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Sign Up Saving Sennen's Soul (will have mild language)


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[i][b][COLOR=deeppink]We all know and love OtakuSennen! He is a member at OB with 805 posts! He was born in a log cabin and his father split silicon chips for a living! He is perky and cheerful and we all love him!

But.... Now... something has happened to our perky happy-go-lucky Sennen... A powerful mod of OB, called DeathKnight has stolen Sennen's soul! Now, Sennen is alot less perky-ish and always seems to be gloomy... and his friend Syk 3 hasn't been helping that much lately...
DeathKnight has locked Sennen's soul in a chamber that his hiddin in his fortress called "P.M.F." Now it is up to Sennen's friends and his gloomy self to get his soul back so he can be himself again![/COLOR][/i][/b]

Ok, OtakuSennen gave me this idea when I was talking to him on AIM. He didn't seem himself and said that DeathKnight stole his soul, so, now here is the RPG we came up with!
This is probably going to be humor and might have some inside jokes. I recomend that only OtakuSennen's good friends (Thats alot of people) join this RPG. Here are a few OB people I would like to have in the RPG:
[B]OtakuSennen:[/b] (duh) Played by Sennen unless he doesn't want to.
[b]Syk 3:[/b] He already told me he wouldn't sign-up, but if someone wants to sign-up as him they can, but PM me first.
[b]K.K.C.:[/b] Well... i'll be taking this role...
[b]DeathKnight:[/b] (also duh) DeathKnight said he would be
playing this role.
[b]Shinmaru:[/b] He's in
[b]Japan_86:[/b] Also more info later.
[b]Dragon Warrior:[/b] (the official hero)
(I probably forgot some people >_<)

Those are people who I would like to have in the RPG. If you are a friend of Sennen's and would like to help him out, please sign-up or he may never have a soul again and he won't be his perky self!

(If you have any questions just PM me)

|: Must be at least 3 paragraphs in each post.
|: If I know you arn't one of Sennen's friends I wont accept you.
|: Don't side track from the story line
|: Have a nice day

[b]Name: (OB name. You can use the nick name for your user name as well, like Sennen for OtakuSennen.)
Sex: (Female/Male)
Appearance: (This doesn't have to be your real life self, it can be anything)
Personality: (Just in case (PM me if you want to be Syk)
Weapon: (No swords or guns. Something kidish)
Speacial Abilities: (Mods get 3 special abilities, everyone else has 2)
Why you want to save Sennen's soul: (Just about any reason)[/b]

[b]In Crew[/b]
Dragon Warrior

[b]Out Crew[/b]
none... at the moment
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Name: Shinmaru

Sex: Male

Appearance: [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=32486]This thread should have all the pics of me you'd need, heh.[/url]

Personality: Eh, mixed between serious and childish most of the time. I can be either very wise or really goofy depending on my mood. And I'm a big nerd. Yeah.

Weapon: Kuribo's Shoe from Super Mario Bros. 3. It's a giant green shoe :)

Special Abilities:
1. The ability to make gramatically correct sentences.
2. The ability to connect just about any situation with random facts about Nintendo
3. The ability to turn just about anything someone says into a perverted joke. Whee.

Why you want to save Sennen's soul: I want to save Sennen's soul because, if he doesn't have a soul, then he won't be able to vote for me in all of the video game categories in the upcoming Otaku Awards. Also, he's kinda my friend :p
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XD How could I forget you!? Put your sign-up down and then we'll get back to you being a hero.

Name: K.K.C. (KKC)

Sex: Female

Appearance: I'll edit this later

Personality: Very immature and very active at night (O.O) Likes to see the people she dislikes being banned (^_^) A bit stupid... Is rarely serious, but it does happen.

Weapon: Ash Ketchum's Hat (>_<)

Special Abilities:
1. The ability to glomp a guy.
2. And the ability to do anything for a dollar.

Why you want to save Sennen's soul: Because it won't be very fun glomping him when he doesn't have a soul. And he's my good buddy.
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[color=midnightblue]Uh, okay then. I'll join.. (On a side note, the whole DeathKnight thing was a joke and was not meant to offend anyone)

[b]Name:[/b] Nick (Sen)
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Appearance:[/b] Matted brown hair, glasses, normally wears a gray sweatshirt and jeans. He has gray-blue eyes that stare at nothing in particular, always watching.. And waiting.. For nothing in particular.
[b]Personality:[/b] Normally rather cheery, but has been "enlightened" by Kenneth, AKA DeathKnight, and now is rather emotionless, on the outside.
[b]Weapon:[/b] +45 Magical Staff of Omnipotent Might and Doom and All Other Things a Little Over-The-Top.
[b]Special Abilities:[/b]
-Can use and comprehend rather large words with great ease
-Hyper-fast talking which, quite honestly, isn't useful or important.
[b]Why I want to save Sennen's soul:[/b] Well, he's a great guy, and I, too, am a great guy, so why not help a peer out? (That was, in fact, a joke)[/color]
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[b]Name:[/b] Dragon Warrior

[b]Sex:[/b] Male

[b]Appearance:[/b] One SEXY beast! But coming off my real appearance, blond hair, sexy, blue eyes, sexy, tanned, sexy, short hair, and sexy.

