
"No. But taking a guess, probably one of the people who was sent here because you drove them insane when you killed someone they knew."
"Oh, GOD..." Arunue whistpered. Kieko squated down to her eye level.
"It's not that bad. You're [i]Kalamara the Cascade[/i]. You can beat this. All I'm asking you to do is to not let your guard down and BE CAREFUL." Kieko got up and left. Leaving Arunue to pull herself together and rejoin Garren in the Kitchen.
"What was that about?" Garren questioned.
"Oh, nothing! It was nothing at all!" Arunue said faking cheerfulness. But that's something no one can do.
"Arunue, what's wrong?"
"Nothing. I think- I think I'm going to go lie down for a while. Feel free to explore the house an make yourself at home. There's some food in the fridge, help yourself." Arunue started to leave the kitchen, but Garren caught her arm and turned her around to face him. "Arunue Kalamara, what's wrong?" He said sternly looking her in the eyes, but Arunue couldn't meet his gaze. She could still feel his stern eyes locked on her. She couldn't bring herself to lie, so she told him the truth.
"Kieko said... Kieko said... she said that I should be careful because she had a dream that she said meant something bad will happen to me in the next 24 hours."
"But it's ok! All I have to do is keep on my guard! Don't worry about me, I'm Kalamara the Cascade, remember?" Arunue said almost too cheerfully. And with that she left the kitchen.
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Sorry for the quietness on my part. i was in california where I can't use a computer
Toshi sat in Arune's living room. He watched tv. Ora was back at the apartment. He was wondering about how to get back to the realm of imagination. Back to his home. He decided not to worry about it. Something had chosen him to come here. And for a reason. He stood up and went to see Arunue, Keiko, and Garren standing in silence. His hand started for the sword on his belt. Arunue instantly saw what Toshi was going to do. He was going to kill Garren. "Hey Toshi stop," Arunue said. Toshi crossed his arms. "What in underrealm is going on here," Toshi asked? "Nothing toshi. i just had a dream and...," Keiko left the room. Toshi looked from Garren to Arunue. "Listen. I don't know what's going on here. I just came over to see if guys were okay. You see I had a dream last night about Arunue. She died," Toshi said. Arunue nearly fainted. "I have the power to tell when people are mad, sad, scared, anything that's a bad felling. And I'm felling it form all of you right now. But guys. I'm asking you the real question. Why did we come here," Toshi asked.
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Arunue sat down and repeated the words she said to Garren,

"A long time ago...about 10 years ago...there was a place in Realm of Imagination that was sealed off. It's where I used to live with....my......brother...but anyway!" Arunue was trying to keep off the exact subject of her brother, "Now, we were trying to decide on weather or not we where going to open the seal on the place -I was a very opininated 6 year old and he was 14 at the time- and I was against it...but my brother won and opened the pathway up so people could get in and out...I of coarse went out to explore Section D of the City Of Imaginations...It's where our pathway was. Right in the middle of Section D. But anyway, that doesnt matter. Because when I got back someone had already come in...and well...made good friends with my brother. Now, I grew up with this guy and so did my brother...I actually, " Arunue looked at the floor and away from Garren, "He tried to marry me! It was...like a year ago...but, when my brother forbid it...he...killed him...and...and...he sent me here...'for now' he said...but I need to get out of here before he brings me back!" Arunue looked up with tears in her eyes. "You can always trace trouble back to me..."

"Hey..." Garren piped up, "isn't that the [I]exact[/I] same thing you told me?"

Arunue looked at him and sighed. "I have a good memory..."

"Right, but...I dont get it...so you know who sent us here? It wasn't the government?" Toshi asked.

"You could say that..." Arunue nodded her head.

"And you were going to [I]marry[/I] him?!?!" Toshi sounded stuned.

Arunue looked at Toshi then to Garren then at the floor. "Well...uh...yeah..."

"Just perfect! Whats his name at least?" Toshi was alittle calmer.

"I-I cant tell you..." Arunue continued to look at the floor.

"Rewind! Wait a minute..." Garren sounded confused, "his name doesn't matter...but you tried to [I]marry[/I] him?!?!?"
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[i][color=lightpink]OOC: Yes I'm sorry i havent been posting, my internet went out for a bit, and im really confused.



