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Art MAD style


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Well, this image started out as a .... kill billesque shall we say, style of image. I was basing this on The mad capsule markets songs and what not.

Really this is to celebrate my new series/set.

MADcrusher 010

Ratings would be nice.
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[size=1]I like it. It has [i]mad style.[/i] >.>

Okay, seriously. I definitely like the colors - they all work very nicely together, and the contrast with the yellow and black is prettyful. The skulls are a little scary, but I think they fit in quite nicely with the "mad" theme, and the.. sketchiness/messiness of the pictures just looks really cool.

Plus, it's got an eight ball in there, in all of it's 8-bally glory, so I can't deny you praise for [i]that[/i]. For some odd reason, though, the entire thing screams "Monster Truck" to me.

I hate number ratings, but I tell you, it's upper crust, for sure. ^_^[/size]
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[color=gray]I didnt say that -__-

I said that the sharpness looked kinda awkward.
Eh yeah. So explanations for those that understand my ways of explaining:
[quote]well the graphic is kindafadish yet some lines look like lines put in with Paint lol[/quote][/color]
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