[b]Personality:[/b] Stupid, heroic, funny, and stupid. A well-rounded character if I do say so myself. Daring, yet, stupid. Indeed.

[b]Weapon:[/b] The Butter Knight's Spatula

[b]Special Abilities:[/b]
[*]Ability to get himself out of trouble by quick talking.
[*]Quick fighter... thingy... yep...

[b]Why you want to save Sennen's soul:[/b] Well, there was that one time when DW tried to kill Sennen because Sennen tried to kill his sock puppet. Strangely enough, he's helping Sennen because DeathKnight did kill his Sock puppet, though Sennen tried to save it. In the end, hit two birds with one... uh... erm... doorknob... no... headlight... God... what was it... OH YES! Stone. Hit two birds with one stone. Now that Sennen's in trouble and Deathknight happens to be the foe, this is a good chance for DW to do his stupid heroic stuff.
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I don't think you offended anyone Sennen. Is that why you were afraid to join :wink:

Ok, everyone is in of course. Hopefully DeathKnight will have his up soon and I'll probably PM Japan... and I might bother Syk a bit more, but he still won't join anyways. :Smile:

Sennen... your weapon confusses me...
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[FONT=courier new][COLOR=darkblue][b]Name:[/b] Laura (japan)
[b]Appearance:[/b] shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, 5 feet and 11 inches tall, skinny, GAP hoodie and baggy blue jeans
[b]Personality:[/b] I am goofy, smart, quiet and fun to talk to. I am hyper a lot of the time
[b]Weapon:[/b] Vash the Stampede's sunglasses
[b]Speacial Abilities:[/b] The ability to stay hyper a lot, and to help people in need
[b]Why you want to save Sennen's soul:[/b] He is a very good friend of mine. I like it when he is his usual self...nowadays, he doesn't talk much.[/font][/color]
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[color=crimson]Who the fuck would be offended the DeathKnight thing? lol.

[b]Name[/b]: DeathKnight [aka Kenneth/Ken/(Kenna when female)]
[b]Sex[/b]: Male [Female every fullmoon due to a werewoman virus given to him sometime ago].
[b]Appearance[/b]: Ken in a black trenchcoat basically. If you need my picture it is floating around everywhere.
[b]Personality[/b]: Heh.
[b]Weapon[/b]: The Golden Chainsaw of Damnation.
[b]Special Abilities[/b]:
1.) Various forms of useful [and not so useful] magics.
2.) The ability to give long winded speeches.
3.) Um. The ability to do evil.
[b]Why you want to save Sennen's soul[/b]: [i]Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....[/i][/color]
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[b]Name[/b]: Maladjusted [Ginny]
[b]Sex[/b]: Female
[b]Appearance[/b]: 5' 5", Shoulder-length, straight, black hair usually pulled back, brown eyes, [yes, I'm Asian], usually wears oversized sweatshirt and jeans.
[b]Personality[/b]: Weird, happy, funny at times, [a.k.a. Usually Insane], [which means I'm a nerd], can be smart, talkative, can be stupid, and sometimes mean.
[b]Weapon[/b]: A picture of Kaworu and Shinji holding hands. [Oh yes...it [i]is[/i] a powerful weapon!]
[b]Special Abilities[/b]
-Can summon rabid ferrets.
-Ability to read super-long, useless, and pointless posts on OB.
-Ability to make up stupid, insanely long rants.

[b]Why do you want to Sennen's soul[/b]: I'm madly in love with him, you see.



I feel the need to steal his EVA-H doujinshis and feed them to my ferrets.[/size]
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Parade me, for i have returned!! ....And since i want to join...

Name: Will (Player: Xra)

Sex: Male.....if aliens have genders....

Personality: Confusing and cowardly brave. Tends to have a big ego.

Weapon: a rock.....with a painted smilie face on it

Appearance: that lovely tophat, the ripped t-shirt, them crazy jeans, those out of place scars...and this time, for the first time ever...his blades on his hands are covered with bandages. o, and the rock name Huey.

Special Abilities:
-can throw a rock
-be utterly stupid at one time, then the next minute genius
-abillity to run away from battle, and come back when comrades have finished it

Saving Sennen's soul...why?: cause ive got nothin better to do, and maybe i can feed it to Huey the rock....
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Damn... Didn't expect so many people to join. (but Sennen is da popular guy! ^^) Ok, I'll go on and start this up in the Adventure Area. Everyone is in (unless Sennen says he doesn't know you and wants you out)

(Shinmaru, whether you like it or not, your RPing Syk because he's your wife, you can give his lipstick as his weapon ^_^)
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