Symoni blinked and listened to what was going on gathering information and stuff but looked really confused suddenly then asked directly to Arunue, "So you were gonna marry some nameless man....? Why would anyone do th--" She stopped in mid sentence and blinked looking at Garren, ready to fall over, but leaned herself against the chair, starting to finish the question, "Why would anyone want to do something like that?" She was looking down at the floor thinking to herself for a moment thinking and wondering if that really was Garren, there was something about them all that was so familier to her, and she knew what it was. They were all from the Realm of Imagination.[/color][/i]
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Arunue suddenly realized what she had said.

" 'nameless man' ??? What do you mean 'nameless man' ???" Arunue now looked up.

"I know his name very well! I said I wasnt going to tell you...no...I told you I couldnt tell you..." Arunu took another sip of coffe.

"Want some?" She then realized how many people were in her apartment. "Well...feels like one of those dead highschool parties..."


I'm so sorry that its short but I'm on a timer!
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There was a feeble round of "no thanks" and then akward silence. Then, finaly, Symoni spoke up.

"So, uhh... why won't you tell us his name?"

"Drop it." Arunue said aggressively. She was in no mood to explain herself.

"So... hey you, where'd you come from anyway? Besides the Realm of Imagination that is." Toshi turned to Garren.

"I have a name. It's Garren. And I come from some town you've probably never heard of."

"So why ya here?"

"Because... because I care for Arunue, and I thought I should come for her." Garren hesitated.

"Well, why the heck didn't you come sooner?" Toshi rolled his eyes.

"You really wanna know? Fine... couple years ago I tried to cross over, before Arunue was banished, and I couldn't.... I couldn't get across..."

"Whadda ya mean?"

"I got... stuck. I was trapped there for Allah knows how long... I managed to get back to Imagination, but... but I lost all my feeling, well, not all of it, but most of it." Garren looked at the floor, he could feel every one's eyes on him. He gripped the edge of the chair... a chair he couldn't feel.

"You... lost your feeling?" Arunue was shocked.

"Ya... I couldn't bring myself to come back until now."

"That seems pretty cowardly to me..." Toshi said.

"Cowardly?? How can [I]you[/I] say that? You've never felt what it's like!!!" Garren grabbed Toshi by the throught and shoved him to the wall.

OOC: seems like a bad place to leave off... but oh well.
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"Hey!" Arunue was starring at the slight hole in the wall. "I have to pay for that!!!!"

"Oh...sorry..." Garren stepped back from toshi now sitting on the ground.

"OK...I'm sorry but can I have my apartment back before you people reck it more and waste me more money and I get kicked outa here?! And I already told you I wasnt banished...I disapered and the government took credit...now leave..." Everyone left. As Garren got up to leave she spoke up.

"Sit." Arunue pointed back to the chair. He sat back down quietly.

Arunue suddenly changed. Her eyes went cold and her emotion drained.

"W-Whats wrong?" Garren didn't like the look in her eyes.

"I'm Kalamara the Cascade...What could be wrong?" Arunue said a bit sarcasticly. "Now whats with this thing about you 'caring for me'?"

Arunue looked at him coldly. It was happening to her. It hadn't happened in a long time. She was turning back into Kalamara the Cascade. . .
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Toshi left and headed for the park. This had been his first time alone in the realm of reality. He sat down on a bench and thought. "Could there be something greater out there that is making us come here. What if we are destined to come here," Toshi said to himself. Suddenly someone grabbed him from behind and tossed him into a tree. He looked up. A man stood there. He had black hair and red eyes. He wore a long red trech coat and had tan skin. On his belt he had a staff. "What the hell was that for," Toshi barked. The man ran towards him and started kicking Toshi. He then drew the staff and casted a spell on Toshi. "What the. Hey. You used magic in the realm of reality," he said. The man stood up and looked Toshi in the eye. "Are you going to need this information when you're dead," the man said. He grabbed Toshi and shot an energy beam straight through his leg.
"Why do you want to kill me," Toshi aksed

"You'll get in the way of my objective," The man said.
"My name is Rayne. Remember that."

The man left and Toshi stood, bloddy, confused, and hurt at what had happened.
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