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I saw this movie tonight. What I saw was rather good. Acting was well done, actors(resses) well chosen. The way they layed it out was nice. It moved rather well. Progressed accordingly.....skipping parts here and there.

If any of you have seen this, and read the book, then you know that there were parts cut out. Rather important parts in my opinion. I dont exactly remember giant specifics about all of the cut parts, but i do remember some things.

Book facts that were cut out: [spoiler]1) The scene on a river, where the mill get's blown to bits. As andre uses his cool archering skills, and kate uses her sword moves, as well as chris, to fend off english knights.

2) Scene where Andre fights Oliver when he first meets him. It's either oliver or Lady Claire's brother. Dont remember which. Correct me if i'm wrong about that point.

3) Scene where the entrance to the tunnel to la Roche is guarded by a rather large man dressed in black. Kate kills him i believe, with joint effort from chris. They then proceed into the tunnel, which is a long river type thing, not a small, closed off, tunnel that can barely fit a person, but somehow manages to fit at least 6.

4) There was no grenade. The guy was supposed to have a pistol. If he had a grenade, and I missed that part, or forgot it from the book, then so be it. However, I do believe that there was no grenade in that scene.

I did like the movie. Even if some parts what were cut out were not necessary to cut out.

If you haven't read the book, then please comment on how you thought the movie progressed. Did you understand what was going on? Was there certain background on characters that you should have been told, or shown?

Please, if you read the book after the movie, I do hope it doesn't spoil things. They picked good actors to the characters, but dont read the book with the way the movie let things go about. You'd be missing out.
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[spoiler]Why in the commercial did it have someone say "you're father has gone back in time" or something like that. It's been a while since I read the book, but I don't remember any of the crew being related to the professor[/spoiler]
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[FONT=arial]the movie was alright-ish, I guess. not the best thing, but it was watchable. I haven't read the book before, but I followed it fairly well. [spoiler]the more minor characters like Francois (sp?) seemed to be killed off really early though. I would've liked to see more of them. course, I don't know that they [i]weren't[/i] killed off that quick in the book, but anywho.[/spoiler][/FONT]
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I thought this movie was extremely stupid. I've not read the book, but I guess in terms of the film it doesn't even matter.

The acting was terrible. Especially from the main character. I don't know if it was so much his fault as it was the fact that the written dialogue was just terrible. He didn't seem to care about a single thing he was saying.

The fight scenes and such were okay, and I guess it was watchable... but definitely the worst of the last several films I've seen.
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